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  1. lja

    TV Guide in Server

    Server 3.1.2 As indicated some channel numbers do not appear in numerical order as selected. Can this be corrected? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixipac856nvx6yp/guide.JPG?dl=0
  2. @@Luke Emby Theater Desktop: 2.5.38 Emby Server: beta Latest Recordings cards are getting squeezed down in width when displayed in LIVE TV tab. They are normally the same size as the NOW PLAYING cards. (See attached image.)
  3. I would like to see an option in the GUIDE -- SETTINGS menu of the Live TV Grid to set a Primetime start hour and an option to default to this Primetime hour in the Guide as you move from one day to the next. It would make moving through the guide in WebUI, Android and in particular Emby Theater with remote much quicker to review Primetime airings and set RECORD SERIES or RECORD particular individual episodes. FEATURE REQUESTS: Ability to set a Primetime start hour for Guide. Ability to select DEFAULT to Primetime start hour in Guide. I know this has been mentioned in other Live TV posts in general discussions, but I had not seen it set as an actual Feature Request in this thread.
  4. The problem appears to be remuxing but it appears to me there is no reason for it to be remuxing. It skips, it is annoying. Works fine on Windows (because no remuxing). Confirmed on: ​-Leelbox MXQ Pro (Amlogic S905) -Leelbox Master (Amlogic S905X) -NVIDIA SHIELD TV (newest version) Server: -Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 (4c/8t, 3.3 GHz) -8 GiB DDR3 -10/100/1000 NIC -RAID1 SSDs OS/transcoding temp/Emby Server install location ​-3 TB 7200 RPM HDD for recordings ​-Windows Server 2012 R2 TV Tuners: -HDHomeRun EXTEND -HDHomeRun EXTEND -HDHomeRun EXTEND Network: ​-gigabit everywhere -the entire path is wired (server, HDHomeRuns, Android TV boxes) -Only part that isn't gigabit is the HDHomeRun and Amlogic boxes (because 10/100 NIC standard) Channel: Laff 9.3 ​-Container: MPEG, I think. I attached 1 MiB of the stream downloaded via IE11 from the HDHomeRun EXTEND (stream_snippet.zip). There's no clear headers in here from what I can tell. Including this because it might be the cause of the problem. -Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 704x480 (4:3) 29.97fps [V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 704x480] -Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [A: English [eng] (ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s)] Software: -Emby Server: -Emby for Android TV: 1.3.20g I can't remember subchannels ever not being a problem with Emby for Android TV (either because of transcoding with HDHomeRun CONNECT or remuxing HDHomeRun EXTEND). I believe they work fine using the HDHomeRun beta app on the same devices. This applies to all of the subchannels, live TV or playing back a recording from a subchannel. Attached logs (remux.zip) from today showing the remuxing on NVIDIA SHIELD TV. remux.zip stream_snippet.zip
  5. Tezza4x4

    Live TV Issues

    Hi, Just installed Emby on my Synology NAS and running it with HD HomeRun Connect for Live TV. Currently a MediaPortal / Plex user and thinking about migrating. Installation was a breeze, and I got everything up and running fairly quickly, but just got a few issues with Live TV. I'm using an xmltv file from IceTV here in Australia for the TV guide. It seems to be a fairly reliable service, as they do tend to pick up many of the "late programming changes" I see many on the various forums complaining about with Australian guide data. I prefer to use the Guide option for viewing - stuck in my old TV ways, but there are a number of problems with how Emby is presenting the guide. The first problem is that I can't seem to order the channels in the order I would like. I tried using the sort tag, but it's not working properly. I'm tagging the channels in groups, like 1-1, 1-2 etc for ABC channels, 2-1, 2-2 etc for SBS channels and so forth, so they are grouped by FTA provider. This does change the order of the channels, but it's all messed up and not following the sort tag properly, and displays the channels in different orders on different devices. I guess I'm assuming that's what the sort tag was for - to order the channels as you pleased? I'd also like the ability to not display some channels. In Australia, we have a lot of duplicate FTA channels with exactly the same programming on them. I'd like to be able to turn these channels off altogether in the guide, but I can't seem to be able to find a way to do that. Second problem is that I can map the duplicates with the same channels found in the xmltv guide, but it seems that it will only actually display program info for the first channel mapped. the duplicates show no data. Third problem is that I can't "unmap" any channels and leave them blank. When the guide is first imported, it did seem to automatically map some channels. There is something in the IceTV guide that must look like a channel number (which I think is just the id IceTV uses for the channel), and it automatically picks that up and maps it to a channel. Problem is, there are some rubbish infomercial channels that it mapped, and now I can't delete the mapping and leave that channel without any EPG. Final problem is picture quality with Emby Theatre. It's horrible, and not deinterlacing properly at all. Lots of jaggies. Don't seem to have the same problems via the browser / HTML5. How do I turn on deinterlacing in the Emby Theatre client?
  6. Hello, I seems to be having a common issue; Live TV stop working after a few seconds. Can someone please help? Many thanks in advance
  7. Symptom presented itself first on one of the Android 6.0 Leelboxes. It was working earlier today but then the spinning wheel when connecting to the stream simply fails to stop spinning. I later verified via browser that Live TV definitely wasn't working at all. At this point, I restarted Emby Server (just the software) and Live TV was working fine again. The attached logs are for all of today up to the point when Emby Server restarted. This may be the second time this happened (there's a thread about it here but I can't find it). I believe the last time it happened was with 3.0.8500. Edit: Found it: Latest beta can't manually log in logs.zip
  8. Dears, 1stly, my wishes to all for a shiny 2017!!! I would like to express my appreciation for the valuable efforts & support within this Emby "Technosystem"! Now that Subtitles and Resume functionalities are fully working on Samsung Smart TVs via DLNA, I would appreciate considering support for Direct Play of LiveTV content to DLNA smart TVs. In my case, the Live TV content is an M3U list of HTTP-based mpeg-ts streams (.TS), which is currently direct-played to DLNA TV through XUPNPD DLNA media server. Having the same level of functionality through Emby Media server will be a great addition. More specifically, no probing of streams is necessary and no attributes (size, audio channels, duration,...) are needed in describing those streams when browsing the M3U list through the DLNA TV. Below is the DLNA Browse response from XUPNPD to TV: <res size="0" protocolInfo="http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_CI=0;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01700000000000000000000000000000"> http://url:4044/proxy/0_1_2_23.mpeg_ts</res> Based on the above, keeping the original URL for the individual live streams (assuming mpeg-ts) should be fine for Samsung Smart TV DLNA. What I have noticed so far is that any attempt to stream a transcoded live tv channel from Emby to Smart TV (via DLNA) is failing due to the significant delay (over 15 seconds) resulting from probing/transcoding. Thank you for your support, Wayve
  9. Bernie V

    Metadata EPG

    My xmltv file is a a http link to a hosted file on the internet. There are some localized categories that are used used. In the Live TV xmltv settings I provided these categories for each type of program like discribed in the Emby docs. In the EPG everything is splitted up in the right type of program. 1) Only some movies get their metadata in Emby. Example: all the movies categorized with "film" don't get their metadata. (see attached file). Other movies with type "Actie" or "Komedie" are fetched with their metadata. I think not all the specified movie categories are looped to fetch their metadata. 2) What about series, shows, ...? Is there metadata provided for them?
  10. I can't get into the Live TV Settings under Manage server. I click on it and it doesn't load anything, I can access all other settings pages. Have been noticing issues in Live TV images and guide data also. Looks like my guide data has not updated in awhile, some channels are listed twice but only one has guide data on it. Was running beta channel but went back to stable and the issues persist. server-63613191017.txt
  11. Quick question regarding live TV: my emby server runs remotely (hosted), at home I have emby apps and a TV receiver (Eyetv netstream). Is it possible to configure in the server the local TV receiver, which provides m3u files, so I can watch TV with the apps, connecting directly from apps to the receiver? Currently the TV receiver is not exposed to the public internet, so the emby server can not access it.
  12. Instead of allow hardware transcoding option Can we get something like this for the HDHomerun Extend
  13. mfreesto

    Pixelating when playing live TV

    I am running Version 3.0.8500.0 on a Ubuntu server. When I play certain channels I get a lot of pixelating. I am using an HDHomeRun Prime with Comcast. It appears to happen when the channel is originally encoded as MPEG 2 from Comcast (e.g. ESPN HD.) I don't see pixelating if the channel is originally encoded as H.264 coming from Comcast. I don't know if the pixelating is caused by a problem transcoding from MPEG2, or if it is just a problem because MPEG2 requires much more bandwidth, or if there is some configuration problem with my Emby server. I am running tests over a Gigabit ethernet connection so I don't think bandwidth in my house is a problem. I don't think it's a horsepower problem with my server since I can reliably record movies from live TV using Plex. Playback using the HDHomeRun software (on a Mac) has no pixelating.
  14. empireslayer000

    Nexus Player - MPEG2 Playback

    Hi all, I was just wondering if, since the nexus player (with developer preview M) has MPEG2 hardware decoding now, Live Television could be streamed (for lack of a better term) rather than being transcoded? Or am I missing something? Is .ts remuxed to MPEG2 then transcoded to h264/aac? Thanks for any responses! I know that this will not effect many individuals but it may also help those running the windows Emby app with Live TV. Just a thought! Empire
  15. Thanks for bearing with me as I haven't done a search on this. Happy to dig into the forum more on any relevant topics, but looking to get some guidance on what to research. I am a long time WMC user and still use this today. I used MB back in the day and have a life license for Emby now. I have a couple PCs with 4-turner internal Infinitvs in them. I use xbox 360 on another TV. I have experimented with running Server WMC and using that to do live tv, but have a couple problems with it. 1) Not able to fast-foward, rewind, skip. 2) It seems to leave a recording in my recorded TV after I am done watching live tv. I'm guessing I must have some config wrong, but haven't figured that one out even though I have search around a bit for an answer for this part. I am trying to figure out if I can get my setup working well or looking into something else like a network tuner like HDHomeRun Prime. If any of you have a live tv setup that is working great for you, I'd love to get the high-level to begin my research. I guess I could keep trying to go along on WMC, but every day I get more paranoid that I am going to have some issue I can't work around or be able to get my hands on a 360 for an extender.
  16. Hi I get a M3U file from my IPTV provider. It looks like this #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 1 http://example.com/live/channel1.ts #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 2 http://example.com/live/channel2.ts #EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 3 http://example.com/live/channel3.ts ....and so on If i use it in emby Live TV, all channels are called -1,FI: if i look under Live TV -> Channels. If i open the playlist in VLC it looks fine.
  17. Live TV Auto Organize has not been working for quite some time. Organize for downloaded shows in a watch folder works fine. They never seem to get sent to the organize feature and do not show in the organize logs.
  18. I am a relatively new Emby user. There are several things that I find confusing when I try to record shows from Live TV. Due to my lack of understanding it's frustrating not to be able to do scheduled recordings reliably. When this feature works for me, it works really well, but it doesn't always work! It's a very good product and potentially a great product but I need help in understanding what's going on. Here are a few of the issues that confuse me: On one night I may use the Guide to schedule a recording and it behaves as expected (i.e. the recorded program shows up the next day in Recorded TV or in TV Recordings with appropriate metadata images, it replays correctly, etc.) The next day, I may repeat the exact same process and the program fails to record. Tuners were available in both cases, Emby was up and running, no network problems, etc. I am confused by the two very similar menu tabs on the Emby console Live TV screen – TV Recordings and Recorded TV. Some of my recorded content shows up in one place, and some in the other, but the content is not always the same in both places. What is the difference in these two menu tabs? It appears that metadata displayed for recorded content in these locations does not update immediately, but usually appears several hours later when a scheduled refresh occurs. Sometimes doing a manual refresh will populate the folders with metadata, and other times it does not. When I set up my PC a few months ago, I installed a solid-state hard drive and used it for the operating system (currently Windows 10). I intended to separate my user data from OS data and place it on the original hard drive that came with the computer – re-assigned to drive letter "E". I set up a folder for Emby on the "E" drive for recorded TV because I didn't want multi-gigabytes of recorded data stored on the system drive. However, when I updated to the latest Emby server the location apparently got changed back to the default location on the system drive (C:\Users|<name>\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\livetv\recordings\...). I added the second location back in Emby (E:\Recorded TV\TV\Series\...) and now I can't predict which location the recorded ".ts" files will be saved in. "Sometimes they're in one location, other times in the other location.) Do my TV recordings really need to be stored on the system drive? I would appreciate your advice and suggestions on how to simplify things and increase reliability.
  19. Steps to reproduce: Start Emby Theater Click on Live TV Click on... Program under "Now Playing" and it works fine. Guide -> the title of the program that is on now -> Play and it shows loading animation but doesn't playback the program. Server log attached. I tried the latter at about 3:37 and 3:40, maybe 3:42 too. Then I tried the Former two times after that. Every subsequent test was the latter. server-63615369600.txt
  20. JohnsLibrary

    Emby for Roku Live TV

    It was working fine for months and in the last 2 weeks, live tv retrieve progress bar moves a little then just brings back the play screen. All my other media on the emby server plays fine including recorded tv shows. Only live tv is broken. I'm using an HDHomeRun Prime with cable card. Emby server is running on Win 7 with ServerWMC. Box is an Intel I7 CPU.
  21. I just bought a TCL Roku TV (uses built-in Roku interface as the primary control for the TV). I've been using the Emby Streaming Channel (app) on several Roku 2 and 3 devices with no problems to watch live TV (using the Emby server with Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Prime cablecard network tuners). For the most part, Roku looks and works exactly the same on the TCL TV. However, some (but not all) of the Live TV channels are not streaming. They start to load and appear to be buffering, but they never start playing. Hitting the Roku back button displays a message in the Emby app saying that the media player closed prematurely. Several channels work normally, but others do not. These same channels ALL work on a Roku 2 or 3 device. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in the Emby server to eliminate this problem?
  22. The Schedule tab under Live Tv is blank. This happens on both the Emby app for iOS and all browsers. I believe 3.0.8100 had this problem as well. If I pick a series from the Series tab and scroll down, the scheduled recordings for that series are shown, so I can confirm Emby is getting the series and scheduled recordings from ServerWMC. ServerWMC service and plugin are up to date, and I have tried a clean reinstall of Emby server.
  23. FordGT90Concept

    Some TV Guide suggestions

    1. Prompt to load more guide data at midnight of each day: Instead of doing 9 hours from right now, always load from now to midnight then ask to load the next 24 hours. Reason? If you're checking what's on this evening ("prime time") before noon, you're in for a world of annoyance hitting the "load next 9 hours" prompt which is around 7-9pm. After midnight, most networks go to repeats or dead air. 2. Lock the cursor to whatever time the user selected before moving down/up: Went to 7 pm to see what was on during "prime time" but as you click down the list, it could select a football game or movie that runs many hours that ends at, say, 7:30. This moved the cursor back to when the game/movie started which could be, say 4 pm. Keep scrolling down and you could literally travel back in time 7-9 hours to real time (was about 1 pm if memory serves) because the cursor doesn't look to the time you were looking at (7 pm). 3. Display the program info if the program info is off screen to the left: An extension of #2, when there is something long in the guide, it should display the info that is off screen (to the left) to the screen (to the right) so you can see that it is the tail end of, for example, a football game without having to look at the guide information for it.
  24. itariajin

    M3u option disapper

    After i update Version 3.0.8400.0 there is no option for the m3u channel live tv Please help!!! Luca
  25. I've installed Emby on 3 separate servers (Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint) to test. All 3 have had the same issue. Recordings are stop short. I'm using HDHomerun Prime which has that latest firmware. All three Emby servers have the latest version 3.0.7200.0 I've tried resetting the Medadata from the 3 dots at the top right. No help Tried changing the padding. No Help ******************************* Help would be deeply appreciated Thanks Log2.txt Log1.txt
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