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  1. Hi, This is from the original topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ #bg-color and #bg-size - to alter the background color and size of the channel tile
  2. schmitty

    Add tvg-url flag for m3u streams

    Hi, Please add to m3u flags: tvg-url - so xmltv guide data can be bound directly to a channel or m3u file, bypassing the built-in gui method
  3. schmitty

    Add tvg-group flag to m3u streams

    Hi, This is part of https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ tvg-group - to set network/studio group of radio and tv streams for easier grouping
  4. schmitty

    Add live flag for m3u streams

    Hi, This is a part of the request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ live (1/0) - disable/enable live stream flag, so play and seek controls can be enabled or disabled
  5. Hi, This is a part of the combined request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/, I decided to group these particular ones together as they tie in with each other. tv (0/1) - enable/disable tv (must specify either radio or audio-only options if set to 0) radio (true) - enable radio-specific stream with rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with audio-only) audio-only (true) - enable audio only stream without rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with radio)
  6. Hi, I believe Emby Server is not reading #EXTINF data correctly in m3u playlists. I had to alter the following entries in my playlist #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7 Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7 Digital Melbourne to #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7Digital Melbourne Emby was not parsing these correctly, and was not mapping them to the correct channel number. I am guessing that if the channel name begins with a digit, it is read as a channel number.
  7. rafailsar

    TV Tuner m3u

    Hello Emby Team, i want to use the build in live tv / tv tuner /m3u to play the live channels of this list: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/free-greek-iptv/greek-iptv/master/android.m3u i use the url method, i tried the m3u file method too but it didn't work either. execute read and write access was given. Basicaly for the test emby-server had root access. I works just fine with the iptv plug-in :S any idea ? Best Regards Rafael
  8. jasonwilliams

    A Problem Channel - IPTV

    Hello, I have one problem channel when I try to play it over an Emby Connect connection. It works fine on my LAN. I've tried multiple external connections and no matter how fast, this one channel stutters. I've also try lowering the resolution to the minimum and it makes no diff. I can send the M3U for this channel over PM if you need it. I have attached the FFMPEG log. Thanks, Jason FFMPEG.txt
  9. freedom992

    m3u link with user agent don't work

    Hi, Can you help me for this m3u link : http://notv.tk:8880/get.php?username=Tvingoplus_FR&password=aQVwG5DKqF&type=m3u It works in vlc but when I enter it in m3u tuner, it shows channels but doesn't work. Thank you
  10. It would be great to have full support of m3u playlists so that external playlist can be easily imported and modified through Emby. It would be a much stronger music server! Plex doesn't do that, so it would be a point in favour of Emby too
  11. arrbee99

    Another m3u won't work thing

    Think I've seen a few m3u channel won't work topics floating around, possibly since beta appeared, and maybe a few comments about its fixed, which is why I haven't mentioned similar stuff like this. So, as far as I can tell m3u live tv hasn't worked for me in Chrome since version 1.10, and am up to 1.13 at the mo. Am attaching logs were I tried to play one channel and just got the spinning circle, then tried the same in ET 3.0.0 and it played fine after about a second. Am on Windows 10, playing on same machine as server. embyserver.txt
  12. manolodf

    Keep Flag Background Channel Icons

    This may sound like a strange request, but when I first added my M3U file the channels and guide populated with some very nice (I believe default) Channel Icon with the Flag of the country it was from behind it. I actually kind of liked it because it allowed me to know what country the Channel was from (A&E with USA vs A&E with Spanish Flag for example) What happened though is after EPG refreshed after 24 hours, then the icons were replaced by just the channel icons, the png that were bigger, perhaps more poppy and they look nice, but I would love to see if there is a way to reta
  13. c0m3r

    Live TV Sorting Issue - m3u

    Hi I have loaded in an m3u and guide xml fine with Emby Server however am having a strange issue with the sorting in the guide. It appears as though emby is picking up the channel number from the stream title rather than using the sort order of the the m3u itself or using the name of the channel correctly. Have attached two images below: Is there any way I can resolve this?
  14. I am a new to EMBY came over from Plex, primarily because of the way EMBY integrates my my M3U and HDHomerun on one platform. Running it on a Qnap 251+ with 16GB Ram. I recently installed the QNAP beta build provided by Emby and it seems to run everything just a bit faster than the one I originally got from the Qnap community. However the load times for the HDHomerun and the M3U are slow to load when changing channels take 14 seconds and 12 seconds. When I load on other apps both only take about 1-2 seconds at the most. I have tried some of the recommendations for other post however the
  15. So I've spent time reading through everything on the forum about IPTV and M3U tuners. Is there any reason why we can't treat each M3U tuner as only being able to tune 1 channel from the channel xml list or have that as a user defined setting? From the reading it seems like the M3U tuner is considered to be "unlimited" streams by default. If limited to 1 stream you could create as many m3u tuners for a source as available connections. Emby would also be able to mark them available or watching as they are used Example screenshot of how my tuners would be created if this was the case:
  16. jasonwilliams

    Emby M3U Live TV

    Hello All, I finally took the time and configured IPTV in Emby and now I'm wondering why I didn't do this long ago! Live TV is awesome in Emby, but I have a couple of questions: 1. With only 1 tuner, how does Emby handle locking the tuner when in use? It seems if Emby is recording and switch channels, it just stops recording and takes me to the new channel. Same thing happens if go to a different channel on another device. Am I missing something in config, or is this by design? 2. Can I just add another M3U tuner (assuming my IPTV provider supports multiple streams)? 3. Are
  17. Hi I'm hoping you can help me with this problem. I have the latest Emby server on windows 7 64-bit and I spent hours setting up my Live Tv yesterday with the Live tv section on the server. I put a url in for the iptv service i subscribe to and also put 4 schedules direct epgs and the xml epg from my iptv service. I spent several hours matching channels up and getting the guid to put the channels in what order i wanted them. And when I went back on this morning the server changed the url address to an old one that i use to use. And it deleted the xml epg also. I don't know why this happened? I
  18. apefray

    M3U List

    Hi, I have been playing with emby for a couple of weeks now and have everything setup as I want, all working as it should except the Live TV. I am using a M3U list which adds the channels as expected, and the channels are list correctly, play and work correctly, however, for some reason emby has also added a couple of movies from my movies folder (not all movies just a random few), to the channel list? Firstly, why has emby done this, and secondly how can I remove the movies from the channel list and clean it up? Cheers in advance.
  19. I am trying to map OTA channels to xmltv, but I have run into an issue. Some OTA channels have "programs" which appear as sub channels in the form of "chan.sub". It looks like emby isn't parsing them appropriately, which results in the inability to properly map them and get a guide. here is the channel lineup #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0, 2.1 - CBFT-DT #EXTINF:0, 3.1 - WCAX-HD #EXTINF:0, 3.2 - Movies! #EXTINF:0, 5.1 - WPTZ-HD #EXTINF:0, 5
  20. I wanted to share my experimentation with an old generation HDHR3-US (HDHomeRun) which is an NON DLNA device. My goal is to try and centralize all video related activities to emby as much as possible, and that includes better integration with "Live TV", auto-transcode, etc. Being stuck with an older gen HDHomeRun, I was previously relying on the good old NextPVR for the recording piece. It turns out that the more recent versions of NextPVR now has a feature which enables it to "proxy" the streams as DLNA! So here is what I did : 1- Point emby to new live tv tuner M3U source: http://n
  21. Hello, I seems to be having a common issue; Live TV stop working after a few seconds. Can someone please help? Many thanks in advance
  22. Hi, Emby is really fantastic (and that’s why I decided 2 weeks ago to buy a Premiere license to support the team), but in my opinion, Audio Playlist management could/should be greatly improved. But maybe that as a newbie, I missed something or my audio management strategy is inadequate : to avoid file duplication, I save only one copy of a song in my mp3 folder and use Playlists to “virtually” define Albums and Compilations (~500 Playlists currently). Thus, to manage my music collection within Emby, I needed first a tool to import my m3u playlists. A java app has been proposed by anothe
  23. bubs

    Naming and Ordering IPTV.m3u

    Hello! Can someone please tell me how the emby server deal with a .m3u list? I am trying to add one that is like this: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="100" channel-name="channel ABC" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.100.png"group-title="group A",channel name http;//some.stream.link.100.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="101" channel-name="channel DEF" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.101.png"group-title="group A",channel name http;//some.stream.link.102.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="102" channel-name="channel GHI" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.102.png"group-title="group A",channel name
  24. Hi I get a M3U file from my IPTV provider. It looks like this #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 1 http://example.com/live/channel1.ts #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 2 http://example.com/live/channel2.ts #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 3 http://example.com/live/channel3.ts ....and so on If i use it in emby Live TV, all channels are called -1,FI: if i look under Live TV -> Channels. If i open the playlist in VLC it looks fine.
  25. pdeliot

    M3U streaming not working

    Hi, I'm trying to use Live TV for my ISV streaming box called "Freebox" (French ISV called "Free"). The M3U playlist is sucessfully parsed, but streaming is refusing to work. The Emby log show the error "could not find codec parameters". http://emby.deliot.com:8096/videos/6aada66f9b4d9fed9a1f7e935201ae7e/live.m3u8?DeviceId=16d1205516abaea507459123d9bf2de6&MediaSourceId=49f24e13089a46b0817b2d42dd3b680d&VideoCodec=h264&AudioCodec=ac3&AudioStreamIndex=-1&VideoBitrate=232279273&AudioBitrate=448000&MaxAudioChannels=6&Level=41&Profile=high&PlaySe
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