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  1. Pelon

    Channels time-out

    I'm having some issues with channels on MBC. It is not one particular channel, it looks random. Basically when I try to log in to MBC, it takes forever and eventually it times out and it give me the error that MBC has stopped working. After looking at the log, I see that it is trying to access one of the channels over an over again, until it finally gives up an errors. I was locked out of MBC for a couple of days. Then I deleted one channel and was able to continue working until the next day, when I had the same issue. By looking at the log again, I was able to see that it was again trying to access a channel. I finally gave up on channels and after I removed all of them, I can access MBC as before. I have not had a problem since.
  2. Good day, From the mb3 server dashboard: Scheduled Tasks: then click on the arrow for this option: Let it finish, then test the trailers again. Also make sure you have space in your hard disk just in case, or you can change the path to be saved from within the mb3 server dashboard (where you setup the channel). My best
  3. First off, I have tried to dutifully research this issue on the forums. That being said, this is my first post, so please be gentle... My understanding is that the built-in music interface is meant to utilize WMC's player, which makes perfect sense. I have read that when hovering over a folder (such as an album) in MBC and then pressing "play," you should then see some form of pop-up that asks whether you want to play the entire album, shuffle, queue, etc. When pressing "play" (whether on harmony remote or WMC keyboard) while positioned on an album folder or genre folder, my MBC freezes and will not let me reverse my path; I am forced to logout of MBC altogether. My music plays with no issues when selecting a song directly. This issue does not occur on MBS (and the expected play menu appears as desired) or with the Android client. Thus, it appears to exclusively be a MBC issue. 1) How do I fix this behavior? (log attached) 2) Am I correct in assuming that music genre folders can be played (as in WMC's base interface) with options such as "play all" or "shuffle" or something to that effect? Thanks in advance for your assistance. MBClassic-672014bde2cfca201542a0ba25909c5bb09660.log
  4. Few days and builds ago I'm starting to get this error when launching MBC and from this moment, I'm not able to connect to my MB Server. I'm using beta versions and of course I didn't change anything in server configuration. Server and clients (MBC and MBT) are running on same box. From the same moment, I'm not able to connect from MBT on same box. If I'm connecting from my laptop from MBT, everything works as charm. Can anybody help me please?
  5. yardameus

    Subtitle search in MBC?

    I am just curious if it is possible or relatively simple to create a plugin for MBC that allows you to search for/download a subtitle in MBC? As well as the subtitle search/download function is working in MBS, I was hoping something could be added on to MBC to utilize that function from the living room.
  6. Hello, I am having an issue connecting to the MB server from any of the local PCs connected to the network. I can access the configurator on the same PC as the server with no issues. I can also browse the files through MBC on the server PC and access the web browser on that PC. However, whenever I try to connect to the server from any other PC it times out and says the server can't be found and that I should check to make sure it is running. I received an error from MBC (see attached image). The system had been working fine prior to yesterday. The only change I made to the system was deleted a secondary user and changed the name of the primary user. Please let me know what the issue seems to be and how I can resolve it as it's driving me a little crazy! Thanks in advance! Configurator-842014cdbae272b5e641b0b6eeb81a8e2b2401.log
  7. Hello, I'm getting the "cannot play video" error in MBC on my Xbox 360 for files I'm sure should play OK. They are mainly 720p .avi videos (h.264 + MPEG AAC). Most are in stereo, some 5.1. They all play in WMP and WMC just fine. They are housed on a NAS, but I use the correct path reference (that is, not a drive letter). All my 1080p .wmv and 480 .avi (DIVX + AC3) from the same NAS play fine on the Xbox. Oddly, one .avi video plays OK and it is the same exact format as the ones that won't play (h.264, 23.9 fps, 4:2:0 YUV, MPEG AAC-SBR 48kHz Stereo). I installed the Shark007 codec pack and set it to the default settings, checked the MBC log files, restated the PC, scoured the MB3 support pages, everything I can think of, but couldn't find a resolution. The log below shows that I played 12 Years a Slave.wmv without a problem, but 21 Jump Street.avi stopped MBC dead in its tracks and gave the "Cannot Play Video" error. Any ideas as to how I can fix this issue? I figure its a codec problem, but I'm not sure what to try next. Thanks in advance. Dedicated Media PC info: Win 7 x32 Shark007 x32 Advanced codec pack No other 3rd party codecs installed
  8. Hi, Now I actualized MBC to the version (Beta), and I observed when navigating by my movies folder, what at certain movies (random) with videobackdrops included, the word "ENDS" that normally indicates the hour of movies end, indicates only 1 or 2 minutes avant of the actual hour. It's possible indicates the end of videobackdrop? Any with Videobackdrops enabled can check that? Thank's! N: Sorry for my english
  9. Can someone explain the relationship between MB server and MBC in terms of profiles. How do I delete a MBC profile? I want the profile user of the server to be default profile in MBC. All of a sudden I get a user profile in MBC that don't want. thx bw
  10. HI, First off let me say I love Media Browser. I have a 900 movie collection and this program is awesome. I have used MB2 in the past and have upgraded and used MB3 for the last ~4 months? I even have the android app and have port forwarded it outside of my lan and it works great with the data throttling settings. I have the MB3 server on the same machine as the movie database, I am using MBC to view the movies in WMC on the server machine. When I load MBC on a second, third, fouth machine I am having issues with playback. I can playback some movies but others simply will not work. My copy of 8 mile is an avi file. I can pull up the folder on the other machines and play the file with windows media player on the remote machines, I can also play the file with windows media center on the remote machines, However, when I open media browser classic in Windows Media Center and scroll to the movie, I press play and I receive an error stating that windows media center can not open the file. It makes no sense, I can open the file through my computer and open the file with windows media center and everything works fine. Help please. .. I have opened the 8096 port on both computer firewalls, I see all the movie posters and the meta data downloads correctly.
  11. saitoh183

    MBC and MBT

    I see well we will see how good MBT becomes in time. If it can do everything MBC can do and do it faster, MBC might not be needed. I admit that WMC LiveTV is still among the best LiveTv software. So the main question will be how good MBT LiveTV will be compared to it because for everything related directly to MBC, MBT should do it better and faster as a standalone frontend. The only thing i can see MBT lacking will be skins but im sure that will come in its own time. As for the rest, so far Movie section is better in MBT (even with missing features) and TV is still better in MBC since you cant use filters in MBT yet. One thing that would be good to see in MBT will be more views for more customization.
  12. pa3x

    Possible New Feautere in Mind...

    It could be nice if this work, but it could be also good if you guys make that MBC could work with DLNA devices... For example to send pics and vids from phone to MBC... Cheers, good work and keep going
  13. I've installed MBC and MB3 server on a new system. I'm able to launch to MB Theater while connected to the local MB Server. When I try to launch to MBC, I'm getting the error "Unable to launch Media browser 3". The weird part is, I can launch to MBC if I specify the other server on my network. (I'm only setting this one computer up in this environment; it is being moved up to my cottage once it's complete.) I'm not sure what's going on here. MBC Version: 2-12.2 MB Server: 3.0.5171.19958 MB Theater: 3.0.5168.25066 Classic Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1233738/MBClassic-9320148a8f2b30b7364f8084973243bffe68ba.log Server Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1233738/Configurator-93201442db7fe789444d7c93f084a62d1c9791.log
  14. Greetings...my first post here and as many before have exclaimed, MB3 is amazing! That having been said, here is my setup: Clean install of windows 8.1, latest version of MB3 Server installed. Using xbox 360 as client. MB Classic installed, system level and plgin level updates : Beta MB Classic Version 2-26.1 Here is the problem: I have 10 different TV series, and no matter which file i choose to watch, the quality is horrible on the 360. All my TV series video files are AVI's and prior to this clean install (got to finally build a new rig two weeks ago) these exact same files played fine. And now the twist... ...​this behavior is only occurring w/ these TV series files....if i pick any of the movies i have that happen to be AVI files (200+) then those play in perfect quality on the 360. Any clues? Thanks in advance!
  15. v3,0.129 MBC v. chocolate If you have a large number of movies in list view (ive reproduced with 285 Movies), when you scroll past bottom of list, the focus jumps from 285 to 265 ad infinitum as you scroll down. (rather than back to 1) (always seems to be 20 titles back for other list lengths tested) only seems to affect chocolate
  16. My HTPC goes to sleep until I use it, and when it wakes it often requries me to click the 'Couldn't connect to Server. Retry?' button. Would it be possible to add a setting to allow MBC to automatically retry connecting to the server (maybe for 15 seconds or something) before prompting the user?
  17. yardameus

    Flat EHS "Collection" Icons

    Made a few "flat" or metro type neutral EHS collection or folder icons. Figured I'd share... Update: Here's a quick overview of the available images. And here's an up to date zip, also including a simple psd if you want to make your own. https://www.dropbox.com/s/59y782tyauwofth/Flat%20EHS.zip?dl=0
  18. spiffman192

    Delete in MBC....again

    So I've been using the delete option in Media Browser/Classic for around 3 years. It received the "wife approval" awhile ago. So, needless to say, when the feature seemed to disappear when I updated to MBC 129. So, digging back through everything on the KB and forum, I checked the XML's only to find the two fields set to true. But I took particular note of ebr saying it was being removed due to the danger. So, first question is, did delete finally go away, or is it just me? Second, so what does everyone else do about deleting tv shows after watching? Thanks all!
  19. You know what everything works great, but I just felt the need to start a new thread to say that's a great implementation there @@ebr. Got to be honest I just can't get away from MBC, I mean I like all the other clients but I love MBC....
  20. Cheesegeezer

    Xenon: New MBC Theme Coming Soon

    This is a new theme I've been working on. It's called Xenon and should be released in the near future. There are still 4 more views I need to work on. Anyways here are some screenshots to Wet the appetite. Also a big thanks to Abo for getting the Imgur embeded albums available in the forum. Thanks buddy http://imgur.com/a/rQljc
  21. When trying to use the play to function to play to MBC nothing happens. I'm not sure what logs you need, I'm assuming that you need the app logs (Which once I'm at home I'll send). As a side note doing the same thing from the web client on my laptop sending to MBC works as it should.
  22. leedavies

    Aztec v1.0.0.2 is now live

    Minor release to tidy up a couple of loose ends in the first release: The EHS right side panel now stays in-sync with the EHS covers scroller Beta testers (THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!) no longer get a "trial expired" error because their trial ended during beta testing and the beta test versions extended their trial, but I forgot all about doing this for them in the release version - sorry guys! :-( Now live.
  23. Hi there - I have hit a bit of a snag on the update. The download/install process appears to complete properly. It starts WMC/MB3 Classic, sets the default theme to Chocolate but then notifies of an available update to install yes/no? It continues to do this. I have uninstalled MBC completely, confirmed that the C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaBrowser\MediaBrowser\ folder was deleted by the uninstall process, shut down the server manually, rebooted, started the server, downloaded the latest setup.exe client file, and reinstalled. However, MBC Configurator and MBC report I am still running The short install log C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-InstallLogs\mbc-install.log is below and indicates a successful install: MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Installing Media Browser Classic MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Attempting to retrieve latest version of MBClassic MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Found 1 versions. Will choose latest one of Dev class MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Version is MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Downloading Media Browser Classic version MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Successfully downloaded version MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Archive is MSI installer C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\Temp\MediaBrowser\MediaBrowserClassic.msi MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Calling msi install MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Deleting Pismo install files MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Attempting to start program C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe /nostartupanimation /entrypoint:{CE32C570-4BEC-4aeb-AD1D-CF47B91DE0B2}\{FC9ABCCC-36CB-47ac-8BAB-03E8EF5F6F22} MediaBrowser.Classic.Installer.exe Information: 0 : Installation complete Any suggestions on what to try next? It does not appear to be related to http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/3739-latest-mbc-wont-install Full configuration specs in signature file below. Thanks for the help - @Tanamur
  24. TOP TIP: Before messing with filters/decoders always create a system restore point and only do one change at a time and check the outcome before changing something else. A MUST: ONLY EVER INSTALL ONE CODEC PACK, always uninstall all others before changing packs There are many misconceptions that installing a codec pack will solve all your playback issues when it comes to Windows Media Center (WMC) and in turn MediaBrowser-Classic (MBC). If you think this then you need to read on. When MS released Win7 they incorporated a set of codecs and rules and these were neatly packaged under what they like to call the "Windows Media Foundation" (WMF) So what does this all mean. It means that they installed their own filters(codecs) under the System32 folder which don't allow you to alter the way that Windows 7 and 8 now decode various media containers. Bummer right? Yeah!!! In order to over come these MS niggles we need to disable these WMF codecs to allow for your new ones to do their work. How do we do this... Well lucky for you folks there is a tool available called Win7FilterTweaker (for both Win7 and 8) The FilterTweaker Tool Explained - A very powerful and useful tool!!! Did you know that this tool messes with your system files.... probably not. And that sometimes this tool fails to rename those files back to what it originally was... you probably didn't know that either. So basically you've broken your video playback in WMC and don't know what to do. What I want to do is let you understand what's going on, so you can make your own decisions as to what to enable/disable. (The screen shots below are for my setup. I install and register 2 filters direct into the sysWoW64 and System32 folder, then I use ffdshow to set up my codecs (this is advanced) and the FilterTweaker tools to set the merits of my codecs - that's beside the point, your setup will be different if you don't install the 2 filters). Firstly lets look at the Main Screen. MS Codec Tweaks I want to explain to you about this filter messing with your files. The middle Button in the screenie above (MS Codec Tweaks) is the culprit. Now WMC on 64bit systems runs 64bit not 32bit as is often thought. This still refers to the System32 folder on 64bit systems. So any file mishandling is going to occur in that folder even on 32bit system. If we click on MS Codec Tweaks one we are presented with this screen. I have disabled the Microsoft DTV-DTD Audio Decoder only. Be warned that if you disable the DTV-DTD Video Decoder it can Break LiveTV in WMC. So what has that little tick box done. It's renamed one of my system files from msmpeg2adec.dll to msmpeg2adec.dll.bak in the System32 folder in turn disabling it. Be warned that this may not work for you if you have UAC turned on, you may also need to "Take Ownership" of the files too in order to allow for the tool to rename. You can see I've highlighted the 2 files. These refer to the DTV-DTD Decoders for both audio and video. The rest of the options you can disable in the filtertweaker are also in the System32 folder and are highlighted below. Preferred Decoders - (Also know as filter merits) If you click this button you will be presented with something like this. I can easily prove that my filter merits are working how I want by using a powerful tool called GraphStudio || Download GraphStudioNext 32Bit || Download GraphStudioNext 64Bit All you need to do is download graphstudio, run the .exe file and drag and drop any media file into the big blank grey area under the icons. It will query the file and then produce a graph like this By right clicking on the In/Out nodes and selecting properties you can see everything that the filter is doing and what outputs you should expect. This is particularly useful when trying out new settings within your codec pack. If i change the setting in the filtertweaker tool to LAV filter (effectively changing the merit of the LAV filter to highest, as shown below) I can prove that the change has worked. I AM IN CONTROL!!! see how this is working now. MediaFoundation Button So you need to go down the "preferred decoders" list and assign another filter other than Microsoft in order for the following disabled filters to work. If you don't have another option in the decoder list then dont disable, in the Media Foundation or you will break that container. This is basically useful for MP3's and particularly .mov files(trailers in Mediabrowser). If you don't disable the .mov then trailers may have some issues playing. Also .avi's can prove troublesome with some codec packs. IMPORTANT: If you are new to filters/codec packs DONT install Sharks007 Codec Pack!! Its far to complex for the basic user and is way over the top for any codec pack. You need something with simplicity. LAV Filters seems to be about as basic as you can get but give you maximum playback facilities with some basic options too. Here are a couple of tutorials written by myself(FFDshow) and JonTheHTPC(LAV Filters) Setting up LAV Filters Setting up FFDShow I certainly hope that this has opened up your eyes to Filters and decoders and how they can affect your system.
  25. Hi All, Had a bit of a play around with MBT for the first time last night and noticed that all my Documentaries were mixed in with my Movies and TV sections on the main screen (with no Documentaries section showing). MBC has them all separate as per the media folders I created in MBS. I assume this is because I have created the Docos with 'Mixed content' type in MBS? I see that I can navigate to it via the 'Collections' section but this doesnt really suit as I don't want to mix up my fact & fiction content. Also noticed the same config with the iPhone app that I tried last night. Is there a way to change it back to the way MBC and previous versions have worked so each of the Media Folder collections (Movies, TV, Docos) appear as a separate main menu in MBT and doesnt mix up the content? Thank you, Aussiedroid
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