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  1. I would like to suggest a new feature, or to get some insight on how to achieve something similar if possible already. I schedule a few series, and would like to only sync sone of them selectively and automatically to individual targets. The only thing I found so far it's the ability to sync ALL new content, or individual show only when they complete recording. Ideally, I wish I could schedule a new series recording and decide upfront which subscribers will get synchronized, and at what quality. I also liked for tagging a show so it would be sent to a different category which will be setup for syncing new items, but no luck there either. Thank you for the help!
  2. Start: 2018-03-06 21:00:00.015 Info App: Beginning recording. Will record for 59.9997401233333 minutes. 2018-03-06 21:00:00.015 Info App: Writing file to path: E:\Recordings\NCIS New Orleans\Season 4\NCIS New Orleans S04E16 Empathy.tsEnd: 2018-03-06 21:31:01.004 Info App: Live Stream ended. 2018-03-06 21:31:01.004 Info App: Recording completed to file E:\Recordings\NCIS New Orleans\Season 4\NCIS New Orleans S04E16 Empathy.ts 2018-03-06 21:31:01.004 Info App: Recording completed: E:\Recordings\NCIS New Orleans\Season 4\NCIS New Orleans S04E16 Empathy.tsI don't understand it. Apparently it has never recorded the full 60 minutes of this specific program.half_recorded.zip
  3. Logs were submitted from the SHIELD, user Lynn. It was tuned to one channel the whole time, first half hour was fine, program changed, and 20-25 minutes in (about an hour total runtime): 1) suddenly went black. 2) pop up asked if there was something wrong 3) user said "yes" 4) "too many errors" Server logs attached. error.zip
  4. I just noticed that when I launch a live TV stream the server is creating two ffmpeg processes, both using a good amount of CPU. I thought it may have something to do with having Mediabrowser Server and Emby Server in the programs list, so I uninstalled both and reinstalled Emby Server, but the problem still exist. I do not recall this behavior happening before the upgrade and I think my previous version was I have tried multiple channels and different browsers using the same transcoding setting of 360p since I am accessing over the WAN. Environment Detail: Windows Server 2012R2 Intel Xeon E3-1226 v3 @3.3GHz 32GB DDR3 Samsung Pro 256GB SSD
  5. Hello community. I have the following problem with my Emby Server, I have loaded an m3u list with IPTV channels, the list works fine as I tried it on VLC without any problem, but when playing the channels via web or using the app for android or windows, the playback stops and then closes on all devices. Do I need to do something extra on the emby server or, what is the problem? I post the logs. Log2.txt Log1.txt
  6. glenskie16

    epg data timezones

    Hello, is there a way to make it to where the epg just shows what is on at this moment? my mom who lives in new york, her epg is different than mine and is not showing the correct data for what is on. its 3 hours in the future, but the stream is not. Is there anyway around this?
  7. rikiwi

    Live TV has stopped

    I just noticed that I can no longer stream Live TV to my android devices. When I click the play arrow in the android app, I notice that NPVR tray icon on my server machine turns red, indicating that the tuner is active, then It returne to white. On my phone it looks like the stream is going to start then the screen just goes black and the player reverts to portrait mode. Using NextPVR still works perfectly. I'm on the latest beta versions on the server and the app. I have NextPVR plugin installed. Please find attached Server and app logs. Let me know if you need more info.
  8. Hello, Sorry if this has been covered before. I am looking to add live TV for use with Emby. I don't want to spend much at the moment. I see on Emby settings it says 'other' under the tuner settings. Does this mean I could buy a cheap USB tuner and it will work? If not could anyone suggest any cheap budget tuners. I would only really use it for recording live TV. Many Thanks for the help in advance
  9. Hi folks, On the Emby web interface, the "Recordings" section is always empty. This, despite plenty of recent successfully recorded shows. Why? The recordings show up just fine in my Recorded Series library. Maybe I misunderstand what's supposed to be in "Recordings" or maybe I've got something improperly configured? Just a curiosity, not a problem. Interested in any feedback. Thanks Marc
  10. swhitmore

    Live TV Image Fetching

    Now that Emby is starting to support Tuners more natively, would it be possible for Emby to also fetch images natively? With the new Hauppauge support (which is great btw, thank you), I'm not able to grab images for the videos. Since Emby is already amazing at fetching images, would it be possible to extend this to Live TV?
  11. Hi I'm noob here. I have a Emby Premier account, would like to set up Live TV with Emby on Roku. I added schedules Direct account details on Emby server settings and selected the right Channel Lineup that I have selected on Schedules Direct account but nothing is appear on Live TV channels, I tried to change the Channel Line up same way in schedules direct and Emby Live Tv settings but nothing works. I don't know I'm doing it in the right way could anyone help me to set up Live Tv ?
  12. FordGT90Concept

    Live TV back isn't working

    This was two hours into a live stream. Upon hitting the back button, the Android TV app would effectively lock up for at least a minute. Once it started playing again, it wasn't back relative to where back was pressed, it was live again. Jumping back effectively doesn't work.
  13. hi after latest updates my m3u which are in Live Tv none of them work "player unavailable message" please help everything was ok up to the last update TIA
  14. Hi, I have NextPVR installed (the main program and the MB3 plugin)...I have my Hauppauge HD PVR device setup (I believe), have made channels even though I only use the component input, etc... And, I can see live TV from it through MB3 on a Google Chrome browser (both internal LAN and external WAN)...so it's partially working right. BUT, I can't see or hear anything on an iOs device I have (trying both Safari and Chrome mobile browsers) nor on my Roku 3. I've played with different decoder settings in the NextPVR interface but to no avail. Any suggestions? Anyone had success using the Hauppauge HD PVR, and either NextPVR or ServerWVC, and Live TV through either various browser interfaces or Roku client app? Thanks in advance
  15. On Roku, when I go to Live TV, I can see what's on now, and what's coming up, but if I click on "Guide" I get a pop at the bottom right, green background, white writing "Channels not yet available. Please try again in a few seconds". This message fades and reappears every few seconds. On Emby Theater (Win10), the guide works just fine. So, I'm concluding this is a problem with the Emby app. I have tried power cycling the Roku, and rebooting the Emby server. Also tried refreshing the live TV listings (schedules direct), but as I said, since it works fine in other apps, I'm not sure this is a server side problem... If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to try them out. Happy New Year! -Jon
  16. Wilky13

    Guide/Tutorial for LiveTV Setup?

    Is there a step by step guide on how to setup LiveTV in Emby? Specifically looking for how to setup the HDHomerun in Emby Server, how to setup Schedules Direct for guide data, recording shows, and then setting up ET and Emby on other streaming devices for viewing the live tv and recorded streams.
  17. Marooned

    EPG TV Guide Simple Scan?

    Is it possible to integrate a simple EPG scan for IPTV channels? In TVHeadEnd you can set the Service ID to 1 and it will read the xml file and import the channels then fairly quickly import the EPG (instead of it taking several hours in TVHeadEnd). This prevents it from actually connecting to each channel to verify it's reliability which I assume the EPG/TV Guide in Emby is doing. Is there a way for Emby to import the IPTV channels and Guide quickly? Or is it possible as a feature request? Currently it takes about 30 minutes to import the guide data of about 1700 channels. Or even have the ability to specify how many hours of EPG data to retrieve. Something like 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, etc.. Thanks.
  18. Please provide a setting in Emby server to select which source Emby uses for the channel logo icons/thumbnails. For IPTV, channel logo thumbnails/icons can be provided in the m3u with following tag: tvg-logo="channel logo URL"The Guide provider can also provide channel logo thumbnails/icons with the following tag in the xmltv listing: <icon src="channel logo URL"/>Right now I see that Emby server messes things up with mixing of channel logos from both sources. My personal preference is, that Emby server can only use the channel logos from the m3u as source. Others maybe want to use the guide provider for that, so a setting for selecting a preferred source for the channel logos is useful to have Thanks !
  19. jasonwilliams

    EPG Not Loading

    EPGerrors.txtHello, I wiped all my guide providers today (was going to start from scratch and manually map the channels), but now the EPG isn't loading. My server log is filled a message for each channel as in the attached sample. Did I do something wrong?
  20. eddykim3

    HDHomeRun guide data

    The HDHomeRun will provide 4 hours of guide data for free. Any chance that can be implemented in Emby? HDHomeRun DVR subscribers get access to 14 days.
  21. jasonwilliams

    Question about EPG

    Hi Everyone, I'm struggling to understand how the guides work with the channel map. My provider gives an XMLTV file which I added as a guide and it works perfectly, but they only provide 1 day of data, so I was hoping to map some of the channels using Schedules Direct. I added SD and mapped one of the channels (it is now mapped to both guide sources), but it isn't populating. Are we meant to be able to map multiple guide sources to a single channel? If not, is there a way to in-map the channel from the XMLTV source?
  22. jasonwilliams

    Best IPTV Provider

    Hello Emby Community! Does anybody have suggestions for a good IPTV provider for US channels with a good XMLTV EPG? I've tried a few, and the streaming quality is good and stable, but I find the provided EPG wanting. Are there any providers out there that work really well with Emby and will give more than 1 day of guide data at a time? Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks, Jason
  23. Hi all I'm in the process of coming back to emby from Plex and had a question about live TV and recording TV. I'm doing a clean install and need to install the driver package for the 2250 - yes I know it's older. There are 2 versions, the standard windows drivers and the media center drivers. Any idea which needs to be installed to mesh with emby correctly, so I can use it as a pvr? I've also seen mixed reports of being able to use emby for livetv, but not with the 2250. Any workarounds? Thanks for the help.
  24. arrbee99

    On the fly Live TV conversion

    Newbie question. I seldom actually record Live TV (I live in New Zealand), so am wondering what to to to get this on the fly conversion of Live TV to a friendly format to work ? I have this ticked (obviously)... but all the recording are in .ts format. No sign of .mkv''s anywhere. Are there other settings that need to be made ? Couldn't see anything in the wiki. I have Premiere.
  25. Hi everyone, OK. I love Emby, but occasional missed recordings drive me nuts. Insane. I've just done a complete uninstall and reinstall/setup of Emby server and hope that will exorcise any demons remaining from my ~1 year old installation that were causing the issues. I lost two recordings last week, that were scheduled, due to unknown reasons. Anyway, while I know how to access the upcoming recordings schedule, I struggle with the lack of any recording history, or log of what recordings happened and what was missed. WMC included this information and it was invaluable in tracking down problems. So, maybe I'm ignorant and there is a history somewhere. Please enlighten me. But if not, here's how I would like it to work: There should be a recording log. It should include information about: 1. Planned recordings based on the live TV schedule. When a new day of schedule gets added, and a match to existing series etc. is found, I'd like a timestamped entry that said "At at <timestamp> Big Bang Theory S11E9 was added to record at <to/from show date/time including early start/extra padding> based on new schedule information 2. If a schedule recording is ever REMOVED from the list of things Emby is planning to do, there should be a record of it. IT would detail that the recording no longer was in the channel schedule lineup (at what time, yadda yadda), or that the the user removed that episode or cancelled the series, or whatever. 3. Based on the list of planned recordings, if something doesn't get recorded, please TELL US WHY. No tuner available? No signal? Out of disc space? 4. I'd like a nice concise list of what was actually recorded, time, channel, etc.. I figure this is what the Recordings tab is supposed to be, but for me it's always blank. Even after my re-installation. Now, notifications: I'd like two levels of notifications. Mostly, I'd like my Emby Android app to give me notifications that something has started recording, and another when it has ended recording, and for gosh sakes if something was supposed to start recording at 8:57pm and it's now 8:58pm and it isn't actually recording, I want a warning buzzer on my phone to go off and tell me there's a serious problem. Notifications on my computer aren't helpful; I'm not usually at my computer when things are recording. I'd also like the ability to get emails to this effect, as an option to using the Emby app. These notifications should also include the "something was removed from the schedule" per #2 above. This would cure a lot of ills and let me be proactive about finding out why BBT or whatever suddenly dropped from the schedule. Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant, but lost recordings drive me crazy. I want to be able to see what's going on, what's planned to go on, and what Emby has decided shouldn't go on, so I can mother-hen the process until I feel confident. Is any of this in the realm of doability? Thanks. Love emby, just get frustrated now and then. :-) Marc
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