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  1. @ebr: Is it possible to play a clip at the end of a movie? If so could this capability be added to Advanced Intros? Thanks.
  2. breezytm

    Multiple Theme

    As always I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered before but unfortunately I can't find the answer so: Is it possible to use different theme in media browser classic for different users. I saw some really nice screenshots of media browser plus and would like to try it but I like chocolate too much to simply do the switch. I was thinking about creating a test account and give it a shot. Would this be possible on the same box? Thanks,
  3. I have the collapse movies from collections option on in MBC. If I add 1 item that belongs to a collection to my playlist that item gets listed as my collection instead with all the contents inside for MBC thus not respecting the playlist items. Confirmed in Chocolate and Square. Server with group movies into collections user preference on and the playlists with items from collection is displayed correctly.
  4. Starkadius

    Media Browser and Anime

    Included these videos in the anime genre post but figured it would be okay to include only the videos in the Fan Videos section to showcase how Media Browser can be used for Anime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTMeb9IBN4I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFgrQcLwZo
  5. I have a couple of folders that say "No items" when you browse into them. For example, if I browse to TV, Cartoons, (name of cartoon), etc. It shows the number of items in the folder, but when I click on that folder and open it it says no items. Web browser, MBT work just fine. I'm using UNC paths for everything. Thoughts?
  6. breezytm

    Upcoming TV - Free Trial

    Any chance of having this plugin as a trial? I would like to try it out before purchasing it.
  7. breezytm


    @@ebr Yes I know I am always asking for stuff but that's because I love your software so much Anyway, Is there a reason why I can't scroll backward but only forward. Let's say 0 A B C D E ....Z If I want to go to Z I can only scroll forward. I would like to go backward instead. 0 -> backward Z. It would be easier. The same concept for TV shows episodes. Episode 1 - 20. It's quicker to scroll backward from 1 to 20. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I am currently watching this show that starts with letter T and has 20 episodes per season. First I have to scroll all the way to T from 0 using the blue button feature to select the letter for the show. Then go to the episode scroll all the way to 15 from 1. I could of easily scroll backward from 1, 20, 19, 18, etc...
  8. @@ebr Can you add an easier access to update the library in MB?. Going to settings is kind of too far. Perhaps add it to the top menu that is always accessible through all the views. Thanks,
  9. I am running MBS v13755 and MBC v207. When I enter the "Collections" folder, the box sets appear normally, but when I enter a particular set, there are no items shown. In the Web GUI, everything works and displays normally. I've attached a log. MBClassic-992014e5953c9e77c643bfa276af0c93e6c228.log
  10. WhiteGuyTranslating

    Play Buttons Will Start Video

    So I am unable to use the play button inside the folder items to get video to work. I'll retrace my steps a bit so you can how I got to this point. Unfortunately, I was trying to fix the issue I have had for a long while but have been too busy/forgetful to fix until now. The root issue was radeon's plug in for theme songs not playing nice with leedavies' ROC and Crystal (or vice versa - I read it on here happening before). Anyway, I read that lee got things fixed and so I decided to see if I could uninstall the plugins and reinstall. That did not work so I uninstalled just lees theme's and still nothing. I am testing all this on the basic and/or chocolate themes as I've read on here that I should use those for troubleshooting. So I thought I would give MBT a try as I read, again, it would work with the themes. So I installed MBT and had to install the video codecs (lav) and subtitle codecs. After doing so, I was able to get themes to work! Hooray! So now I know it's not something really stupid like my hardware or the server. So while navigating MBT I came to the realization that it just isn't pretty enough for me. No offense, I see the idea and I think I get the vision but it's just not to my liking now. So I figured I had to go back to the old MBC. I uninstalled MBT, the lav filters, and bit the bullet - I uninstalled MBC completely (even deleting the folder from c:\Program Data), Fresh install (almost fresh - MBC still remembered the server location and which user to login auto), installed Chocolate and ThemeVideo's by radeon and voila! it works! I have installed other themes, except lee davies, and they work as well for playing theme music. That brings me to my current issue of not being able to play video from inside the folder. Now, I can play video by being outside the folder but have the cursor selecting the movie folder and pressing play on my MCE remote. So I figure that there is something with the lav filters that MBC really likes but can't seem to find but WMC can interpret the remote click as "Play this file inside this folder". I've looked at the Control Panel for default programs and all is as it should be so there must be a hanger on with the LAV filters. Or not... I really have not clue but would appreciate any assistance. It's ironic - I get the theme songs to play just the way I want them (oh by the way, whoever put in the terrible mariachi band for the !Three Amigos!, you suck) and now I have to back out, which stops the theme, to play it. MBClassic-26820148c6a0faf3a15444fb5c4c7a3fe0cd991.log
  11. I upgraded my HTPC to Windows 8.1 and WMC and I've returned to MBC. I was using XBMC and one of the features I really like is playing all the files in a folder. We sometimes will have a list of maybe 10-12 home videos or other YouTube clips in a folder that we'll play, and we'll shuffle play all the files. In XBMC, it works flawlessly (not MBC3C, just the native XBMC player). In WMC using MBC, it has some problems. The first thing is if there are multiple files, let's say we have a folder of 20 files and all are around a minute long, then after the first few videos, MBC will start to act a little strange. It will play the first second of the video, and then it will repeat the first second of the video and then play it all the way through. That's a little odd. That stutter will happen for most of the videos in the playlist. The second problem is that after a while, a video half way through the playlist will freeze, and we will be forced to press the skip button to skip back a few seconds in the video, and then it will play the rest of the way. If there are more videos in the playlist, it will intermittently do the same thing (freeze the video, but the audio will continue to play). If it reaches the end of the video, it will just stop and not play the next video. Sometimes after a long pause it will continue on to the next video, but the easiest way to get it "unstuck" is to skip backwards on the current video, and then it will play regularly. Somewhat annoying to have to babysit the video playlists when it should just play them all the way through. Hopefully these issues can be addressed. I like the TV guide with WMC better than XBMC, and I think MBC is better than the XBMB3C implementation, so hopefully this issue can be resolved. Thank you!
  12. I have noticed there are a lot of people searching the web for subtitle and alternate audio support in Windows Media Center and have not been able to come up with a solution. The ones who found one just could not find the step-by-step guide on how to implement it correctly. How do I know? Well, I've been there. Hopefully with this video made by @@Deihmos will help remedy this issue and help many as much as it helped me. Here's are the necessary links: P.S Keep in mind if you already have other codecs installed you will need to uninstall them, reboot, and install the appropriate ones. Also I would recommend backing up your system prior to uninstalling and installing anything. Tutorial link: https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be Software links: FFDSHOW MediaControl There is an alternative software to MediaControl called MCERemotePlus. Here's how to set it up using an existing tutorial by @@saitoh183. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/5319-how-to-setup-subtitles-and-audio-switching-with-mceremote-plus/ For web search support purposes I label the thread as Subtitle and/or Alternate Audio Support in MediaBrowser Classic. MediaControl is a Windows Media Center plugin. It works whether you have MBC or not.
  13. breezytm

    TV & Movies Recommendation

    @Luke would you be a dear and make an app for us that provides movies and tv shows recommendations/suggestions based on items currently in our libraries. I would like to open my horizon a bit to new stuff. There are tons of databases like rotten tomatoes, trakt.tv, IMDB already have that implemented and can be access through their API. I wouldn't recommend this being built into MB since many may not care much for it. An app would do just fine. #crossing my fingers
  14. breezytm

    Feature Request Please

    Yes I know I am always asking for stuff Would you be kind enough, ebr, and change the color of unaired items to yellow, missing items to red, and watched items to white, but leave unwatched items as is. The current color scheme to me is very confusing as everything is the same exact color.
  15. tboneynot

    WMC Controls overlap MBC

    Whenever I use MBC, my Windows Media Center controls (Play, Fwd, Rew, Volume) overlay on top of the information in MBC. I've no idea how to turn off the WMC controls. I'd post a screenshot but I'm not entirely clear how to get a screenshot while MBC is active. Any help would be appreciated! I'm using Windows 7.1, and the latest beta for MBC.
  16. breezytm


    Hey guys, Do MBC has a bookmark feature? Not favorite. Bookmark. Example: If I am watching a TV show series and I like an episode I would like to show my friends, I would like to bookmark it. Yes I know I can add it as a favorite but that's cumbersome. At least to me it is.
  17. After the recent update to square and MBC (3.0.196), I started having issues with mbc not starting with square selected. Now it has spread to rush as well. I've tried doing a complete mbc reinstall, as well as the themes. It appears to be an isolated issue for me. I may try to do an OS reinstall this weekend. Just throwing this out there in case anyone else has similar issues. edit: Lotus as well. Maybe move this post to plugins and themes? Or just take the hex off of me, since I must be the only one with the issue.
  18. Just updated square to 1.7.28 and I am unable to start MBC with it installed. Not much info in the log. I'll double check to make sure I have the proper log settings checked. log: 2014-07-29 10:47:38.3994,Error,,Async thread threw the following exception: ( Exception. Type=System.NullReferenceException Msg=Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Src=ThemeVideoBackdrops Method=Item_NavigationInto Line=0 Col=0 [n] StackTrace= [n] at ThemeVideoBackdrops.Playables.ThemeVideoPlayables.Item_NavigationInto(Object sender,, GenericEventArgs`1 e) [n] at MediaBrowser.Application.<>c__DisplayClass7.<OnNavigationInto>b__5() [n] at MediaBrowser.Library.Threading.Async.<>c__DisplayClass4.<Queue>b__3() ),33,Worker thread for OnNavigationInto MBC version 3.0.196
  19. I am on MBC ( 7-14.1), and it works on my windows 7 Pro 64 bit WMC,but it gets stuck and crashed on my extender (xbox 360). my MBC logs: logfile from when I open with PC on Windows 7 - works fine: https://onedrive.liv...8FBBDD19!147108 Logfile when I open on extender - stuck on spashscreen and then crashes: https://onedrive.liv...8FBBDD19!147109 Not sure when this started it was either after updating to latest MBC or install Xenon, I have since uninstalled Xenon plugin and still not working? MBS - Version 3.0.5309.26857 Windows Error logs attached as well per EBR - I think I got the correct logs but if you need others please let me know. New Text Document (2).txtNew Text Document.txt
  20. I have a large music collection (600+GB) that is exhaustively organised with the following folder structure: ARTIST NAME - ALBUM NAME\Album Track Name.mp3 I would like to view my music in MBC in the same way, listed by folder structure. The only way I can see to do this would be to edit the metadata in thousands of folders to make sure the "sort by" field was the same as the Folder Name. Can anyone suggest a simpler way to do this? I'm sure I'm missing something basic? edit: spolling
  21. Hey Dev, Is it possible to implement alphabetic scrolling in media libraries? It takes me literally an eternity to go from A to D for example in my movies library. Perhaps pressing and hold the Up/Down arrow can bring the alphabet and whatever letter i stop on it'll take me to the first movie or tv show starting with the letter.
  22. Cheesegeezer

    MBC: Xenon Theme Bug Tracker

    Please post bugs for Xenon Theme Here. It will help greatly if - 1. you are seeing layout issues post screen shots and use arrows/lines to point out affecting areas 2. any other issues, can you please post up a log. If you are unsure please click the link here on how to report a problem For feature requests... please post your FR request in the appropriate forum located here. Thank you for your continued support
  23. Cheesegeezer

    MBC Theme: Xenon

    It's here and it's released and..... free to the community. To download this theme, simply go into MediaBrowser Classic Main Config, find the plugins tab along the top, go to the plugin catalogue, find Xenon and install. Restart MBC and select Xenon from the Theme Options tab and you are good to go. The theme was the original brainchild of myself and BAS where the whole concept was to work well with 360 Extenders which in turn actually means that on any PC it will be extremely fast for navigation, fluid and very stable. Xenon brings some non standard functions to MBC 1. Upcoming TV - This allows you to view when future episodes of any of your TV Shows will be next aired 2. Next Up - This will display the next episode you need to watch in any of the TV Shows you are currently watching 3. Actor Bio's - Shows Actor information such as age, birthdate, birthplace and biography. Shaefurr's Disparity images work amazing with Xenon - Linky Here Bug Tracker can be found here Here are quite a few images to wet the appetite including Disparity backdrop images http://imgur.com/a/Ooiak I would also like to personally thank the following community members for their help @radeon for his help with initial development testing and creating some of the main images and for putting up with me on skype! @BAS for giving me the get up and go to start this!! Hope you feel better soon bud @Soultaker for being a mentor and actually making my brain work. @shaefurr for providing the Artwork for plugin catalogue. @@buddyweiser, @@Yogi, @@CBers, @@aspdend for their great help testing during the beta phase. @@yardameus also for his help with beta testing but also for creating the extra styles available.
  24. breezytm

    Item Menu

    Hey guys, Quick help here. Which mce remote button gives me access to the "item menu"?
  25. breezytm

    Feature Request

    ebr If not too much work, do you mind adding "Resume" to MBC. I notice it currently has "Latest, Played and Unwatched"
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