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  1. Hi, I have finally dropped WMC with EmbyServer. New setup is: HTPC running NextPVR with DVB-T Dual Tuner (BlackGold BG9630) Emby Theatre main client software to Live TV and Emby Server Asustor NAS running EmbyServer with Emby Premiere (trying for month to see LiveTV works?) EmbyServer with NextPVR PlugIn v3.2.6.0 ISSUE Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext directly Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext web interface Success - Live TV on Desktop PC through PVRNext web interface FAIL - Live TV on HTPC with Emby Theatre FAIL - Live TV on Desktop PCs / Laptop through Emby web interface Emby error: Just spins the circle or then provides No Tuners available. *Upd: IPs as follows for logs HTPC ( Asustor NAS ( Desktop PC ( *Upd: 28/03/18 2pm Error
  2. I've been using Emby for a while now, but I just started trying out the Live TV functionality and so far I haven't been able to get a schedule recording to work correctly. Today I had a program scheduled to record and I turned off sleep mode (see secondary issue below) so that the server machine was certain to be running at the time of the recording, and the recording never started. When I checked on the recording a little over 3 hours after it was supposed to start there were files or any other indication that the recording was even attempted. When I checked the Live TV settings it still showed that the program was supposed to be recorded. Interestingly enough, when I opened the server configuration it appeared that may have in some way triggered the recording to start, as the folder and associated files were created right after I opened the configuration. Yesterday I scheduled a recording and then left for a while and when I came back the computer was asleep. The recording appeared to start and run until which point the computer reached it's normal sleep timeout (1 hour) and at that point apparently the active Emby recording task was insufficient to prevent the computer from entering sleep mode. When I started a recording manually and then set the computer to sleep within 2 minutes, it appeared that the recording task prevented the computer from going to sleep, so I'm not sure what the difference is between those two methods. I don't know exactly where to start tracking this problem down, but hopefully I just have some settings incorrect? I'd certainly like the computer the be able to go into sleep mode at some point, so the ability to wake it up for a recording or prevent it from sleeping during a recording would certainly be nice to have. I know that the wake timers are scheduled to be implemented soon, but hopefully there's a fix for the computer sleeping during an active recording as well. The server machine is Windows 10 x64. TV tuner is a HomeRun connect quatro. Thanks! server-63656929423.txt
  3. Would it be possible to add the series option to record only on specific days of the week? For example, a series is at 9PM every day but only the Friday airing is a new episode (for cases where the EPG doesn't provide the "NEW" tag or episode numbers). There is already a "Days" field in seriestimers.json so it looks like you had the feature in mind someday but never got to implement it? Thanks!
  4. I have 2 Hauppauge 2250's and a Ceton InfiniTV4 PCIe. I also have Time Warner Cable, so I'm stuck in the "Copy Once" hell from them. Is there a way to de-select tuners? I would like to de-select the Ceton tuners in LiveTV, and have it run on only the Hauppauge tuners.
  5. Stokkes

    IPTV Not Working

    Hello, I have Live TV setup via an IPTV .m3u file that works fine via the Web, iOS clients, Roku, etc, but does not work on Apple TV (or works very intermittently, but most of the time doesn't work). When I select a channel to play, it shows "Loading..." for 5-10 seconds, the screen then goes black and then the name of the channel appears with the loading indicator, but hangs there until the Apple TV screen saver goes on. Some details: - Apple TV 4th Gen with tvOS 11.2.1 - Emby Server (running in a docker container on Ubuntu 16.04) - Emby for TV app version 1.0.9 Here is a link to the relevant log section from the moment I attempt playback to the moment it stops logging to the server logs: https://pastebin.com/p9cqVnf1
  6. For Video content in media libraries, all available video and audio streams are shown on the page prior to the playback page. Where multiple audio steams are available, it is possible to select the desired audio stream as well as switching between audio streams during playback. For Live TV (eg using HDHomeRun or VU+ plugin) this info is not displayed and audio stream selection is not possible (unless I missed something). Would it be possible to add this feature?
  7. Hi, Just bough an nVidia Shield 2017. Android TV is working beautifully except for LiveTV is throwing an error. Getting the following msg " Unable to tune to this channel at this time. There may not be a tuner available" The Emby for Android app also will not play LiveTV just a spinning circle. LiveTv works fine on the server and ET I have sent you a Log from the Shield Thanks
  8. cshaw88

    Nextpvr plugin vs native Emby DVR

    Hello all, was wondering what (if any) advantage is gained by using the Nextpvr plugin vs Emby's built in DVR. I was using MCE7 for years until that PC died. MCE7 recorded and time shifted live tv with xbox 360's as extenders. I was also using DVRMS toolbox and showanalyzer to automatically skip commercials (which is a feature I'm really missing at this point). I was already using Emby to organize and stream our other media. I've just put together a new rig with Windows 10 64bit, core i5 7400, 16gigs of ram, 250ssd + 4tb for pvr recordings (also use a 10tb NAS for media storage). I'm using Hdhomerun prime with cable card x2. I have everything set up and was hoping to use Roku as extenders. Everything is set up and works, but doesn't feel as polished as my old setup. In my previous set up, commercial skipping occurred almost in real time. Unless I'm mistaken that is not possible with Emby DVR, I was planning on adding MCE buddy to scan and remove commercials in post processing. I looked at Nextpvr's website and didn't really notice any features that aren't possible through Emby's built in DVR. What I'm looking for is any input from people who have used both. If there are real advantages to using Nextpvr then I'll go that route, but if not I like to keep it simple when possible. Aside from MCE buddy, is there any additional software I should check out to remove commercials. Also any tips for a relative noob in this regard are welcome. Thanks
  9. Hi folks, I just noticed this; must be new. Happens on three of my PCs. In Firefox (current 56.0.2, 64 bit, on both Win7 and Win10), when I'm in the Emby web interface, and I go to the Guide for LiveTV, if I click in the time row to move from one time of day to another, the channel programs listed underneath don't scroll. So, for example, if I open up the guide, right now it's showing me 5 pm in the upper left, with times listed every half hour until 7:30 pm in the upper right. With a bunch of programming underneath; the top channel for me is ABC showing college football. I can click in the time row, and the time row scrolls, say with a few clicks it's now showing about 1 am to 3 am or so, but the program listings underneath have not scrolled with the time, so football is still showing in the upper left. Doing the same exercise in Chrome has the programming scrolling as normal. Perhaps some Firefox update has changed something and I need to tweak a setting? I noticed at least two of my machines updating Firefox today, but I can't say with certainty that this issue relates to today's update. Please advise! Marc
  10. wsramahi

    LiveTV not working

    From the emby client in AppleTV 4th gen, LiveTV app is not working, nothing is happening when i tried to play any stream. For the other apps like Movies, it is fine and it's playing. only from the LiveTV. I attached the server logs. Please help. embyserverlogs.txt
  11. batesman

    No LiveTV with TVHeadend

    Hi there @@Tolotos, I'm trying to get LiveTV on my devices but it doesn't work with any of them. TVH is connected and seems to be OK. I'm using OMV with HTS Tvheadend 4.0.9-16~g63c1034~jessie with the actual plugin and Emby-Server Version I do get EPG but no video. In the attached log I tried to play livetv within my browser and on my Sony TV. I also tried it on my chromecast ultra but also no success. A week ago I tried the inofficial vdr-plugin which at least showed a video on the chromecast. Any ideas ? THX server-63642277698_livetv.txt
  12. This has been a problem for me for sometime. I've not pinned it down though until today. The Emby server will occasionally stop delivering live TV. If I reboot the server it then works until the next time. Today I realised this happens every time I tune to a channel that fails. For example if I try to tune to BBC3 or 4 during the day when it is not broadcasting. Does this sound like anything seen before? If it is worth investigating I will clear logs, recreate, and post. Hopefully it is something I've configured wrong.
  13. echoxxzz

    LiveTV stuttering

    Several of my IPTV channels stutter (mostly it's the audio) when I use a browser. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and it happens in browsers. But there is no stuttering when I use Emby Theatre or the EMBY mobile apps. Can't seem to find a solution but I thought it worth mentioning.
  14. Hello. New forum member and new Emby user, here. I recently switched over to Emby from Plex for various reasons, one of them being that I was looking for a Windows Media Center replacement for DVR functionality. As such, my expectations/impressions are based on my previous experience with MCE, so factor that in to the opinions below. I realize Live/Recorded TV is a relatively new feature in Emby and still being polished, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents on some things I noticed. I did not know exactly where to put this feedback in the forums. I saw other Live/Recorded TV posts here so I figured this would work. Also, all of these feedback items are based on using the web interface via Chrome. No apps or anything like that (mostly only use the apps for playback, but will eventually set up recordings that way, too). I am using Server Version 3.0.5971.0 1) When setting up recording I manually specified the "Default Recording Path" because I was using the server interface remotely. I typed in the name of a non-existent directory hoping it would create the directory for me, but it didn't. In fact, recording did not work at all, and there was no indication of failure within the UI. Might be worth putting some kind of "directory must already exist" note there (probably assumed by most, but there's always a bigger "fool" to break the "fool-proof system"). 2) For the series recordings, I did not interpret the "Record at Any Time" flag correctly. I had unchecked all the Sunday-Saturday checkboxes and then in the "Repeating Options" section clicked the "Record at Any Time". I had figured the "any time" wording meant it would over-ride the days, but it did not seem to because no scheduled recordings showed up in the recordings list. Then again, I didn't have the recording folder set up correctly at the time (see #1), so that would definitely have prevented recording. 3) Also for series recordings -- my wife likes to have the last 10 recordings of Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert available to watch, but we don't want to keep them all. If unwatched recordings need to be deleted automatically to limit the recordings to 10, that's fine. Windows Media Center has this capability for series recordings. It would be a nice feature to have as part of the series settings. 4) In my area there are multiple over-the-air PBS stations nearby that often carry the same content. I set up a series recording for "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and clicked the "Record on all channels" checkbox and noticed that the "Recordings" section showed scheduled recordings for the same episode on the 2 different PBS stations. I don't really need 2 recordings of the same episode, but maybe recording of the second episode would have been skipped after the first was recorded? Or maybe that kind of functionality only works for the "Record only new episodes" feature. 5) In the web interface I found that I often had to refresh the page to view changes I had made. For instance, when scheduling a recording, after saving it, I would go to the "Recordings" tab and not see the newly scheduled recordings. Refreshing the page would make them show up. 6) Windows MCE has/had a nice keyword-based recording scheduling ability for those times when you want to subscribe to a series but it is not currently being broadcast (thus there are no references to it in the current guide data). Would be a nice feature to have. Or even better -- perhaps a way to search TheTVDB.com and/or TheMovieDB or other data source to be able to set up a potential future broadcast (e.g. if I wanted to record "The Revenant" the first time it's ever broadcast on TV I could just set up a recording for it by name and then it would automatically get recorded the first time it's broadcast). This would also be useful for setting up a future recording for a specific episode that was somehow missed by the "Only new episodes" subscription. 7) For me, the guide entries are not properly displaying the Season and Episode information. I'm only seeing an "E" for Episode number. Screenshot attached. Hope this helps! Edit - revised #7 - it is showing Season and Episode correctly on recordings, but not in the guide view.
  15. Could we please add the Season and Episode option when listing information for live tv episodes? This is what Emby shows and this is what schedules direct is providing <programme start="20170712170000 -0400" stop="20170712180000 -0400" channel="I665.49788.schedulesdirect.org"> <title lang="en">Property Brothers</title> <sub-title lang="en">Charming Fixer-Upper With Unexpected Issues</sub-title> <desc lang="en">After living for six years as a nomad, Karima is ready to settle down in an urban home of her own.</desc> <credits> <presenter>Jonathan Scott</presenter> <presenter>Drew Scott</presenter> </credits> <date>20160525</date> <category lang="en">Home improvement</category> <category lang="en">House/garden</category> <category lang="en">Reality</category> <category lang="en">Series</category> <episode-num system="onscreen">909</episode-num> <episode-num system="dd_progid">EP01360054.0221</episode-num> <video> <aspect>16:9</aspect> <quality>HDTV</quality> </video> <previously-shown start="20160525000000" /> <subtitles type="teletext" /> <rating system="VCHIP"> <value>TV-G</value> </rating> </programme> <episode-num system="onscreen">909</episode-num> represents S09E09. I checked settings for Live TV but did not see an option for this. edit - also here is the page: http://www.hgtv.com/shows/property-brothers/episodes/charming-fixer-upper-with-unexpected-issues Thank you
  16. Hello, I just decided to go Premiere, and tried to use the Android App. It turns out the Live TV, that was working using the HTML5 in the browser, is not working on the APP. I tried both SD and HD channels. The logs show that the transcoding happens and the ffmpeg is run in both cases, but the screen stays black on the app. PC based browser streaming for the very same channel works flawlessly at the same time. I'm using TVH as backend for the tuner. Thanks for any help/hint. BR/ Andrea
  17. dados

    SVG Logo format not supported

    Hi, Could you guys consider adding support for svg image format for channel logo
  18. I have been experiencing multiple issues over the past few months and I think they are all related to each other: - Recordings don't fire, logs says that the timer fired but that it was too late - Recordings are stuck at "Active Recordings" - Recordings that don't leave a trace and just don't seem to be doing anything - Live TV not working (I get the spinning circle but no transcoding on the server is done and nothing streams) This morning I looked at the status of multiple schedules I had done. All of them (8 in total) have failed. Despite having the option to automatically transcode, there is not even a trace of ffmpeg launching and the log file has very sparse on details for what could have gone wrong. I have 2 sources for streams: an old HDHomeRun and NextPVR (through m3u), so my first thought was that both were failing to return a proper stream. So I connected to the same URL that emby uses for NextPVR and got an actual stream. Next I tried getting the same stream from Emby by clicking on "Play" for that channel. I was greeted with an endless spinning circle and no stream at all. This is saddening... @@Luke, sorry for tagging you again on this. How can I send the logs so they don't show up in public? I have a google drive link (anyone with link can open) but don't want to post it directly on the board since I don't want to post logs that show personal data.
  19. Hey Folks, Is there a way to limit the Tuners Emby is allowed to access on a HDHomerun? I thought of the 3 Tuners, you could remove/specify which ones Emby could see/use.. I'm on version (in W10) and I don't see any such options any more... Did I imagine it in the first place? I've reconfigured WMC to only use Tuners 1 and 2 - and I'd like to set Emby to use Tuner 3 only. I have DRM channels that have kept me on WMC for Live/Recorded TV, while all other Media I have was long ago migrated to Emby. I'd like to start moving all non-DRM channels over to Emby to shake it out and ensure the TV functionality works as well for me. Intentions are to reduce the level of TV service I have at some point - eliminating the DRM channels, and shutting down WMC. I see in testing that Emby always picks the first (available) Tuner, whereas WMC seems to be more random. So, maybe the simplest thing is to change WMC to use Tuner 2 and 3 for now, and leave Tuner 1 open for Emby. Though, I'd prefer to restrict Emby, so it doesn't have access to pull one away from WMC, since WMC is still the primary TV source for now...
  20. There are two programs recording. It is not possible to tune to any thing else. I tried through web app and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Android TV app (logs submitted). (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: 189.000 MHz Tuner 1 Channel: 683.000 MHz (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none Edit: I have verified 160 and 161 are responding to web requests to watch TV (watched a bit via MPC-HC). logs.zip
  21. I'm running Emby 3.2.7 and I'm not able to playback Live TV using Firefox as a client. In the server logs I see that transcoding start correctly but the browser will only display a black screen with no playback controls at all (just a scroll bar on the right that you can use to scroll only to see the same black screen all along). I have a HDHR and a TVH server. In Emby I configured both sources, the HDHR directly and also TVH, for testing. Playback of TV channels using TVH or HDHR will never work but I discovered that playback of radio channels using HDHR directly as the source will work, while using TVH will not. I think everything was working fine with 3.2.4 but I cannot confirm that 100%. I tried Firefox from both, Linux and Windows with the same results. Live TV playback using the iOS app works flawlessly for both sources (TVH and HDHR) so this seems to be a Firefox specific issue. Any ideas? System details: Emby: 3.2.7 Mono: OS: CentOS 7.3 Client details: Firefox 51 and 52 on Linux and Windows.
  22. zigzagtshirt

    Bug in LiveTV guide on Android

    I have attached two screenshots of the Live TV guide. One screen shot is from the web app, the other is from Android app. You will see on the web app screenshot that the guide data is visible for channels 590 and 592. However, when you look at the guide in the Android app, the guide data is not visible for these two channels. The guide data is in fact there, but you have to scroll to the left (backwards in time) all the way until the time that particular program started. In this example, you have to scroll through several hours worth of guide data to see it. The guide data in Android doesn't get "pushed" to the current time block like what happens in the web app.
  23. I am trying to map OTA channels to xmltv, but I have run into an issue. Some OTA channels have "programs" which appear as sub channels in the form of "chan.sub". It looks like emby isn't parsing them appropriately, which results in the inability to properly map them and get a guide. here is the channel lineup #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0, 2.1 - CBFT-DT #EXTINF:0, 3.1 - WCAX-HD #EXTINF:0, 3.2 - Movies! #EXTINF:0, 5.1 - WPTZ-HD #EXTINF:0, 5.2 - The CW #EXTINF:0, 5.3 - Me TV #EXTINF:0, 6.1 - CBMT-DT #EXTINF:0, 10.1 - CFTM-HD #EXTINF:0, 12.1 - CFCF #EXTINF:0, 15.1 - CKMI-HD #EXTINF:0, 15.2 - CKMI-SD #EXTINF:0, 17.1 - CIVM-HD #EXTINF:0, 33.1 - VPBS #EXTINF:0, 33.2 - VPBS+ #EXTINF:0, 33.3 - CREATE #EXTINF:0, 33.4 - WORLD #EXTINF:0, 35.1 - CFJP-DT #EXTINF:0, 62.1 - CJNT Here is what emby saves from the channel list above. The "dot" in the channel name seems to be confusing emby. [{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CBFT-DT","Number":"2","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332940980392c3a0b92576eb3f0b96e43fc48","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - WCAX-HD","Number":"3","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332944ca8da5f32c1c52c1deb9a1a85786d18","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"2 - Movies!","Number":"3","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332945eb1665f9db7d5eec2dac807fa8f44c8","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - WPTZ-HD","Number":"5","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294ebff38859072ee80a7329dde5f4ff3f8","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"2 - The CW","Number":"5","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294b7421088f6135b46d56f3da4c08a7f8d","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"3 - Me TV","Number":"5","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d3329441623cfeb60e13f62082395bce199582","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CBMT-DT","Number":"6","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294b7bdd5c9f6cbbf61b04cf4f55676bed6","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CFTM-HD","Number":"10","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332945c67dd02e1a4a027df4b30121ec0451c","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CFCF","Number":"12","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294be695774f787259674cbea7a8ff2bbbe","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CKMI-HD","Number":"15","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d3329438e2653b45fc405804593fd18c554460","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"2 - CKMI-SD","Number":"15","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294fb35ae1162365669ab5d334c0c02d959","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CIVM-HD","Number":"17","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d3329477454ce79032a04f90ab0eda6db1d629","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - VPBS","Number":"33","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294aa3dfabd22a6ac028fa785a662e899d1","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"2 - VPBS+","Number":"33","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d33294ecf92907cac351d282381b4ddf0dc6e5","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"3 - CREATE","Number":"33","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332944e09e012c6c692b8ab385537a2632fd9","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"4 - WORLD","Number":"33","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d3329457d539880c8aa6df1f5a0e9f52c6ecf9","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CFJP-DT","Number":"35","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332943bfda69f82fcc0b23166f614b1f29c2d","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"},{"Path":"","Name":"1 - CJNT","Number":"62","Id":"m3u_dea7255e777eee9d4d44166ce1d332945b2fb9afa7fad61d64fe4f3065000cd1","TunerHostId":"a04c417156b94696aa15c6444cad95f1","ChannelType":"TV"}] Here is the channel map from the xmltv file <channel id="I3.1.40446487.microsoft.com"> <display-name>WCAXHD</display-name> <display-name>3.1 WCAXHD</display-name> <display-name>3.1</display-name> <display-name>22 WCAXHD fcc</display-name> <display-name>WCAX HDTV</display-name> <display-name>CBS</display-name> </channel> <channel id="I3.2.309138867.microsoft.com"> <display-name>MOVIE</display-name> <display-name>3.2 MOVIE</display-name> <display-name>3.2</display-name> <display-name>22 MOVIE fcc</display-name> <display-name>WCAX Movies!</display-name> <display-name>MOVIES!</display-name> </channel> So initially, mapping channel 3.1 results in persisting the map to "channel 3" as shown in the log 2017-01-09 10:16:57.5374 Debug App: Getting programs for channel 3-1 - WCAX-HD from XmlTV- 2017-01-09 10:16:57.5374 Debug App: Found mapped channel on provider XmlTV. Tuner channel number: 3, Mapped channel number: I3.2.309138867.microsoft.com but then, mapping channel 3.2 ends up also saving under channel 3 2017-01-09 10:16:54.8902 Debug App: Getting programs for channel 3-2 - Movies! from XmlTV- 2017-01-09 10:16:54.8902 Debug App: Found mapped channel on provider XmlTV. Tuner channel number: 3, Mapped channel number: I3.1.40446487.microsoft.com 2017-01-09 10:16:54.8902 Info App: xmltv path: C:\EPG\guide.xml Since the channel list is wrong in emby, the server sends bad data to the mapping app (running in the browser), which in turns sends bad requests for mapping channels. providerId=231458263a304cb5918a21865470e182&tunerChannelNumber=3&providerChannelNumber=I3.1.40446487.microsoft.com Thank you for the help!
  24. Setup: - Live TV m3u HDHR3-US network dual tuner - Live TV NextPVR plugin connected to a different computer on the network (1gbps link) - Emby Beta Problem: - Recordings start but end prematurely - Mostly with the NextPVR plugin -- I'm going to check the logs on on NextPVR to see if anything unusual happened - Recordings fail to start and the following error is thrown *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Processor count: 8 Program data path: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application directory: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System System.NotImplementedException: La méthode ou l'opération n'est pas implémentée. à Emby.Server.Implementations.LiveTv.EmbyTV.EmbyTV.<GetChannelStreamMediaSources>d__89.MoveNext() I have shared the full logs with @@Luke in private to hide potentially sensitive data from the general public.
  25. Hi folks, I'm using ET pretty much exclusively now (have retired my WMC system), and one oddity is the LiveTV guide sorting order. In settings, I've told it to sort by number: But in the guide the listing order is jumbled. How can I correct this? Also, what is the best way to pare down the guide to just those channels that are relevant? I presume this would be at the server level... I get lots of channels that I would never watch and have no interest in them cluttering up my screen. Thank you in advance! Marc
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