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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Please, it would be great to be able to limit download speed (of offline playback) without affecting streaming speed. I found more than one topic talking on this feature from a long time ago but unfortunately not implemented yet ... so I post it here in " Feature Requests" section. It would be a very nice if you can add this feature as soon as possible as @FredMuppeteer said on other topic: Also in the same feature it needs to control/limit how many download the user can do on the same time. I hope the other users agree with me and make voting for the feature Many thanks --------- here some topic about these feature:
  2. Hi there. I'm using Emby for classical music. After few weeks, some features could be appreciated. I'll post in different topics to make it more readable. First : It looks like there's a limit in 30 songs displayed by album. Would it be possible to allow users to modify this or including multi-pages navigation for lists with 40 or more songs ? Thanks, EtPv
  3. Hello, I've been using emby for a couple of months now it's everything that i expected and more. (only missing a subtitles edit option) The only real issue i have with emby is that i'm very quickly hitting my API limit of Gdrive and i've been struggling with this since day 1. I have: - Gsuite unlimited (exclusively being used for emby) - 40TB Split over all Library's (11 library's in total) - ~80% of my media = Hevc 10 bit MKV - ~275GB Media uploading to Gdrive every 24 hours true rclone with encryption - PC Server is running on : Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz 48.0GB Ram Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz GeForce GTX 1070 I know buying hard drives and streaming emby locally would be much better but i wont be able to buy 40TB+ of hard drives anytime soon but will eventually. Is there anything i could do to lower the API usage, could it be possible emby is doing unnecessary scans of my library or is there anything else i should be aware of using the api limit? I attached some older logs the most recent ones where to big to upload. embyserver-63733651213.txt embyserver-63733564811.txt
  4. ertagon2

    Transcoding Thread Limiter

    It doesn't seem to be working vert well, when transcoding is not running the CPU stays at 3% usage.
  5. Hi So I have a remote server connected with gigabit connection, at home I'm using the Emby app on LG 65C9 TV running WebOS 4.5. Use the server with UHD movies mainly containing HD audio like DTH-HD MA, Dolby True HD or event Dolby True HD Atmos. The problem is that on this Emby player app, in the settings, the maximum quality we can set for audio (with internet stream) is 2Mbps and for certain audio tracks this is not enough hence the server is forced to transcode / downgrade the audio to AC3 format with such a low bitrate... Example yesterday I did several tests with various movies and different audio bitrate : Quantum of Solace with DTS-HD MA track with bitrate of 1536 kbps = no trasncoding at all, stats for nerds well show that the DTS HD signal is decoded and sent to the TV Skyfall with DTS-HD MA track with bitrate of 1536 kbps = no trasncoding at all, stats for nerds well show that the DTS HD signal is decoded and sent to the TV Fantastics Beast, Crimes of Grindelwald with True HD ATmos track with bitarte of 3457 kbps = audio is being transcoded and dowgraded to AC3 format at around 500 kbps... Is there anyway to break this max setting for audio of 2 mbps ? My TV is compatible with HD formats including Atmos but I can't enjoy these tracks due to this limitation of Emby app...any update to fix in the future ? if Audio max settings offered was 4 or 5 Mbps that would make it ! Thanks
  6. princeshawn420

    Limit Streams per User

    i would like to not allow them to stream more than x amount per logon as there sharing passwords and manualy enforcing is a pita ... plex can do this ... its the reason i still push it over emby but i like embys abuilty to limit bandwith at user level not server
  7. Kimballslice1890

    Feature Request for Live Tv

    Don't think this feature exists, if it does can someone please tell me how to go about doing it? I would like to limit Live TV channel availability to specific users. For example if I have 10 channels, user 1 can access channels 1-4 while user 2 can access all 10. I know I can manually select available channels for all via the HDHomeRun but its an all or nothing solution.
  8. Kimballslice1890

    Question about bandwidth limit setting

    So today I went through all of the menus looking for the bandwidth limit that I believe used to be in Advanced or may Transcoding. It now appears to have disappeared from one of the recent updates. Is it hidden in a new menu somewhere? The reason I ask is because I just upgraded from 50/50mbps internet to 1/1gbps and I want to adjust from the value that I previously had set.
  9. Hi, Can administrators no longer set a max streaming rate for users? As you used to be able to go into the users profile via the admin dashboard then edit this user's profile, image & personal preferences & from there you could change their limit. I'm running version I know you can do the streaming limit in playback settings from the admin dashboard but there are some devices on my server I wanted to limit to a set rate. Thanks, David.
  10. Hey there, my first post in here ... so ... hi community ^^ I am just starting to learn about all the features and setup of this nice software so maybe I am just blind and didnt see this option yet. I'd like to limit the the mbps globaly for all accounts on my emby server. I found an option under "streaming" and limited it to 10 mbps. When I login with a test account without any admin rights, this account can still setup the option to more then 10 mbps while playing a video. Am I doing anything wrong here? Are there any ways to globaly force a maximum mbps? Thanks in advance Soki
  11. Had to rebuild my server (got tired of Win7 VM on unRaid), and now have a dedicated box. First run of the Chapter image extraction task shows it ran for more than 10 hours. It has a limit of 4 hours. Is there a known bug where the limit isn't respected? I will post logs if it will help, but since a lot of activities have occurred the past 24 hours I know it will be massive. Any advice on what to look for in the log to help troubleshoot myself? I don't mind learning. I have attached images to help. Version 3.0.7200.0
  12. Como se puede controlar el ancho de banda permitido para cada usuario?? Por ejemplo si necesito que un cliente acceda a una pelicula sin recodificar, a 3mb/s y no mas que eso.
  13. soloam

    Bitrate Limit Not Working.

    Hello, I would like to set a Bitrate limit to my clients, but I can't seem to make it work! I'm testing in Kodi with the emby addon, and I set on my server a limit of 2Mb/s. When I play a movie in kodi (outside my network, so streaming, not direct playing) I press the leter "o" to get the movie information! I see that it still is a 1080p movie and that goes beyond the 2Mb/s bitrate. On the server dashboard I get the information "Direct Plying". Only when in kodi I set a lower "Video Quality" I get Transcoding in the dashboard and the correct bitrate on the video info in kodi. I would like to control this, not the clients. I would like to limit the bit rate to all clients, and if possible the video size (down to 720p). Is this possible? Thank You
  14. deanylev

    100 Items Per Page Limit

    Any way to change the 100 items per page limit? The 'edit librarybrowser.js' trick that I read on another post from October 2015 doesn't work anymore. The 100 items limit really bugs me.
  15. chali

    transcoding and cores

    Hi Just a quick question, Under transcoding i can only use upp to 8 cores or auto/max im using 16 cores in my server, Are all used if i lett it stay in auto? is it a limitation of 8 cores? and what is the differences between auto and max) (sorry if this have ben answered already) /Regards
  16. wrapmaster4500

    Next Up - Possible to Increase Limit?

    Hi Guys, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it now. Is there a way to increase the number of items displayed on the Next Up view? The Samsung App and W8 App show around 100 items, but the web client seems limited to about 20. It's not a big deal, but thought I'd ask to be sure. Keep up the good work, great product
  17. I was reading through the features that have been previously requested and one that caught my eye is this one: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/12878-mediabrowser-server-limitmax-video-quality-per-user/?hl=%2Blimit+%2Bbandwidth This request basically asks to enable a server side limit to ensure bandwidth is fairly allocated to users (to avoid stuttering) however I was thinking it might be neat to have the following: =============================================== A limit that would stop playback continuous playback and ask if a user was still there after XXX episodes of continuous playback. Ideally this would work where the server would have a setting that indicates "If no user input for <180> minutes than pause playlist after current track" the duration would be configurable however it is important that it be based on a time period and not a track play count (as someone could just put in a bunch of really long movies) and that it not stop the playback of the current track (as that would be super annoying for most people). The types of events would likely have to be things that happened in the client such as (pausing, starting, changing the volume, browsing the library, etc). The timer should be maintained per user on the server and should be reset whenever any client accessing that user account does something. At the end of the timer the playback should stop after the current item is finished playing. A prompt could be used to inform the user that the playback was stopped however playback should be able to be started by hitting play (hence also resetting the timer) and/or accepting the prompt (if used) Possibly an option to have a separate duration for music playback or to ignore this feature all together. I think that most users will find this to be a useful feature not just for server managers (in terms of electricity consumption from transcoding, and internet usage limits, and bandwidth) but also for each of the users (internet usage limits, episode watch indicators). ============================================== For me this feature would be helpful for users that hit play on an entire series and fall asleep after a while as it would cut down on internet usage (bandwidth and usage limits) and maybe even save a few pennies here and there from transcoding power consumption. It would also be beneficial for the users since if they were watching a season they wouldn't have to go back and figure out where they actually fell asleep as less episodes would be marked as watched for them.
  18. Hello, I have four accounts set up, two of which are for the kids. Both have age limits set on them, but this does not seem to be honoured in the suggested movies. I was doing some testing when I went to the movie suggestions under my daughter's account, I saw this: The movie in questions shows this metadata: Two things: 1. The movie exceeds the age limit that was set 2. The movie is not even in a folder that her account has access to. Anyone else have examples like this?
  19. I'd really like to see a feature that would allow us to restrict users to certain hours. For example, I'd like to set hours that our kids are allowed to watch MB3 in their rooms, like 7am - 10pm during school nights or 7am - 12pm on weekend nights. I have a "work around" now where I set tasks using Windows to make their computers sleep, but they can just turn them back on. If it was limited by MBServer, then they wouldn't be able to do this. Thanks!
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