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  1. Instant Mix is not working on the web interface. When I click the instant mix button I get this error in the console: I am using Ubuntu and chrome to access the web interface.
  2. Hi community, I have one question regarding the media library structure for music. According to the wiki at the github project page the recommended way to organise music is: \Music \Artist Name \Album Name 1- Song.mp3 2- Song.mp3 But what's about albums with multiple artists like compilations or original soundtracks? What is the recommended way to organize those albums? If I create a folder for soundtracks and compilations mediabrowser detects those folders as artists! Regards, cyfreezer
  3. I am unable to set / see, a custom "MUSIC" EHS image from the web UI in Windows 7 with the release server Version 3.0.5597.1 It works for Movies, TV, .. but not Music. Something is up with it. EDIT: After restarting the server.. and trying again and again, it did work eventually. Not sure what the problem with that was as the server has been restarted since I added in the music paths etc.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to force a single genre on all my music by directory. My music collection is organized into folders by genre and the genres that have been pulled from the internet for my music are really weird (my personal favorite being "Acoustic Memphis Blues Blues Blues Music Pop Prewar Country Blues" which is not a useful tag). What I want to be able to do is change the metadata in Media Browser Server of an entire directory of music to one single genre and remove all other genres. Not just for aesthetics and organization but so I can shuffle a folder of music. I tried creating a playlist from a large directory of music and it fucked everything up so bad I actually had to re-install the server from scratch. Is this possible? Edit: Or if I change the genre metadata field using a different program, how do I get Media Browser to recognize it and not download the metadata from the internet?
  5. Hi there, Like many other users (probably) I have a huge music collection and growing. I use emby for this more than anything. I would love to see individual songs (repeats) grouped by Artist, Title. The reason for this is mainly for likes, favorites, playcounts etc. Also if I filter down or am in a playlist and I have added a song that is a low bitrate maybe the system could recognize this and automatically substitute it for a higher bitrate or album version of the same song. And when on the web client when I drill down to song level it will tell me what albums or playlists the song is in and even link to a music video. Also can we have play counts back? I will donate £20 for this feature, and £20 for the next etc. Emby is the cornerstone of my life and I love it so.
  6. Hi, I don't know how to clearly explain this, but if I have accidentally put duplicates in my massive playlist the second instance of the duplicate will play the track below it in the list. If that makes sense. May be a hindrance when syncing with android.
  7. jamvids

    One little niggle

    Hi, It looks likes things are happening in a positive direction Android wise, one little niggle is when playing music and I get a phone call, instead of pausing the music gets routed through the phone earpiece. Also, I will have a spare handset soon and will put it to good use as a streaming device in the house (and use it for smart home functions too, why sell it eh?). Will android to android remote controlling and cast functions be available? Looking forward to sync too. I will have to make a donation, I feel guilty paying £3 for the app.
  8. EduardoSantos

    Instant Mix on Web Client

    Hi all, How the "instant mix" on the web client should work? The instant mixes I currently get do not preserve the contextual browsing scenario (i.e.: genre, artist, etc). The "shuffle" option, instead, queues only the context I am browsing. Should Instant mix queue related artists?
  9. Here's what I think is a simple question. Is it possible to use Emby to host a multi-room audio playback system using DLNA speakers (like the Pioneer XW-SMA1-K)? It would be great if I could have several of these speakers around the house and from the music section of Emby simply select "Play to XX device". If this is possible, I'm thinking I would then be able to play different tracks to different speakers, which would make this a great alternative to Sonos. Is anyone using Emby for something like this, or have a better solution?
  10. Skwerl

    MP3s not being indexed

    Hi, guys. I’m having some trouble adding music folders to my media library. I’ve added the folders (selecting Music as the media type) to my library, but when I go to the music section on the client, it’s completely empty. I tried removing and re-adding the folders again in an attempt to get MB to try indexing them again, but that didn’t work. I do not organize my music in album and artist folders. I organize solely by genre on the file system, but I keep my ID3 metadata clean and populated. When I go to the metadata editor, I can select a song and have it manually retrieve info using the ID3 tag. That does index the file and allow me to see an artist and the song in the client’s music area. Unfortunately, I do not want to do this for the thousands of songs I have. I didn’t see anything unusual in the log, so I’m not sure what else to do at this point. Not one of my genre folders was able to be indexed. Suggestions? Thank you, Josh
  11. fuzzy11287

    Music Artist Tag Error

    Does anyone else have an issue with artist names that end with a period? Examples: - O.A.R. - fun. - R.E.M. Windows seems to have problems ending a folder name with a period (it truncates the name, so O.A.R. becomes O.A.R) and this has an effect on how MB organizes the tracks even though the internal ID3 tags specify the correct artist name.
  12. Hope this is the correct area to post this. I was editing my music collection today and getting it a little bit more organized and I noticed some weird behavior when changing genres of tracks and albums. I typically use Mp3Tag to do any tag editing, then I refresh the library using the web interface in MediaBrowser (Version 3.0.5518.7). In order for all the tracks and the album itself to be properly marked with the right genre, I have to refresh the album twice or three times, depending on the level of the change. Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Change the genre on all the tracks in an album using Mp3Tag - All embedded tags are now up to date with what I want 2. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 1st time. - All individual track metadata has correct genre in mediabrowser, the album does not. 3. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 2nd time. - Album now has correct genre, everything is as I expect it to be. Similarly, if you change all the tracks under an artist with multiple albums to a different genre (as I did with Harry Chapin, from Ballad to Folk), you must refresh the Artist 3 times until the correct genres are applied at each level. I'm pretty sure I just didn't give it enough time to sort through the entire refresh process, so mark this as solved/not an issue.
  13. dguilmore

    Roku app 1.87 crashes

    Every time I try to play an album with a M3U file (headphones in red) (X-box music), the roku channel crashes.This didn't used to happen until a couple months ago. This has been very frustrating. i found that when i deleted that file the album would then load & finally play. Why is this?
  14. yardameus

    Now Playing?

    I haven't played music much through MBT, and I just recently tried playing a whole album (by pressing play when the album was selected) and I thought it would go maybe to a now playing list or something. It did not, the music played, but I had no idea what would be coming up next. I was just curious if there was any sort of now playing view to see a playlist/progress. Thanks
  15. ceg2670

    Home Menu Options

    @marcelveldt I don't think I was clear about what I am trying to achieve with the add-on buttons. For instance, under the video add-on button I created there are 10 plugin videos (amazon, hulu, netflix, hgtv, etc.). As it is now when I land on the video add-on button (without clicking) the sub-menu plugins are listed across the top of the home menu bar. What I would like is to click on the individual menu buttons I setup for video add-on, music add-on, and program add-on buttons and have them open up to individual thumbnails that I can select from, rather than having to scroll through the row of plugins on the home screen menu bar. Is this possible on my end? If so, how do I achieve this? If it's not possible would you add this option? I would like a button that functions like the add-on browser button does but for a special/generic/misc ActivateWindow code. A button you can put anything into, name it anything, and it open up thumbnails (or whatever view the user opts for). Hope this makes sense. Please and thank you!
  16. Hi, Just wondering how many music fans have adopted MB3? I do use it on my home theaters for films/tv etc and everything works great, it always has. Things break down for me when it comes to music. I have tried a few different ways of using it and the android way seems to be the way for me, bluetoothed in the car and to my pure multiroom system around the house. The android app works effectively most of the time but it doesn't have the "feel". Music is a different beast to film and T.V. What I would love to see (dream time) is the MB functionality that the server offers (with a few tweaks), the looks of the Sony "Walkman" app (and it's integration into the phone) and the sound processing of power amp. I would happily pay again. Is there an Audiofile Android dev out there? Also a question about DLNA. Was this meant to be a "standard"? Judging by the profiles in the settings it is far from it. I can't see my pure system in the play to (cast) area but windows media player can see them. Too many settings to mess about with though.
  17. mpodval

    Music Organization

    Hi, I love MB and use it daily for live TV and recording shows. I was hoping MB would also make using separate bubbleupnp/twonky music servers redundant. Unfortunately, that is not possible yet as MB lacks certain options (or maybe I am lacking understanding which is why I am posting). My current music collection is organized by genres. Each song also has a rating. I also use a media player ( WMP,winamp, Music Bee etc) to create a dynamic playlist based on ratings, recently played, and so on. These are my three main ways of finding and playing music. It seems with MB i can only use the genre category because MB doesn't see the rating tag and neither does it recognize playlists from other players. MB does have something called "favorites" for songs but I can't seem to figure out how to add or remove songs from that list. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  18. srgsng25

    Streamig music

    i want to to stream music from a website is there a plugin to do so the file format is in .M3u & .pls formats i could do the program laucher but the requires me diggging out the keyboard and i much prefer usign my remore control to control my media experience i the Theature
  19. Hi All, I am using MB server on a separate machine, and MB Classic for the rest of my clients using PC and Extenders. All working well, apart from one item, which I think possibly a bug or broken, or could be a fault in my setup. It goes like this.... you fire up MB Classic, and move left, and I will hit "Music Album", which will show me the latest music albums above and will have zero wait. I can drill inside, and find all my music. I come back out and continue going left until I hit "Music", and then MB Classic will freeze for about 30 seconds but at the end it will show me the latest music albums above, but when I drill down, it will be empty and say"No Items"..... To the untrained eyes.. it appears the MUSIC function is broken but the MUSIC ALBUM is working. The webclient and Android clients are working... Question: Before I send all the log files.. am I the only one experience this?? or is this undocumented feature :-)... thanks for all the good work
  20. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/serverlogerrorprocessingrequest.txt https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/theater-63557714844.txt I get "error processing request" when trying to view Music Media Folder in MBT..100% of time 100% reproducible. I uninstalled and reinstalled MBT from web to ensure latest version. v3.0.5494.42115 Restarted server - Version 3.0.5502.3522 Waited for CPU to drop to idle (scan finnish etc) Launched MBT Tried to enter music media folder Error processing request error after a few seconds with no content showing {Leading up to and After this error the Server CPU is running at close to 100 across all cores) quit mbt Posted log. may be related to http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17046-v0520-music-support/?p=170341 http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/16163-music-error-processing-the-request/?p=161068 http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17405-is-music-broken-under-mb-classic-or-is-it-just-my-setup/?p=169100 i know MBT is work in progress, but the serving of large music datasets, specifically album artists,,seems to make MB Server struggle? Web Client take 30 Seconds to display Album Artists, and is just as slow 1st try as 2nd, 3rd, 4th..web client seems to load a single core 100% when asking to display album artist. (MBT Test rough load) - 4 Core@3.2GHz (15% Free), 6GB Ram (2GB Free, 600MB server service), SSD (0 Disk queue length/close to 0 Load), MBT running on Server win 7 SP1 64bit. roughly 700 Album Artists, 7000 Artists, 70000 Tracks, 2500 Albums. Might it be possible for MB Server to cache the album artist information so it is more readily available to client requests? Currently the only workable windows client is the Web Client for music playback... thanks edit added mbt log i think from same time. edit playlists with music are fine (suggesting not music subsystem in general that has an issue)
  21. Is it possible to filter on Language on the music section? So I can easaly filter all my dutch songs or german songs etc...
  22. Hi All; I've been using MB3 for quite some time now, and really like how it's been maturing. When I first started using it though, I was able to share music between the various users defined on my server simply by creating a shortcut that points to an artist's folder that's defined as a subfolder of another user's library. This doesn't seem to be working any longer. Did I miss the changelog for one of the updates that explained why this should no longer be working? If so, can you please point me to the details of it. Is this a bug that's been introduced in one of the updates? If so, then I'm more than happy to help test resolutions for this. Please advise
  23. christhetower

    music dosnt play entire song

    I updated a few new albums. and some of the songs play for a few seconds to 30 seconds then skip to the next song like the song was done. I have checked the file to see if the file was bad and its not if I play it through Windows Media Player it plays the full song. any suggestions?
  24. Tolotos

    Inheritance of age rating

    Hi, I have a lot of music with no age rating but two albums are rated as DE-18. Now i tried to set the two albums to DE-18 and the parent music folder to DE-0. Unfortunately the age rating uses no inheritance. Is there a possibility to set the age rating at once? Yours Rüdiger
  25. Maleficarum

    Release date not sticking

    Server Version: 3.0.5464.40000 Release While grabbing the metadata for my music I have found an odd problem. I have added 5 albums so far and, apart from having the issue with dates appearing a day earlier than they should as people have posted about before, all was well until the 5th album. As far as I can see most sources have the album Forever, Michael down as a release date of 1975 but the server is not picking this up when asked to grab data it instead leaves release date and year blank. I have added the date manually and although, after multiple attempts, it seems the year has eventually stuck but the release date field keeps getting blanked out. I have attached a log file the last time this happened was around 6pm today. Many thanks, Chris server-63555548828.txt
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