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  1. Hello all. There was recently a new version of Emby which seems to have changed how videos, specifically TV show episodes are tracked and displayed. I used to just get the season for latest video, if I put more than one episode in the folder. Now it shows the season, and each episode, and sometimes the series as a separate item in the folder. I want it to go back to just the season or the episode. What changed? What setting do I need to adjust, Thank you.
  2. Hi All- Just testing out Emby to replace Kodi in my home network. Having issues getting the correct (DVD) order for Firefly. When I attempt to edit the Metadata to change the Display Order to 'DVD' and save, nothing changes and the following error shows in the log: 2019-07-30 10:01:40.405 Error App: Error in TheTVDB *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\EmbyServer\system\EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///C:/EmbyServer/system/System.Private.CoreLib.
  3. Emby Server Version Metadata is loading without any problems, but for whatever reason, images simply will not download. If someone could take a look at the server log and let me know if there is anything I should attempt to mitigate this, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Log.txt
  4. eversmannx

    Issues in Linux setup

    Hi All, I am attempting to setup Emby on Ubuntu 18.04 and I have a couple of issues I am looking for help. I have all my media in a old NAS (which doesn't support apps like Emby on it), so I am running Ubuntu on a seperate laptop - all connected with ethernet cables and my broadband is 300mbps. I tried many times, but Emby server on Ubuntu never indexed my full library. My library is not huge - I have about 100 movies, and 10 TV shows. After a few fresh attempts I managed to get the TV shows done, but then when I add Movies, it just doesn't do the full job. and I Uninstalled the serve
  5. Hello Since the last Emby update, Any time I add a new movie that has multiple version (Like 4K, 1080p) The filters only seem to pick up the 1080p file rather then the 4K File An Example is attached: I have Glass in 4K HDR along with a 1080p 10bit version. The NFO file is attached to the 4K video but when I filter by 4K it will not show up,
  6. rechigo

    Not finding TV show metadata

    Emby seems to be having trouble scanning the metadata for a series I have. My library type is set to Tv Shows and I have all metadata sources in use to try to search for the metadata. My series is "Star Wars the Clone Wars" and the episode names are in the format "Star Wars The Clone Wars 03X15 Overlords.mkv" Where "03X15" represents the season and episode, and "Overlords" is the episode name in this case. I am running server version (latest) Any help would be appreciated as there is no way I am going to manually search for/enter the metadata for 6 seasons (over 150 episodes) worth of
  7. Hello, Please add an option (button or checkbox) to copy parental ratings to season and episode level.
  8. schmitty

    Parental Ratings display

    Hello, Could the the parental ratings for movies be imported/displayed from TheMovieDB the same as they are for tv series. eg. MA15+ instead of AU-MA15+? Also, use the same display method in the drop-down menus in the metadata editor.
  9. Problem Scenario: Episodes have the correct episode name/title but the wrong episode order or sequence. Issue: In these problem scenarios, Emby overlooks the correct episode name/title in favor of episode order/sequence and fetches/displays metadata as such causing the wrong episode names/titles to display in Emby. Feature Request: Implement an override mechanic (at the series level) that will match/fetch metadata of the episode filename(s) based on the episode's name/title listed with the metadata provider. Feature Request Design: When the override is enabled for a particular seri
  10. There are some media items (Anime, TV Shows, Cartoons) that have the wrong episode titles & metadata fetched which is causing a mismatch in episode numbers and episode titles. Now most of these items have the actual episode name and episode number in the filename but when metadata is fetched; the episode order and naming is all overwritten and trying to manually correct this via the metadata manager is daunting. Does anyone have recommendations on how to prevent this or have it recognize or populate episode metadata based solely on the filename and order the episodes based on the filen
  11. EduardoSantos

    Movie metadata language

    I am running Emby Though configured to Portuguese Emby gets English metadata for movies except for the tagline. See image below.
  12. I have content (in my case work-related seminars, workshops, etc) that does not exist in any online metadata DBs and which I'm trying to organize in a "Home Video" Content Type Library. I would find it very useful if we could populate a few metadata fields by following a particular Filename Pattern. My proposal is that support be added for the following two filename patterns (the first one is my preference, but I think some people might also prefer the second in some instances): (20190415) This Is A Title [People A+People B].mkv This Is A Title (20190415) [People A+People B].mkv (201904
  13. schmitty

    Track titles

    Hello, Awesome job with adding the track title settings into the latest server release. Is it possible this could be expanded on, by adding an override at the metadata level, as well as a manual option based on the auto-generated titles.
  14. There's various old threads regarding this and Tags: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/37700-autocomplete-tags/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40912-metadata-manager-tags-autocomplete/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/66541-autocomplete-metadata-tags/ I propose making Metadata fields such as Genres, People, Studios, Tags (and any other field this might make sense for) Autocomplete-capable so that we can start typing and see a list of existing options to choose from. This will help a lot with making sure we are staying consistent and not accidental
  15. schmitty

    Local metadata

    Hi, I would like to know if Emby Server will still create metadata in media folders when a movie has different versions. And, if so... how do I get it to create the files, if they don't already exist? I have tried doing a library scan of the affected library.
  16. Generalfuzuki

    Latest TV Shows not in order

    Hi, I have tried a couple of tools to set the Metadata on my TV shows and looking through the Release and Added dates correspond to their air date. However on the Home screen 'Latest Shows' they are not in order of release or added date. For example looking through the first six shows I have shows from 2017-Present/2019-Present/2018-Present/2008-2014/1973-1978/2014-2016/2001. I have removed and re-added the library but no change, all my Movie sections are correct. Any suggestions ?
  17. Lately the process to download images and metadata based on a successful manual "identify" is taking upward of 5-6 minutes, and the only client-side indicator is the spinning circle. Woudl it be possible to have more of a progress bar that shows the different stages? My suggestion would be - "searching" - Successfully Identified via [tvdb, imdb, etc] (or "failed to identify given search parameters" - Downloading Metadata - Downloading Cast Images - Downloading Cover art - Downloading Background (if applicable) - Populating.... ("Replacing Images" if checked)... Done! wi
  18. Hi, I was wondering if I can change or customize the data fields whiche are shown in the library. This is probably a more general question, but I couldnt find any hint which draws me into one direction. Using a browser to browse through the library I click on Music -> Album and I get an overview of albums. It also shows below each album picture the TITLE of the album and the ARTIST. Lets say I would like to change this to TITLE and GENRE (for whatever reason). Or swap TITLE - ARTIST to ARTIST-TITLE. Is this possible? And how can I do this? Thx Tob
  19. Hello, Ever since relocating the Emby data directory and rebuilding the library, I can no longer seem to retrieve internet metadata. Even via the Identify function. See the attached log file. embyserver.txt
  20. jeremymeyers

    Media Stub Box Sets?

    This was not covered in the media stub wiki. does the media stub feature only feature "one movie per folder"? I'm trying to add my Lord Of The Rings Collection blu-rays like this /movies/Lord of the Rings/ /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).bluray.disc /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (2002).bluray.disc /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (2003).bluray.disc But Emby is displaying Fellowship of the Ring three times in my collection (even though the paths are unique an
  21. Hi Everybody, Can anybody help me figure out why some of my album artwork is not showing up in the Emby Media app? I don't rely on Emby Metadata Fetchers to get the album artwork, each of my music files has the album artwork embedded in the file itself. Most of the artwork is showing up, but about 5-10 out of every 100 albums (5-10%) is missing it's album cover. I was able to get a lot of them back by recopying the music files again to my new music location (server), overwriting the existing files with the one same files. However, I'm still missing about 2-3 out of 100 now. Thanks
  22. marauder

    old/unused metadata cleanup

    Is there a way to clean up or remove old metadata from the system. I have all my metadata stored on a dedicated SSD drive instead of with the files. I found it to be much quicker loading doing it that way. I used to have a library folder path for temporary files which i hadn't watched then they would get moved to their final location. I'm worried this caused a lot of duplicates. I've since removed that directory. Just wondering if the system auto cleans up metadata if the file isn't there or if there's a way to I can trigger it to it. I deleted the folder, but my metadata usage did not decr
  23. siu99ss2

    Temp Metadata

    Hi, Am I correct in thinking that:- 1) If I use Emby in the first instance to tag a new episode (during library scan) with no files saved with local media ie nfo or image, the server will read this metadata from the library database? 2) But if I later retag the metadata manually using a third-party app and save the files with local media then the server will prioritise the local metadata first? 3) And as long as I have Xml preferred over Nfo as priority then the new local xml metadata will be read over the server database nfo file? Thanks Sat
  24. Let's talk about a real full migration and the separation of metadata and mediafiles. I know i know, you system architects of emby have had discussions and thoughts about this topic enough i guess...But i want to ask you to maybe rethink one or two things about the structure of emby. But hold on, before you think: great, another non-programming average Joe who thinks he knows things better than we do... just let me explain. The fact that i am here right now, writing this post about emby is because: i love it As a long time kodi-user i instantly fell in love with emby the moment i inst
  25. tony@awtrey.com

    Metadata not working properly in Mixed Content

    I recently upgraded from 3.3.x.x to under Debian Linux. I have had some custom video content that has simple filenames like '02-16.mkv' and Emby 3.3.x.x previously displayed the title as '02-16' and a thumbnail from the video which was exactly what I wanted. I set the libraries up as Mixed Content and I didn't have metadata fetching enabled for those libraries. After upgrading to, all my mixed content libraries have decided I really wanted metadata after all. So now '02-16.mkv' has become 'My Bloody Valentine: University of London Union 16/02/1989' and has replaced my video
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