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Found 5 results

  1. raevengel

    Emby Misbehaving

    Hello, I’m having a few issues with Emby. I’ve worked hard on my current install making all the images and metadata correct. I have all data and images being saved into the media folders. Everything was pretty much setup when suddenly, all my movies had no images showing at all (oddly descriptions/metadata is fine, it’s only the images that seem to be the problem. I can’t figure out what’s wrong and can’t seem to sort this out without overwriting all the custom metadata, too. The images are in fact, in the folders (I checked) but Emby isn’t actually pulling/viewing them from within the folders. This happened suddenly, with no warning and no changes made. Secondly, many of the actors/other cast/crew are not showing up correctly. Where an image should be, there’s an empty placeholder. This time rather than being all of the actors/cast/crew, it’s just a random few. When I do a force refresh and let it replace images, it will fix it but I cannot seem to do this on a larger scale - I’m having to refresh one person at a time, over and over and over again. Second piece, I’m also in the process of moving my Emby install to a new distro (I’m having too many problems with my current distro). Everything is pretty much installed (though I had a terrible time being able to have the server actually show up). Now that I have, I noticed that Emby isn’t pulling the data from my local folders. In fact, in many cases, it’s overwriting all the data I worked so hard to get right. I followed the instructions (installed Emby, setup a new server, added my Emby Premiere, installed the Emby Backup plugin, grabbed the previous backup and used it on the new Emby Server). However, I can’t figure out why it’s pulling data from the internet first and actually wrecking a ton of work that I’ve done on fixing many of the titles. Emby is doing this by overwriting the images and even metadata that is stored in the media folders. It’s like it’s ignoring that data and I don’t know why. Worse than ignoring it, it’s overwriting it so that all the days of work that I’ve done, I’ve completely lost. Any help would be really appreciated. I’d love to not only fix these problems but understand why it’s actually doing them. Thanks so much in advance!a @cayars
  2. MyNeighborSelkie

    Linux Mint 18 and Emby

    Hello all. I've been lurking for a short while as an unregistered user and couldn't find the answer for which I searched. So first... Turned an old gaming rig into a server with linux mint 18 because I had an USB handy that had mint on it. i5 processor 8GB of ddr3 I don't have all the specs on hand but that's the baseline of the machine. After running for so many hours, the server freezes. But this ONLY happens when the emby service is running. Doesn't matter if anyone is using emby or not. The server eventually just freezes. If I turn emby off, this doesn't seem to happen. Any ideas or anyone seen this exact issue before? If there's a specific log or error I should be looking for, sorry in advance for not knowing where it should be!
  3. Hello, looking to get my home network figured out and then have it reachable externally. I thought I hit all the points - guess not. My setup: My install of Linux Mint. My fstab has been modified to mount at boot another drive so Emby sees it at startup and that part works. Going to http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/home.htmlshows the Emby homepage with my media. Problem is I cannot access outside of the box. I have samba installed too for file sharing and here is the section relating to the shared files [Movies] comment = Emby Movies path = /home/toast/Videos/Movies browsable = yes guest ok = yes I have also setup port forwarding as well. Emby TCP 8096 8096 N/A Edit x However as http://www.canyouseeme.org/ states my port is not open and cannot see me. The devices I am sharing to are a Roku 3 and my phone, neither of which are making connections when on my home network.
  4. Hi Emby Community, I went through the forum, but did not see anything similar. Sorry if it had been already answered. I am using Emby (3.0.5913.0) on a Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64-bit version. I also use Kodi linked to Emby. I really like it, it is full of potential. My Library is made of 2 folders, one for Movies and one for TV shows. Each folder are on the same drive. Here is how my folders are organized. / -- Movies ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Collection -------- Movie Title (Year) -------- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- ... -- Series ----- Serie Title ------- Season 1 ------- Season 2 ----- Serie Title ------- Season 1 ------- ... I have Movies/Series in different languages I added the path for both folder in Emby. I set up Emby to fetch the metadata and create xml and nfo files and put those files next to the film. Same for subtitles and Images. However I cannot see any of those file on my drive. All movie folders contain only the movie file, no nfo, xml, artwork... The other day I spent hours customizing the display Title, Primary image, Backdrop... It looked as I wanted things to look like in Emby Web Media window and in Kodi. Today when I launched kodi the primary images, backdrop and movie titles had switched back to what it was before I customized everything. Same inside Emby. Movies with a non english title are renamed in english even though the file name on the HDD is not in english. For some of the movies it changes the information, it will fetch another movie information. I have installed Emby and kodi. Installed fresh, took hours to reset everything for Emby to again overwrite everything. I have the same problem for my TV Shows. My question is why Emby does not keep my custom images, names and decides by itself to overwrite everything I do? Is there a way to customize or Emby does everything by itself? Thank you everyone for your help.
  5. Hi folks, I'm feeling restless, and kind of want to buy a NUC or something similar to play with. I'd like to have a tiny little PC, and use it to learn more about Linux, beyond some poking around I've done in VirtualBox builds. I've played with straight Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Xubuntu. One of the things I'd do on it is use it as a small EMBY client. Not because I have to, but it would be fun. This would be done via the Kodi client, right? I came close to buying one of the recent crop of Intel NUC variants, but apparently at least some of them don't work well headless... I can see this NUC possibly being decapitated at some point and managed remotely. Then I read up on some of the BRIX and similar boxes... but it didn't seem like the specs were as competitive. So I figured I'd go to the most knowledgeable group of folks I know for some insight. I'd love to hear what small form factor NUC, BRIX, BXI, etc. things you've got, and from a theater perspective what you like and dislike about them, how you've set them up, which Linux variant you like... I don't need a powerful machine, really I'm looking for a playground more than anything. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you've got. Marc
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