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  1. Would there be anyway the devs could add a device management/naming feature to MB Server? Currently, MB3 runs all of our non-cable entertainment, therefore there are multiple devices connecting simultaneously, with that remote functions get pretty hard to distinguish when your a wife that could care less and just wants it to work or a 7 year old boy trying to watch Aliens in the Attic on the big TV controlled remotely by your tablet, when the prompt asks you which device?: MxHomeCPU1 or MxHomeCPU2. If there was some sort of option to simply nickname these devices, it would greatly alleviate those moments when I'm watching The Avengers for the thousandth time and all of a sudden the screen goes black, a blue circle comes on the screen and Justice League comes on. (Nothing against JLA, aside from that sissy Superman.) Only to hear... oh sorry Dad, my fault. What do you guys think? (Sorry to the devs for putting this in the wrong forum. I realized it afterwards and could not move it to its proper position.)
  2. yardameus

    Subtitle search in MBC?

    I am just curious if it is possible or relatively simple to create a plugin for MBC that allows you to search for/download a subtitle in MBC? As well as the subtitle search/download function is working in MBS, I was hoping something could be added on to MBC to utilize that function from the living room.
  3. For a TV show that I recently ripped, I get the following when I try to access the show main page in MBS. The interesting thing, is that I can access the only season that i have directly, and I can watch all episodes directly. Even more interesting, is that the iPad client and the Roku, also don't have any issues opening the folder. Only in MBS. this means that I can't change any of the metadata. I have done some re-scans, I have deleted the XML file, and it still not working. I will attach the log once I'm home.
  4. I would like there to be a scroll bar for the left side selections in the server configuration screen. As it currently stands, there is only a scroll bar for the right hand side. The problem is that I run my Windows desktop at 150% text size, due to having a projector. This causes the left side of the server configuration screen to get cut off. I cannot see he Scheduled Tasks selection or anything below it - the Advanced section only half appears on my screen. If I want to manually run any of them, or edit any of them, I have to change the text size to 100%. This means I have to log off the machine, log back on, make my changes, change back to 150%, log off, and log back on again. It also caused me much confusion when I was trying to follow along with the setup guide and advice from forum posts and I did not have the selections they said I should have! Thanks! Running Windows 7 x64 with latest full release of MBS and MBC.
  5. Hi guys, I don't know if this has been reported anywhere, but I noticed that lately auto organize does not include the file extension when moving tv episodes (at least on my set up) It might be I screwed up a setting, although I don't think i did. This is what is happening: Any ideas?
  6. I had a thought, the new updates to the configuration interface are great but maybe someone with extra time on their hands could create a dashboard thats not tied to an internet browser for viewing, editing and configuring. Then link that view to "ctrl M" as a shortcut, otherwise it remains hidden in the notification area of the taskbar much like it does currently. Also I would think repeated button presses of "ctrl M" should do nothing outside of bringing the window to the top, as opposed to opening multiple windows of the same configuration. Again its just a thought.
  7. Hi @@ebr @@Luke any way of getting the green ticks (and other indicators) to be on the poster with the diamond treatment? Cheers Edit: I meant to say it looks a bit better with the 'Use original art aspect ratio' ticked in CoverArt but the posters look a bit narrow.
  8. I realise tthis is far from important, but thought I'd mention it anyhow. I noticed the filter icon in the webbrowser has gone "awol" Don't know if it is just me, but only the placeholder is showing
  9. Latchmor

    Guide Data Missing for 1 Channel

    Hi Krusty, I don't look at the Live TV section that much so not sure how long this has been there but noticed tonight that 1 channel had no guide data. I found this in the MBS log 2014-03-13 22:30:21.6861 Error - DtoUtils: ServiceBase2014-03-13 22:30:31.2861 Error - ServerWMC: GetProgramsAsync> Input string was not in a correct format. 2014-03-13 22:30:31.2861 Error - App: Error getting programs for channel Channel 4 I should know better than to post only part of a log but thought I'd check if the above shows any clues... The guide in WMC for this channel is fine by the way. Cheers
  10. Latchmor

    Search Box Focus

    Hi, a small request/bug. When you click the search button in the web client, could the focus be set to the search box please? Don't how many times I've clicked it then started typing then realised nothing's happening, lol. Cheers
  11. Ernst

    Auto organize issue

    Hi, I have tried using auto organize on my download location and now i'm stuck. There was a special for game of thrones in my download folder which i hoped would be moved to the right folder in my media library, unfortunately i didn't. After trying this, I encountered the following problem: 1. when i click auto organize to see whether there is a mistake in the configuration, I am presented with the message "error loading page". 2. Strangely enough, i now get theis same message when i try to open game of thrones in the tv section (shows) in the web browser. I guess I broke something, but can't find the culprit. Any idea's?
  12. TV Playback appears to work as I can see the channels just fine in the Live TV section. The issue is when playing an item and the [Now Playing] bar that appears at the bottom if I click the "TV Channels" button no channels are being populated. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ServerWMC plugin and the ServerWMC tray app but I get the same results. Server Version: 3.0.5135.31685 ServerWMC Version: 1115 Server Log (When pressing the TV Channels button) Channels found Channels are being populated in the LiveTV section Red arrow points to the clicked TV Channels button. Yellow arrow is pointing to the channels window that only takes a peek as if it is being shy.
  13. Latchmor

    TV Guide Height

    Hi, just noticed something that is a bit quirky, for want of a better way of describing it! See images below, first one shows guide page with the Bookmarks Bar in chrome showing, notice how much padding/margin there is at the bottom of the page. Second image shows Bookmarks Bar off and the guide extends further down the page, further than the height of the removed Bookmarks Bar . You can see the same thing if you go full screen. Anyway, whatever screen height calculation is happening can the margin between the bottom of the guide and the bottom of the screen be smaller to allow more channels to show? Almost to the bottom would be great. Thanks Latchmor
  14. Latchmor

    Dashboard View Log Issue

    Hi, just noticed today that after updating to MBS Dev 3.0.5131.34392 that the log file does not show up in the dashboard. I've restarted a few times but no change. Attached an actual server log if it helps (removed a chunk of guide data refresh to reduce size). Cheers
  15. Hi, nothing major but I've noticed in the last few Dev versions that the dashboard screens don't refresh like they used to. Meaning if there is a progress bar due to a library scan it will sit at 0% and not move even though the scan is running or even finished. Also, after I mark notifications read they still show up. See below, Scan was running for 30 secs before I took the screen print and notifications have been marked read as the 'Mark as read' button is gone. Like I said, small things, just letting you know. Cheers Edit: Meant to say, refreshing the page gets rid of the notifications.
  16. MBS Version 3.0.5083.27698 (and at least the previous version) I have found that MBS sometimes does not recognize new content that is added to my media fileserver, until a "scan media library" is run. However, sometimes some new content is recognized without a "scan media library". I am working on some tests and experiments to narrow down exactly what conditions result in new content being recognized or not recognized. Note that my media fileserver is a linux computer running Samba 4.1.2 (SMB2). The MB Server machine is running Windows 7 and accessing the media fileserver over a SMB2 network share using UNC paths to the media locations. I'll mention two of my media collections: sickbeard and movies. The sickbeard collection is automatically updated with TV shows by the sickbeard program running on the linux fileserver. The movie collection is usually updated with new movies ripped from a Windows 7 machine over a network share (NOT the same Win7 machine that is running MBS). The sickbeard collection is updated the most of any of my collections, by a wide margin. So it is perhaps not surprising that the sickbeard collection is where I notice most of the problems with new content not being recognized. But it might not just be that it gets the most new content. It may also be because it is updated directly by the linux fileserver, rather than going over a network share from a Windows client like the movies collection. The reason I mention that is that I noticed something odd while I was experimenting earlier today. I moved an episode video file out of the sickbeard collection (but in the same filesystem) using the linux 'mv' command. I also deleted the associated .xml file and .jpg thumb file. Then I fiddled around to try to get MBC / MBS to notice the removed file(s). Incidentally, I have not yet found a reliable way to get MBC / MBS to notice a deletion without doing "scan media library". What I have been doing is some combination of refreshing the Season folder where the episode was deleted (CTRL-R in MBC) and exiting MBC and then returning. After one or two repeats of that, the removal is usually recognized. Or it could be that it just takes a minute or two and my fiddling is just a placebo. Anyway, once MBC recognized the removal (I suppose I also could have gone into MBS / Metadata manager to see if MBS recognized the removal), I then did another linux 'mv' on the fileserver, putting the episode back in the appropriate Season folder. Then I waited to see if MBS recognized the new content (which I would know it did when a -thumb.jpg file appeared in the directory). In this particular instance, I gave MBS a good long while to recognize it (perhaps an hour), but it did not. So I tried an experiment. From another Windows 7 computer (NOT my MBS Win7 computer), I opened a network share Windows explorer view on the Season folder with the new episode. I left that window open, and within 1-2 minutes, MBS recognized the new episode! Even though all I did was look at the contents of the Season directory through a network share from a different Windows 7 computer than the one that was running MBS. Hmmm. I tried some web searches to see if there are any similar known issues with SMB2 and I did find one fairly common issue. There were quite a few people complaining, several years ago, that Windows 7 clients accessing an SMB2 server would sometimes not "see" newly created files when the file creation was initiated on the server. In the cases I found, the server was usually a Windows server, not linux, and the consensus was that it was an SMB2 issue, since some people solved it by disabling SMB2 (going back to SMB1). Here are some typical examples: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/947489ae-dc86-45f0-ad5e-463a62e1d59f/files-not-showing-up-in-networked-drive?forum=w7itprogeneral Although some people had success disabling SMB2, that is not a popular solution since the performance of SMB1 << SMB2. The most popular solution to the problem was a registry hack: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Lanmanworkstation\Parameters\DirectoryCacheLifetime[DWORD]=0 There are also two other parameters, FileNotFoundCacheLifetime and FileInfoCacheLifetime, that can be set to zero, but just the DirectoryCache may be enough to solve the problem in most cases (the FileInfoCache should not be set to zero unless absolutely necessary because of a performance hit). Here is some technical information on the registry parameters: http://technet.microsoft.com/library/ff686200(WS.10).aspx I just tried adding the DirectoryCacheLifetime = 0 parameter to the registry on my Windows 7 machine that is running MB Server. It is too soon to tell if that helped with the issue, but I will definitely post in this thread in the next few days with anything I find out. I'm not especially hopeful that this will solve the problem, since the web page referenced above says the default DirectoryCacheLifetime is 10 seconds. It seems like if that were the issue, it should only delay the new content from being recognized by 10 seconds. But it is the only possibly relevant thing I found so far, so it is worth testing. I need to run some experiments to test MBS picking up new content. I'm not sure how realistic my test of moving or deleting a TV episode and then putting it back is -- I wonder if the removal biases the experiment since realistic new content is not removed before it is added. I'm thinking a good experiment may be for me to just take a random MKV file, rename it to be the next sequential S0xEyz in some show, then run 'touch' to update it's atime/mtime, and then 'mv' to put it into the appropriate Season folder and see how long it takes MBS to recognize the new content. Any other suggestions for experiments to run? Also, it may be helpful to me if Luke or EBR can summarize in a few sentences what techniques and OS calls MBS is using to scan or be notified of new content. I'm not a Windows programmer, so nothing too technical, just a high-level description of what MBS is doing, with some keywords included so I can google for more information. For example, does MBS just periodically get a directory list of all the directories and subdirectories in the media collections? Or is MBS using OS calls, perhaps something like described here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365261(VS.85).aspx to get automatically notified when there are changes? Is MBS using more than one technique to recognize new content or deleted content? Does MBS use different techniques if it detects that the media locations are local drives or network shares?
  17. MSL_DK

    12-hour clock

    Why is it that 12-hour format is used here MBT and 24-hour format here. MBT Player Also, there is no option to choose 24 hour format on the server, why that?
  18. How about an option to store, and look for, chapter images in media folders? In a subfolder, for each media item, named "chapterimages". It seems odd that other metadata images can be stored in the media folders, but chapter images cannot. I think it would be useful for a couple reasons. One is that I do not need to extract chapter images again if I totally uninstall MBS (clearing all its settings and DBs) and reinstall it. Another is that the chapter images could eventually be used by other programs as well, once they are adapted to the new format for storing chapter images that MBS would define.
  19. As I currently run Media Browser in every room practically now, using both Media Centre and Android, I love the fact that it plays pretty much everything anywhere, especially my free TV recordings from the Media Centre. I record all my FTA programs on my Media Centre and automatically push through to my NAS so they are available on every television within the house. Works well and I'm happy with the setup. What I was requesting is if it was possible for MBS to organize the recordings very similar to the way WMC does. Currently everything gets pushed to a 'recordings' folder on the NAS which is monitored by MBS and although all shows are available on every client, it just displays as a messy jumble of thumbnails in god knows what order. It makes it hard to try and work out what show I'm meant to be watching next, etc. It would be great if you could select 'Recorded TV' as a folder type and it then automatically categorized all of the 'similar' recordings and gave some nice structure to the layout exactly how Media Centre does it. Even just list the name of the show and the recorded date and list in date order (but grouping by show name). If this is not possible, then if someone has any ideas to get around this it would be great. As I love Media Browser and want to use just a single solution for all my media, it would be a huge benefit to my collection setup. Thanks.
  20. Luke thank you that was it. I tested against some other browsers and all is good. This is my first time having a server powerful enough to actually stream the content so I couldn't fully compare to the old server. Thanks again for such an amazing product. David
  21. Trialing Plex for a few months, there was a pretty neat feature within their Server software that would be handy if added to Media Browser.... Sometimes when the server picks up a movie cover that is incorrect or can't pick the movie cover up at all, there was an option called 'Fix Incorrect Match' which basically allowed a manual keyword search and also allowed the user to select a source scraper. This would then return a list of results (movie name and year) and the user could select the appropriate movie they were looking for and then allowed the user to override the built in search and (for me) returned a 100% success rate of retrieving all invalid and missing covers. I understand that Media Browser should probably automatically retrieve, however, I have come across this issue multiple times now where I have named the movie incorrectly (only slighty - e.g. Space missing, character wrong, etc) and Media Browser will not retrieve the correct title, even after manually correcting the name of the movie/folder and hitting 'Refresh Metadata', it still doesn't work. I have to manually go in and delete the Movie.xml file plus all files relating to that movie (excluding the actual movie file) and try again. If that doesn't work I have to try manually editing the metadata, save it and try again. Last resort I have been manually deleting the 'TheMovieDB ID', plug in the IMDB ID, save and refresh again - that seems to work. If we had a 'Fix Incorrect Match' option (or similar) it could override all the manual labour involved and link the returned result directly to the movie. Even if the movie was named incorrectly, it would still apply all the correct metadata, coverart, etc. to the right place.
  22. It looks like MBS is pulling the Parental/Content Rating tag from TMDB which doesn't have a rating for most Australian movies. IMDB does have these ratings It would be good if there was an option to set the preference for where to pull metadata from on a field by field basis.
  23. MSL_DK

    Album artist

    Could you guys please consider a 'ALBUM ARTIST' next to 'ARTIST'
  24. Anyone experience this? I'm running MBS (3.0.5031.21343) & MBC ( B9-20.1) from my HTPC and although I've had it set for transcoding, I receive a black screen in playback of certain MP4's and MKV's. I have set UNC paths and set the configurator for trancode360, but this still takes place. The weird thing is I don't believe it's a codec issue because if I'm connected directly to the HTPC the same movies work. But if the movie is watched through an extender there's the same issue. The sound always comes through though.
  25. MSL_DK

    double artist.xml

    Is there a reason that the server creates a artist.xml here \\SERVER\ImagesByName\artists\Depeche Mode\ and here \\SERVER\Musik\Depeche Mode\
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