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Found 18 results

  1. When I open Emby, The first folder is a tv series that did map and has hundreds of episodes. I don't want it in the latest list, but the latest list shows episodes. Is there a way to change the Latest to only show a single card for the TV series OR to bulk edit the tv episodes to change the added date. (I could probably remove and re-add the material) but I would rather do this fine tuning over the GUI because I am not near the box.
  2. Hi, After upgrading to v4, I made a mistake in creating duplicated new media libraries by clicking the Ok multiple times when it didn't seem to respond. Then I deleted the duplicated ones thinking the problem would be solved. Nope. While there is no more duplicated media libraries, all the earlier duplicated ones still appear in Metadata Manager and my home screen. I even deleted the new media library but all the duplicated media libraries are still in Metadata Manager and my home screen. For clarity's sake, here is a list of things that I've tried but nothing helped. 1. Delete duplicated media libraries 2. Delete the newly created media library 3. Scan all libraries and restart the Emby server (done multiple times) 4. Restore a backup done before upgrading to v4 (no longer a Premium user) If it's simply because Restore works only for Premium users, the solution is easy. I just want to make sure that before renewing my Premium membership. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Aaron
  3. So, I'd like to revive a thread from about three years ago: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23735-aspect-ratio-using-original-aspect-not-file-aspect/?hl=%2Boriginal+%2Baspect+%2Bratio+%2Bnot+%2Bread&do=findComment&comment=232155 I'm starting a new thread because one of the original points made by the OP seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. The OP reported a bug wherein the Metadata Manager is wiping out 'Original Aspect Ratio' data. Well, it's three years later and that bug still seems to exist. Here's what I found: 1) The Metadata Manager provides the 'Original aspect ratio' field. If I populate that field with a value (e.g. '2.35:1') and save it, the metadata manager correctly writes that value to the NFO file. Hooray, this part works. 2) However, the Metadata Manager CANNOT properly READ the <aspectratio> tag from an NFO file and populate the 'Original aspect ratio' field. This is true even if the NFO file was written by the Emby Metadata Manager. 3) When reading an NFO file, if the movie is a NEW movie (i.e. it's not already in the Emby database) then the Metadata Manager fails to read the 'Original aspect ratio' data from the NFO file, it overwrites the NFO file, and erases the 'Original aspect ratio' information that previously existed in that NFO file. This happens even if the <lockdata> tag is 'true'. I was actually surprised that Emby wrote to the NFO file of a newly imported movie. 4) Next, I revoked Emby's write privileges to my disk to prevent it from overwriting NFO files. This way, I could prevent Emby from erasing the value aspect ratio data. When I imported a movie (include an NFO file with a valid aspect ratio), it still wouldn't read in the data for the 'Original aspect ratio'. At least it couldn't overwrite the NFO file.
  4. Hi, The medias metadata can be modified through the metadata manager. However, it is not possible to apply the same modification to several files. For example, right now, If I want to add the genre "Rock" to all my Lou Reed's albums, I have to do so for each album, one by one. Emby does have a multiselection tool to do basic operations such as "deletion" or "content update", but it cannot be used with the metadata manager. Thanks
  5. The Short Overview section used to exist in the metadata manager, however, after reading https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44536-short-overview-section-missing-in-metadata-manager/ it appears that it has been removed as ' Emby does not make any use of this information, therefore it's being removed from the editor. In the future if we start using it, then it can return'. However, Kodi makes use of this information, so it impacts lots of people who use Emby-for-Kodi. The Short Overview used to contain the plot outline from imdb, and the 'overview' would give the longer description of the plot. This full Overview often contains spoilers as well. Now the full Overview is what we see for each film we add, which is really annoying. Please bring back Short Overview.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm running the latest Emby Server ( on a Windows 10 tower, and everything has been working great for a long time, but I am now seeing a familiar issue with the Metadata Manager. The "Short Overview" section is gone. I can add, delete, or edit the "Overview" section just fine, but there is no "Short Overview" section at all. I have a screen shot attached, FYI. I tried to "edit info" on several movies through the library, but the same issue was there as well. I've re-scanned the library, cleaned the db, restarted the server, even re-booted the computer, but the section remains AWOL. I have seen this before after a new release, but it usually goes away after the next patch release. Any thoughts?

    lock metadata

    my ocd requires me to fix the episodes that shows up in the wrong order in kodi and during this i have noticed, that even shows that i have locked, both tvshow and seasons are locked, but the episodes are still in the wrong order, so my question is. if i lock a show, its only the tvshow info thats locked and the same with seasons ? do i have to manually lock each episode ? this does not seem right !!!!
  8. I'm currently running Emby Server Version 3.0.5913 Emby for WMC Version I have been using "Sort name:" in the Emby Metadata Manger to control TV shows season sort order. Normally Emby for WMC displays seasons like this (ascending): Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Navigating to season 4 requires a lot of remote control clicking (try the Big Bang Theory season 9!). So to get around this I have been using the Metadata Manager "Sort name:" field to control the sort order by entering a lower number in each newer season so that the seasons display like this (descending): Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 This worked very well until I undated to Emby Server Version 3.0.5912.0. Now the seasons sort in an ascending order even though the "Sort name:" fields still contain the same information. How do I get "Sort name:" to work again?
  9. My server recently updated to 3.0.5871.0 and I went to Metadata Manager to add a new genre to several titles, but noticed that the New Value popup gets stuck after I click ok or cancel, it updated the information in the background, but won't let me move on. I was able to get the popup to close by frantically clicking my mouse in another area, but it won't go away on it own after choosing ok or cancel. I am using Google Chrome version 48.0.2564.116. In IE 11 it takes less clicks, but still won't go away on its own.
  10. Hi, Metadata Manager was working a couple days ago as normal. Today, when I click on a folder to expand it the arrow just goes grey and it doesn't expand (show the shows/movies etc in that folder) Is anyone else experiencing this? Many thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer
  11. blade005

    Metadata Manager Issues

    WebUI: Chrome 44.0.2403.107 Emby Server: 3.0.5675.1 Continuing to have library access and Metadata Manager issues. If I try to select Metadata Manager from the pull down menu in the WebUI all I get is a spinning circle and the LOADING descriptor, but the Metadata Manager menu never appears. Once this occurs the entire library becomes unresponsive. If I wait long enough, whatever is timing out may eventually release and I can get the library to become responsive again.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to force a single genre on all my music by directory. My music collection is organized into folders by genre and the genres that have been pulled from the internet for my music are really weird (my personal favorite being "Acoustic Memphis Blues Blues Blues Music Pop Prewar Country Blues" which is not a useful tag). What I want to be able to do is change the metadata in Media Browser Server of an entire directory of music to one single genre and remove all other genres. Not just for aesthetics and organization but so I can shuffle a folder of music. I tried creating a playlist from a large directory of music and it fucked everything up so bad I actually had to re-install the server from scratch. Is this possible? Edit: Or if I change the genre metadata field using a different program, how do I get Media Browser to recognize it and not download the metadata from the internet?
  13. When creating a directory in my movies directory, if I rip the main movie and some extras like previews, deleted scenes, extras... Nothing gets added to the metadata. And, using the metadata manager, I can't enter an external ID from IMDB. The External ID entry has no down arrow to allow entry? Enclosed is a screenshot. For the example movie here, the IMDB code is tt0482629, but how do I enter if no entry box is available?
  14. Guest

    Metadata Manager Icons

    Simple question... anyone know what the red and orange image icons mean in the metadata manager? When I go into edit my games or movies data some show either a red image icon or an orange one. Some even have both next to the title. Any ideas what these mean?
  15. Happy2Play

    MBS-Boxsets Tags

    Current Metadata Manager will not allow you to add/save "Tags" to Boxsets via edit. But you can manually add them. Can this edit option be added to the Server? This would allow for better filtering and be able to block boxsets per user. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/15307-auto-box-sets-plugin/?p=157252 Edit Metadata Manager can delete them.
  16. Can backdrop support be added at the TV Season level in the Metadata Manager? Backdrops are only added at the Series level and I can't add a backdrop at the Season level in Metadata Manager. If they are manually added in the Season folder then the Metadata Manger will display it, but there is no way to browse or add a backdrop.
  17. Is there no longer an option to manually ADD a Boxset to your collection in the Metadata Manager? I thought in previous MBS versions that you could enter the Metadata Manager select your Boxset Collection and there was an ADD button available. I like the ability to decide what does or does not get added to my Boxset collection, so I prefer not to use the Auto Boxset plugin. Am I missing where that option is now? If not, could it be added back to a future release? Not a huge problem. I just went to my Boxset collection (\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections) and added the collection folder I wanted with the [boxset] tag, re-scanned my library and then I could enter it in the Metadata Manager under Boxset Collections and ADD the Titles I wanted in the collection. It would be nice if that ADD option were still available in the Metadata Manager.
  18. Would it be possible to add a "Refresh Metadata" button to the bottom of the Edit Metadata page in the web UI (maybe under the Save button)? I've noticed that when I edit an item's External ID I have a constant process of 1. Scroll Down 2. Edit External ID 3. Click Save 4. Scroll Up 5. Click Refresh Metadata 6. Choose new Media Item on left 7. Goto #1 But if there was a Refresh Metadata button under the Save button the process could be much more streamlined.
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