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  1. So I got this fancy router for Christmas. It is a netgear night hawk and probably way more router than I need. So I spend a lot of time setting things up and noticed that live Tv wasn't working. So I figured I needed to re-add the tuner on the dashboard like I always do whenever I change anything. So I removed the tuner it had and select HDhomerun and detect new tuner. And it comes back with nothing. I am at a loss, besides hooking my old router back up and returning this thing. Do I need to uninstall HDHomerun completely and reinstall everything? I can't think of a reason that would w
  2. Hi I am wondering if you could help please? I have a hdhomerun using emby guide data (UK extended Eire). As the countries are quite small we share channels. Eire/Ireland channels all mapped great but actually some of the UK ones have not and the option for the missing channels appear to be missing in mapping such as itv 2, citv, itv2+1 etc. Any idea how I can fix this without signing up to additional services? I could try adding another emby guide but world I would have duplicates (as you can't unmapped channels it seems). Cheers for any help you can give
  3. I have a recording from Live TV which I have been unable to delete. I would appreciate any guidance as to where it is stored and how can I delete it. Thanks.
  4. Hi - I am using Emby (latest version on a Fire TV and always had this problem for the past year, even with previous versions. I am using Emby's Guide Data. I am currently getting OTA through Locast, but this exact same problem occurred when I had OTA channels with HDHomerun. Here is: - When opening the live tv guide, I see the list of channels and programming starting from the top (see print screen 1) which is for me starts with channel 2.1 CBS since I sort them by channel number. When I scroll down the channels, I see all channels and program data. For example, scrolling down to
  5. TwinStream

    Not getting "tvg-shift" from EPG list

    Good afternoon, I´m quite new to Emby, have been using Plex for a couple of years but decided to try out Emby because the support of m3u tuner. The guide shows everything right, the correct channel mapping and logos but it is not able to get tvg-shift from my m3u or/and xml link. I know it´s correct because i´ve tried it in stand alone IPTV-players and Jellyfin, but Emby does not get the correct timeshift. Is there someting I am doing wrong or is this even supported? According to the support site for "m3u-tuners" Emby is able to use those tags and show correct timing.
  6. duga

    Live TV

    Hi, i try to setup emby live tv, but i never use emby. I buy emby premium but how i can setup live tv. Which Link i can put in in xml settings for live tv or something? Regreds Duga
  7. al92780

    Live TV Pauses every 10 seconds

    Server is on a Raspberry Pi 4, 4G, 1TB USB 3 SSD and Raspian OS. Live tv stutters. Trancoding path is to SSD. Thanks for any help embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bdc98411-da78-4cdd-9015-efcab2f251eb_1.txt
  8. What am I doing wrong? I have added my hauppauge tuner and let it pretend to collect guide data with the progress bar but it's never actually producing any for any channel. I can view channels which tend to stutter constantly. My internet and antenna signal are not the issue as I can watch it stutter free from the app that the tuner came with. When Plex actually worked right which it rarely did, there was guide data and no stutter. So my only conclusion is it's an issue with Emby. It also doesn't matter what devise I'm on. Latest updates of everything. Any advice would be apprecia
  9. Arly (Sprinkles)

    Recording Stops After Random Times

    So, the title sums it up for the majority of people. I'll set a show to tape, it will cut out at random times. Unsure why. And I am left with 10 second recordings, 2 minute recordings, 34 minute records, get it? What would cause this? Network is fine, I think.
  10. PBS kids tends to start shows 5 minutes after the scheduled time (i.e. 7:35 AM not 7:30AM). I would prefer the flexibility to delay the start . Live TV > Series > Start when possible ..."-5" minutes before. Currently both fields do not allow negative numbers. Maybe even the flexibility to cut the recording short from the designated time slot as well, though I haven't experienced this use case.
  11. al92780

    RPI4 Video Buffering

    Live TV Buffers. Include HD Home Run OTA Tuner status hardware_detection-63730496229.txt ffmpeg-transcode-f2cfbaa0-a3c5-4814-9394-d43ca61bef44_1.txt embyserver (1).txt HDHR Status
  12. speedingcheetah

    Record failing at random times/closed connection

    I have having recording failures. Sometimes its 40 min, sometimes 15min. The server reports stream server closed connection. and it retries, but gets 403 error. and quits after 435ms. I need this to be much longer and have it try more.... From the log, i gather my iptv service is dropping connection, and it take several seconds for it to accept a new connection. here is what log says, removed the iptv url. 2020-07-13 16:15:53.562 Info SharedHttpPipelineSource: Remote server closed stream http:// 2020-07-13 16:15:53.563 Info SharedHttpPipelineSource: Retry opening st
  13. Hi all, thank you for this great product! I wanted to share an annoying issue I run into on the Android TV version of the Emby app when using the live tv mini guide. I hope below describes the issue clearly and I am willing to help wherever I can! Server: Latest stable Linux server docker image on unraid. Emby server version is using Live TV via HDHomeRun Prime (3 tuner) using Emby Guide Data Client: This issue happens in apps that have the mini guide such as Android TV in my case Nvidia shield pro 2020. *I can DM logs if needed but its very easy to repo and consiste
  14. EZEd

    Pluto TV xml guide resource

    I've got the Pluto TV m3u stream working inside of Emby and the channels show fine (for the most part). I initially loaded a corresponding xml guide file to accompany but because Pluto doesn't do a 1 or 2 week guide outlook (guide is only good for 8 to 24 hrs) I don't think it is updating very well. Many of the channels do not show guide information for what is currently on. Is there a good (or better) source for the xml guide to Pluto TV that someone might have found or available? Any info would be helpful. Thx
  15. philnick

    Live TV Guide

    Hi All I have just moved over to Emby from Plex and I have setup my Live TV via IPTV in the App from my supplier. The channels download and play OK but I cannot get the Guide to show what is on....nothing shows only the channel names. The format of my M3U statement is https://website link/my username/password - do I need to get some additional settings from my IPTV supplier? I am using the app on a samsung tv Thanks Phil
  16. I have a user on my server that explicitly does not have access to live tv, but are somehow able to stream it. I've tried 're-disabling' the live tv access to no avail. The newest apple tv client and to have enabled this.
  17. Greenonion41

    Emby not dectecting wintv card

    I am trying to install a live TV card, I have tried two different cards with no luck. hear is the screen shouts of the steps that i have tried and the last server log. I set up PLEX on the same server and it works fine. PLEX found 412 channels. embyserver.txt
  18. lifespeed

    Live TV guide channel display?

    Would it be possible to display the channel alongside (underneath, on top?) the channel logo artwork? It is sooooooo difficult to try to decipher these tiny icons, which usually don't have any channel number info. While logos may have some value, and are pretty, the channel number is indispensable while attempting to scroll through what could be hundreds of possibilities. I understand screen real estate is severely limited, but leaving the channel number out just isn't a good UI decision. Something has to give, even if it means fewer lines of guide per screen. We need the channel numb
  19. sharrisct25@hotmail.com

    Need Transcoding help

    So I have recently added a HDhomerun EXTEND to my Emby system. The goal is to allow people to watch a few local stations in Emby that we do not get on other steaming services. All of my TVs are Roku clients of different types. Some hardwired some Wifi. I use my Android client on my phone on occasion also. I have 2 HDhomerun EXTEND units connected and my goal is to be able to support 4 users watching / recording at the same time without any major load on my Emby server. The Server is virtualized running as a Windows 10 system in VMware 6.5. It has 4 cores and 10GB or RAM. All the st
  20. ThreeFiveLeft

    Live TV M3U Streaming Drop Out

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with live TV M3U streams regularly dropping out while watching via Emby-stream stops and the user is placed back on the guide screen. It occurs on all devices, regularly but at sporadic timing (anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour) and does not occur when direct streaming the source link with VLC. I have attached associated server and ffmpeg log files, any help would be much appreciated! ffmpeg-transcode-b56fc0a1-1543-4f46-a4ec-8a7768bebc71_1.txt embyserver.txt
  21. Alternative311

    Emby Live TV stops and freezes

    Hey Everyone, I have recently setup a HDHomerun on my server. I seem to keep getting random stops while watching the news, getting out of Live TV and then back brings it back up. I have looked at the logs and don't see nothing off the bat, any assistance would be great? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-3f8bffe5-3e2b-42c3-8ef4-7c96a6a5aa6f_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-91e3a435-7a50-4cd2-aee0-b739c313e1b0_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-360d6dd0-4fdc-4c99-9591-ec8c27129b79_1.txt
  22. So I have been running Emby for years but just recently pushed back into Live TV. I purchased 2 HDhomerun Extends to do that. I choose the Extends because I wanted to minimize load on the server. For understanding My clients are Roku devices of assorted versions, Roku 3, Roku 4, a couple of Roku sticks. I occasionally use my Android app. There are 10 devices total but only 2 maybe 3 are running at a time. About half of my Roku devices are connected to my 1gig ethernet switch and the other half connected to a wireless network My server is a virtual install of Emby on Windows 10 with
  23. markloveskensley

    Metadata for "On Now" / "Programs"

    I've looked around but haven't been able to find an answer so please forgive me if it's here and I just overlooked it. My question is - Is it possible to have media posters shown for the "On now" / "Programs"/ and "Upcoming" shows in the Live TV area. I understand that this information can come from the XMLTV or Emby Guide Data provided for the channel. I am using Xteve to map my channels as this is quicker than mapping through Emby. I was just wondering if since the shows appear in the "On Now" section, is there someway to have the metadata automatically pulled. See attached screenshot. T
  24. is their a way that i can see who started to record a show on live tv? i would like to know who recorded a show so i can tell them when i get rid of the recording to save space after its been on the server after a week. or is their a system or plugin that i can use that will do that for me?
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