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  1. Hi guys, I'm somewhat new to emby but have been using it for around a month now without any problems whatsoever, it's a wonderful media server, I watch movies/tv shows quite regularly via the web browser app, the desktop app and the android mobile app and have never had a problem until now. My problem is that whenever I attempt to play any file, tv or movie, mp4/mkv/avi or xvid/divx/x264, via the web browser (Latest Firefox/Chrome and even IE) I receive the error "There was an error playing the video." even though it's a file I know for an absolute fact works as I'd already watched it. The android app just hangs... but the unusual thing is, I'm able to watch anything I want via the Desktop app... I get this error on multiple PC's in multiple locations, on all accounts and pretty much every browser I've tried, I myself have updated nothing on my PC nor the Debian server itself, literally nothing has changed and I suddenly receive this error despite the fact I watched a bunch of movies the day previously. I've attached both the server and transcoding emby logs. Everything else about it works, except I can't play any videos on anything besides the desktop app on my PC (win7 ultimate i5 4670 16gb ram) All movies attempted to be played are 720p All tv shows attempted to be played are 480p/720p Mixture of XviD/x264 (8bit) Server Specs: OS: Debian 7 64bit CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 8 cores RAM: 16GB (2x RAM 8192 MB DDR3) VRAM: 16GB HDD: 2x 3TB SATA Enterprise Drives Connection: 1Gbps (I personally always receive 17Mb/s download and it can reach the full 1Gbps) server-63576153895.txt transcode-ff637b72-2314-4cde-a39e-09813d0b0362.txt
  2. Matterom

    How would i fix subtitles.

    So i am running on Version 3.0.5675.1 and one of the issues i have come across is internal subtitles on files not actively registering, on any of my files. Other than one or two exceptions subtitles and alternative audio languages are not appearing as options, regardless of client. As i am using linux and have very little idea how to use folder perms or ACL i naturally assume it is User Error, But i figured i would check here just in case it was not entirely a Linux issue.
  3. TrainAss

    CoverArt ImageMagick unavailable.

    So I'm currently running Emby Server Version 3.0.5641.4 via OpenMediaVault (Debian based file server). Everything works fine except for CoverArt. I don't get any formatting or correct covers. In addition, there are no thumbnails in the configuration. When I checked the logs, I found this So I connected to my server via SSH and installed ImageMagick (Apt-Get Install imagemagick -y). The software installed successfully, however CoverArt still doesn't seem to work. I've looked through google, even hitting up the OMV forums and trying their steps, but nothing. Anyone have any ideas? server-63570328058.txt
  4. I am having an issue with Scheduled Tasks in Ubuntu. The version of Emby I am using is 3.0.5607.2 and Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-53-generic x86_64) Whenever I try to add a "trigger" for Scheduled tasks, I get a messages stating "Task not found" and none of my scheduled tasks run according to the schedules that are currently there. For example, "Check for application updates" has default values of "Every 24 Hours" and "On application startup". I have tried to modify these values and add new triggers but they result in either "Task not found" or no message at all but they do not get added. I have done a complete re-install of Emby from the new PPA, wiped my /var/lib/emby/ folder completely and started from scratch but still experiencing the same issues. I have also tried adding the Trakt addon but cannot setup any triggers as well. The values that are there (for example "Check for application updates" and "Every 24 Hours") do not run according the schedule. These tasks do run on application startup however. Any suggestions about how to correct this problem? http://pastebin.com/eByVG8wE
  5. Hi I am running on debian testing 386 build. All fine but I had a disk issue in which I have copied the data to a new drive and mounted it to the same location. The only difference is I switched file systems from NTFS to XFS as this will perform better. The emby server no longer can access the data. In the web browser it displays the mount point but after I select it none of the data is shown. I have verified that the mediabrowser account can access the data by allowing account to logon and changing to the mount. I also have a different XFS file system mounted which is displayed in the browser and can be explored. any ideas? Domenic
  6. Hi guys, I'd really like to upgrade my rather old Kodi HTPC setup by replacing the backend with Mediabrowser. I like the possibility to watch on multiple devices in my home network without keeping media databases in sync. So what I did was installing Mediabrowser on my Ubuntu server (HP N36L) for testing before buying a faster server (for transcoding). I am running into the problem that I cannot playback any content without transcoding being in place. The library is set up using linux local paths ( /media/Storage/movies ). I configured path substitution so that the clients can access the files directly. This is the point where I am not sure why transcoding is still in place. I tried the following configurations for substitution None of these worked for the web client on my Macbook (using Google Chrome), since I still see the bandwidth settings in the top right corner. All the options also didn't work for a Windows 7 client using Firefox. I did not test the following clients yet. Kodi, iPhone, iPad. My server can provide access to the media files via NFS, AFP or SMB. Can anyone help me troubleshoot the setup so I can playback with direct file access? Is it even possible that devices with different OS can playback with direct file access at the same time? Regards, Bondfreak
  7. Hi folks, I'm feeling restless, and kind of want to buy a NUC or something similar to play with. I'd like to have a tiny little PC, and use it to learn more about Linux, beyond some poking around I've done in VirtualBox builds. I've played with straight Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Xubuntu. One of the things I'd do on it is use it as a small EMBY client. Not because I have to, but it would be fun. This would be done via the Kodi client, right? I came close to buying one of the recent crop of Intel NUC variants, but apparently at least some of them don't work well headless... I can see this NUC possibly being decapitated at some point and managed remotely. Then I read up on some of the BRIX and similar boxes... but it didn't seem like the specs were as competitive. So I figured I'd go to the most knowledgeable group of folks I know for some insight. I'd love to hear what small form factor NUC, BRIX, BXI, etc. things you've got, and from a theater perspective what you like and dislike about them, how you've set them up, which Linux variant you like... I don't need a powerful machine, really I'm looking for a playground more than anything. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you've got. Marc
  8. I'm on version 3.0.5557.20000 and am having a problem streaming movies through EMBY connect. When i try to stream a movie i get an error: As soon as that error pops up this is outputted to the log file: 2015-04-04 13:15:44.9904 Error - NotFoundHttpHandler: Request not found: /Items/9183b1456a4fd9dc78eb45b1f1049a4f/PlaybackInfo?UserId=e4fafe12771947c5e7923375b97685f4&StartTimeTicks=0 I'm able to stream from within the LAN and from WAN using my WAN IP, It just doesn't seem to work through EMBY connect. Any ideas? server-63563702400.txt
  9. ronnietucker

    Photo casting?

    I'm a n00b at Media Browser, so maybe I'm just missing a setting or something, but is it possible to send photos from the (Ubuntu) server, via the Android app, to a Chromecast? Same as I can do with video files. If it can cast photos them I'm sold and will become a life member as I'm fed up with Plex not finding some of my media. Thanks!
  10. Glaive

    Ubuntu & HTTPS

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure out why HTTPS doesn't work on my ubuntu server for the last few days and no luck unfortunately. Does anyone know (devs would be super useful) if this is supported on Linux (Ubuntu) at all? On my windows PC it works fine however on my Ubuntu server (14.04 LTS) and VM (Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS) the connection is dropped almost instantly (I don't even see the page). EDIT: I have firewall turned off Telnet doesn't even seem to work either, everything you see in the terminal. Please see the below screenshots. Thank you! Chrome Firefox Telnet Any help would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise I'm really enjoying MediaBrowser and will likely use it over Plex if this feature works for me! Cheers, Glaive
  11. Hello everybody, I thought it would be nice to provide a ready 'import-n-play' image that would be added to the server downloads for those who loves Linux but still want to stay on their Windows Desktop, so I've installed Media Browser for Ubuntu on Oracle VM open source VirtualBox, most of customization are setup already but you are still able to amend yours to meet your personal needs, like subtitle desired language to download, enable/disable cinema mood and setup local/internet trailers: The setup is as follows: Ubuntu Login: Username: master Password: mediabrowser Network settings: IP address: Subnet: Gateway: DNS:, HDD capacity is: 1.00 TB dynamically allocated storage, so make sure to place the VDI file in a partition with enough space for automatic expansion. You can amend your settings by modifying the file: /etc/network/interfaces Folders Hierarchy: -------- home ----- master ----- mediabrowser_files (that contains all metadata, cache, transcoding, and custom intros files arranged in folders by a descriptive name) ---- cache ---- custom_intros ---- downloads_monitor ---- metadata ---- studio_images ---- transcoding_temp ----- mediabrowser_data (that contains the actual media files, movies, TV Shows, etc arranged in folders by a descriptive name) ---- home.videos ---- kids.movies ---- movies ---- music ---- music.videos ---- photos ---- tv.shows point your browser to: and enjoy your streaming. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxvw8amhh89on58/Media%20Browser.zip?dl=0 regards, Basem
  12. Koleckai Silvestri

    Linux Client for SteamOS.

    There is a lot of talk about a Linux Server using Mono and such. Also need a client. This client should work with SteamOS and available from the Steam Store for exposure. Probably not something that can be done immediately but hopefully in the future. I have no clue what developer resources such a product would require.
  13. Hi, I am new to the Linux environment and still learning but I have to say I love it! One thing I am not sure about is I have setup a computer running Linux. Now i want software that will serve as backup for another windows machine. The thing is i have tried using CloudBacko Backup Software but i just get confused although from what i have read it would be the perfect backup solution. Does anybody know of software i can use and is there a how to guide lol. Please provide links if possible. Thanks
  14. I have followed the suggestions given here, also started with adding one folder only but somehow it seems to be stuck at 56% in the logs I do see some errors but not sure if they relate to the error, put the log here http://paste.ubuntu.com/9147494/ anyone any clues? mb3 Version 3.0.5395.0 installed on ubuntu precise my first post pertaining this topic can be found here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/13410-xbmc-mysql-library-and-mb3xbmb3c-library-sharing/
  15. Distros such as Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE use .desktop and appdata files to describe applications. the .desktop file is basically a software shortcut, it contains information such as the code to start the application, the name, description and icon. At the moment the appdata information is used by software managers like gnome-software so that users can see the application like in an appstore with screenshots and everything. Here are placeholders that i created in the rpm packages and would like others to comment/suggest so that they reflect with better accuracy the Media Browser Server. .desktop http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=Media Browser Server Comment=Server to manage and view your media Exec=xdg-open http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/ Icon=MediaBrowserServer Type=Application Categories=Other; Fedora Screenshot AppData http://people.freedesktop.org/~hughsient/appdata/ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <application> <id type="desktop">MediaBrowserServer.desktop</id> <metadata_license>CC0</metadata_license> <project_license>GPL-1.0+</project_license> <summary>Media Server </summary> <description> <p>Media Browser Server is a home media server built on top of other popular open source technologies such as Service Stack, jQuery, jQuery mobile, and Mono.</p> <p>It features a REST-based api with built-in documention to facilitate client development. We also have client libraries for our api to enable rapid development.</p> <p>We have several client apps released and in production:</p> <ul>Android</ul> </description> <url type="homepage">https://mediabrowser.tv</url> <screenshots> <screenshot type="default">https://camo.githubusercontent.com/575008c4b91769d5054e0e951c7eb97f3b8e550c/68747470733a2f2f7261772e6769746875622e636f6d2f4d6564696142726f777365722f4d6564696142726f777365722e5265736f75726365732f6d61737465722f617070732f6d6274312e706e67</screenshot> </screenshots> <updatecontact>someone_at_mediabrowser.tv</updatecontact> </application> Information such as comment and descriptions can be set in different languages so that the os picks the right one based on its settings As you can see even the screenshot that i used at first is not one for the server application so if we can come up with better screenshots and description that would be great.
  16. Chris2

    Linux Server

    Hi Luke, Think this topic got lost in the move, but there was talk about some compiling for linux, using mono. Have you had any sucess?
  17. Here's my setup: MBS is running as a service on my HTPC. I recently built a NAS and added it to my network. I want to store some TV shows on the NAS and have them play in MediaBrowser Theater. The NAS is running OpenMediaVault 1.0 kralizec. On one hard drive on the NAS, I created a folder called "TV." When I open up the MediaBrowser configuration tool, and start to create a new library, it finds my NAS on the network, but when I try to go to my TV directory, there fields do not populate. The only option is the "go up one level" dots (..). Is there something I need to do on my NAS to make MediaBrowser Server see the shared folder?
  18. Luke

    MB Server on Linux

    it works great but it does require some manual install steps. see the first page of the setup thread. we are working on an easy install process for ubuntu.
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