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  1. Using Emby Apps on Android (regular and for Android TV), web interface (chrome and explorer) but cannot save series recording settings for Live TV. Dialog box will open. Can change the choices. No save button and back button does not maintain changes. One of the android apps has a save button, but does not save the changes. Running Emby server on Windows PC with nextPVR plugin for Ceton tuner with cableCARD. Would really like to use the save only one recording option. Also the time and channel limitation option would be nice. I record news shows on Sunday morning. Meet the Press airs 3 times on Sunday and again on Monday morning. Emby records all four regardless of how I try to set the series options. You can go into the Scheduled recordings page and delete the individual instances manually. I record Chris Matthews daily. I must delete every episode manually because the keep only 1 episode option cant be set/saved. I love the system. I love what you guys do. Just wanting to point out what seems to be a coding bug which will not allow functional options to be utilized. Thanks again for all of your great work.
  2. Hi, I have just done a complete fresh install using the latest emby server (3.2.27) on Windows 10. Some of the Live TV logos look corrupted (see attached). All the logos are .png format and appear fine when viewing them standalone or in Kodi. The TV backend is DVBLink. Hope someone can help. Thanks!
  3. QDivision

    Live TV Playback Fails

    Hi, When trying to playback Live TV I just get the circle spinning icon and nothing more, when looking at the logs I can see the following filling up the log: 2017-08-15 18:12:17.5820 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.6442 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.7086 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.7695 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.8329 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.8938 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:17.9568 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.0186 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.0813 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.1429 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.2072 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.2702 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.3320 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts 2017-08-15 18:12:18.3947 Info App: Validating segment path D:\Emby\transcoding-temp\3414cd037e8c0b8cb9ce8ef86aed755a0.ts I'm running Windows 10 with emby server and DVBLink backend. I never had any problems when I was on Ubuntu and emby server Attached are the logs Also recorded TV playback seems to take forever to start (approx 30 seconds) not sure if this is linked to this problem.
  4. mattenderle

    Live TV not streaming

    I just reinstalled emby, long time user and premium. I recently purchased an HDHomeRun CONNECT, Model: HDHR4-2US, and I can't get any thing to play through emby. I can use VLC and connect and view channels through it but through the web, TV, android i get the spinning wheel. Are there any good troubleshooting steps to try besides resets and re-configs. Fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and emby Version Also I did get it to play once but I left it sit for an hour before it started playing.
  5. As the Topic Title states, it would be a nice addition if Recordings that are currently in-progress would be displayed in the Dashboard view. I have killed a few Recordings by restarting the Server without realizing that recording activity was happening at the time. It would be nice if under ACTIVE DEVICES in the dashboard view that there was an ACTIVE RECORDINGS section.
  6. chattojimnow

    Refresh TV Icons

    Hey is there a way of refreshing the tv icons in live tv, just updated the icons in tvheadend, show up in everything other than Emby. Tried updating Refresh Guild. restarting server. anyone have some ideas?
  7. speedingcheetah

    Green bar on SD channels

    I have noticed when playing back standard definition channels with Emby for Android, their is a green bar on the side of the screen. Both in portrait and landscape mode. Does not do it on HD channels. Attached image. Also, the touch swipe option to adjust brightness and volume is still way too sensitive and pretty much not usable. (been that way for some time now)....
  8. Unraid Server: v6.3.3 Emby Server: v3.2.17.0 IOS App: 1.36 Cannot play any live tv content. Playing recorded tv shows, movies, any other content works as expected. Attached is the server log. There was no transcoding log created.
  9. I Love Emby for its Live TV, Guide and DVR functions. Far better than Comcast cable box and their expensive X1 stuff. Paired with a HDHome Run Prime cablecard network tuner...so nice to be able to make use of it on my computers and even remotely. However, Comcast is getting too expensive for me, even for their normal non X1 setup....they are sneaky bastards and have been raising their other fess by a few $ every month... "Cord cutter" TV streaming services I am been looking at....PS VUE, Sling...etc....some have their own DVR features, but I am pretty sure those recordings are locked to that service and are not downloadable.(Emby recordings are normal .MP4 files.) PS Vue looks the most appealing to me as they are the only ones that have Discovery networks and I do watch those. Any possibility that Emby could somehow tie into online services like Sling, PS Vue, DirectTV Now....etc and still function as it does with a normal hardware TV tuner? I guess I could always just resort to certain websites to download tv rips of the shows i do watch...but thats not reliable or convenient..and risky...and...of course...not entirely legal.
  10. deallier

    best iptv suppler

    hello i am looking for a iptv suppler to set up my live tv and i am looking for the uk channels and sky and to be able to retream anyone here have any suggestions as to who may be the best to use as the one that i have been using seems to have gone dead and they are not replying to any emails that i send them
  11. speedingcheetah

    Guide blank for a couple channels

    I noticed a couple days ago that 2 of the channels in the guide suddenly have no program info and are blank. I have manually refreshed the guide, but no change. I use schedules direct for guide service. Account is fine. Channels still listed on their lineup table..thing. I can still tune to and watch the channels, but With no program info, i can't set Emby to record a show i know that is airing on that channel.
  12. clarkss12

    Live TV not starting in Emby Theater

    Tried to play live TV using Emby theater running on my Windows 10 desktop, but would not start, only circle going round and round. Server Version Emby Theater Emby Theater 2.7.9 Tried to watch a live TV stream today while I was away using my cellular data, but again live TV would not start, did watch a recorded show flawlessly. Not sure the last time I used Emby theater to watch a live TV stream, maybe a couple days ago?, but it worked great then. Not sure what has changed. Server log.txt Edit, switched servers to my Pine64 and the live TV stream played flawlessly with Direct Playing. This server uses my older HDHomeRun OTA tuner. Whereas my Vorke V2 server (the one that won't play live TV) uses my newer HDHomeRun OTA transcoding tuner set to mobile. Edit 2: Switched server to my Ugoos box, and it is setup to use my newer HDHomeRun Extend (transcoding set to heavy), again, it played the live TV stream flawlessly, using Direct Playing. So that eliminates the live TV stream source. One more test using another low powered Windows 10 box as my server. Edit 3: Switched to my Tronsmart Ara X5 Windows 10 microPC and same thing, live TV will not start, only spinning circle. Conclusion, >> low powered, Arm based devices running the Emby server has no problem playing live TV streams using Direct Playing. However, the Windows 10 machines will NOT play live streaming TV. So, something is wrong with the server for Windows, BUT, it worked a day or two before, and I don't see any change log for the server since then..................... Edit 4: Ran one more test. Used Emby server running on my Desktop Windows 10 (Version, same computer to run the Emby Theater and using the HDHomeRun Extend with transcoding set to "heavy". Live TV stream played flawlessly, using "Direct Playing". So, have no idea why my other Windows 10 computers set as the server will not allow live TV streaming.... One other item, not related to this topic, but a pain anyway. When using the Emby Theater, if I just click the *X* button at the top of the Theater window, to close out the Theater, instead of backing out of the live stream, it will NOT release the tuner. I have to manually release the tuner. This happens on my other clients also. If I forget to do this, then the tuner is tied up until I realize it is in use, and manually release it. I have found it tied up for several days, and with my setup, it can be difficult to find the client that has the tuner tied up.
  13. My Roku works great with the new app. The only problem I'm having is when you go to live tv and pull the guide up. When you press the down arrow it skips one channel every time you press it. So it's impossible for me to watch some channels on the roku cause skips right by it. Everything else works good when I press play it goes right to the stream, when i press fast forward it goes to the next screen in the guide also. Is there something somebody can do to help me? I have attached a log also Thanks Log.txt
  14. krustyreturns

    ServerWMC pre-release now available

    We have decided to make pre-releases of ServerWMC available for manual download. These versions will have bug fixes and new features as we implement them, but they may not be tested in some cases. If you find bugs with these builds please reference the build number when you report it. You can get the pre-release from the link below. http://bit.ly/ServerWMC
  15. G1zm0

    Live TV spinner

    I've got the latest Emby on my synology. I use this in combination with a HDHomerun. playing on my android is no problem, but on my Ipad or webinterface, I get the the spinning circle. I produced the logs after a restart. ffmpeg-transcode-54e7d850-9d05-4785-a604-874bb6fac4e2.txt server-63630453652.txt
  16. spitefulgod

    Mapping channel guide

    ​​I pull an xml tv guide from here http://rest.xmltv.co.uk/feed/6550 and the guide always appears a little empty / sparse I presume this is down to the channel naming, yet when I go to Map channels on the XML TV options it appears blank. Is there a reason for this??? Also the system is unable to determine which items are movies as the genres for movies appear as movie / drama, movie / sci-fi etc, I noticed there are options to add these individually except that doesn't appear to pick then up, can there be an option to just search the genre for the word "movie" instead?
  17. spitefulgod


    Hi guys, Is there a way to get access to the Live TV EPG via the API? I couldn't see anything in the wiki, I can get information on the currently playing item via .NowPlayingItem but want to have the ability for users of my software (https://github.com/spitefulgod/EmbyVision) to find out what's coming up or search.
  18. Working on proof-of-concept testbed using available hardware at hand. Decades of pro IT experience, but total noob with Emby for home use. Emby Server is running on a Mac mini (Mid 2010), 2.4G Core 2 Duo, 16GB RAM, its stock internal HDD (320GB 5400 RPM), with an external drive to house recorded media. Recorded mp4 (m4v) media streams perfectly on all devices, no worries there. Added HDHR Connect to experiment with streaming Live TV, it set up very smoothly and displays 32 available local OTA channels. SD channels and subchannels stream just fine with default settings, using ffmpeg transcoding, on both wired and wifi connections (and on the server machine itself). But, it seems that 720p and above HD channels are simply too much for ffmpeg to handle with this CPU, and I have to manually change settings on the remote app (iOS is all I have played with so far) down to 480p/420k for those HD streams to keep CPU load for ffmpeg below 100% and get the HD channels to stream at all. Same result with the Roku app. This Mini has the Nvidia GeForce 320M 256 MB GPU, but there is apparently no support for that, and it probably wouldn't be much help anyway. Grateful for any wisdom on the recommended system requirements to support live HDTV transcoding from the HDHR Connect, since clearly this is not enough! Or, maybe I need to get the Extend with built-in transcoding to h.264...(?)
  19. Hi Guys New to the forum so applogies for the long spam but been having some issues of late. Server: PC: Intel NUC D54250WYK OS: Windows 8.1 64bit Emby Server: DVBLink Server: 6.0.0 build 14437 DVBLink Plugin: Tuner: PCTV 292e Both emby server and dvblink server are hosted off the same machine. Client: Hardware: Amazon Fire Tv Gen2 Software version: FireOS (573210520) Fire Tv Home Version: 5.7.3-17 Emby for Fire TV: 1.3.35a Issue: @@ebr Open streams list in dvblink plugin grows and always shows undefined from Amazon Tv client. Eventually channels fail to play, and reboot of server is needed. Comments: I've been experiencing a problem for quite some time with Live tv using the dvblink plugin and an Amazon Fire Tv with emby client installed. The dvblink plugin reports undefined open streams when viewing channels. The open stream list always increases when changing channels or returning to the guide and replaying the same channel. Whilst its not an immediate issue it eventually leads to what I can guess is the open streams getting fully maxed out as eventually I am no longer to tune to channels, and the only way to recover is to restart the emby server. Also have checked DVBLink server and no channels are currently in use or are locked, and have correctly been released so it doesn't appear to be an issue on that side. Additionally i've tested this out using the Emby for Android App on both android and IOS phones and the stream is opened and closed as well as named correctly, so it possibly seems something client releated to Amazon Fire Tv. 12:52 - BBC One - AFTV 12:53 - Channel 4 - AFTV 12:54 - Channel 5 - AFTV 12:55 - Dave - AFTV 12:57 - Quest - AFTV 12:59 - BBC One HD - Pixel Android Emby Client 13:00 - BBC One - iOS iphone Emby Client 13:01 - BBC One - AFTV Emby debug server logs attached, also uploaded logs from emby app on AFTV (~13:16 GMT+1). You can see from screenshots all AFTV sessions are undefined and remain listed as an open stream. Any help appreciated. logs.zip
  20. Restarting Emby Server fixed it for now. I included all the logs from the update until now (including the restart). Symptom was trying to tune the NVIDIA SHIELD, it would error/not display. Tried restarting the SHIELD and it didn't fix it. Only restarting Emby Server fixed it. Also in these logs: I did "restart" from the Emby Server service and it failed to restart because it was "already running." I had to start it a second time to make it start for good. logs.zip
  21. In short: -start watching Live TV -when the program changes, it usually pops up the thing on the bottom saying it changed --when it errors, it keeps popping up and hiding over and over for 30-60 seconds until it stays up for a few seconds, then stops doing it until the next program comes on It doesn't do it every time. I've not found a trend that definitely causes it to happen. The circumstances are always the same as lined out above. It strikes me as a multithreading/timer issue.
  22. I have just jumped into Media Server and got the hang of it good ( Emby ) was perfect I tried the others I was not pleased to the extent of what Emby offered in difficulty and look. I am looking for alternative for LIVE TV, personally only time mine fires up is when I am playing off of Emby. However I am looking to find a dishy replacement for my folks they are not tech savvy I am pretty sure I taught them about 50x infinity how to use their new S6's when they hit the market What and why do you prefer each service? I was looking into playon not sure, I do not even have a Tuner card I was going to get one and work season started and it has a been a mess season was 5 weeks later than usual. WMC Server? just did a quick install and look about through it before a refresh of win10 Playon? The recorder looks nice room is no issue Ko? I hear self recording feature? I piddled with it but blah Whatever you guys think you are all way ahead of me in this arena I would love to hear any feedback and also this will be a Windows Server install. I hate the spy stuff on 10 but the OS for performance is just killer I could not stand 8 - 8.1 up to pre-10 7 is ok support is falling everywhere I do 8.1 and 7 installed on old drive but have since pulled that one from my bays. EVGA z170 board EVGA GPU killer 2gb ftw 960 chewed up the 980ti in physics i6700k clocks just depends run loose to OC 4.7 @ max 69 AIR ddr4 - 16GB 3200 The rest of my drives are WD Blacks 2x1 TB and 1 x 5TB in bays now OS sits on a SSD - will post rig asap Thanks to any who contribute there is so much information on searches I cannot figure out which way to. I have a huge great IPTV m3u list but I have yet to be able to get it to produce 1 channel through E - IPTV plugin but stack out well over 3,000 channels in VLC which I have always used only for playing videos. I did not pay attention to the other features it had till now. So I could just be messing up seems every time I get into working with them I get interrupted. Just hard making a decision through search results wow tons to take in
  23. speedingcheetah

    Only recording first 6 min

    I have had a few scheduled shows now over the last few days only record the first 6 min of the show then stop. I have Emby set to start record 3 min before and 3 min after program...but it is only recording the first 6 min. The last lines in the record transcode log is: frame=21501 fps= 61 q=-1.0 size= 155371kB time=00:05:59.95 bitrate=3536.0kbits/s speed=1.02x [mpegts @ 00000000024f30c0] PES packet size mismatch The each of the recordings that this happened to, all from different hd channels, they stop exactly at 00:05:59.95 form start time. It may be related to overlapping scheduled recordings. Like tonight, i was recording one show then the that aired next right after it on the same channel. The first show recorded fine and in full, but the second only 6 min. The HDHomeRun Prime i have has 3 tuners and i have successfully recorded multiple and back to back shows fine before. Attached Transcode log and 2 server logs. Transcode log.txt server log.txt Server log 2.txt
  24. This is something I noticed for a long time (many months) and it seems to be unique to the Android TV app. What basically happens: -start live TV or a recording -it plays for a second or two -it pauses for a second or two -it plays as normal I've seen this behavior on SHIELD and Amlogic S905, and Amlogic S905X boxes. Possible cause: ffmpeg remux?
  25. FordGT90Concept

    Trickplayed Live TV locked up

    The program (KTIV News) ran for about 30 minutes. Current position was approximately 15 minutes in while the recording was approximately 25 minutes in. After hitting play, it maybe went a minute before it acted like it paused without pausing. I sent the logs from the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. I attached the server logs. logs.zip
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