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  1. Borrisholt

    Playing TV from an "m3u source"

    Hi I'm trying to setup live TV in Emby with an M3U file as "source". Is that only possible with an Emby Premiere Sucscription? I have read the wiki and added the file as a TV source : But trying to play something via the Live TV plugin it prompts med for Emby Premiere? So can this be achived using the free version?
  2. I was listening to music, which was only allowing me to skip forward 2 tracks on the same album till it would error (spinning wheel). Then I tried too switch to a live TV channel, that show SWAT, CBS I think and it never loaded. Just sat there with a spinning wheel. The suddenly a song started playing. I still can't get a channel to load. Funny seeing that it always direct streams to Emby theater on my PC. Logs attached. ffmpeg-directstream-fd9cea43-eb37-4e91-8c18-f084e1da02cd_1.txt embyserver.txt
  3. I reinstalled Emby on my WD PR2100 with the latest beta version ( after trying to find the Emby Guide data for live tv. Prior to installing the beta version, I still could not get any channel to play. I am using an HDHomeRun tuner with the premium tv package. I also have an m3u tuner. I set up the guide providers and refreshed the guide data. I am still now able to view any channel. All I get is the endless spinning wheel. One other fact that may be important is I just added a second router behind a Uverse router. All my devices are now connected to the second router and everything seems to be working fine. Plex also runs on the PR2100 and it has no problem playing live tv. I have attached the full server log. I cannot figure out why Emby refuses to play live tv. embyserverlog.txt
  4. I am running my MB server on a used PC. It's an AMD apu. I use an external Seagate hdd, Emby is on 1 ssd with paths to cache, metadata and transcoding on another. I mostly use a Roku premiere, Nvidia shield and my main PC as clients. As the title suggests my problem is with very long load times for channel changing, specifically with the Shield and Roku, the PC is fine. The Shield is the worst with load times easily between 10-15 seconds and sometimes reaching 17-20 seconds and bringing up a prompt asking about playback error. I choose Emby because live Tv seemed to actually work, as opposed to Plex which didn't. That leads me to believe it might be my set up. Is it my drives? My cpu? (AMD A10 7850k) My internet is fiber 500mbs download, 100 up. I've attached what I believe is a pertinent log. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I initially had a small m3u set up for some local channels and everything was working fine across all my clients. I then added another larger m3u (alongside my original) to test and when I removed it and reverted back to only using the former list, the Xbox Emby client will "freeze" after loading the guide. The info is shown but I can not navigate within the menus there (Programs, Guide, Channels, Recording, etc). By default, the app loads to the Guide portion and I am not sure if this is the problem. About the same time that I had added the previously mentioned larger list, my epg data source stopped working. I removed it at that time. Anyway, I now see the channel icons in the guide for the first 6 or so channels (screenshot attached) but I can't navigate them and start streams or move around in the menu at all. I can press B to move back to the main screen where everything else seems to be functioning fine; navigation and local play of other libraries. This is happening only on the Xbox One. Live TV can still be started (despite not knowing what is playing on the channel) on the two installed versions of the Emby App on my Windows 10 laptop (Windows Store and local install) and my mobile clients. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the Xbox One but the same behavior persists. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Edit: I just removed the remaining m3u source and the Live TV section on the Xbox shows the change with no channels listed anymore but I still can't move around to the different menu items up top (Programs, Guide, Channels, etc). It still defaults to landing on guide. Channels are listed again on the Xbox (like the attached screenshot) when I add the m3u source back to the server.
  6. Darkstyrm

    Live TV going black after pausing

    There is nothing more annoying than pausing a Live TV show for a few minutes (live, but a few minutes behind - so not recorded), coming back and hitting play, getting to watch a couple minutes, then just getting a black screen on Chromecast. This has happened on multiple occasions on multiple channels. Any idea why this keeps happening? This time I happen to be FWD a minute or two to get past commercials, but im pretty sure this happens even beyond that. This instance was with the HDHomeRun premium channels. Scenario: Find a show your excited about, using the Android app, cast to Chromecast Watch for a few minutes, then have a kid that needs your attention, pause the show for a while Sit back down, click play, watch for a minute. Commercials come on - not to worry, I can FWD them! Hit the Skip 30 second button a few times. One more time, and this time when it "loads" you just get a black screen Can't rewind, fwd more, drag the slider past or before, nothing. You just miss the ending to a great show. Any ideas why this keeps happening. I am pretty sure this has happened without FWD before, but in this instance I did. Attached are my logs. Log.txt
  7. Maybe there is a way to do this now, but I don't see it. I have a hdhomerun extend that finds about 25 OTA channels, of which I watch 4. I don't see a way to disable the other 21. Not a huge deal, but it is annoying to have to scroll past them all the time, particularly on my Roku where the guide scroll is not blazing fast
  8. unhooked

    live tv, no net.

    Just found out firsthand that live tv goes away and turns into an ad for purchasing emby when your internet goes down. BC just got hit with a huge windstorm, couldn't watch news. Please implement some sort of authentication caching. thanks.
  9. mcubaynes

    live tv

    hello guys, is there a way to add category for live tv, i dont want to have 2000 channels, i would like to break them by categories, example, sports, news, soaps, etc...
  10. Pelon

    Filter some keyword from On-Now

    Do a filter when displaying On-now, to exclude "shows' that I don't think anyone will tune into. For example "Off the air", "sign off". I'm not suggesting removing infomercials as that will be impossible with all posible combinations, but some are very obvious. I do know that right now there are a lot of other priorities with live-tv, but if it is being revamped, then this is something that can help.
  11. Fairly new user of Emby here and need some clarification if what I'm seeing is expected behavior. I'm running server version and the client is a pendant Fire TV 4K. Live TV tuner is the Homerun Connect. I have direct streaming for Live TV enabled on my client. There is a difference in how Emby handles viewing a show that is being recorded and viewed at the same time versus just having a channel being viewed in the Seek Mode of Live TV. If I start a recording and then subsequently start viewing the in-process recording, the program is re-muxed to HLS but the video/audio is being direct-played. If I start viewing a channel in Live TV and then press Pause to enter into Seek Mode, once I start viewing again the program is re-muxed to HLS (as it was in the previous scenario) but now the video is also being transcoded with the reason stated as "the bitrate is too high". These two scenarios should be roughly the same... If you can watch an in process recording without transcoding, you should be able to watch in Seek Mode without transcoding. I understand there is a need to re-mux for FF and RW and am ok with that... I'd just like to have Seek Mode without the video being transcoded. It's as if Seek Mode doesn't properly look at the bitrate and just gives up on direct playing the video. Also note that I tried maxing out the allowed bitrate of the client but that didn't help.
  12. jasonwilliams

    Hauppauge Tuner

    Hello, I notice there is an option set in the TV Tuner configuration to select the video renderer. The options are "Overlay, VMR7, VMR9, EVR". Does this make a difference to Emby at all, and if so, which should I select? Thanks, Jason
  13. Hi, This is part of the request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ metadata display for radio streams - eg. jQuery Stream, embedded m3u/8 comment, Icy-Metadata, Icecast CORS/ACAO headers. I have a ttached an m3u file which I tried to directly add as m3u tuner, but the server would not load it properly, possibly because it is one stream with multiple chunks ( also has metadata)... it can be called from another m3u tuner though. https://wz3web.scahw...loadSessionID=0 #EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:3 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:6 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:40 #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone fRjAPQ6Q9DEp-308311271-5015.aac #EXTINF:4.969,Lukas Graham - Love Someone lR52ZCSwo0Yp-308311272-4969.aac #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone j6TateebXsLp-308311273-5015.aac
  14. Hi, This is from the original topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ #bg-color and #bg-size - to alter the background color and size of the channel tile
  15. schmitty

    Add tvg-url flag for m3u streams

    Hi, Please add to m3u flags: tvg-url - so xmltv guide data can be bound directly to a channel or m3u file, bypassing the built-in gui method
  16. schmitty

    Add tvg-group flag to m3u streams

    Hi, This is part of https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ tvg-group - to set network/studio group of radio and tv streams for easier grouping
  17. schmitty

    Add live flag for m3u streams

    Hi, This is a part of the request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ live (1/0) - disable/enable live stream flag, so play and seek controls can be enabled or disabled
  18. Hi, This is a part of the combined request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/, I decided to group these particular ones together as they tie in with each other. tv (0/1) - enable/disable tv (must specify either radio or audio-only options if set to 0) radio (true) - enable radio-specific stream with rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with audio-only) audio-only (true) - enable audio only stream without rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with radio)
  19. jkmonk0823

    Overrun with IPTV Channels

    I have been experimenting with different IPTV providers, and I now have 18,742 channels. The only tuner I have installed right now is the HD Homerun Connect with my OTA channels and the premium channels from Silicon Dust. How can I get rid of all the old IPTV channels? Also, how can I can include the username and password for an M3U file I created for another provider?
  20. jeflatt

    Change live TV channels

    I'm probably just missing something obvious here, but is there a way to change the channel on live TV while watching live TV? Right now, if I want to watch a different channel, I have to go back to the Emby for Roku app and sort through the channel list to find what I'm looking for. Is there a way to just "surf" through the channels without tuning out and tuning back in?
  21. Hi, just a quick question around guide data. Am I correct in that I need to pay for an external provider of Guide Data and that there is nothing built out of the box with Emby to take care of that? Currently migrating over from Plex to Emby (or at least trying) and I noticed this. With Plex it just pulled down the guide data for me (U.S. based). Thanks Josh
  22. So while adding a series I happened to catch the "Upcoming On TV" heading which somehow I never noticed before. I was thinking maybe there could be a list of episodes or the like provided by one of the supported metadata providers and you could tick an episode as "wanted" and going forward in the future Emby would periodically check to see if said episode is going to air and set it to record.
  23. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Channel Numbers in Guide

    Was wondering if there was a way to enable the channel numbers in the Live TV Channel guide on android? I have a lot of channels, searching them hangs up the server and scrolling through them I can easily get lost as to where I am in the lineup.
  24. While the suggestions I am about to make are more for the web app than the iOS app, both platforms could be improved in these areas: - When searching for live TV programs, they show up as both programs and videos. Essentially, they should only show as programs to keep it clear, and also to clean up the search. (Might be caused by the beta) - When looking at a channel, you can see all the upcoming shows, however you don't know if they are new or premieres unless you click on a show. Those indicators should show up there, as well. - Just like in the programs tab under the live TV section, I would like to see the currently playing program's progress on a channel's page. Perhaps, a bar could be added under the name to indicate progress? - When adding a recording from a channel's page, the page seems to update and it recognizes a recording has been added (the context menu now shows "Manage Recording" instead of "Record"), however the red circle does not appear until after you back out and re-select the channel. These are just a few things that would improve the experience. Some of these are minor inconvenience, but I will say that Emby's current offering is already very good. EDIT: Forgot to say I’m on Emby Server
  25. Darkstyrm

    Schedule/Series Access

    I gave someone access to Live TV just so they can see the guide. My upload speed is not good enough to allow streaming. I locked down everything I could, but the user can still see Recordings/Series tab and see what has recorded and what is scheduled to be recorded. How can I lock this down further?
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