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  1. Seems that if you move Emby (Portable) everything is fine, except this reference to the library information? Everything else is detected in the correct new location, except this, and it only errors when you try to scan the library. Program data path: D:\Emby\programdata Application directory: D:\Emby\system System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'E:\Emby\programdata\root\default\Movies'. Any Idea how I can fix this easily/quickly?
  2. Hello, I have a problem with scanning my library from the beginning of using Emby. As i found Plex and Kodi absolutely unusable for me, I have ended with Emby, where I done all settings and found all features I need. I am running portable version Emby on Windows 7 dedicated desktop computer, copied on non system magnetic hardrive, where also all my media are stored. As I am running Emby under non admin Windows account I have used NSSM to run emby as service under this account. My last reamaining problem is with scaning media. I have a lot of media divided into four libraries. Two for videos/movies, other two for photos/pictures. Everytime I start scaning, it fails. Average scan time is 15mins. As I do not care about watch data, I have deleted library.db and started Emby server again, but without luck. I have read some topics related to this problem, but I have not find solution there. I think there is some problem with my media, but as I have lot of media, it is not easy to check it all. Is there any feature how to find root casuse of problem? I have attached datalogs, but I am not able to find anything saying something like: Error while scaning file.... So I have no idea how to debug this. Thank you in advance with this issue. Log.txt Log_scan.txt
  3. Library folders in my admin panel don't have images anymore since a while. So i've tried to add them manually, however when i click on "Edit Images", the loading icon appear (And never fade-out) but the popup for editing the images is never shown. The only library with an image is the "Auto generated library" called Collection créated by the plugin Auto Box Set. When i clic on "Edit Images" for this item the popup appear as expected. The only error i've managed to found is displayed in the browser console when i click an the menu item "Edit Images". Uncaught (in promise) Error: null itemId at ApiClient.getItem (apiclient.js?v= at imageeditor.js?v= at Object.execCb (alameda.js?v= at defineModule (alameda.js?v= at Object.depFinished (alameda.js?v= at alameda.js?v= Tested on Chrome 69 and firefox 62.
  4. Hi, So I am faced with a problem and not sure what the right solution will be if there is one. Here is my setup: 5 users - Admin, Parents, Child, Sonos, Samsung/Shield I have multiple libraries setup: movies, cartoons, TV shows, music, pictures, adult content Access rights Admin has access to everything Parents: movies, TV Shows, pictures, collections Child: cartoons, collections Sonos: music, collections Samsung/Shield: movies, TV Shows, collections The problem I am facing is with the search. Even when I am logged in with Child account the search results returned contain actors/people from all libraries including the adult one. That kind of defeats the purpose of the separate library and accounts if those results are returned. My question is, am i doing something wrong? Is my setup wrong somehow or is this a bug? Thanks
  5. I would like the ability to group multiple libraries together so they appear as a single library from the main screen, but allowing me to dive down into the different libraries. For example, I have 3 music libraries - mine, my wife's, and kids music for the kids. I don't want all 3 visible from the main screen, but I would like a single entry called 'Family Music' or 'Music' that allows me to drill down into the different libraries. It would be helpful for seasonal libraries, like my Christmas and Halloween libraries.
  6. David

    Home videos & photos

    I used to be able to go into the emby plugin inside kodi and view all my emby libraries and it let me get to a library that is "Content type" "Home videos & photos". I keep random videos that don't sort into the movies and tv shows sections here. This option no longer is available to me. Is it something I've configured wrong with the newer versions of the plugin or could this be added back into the plugin? I'm currently running on version 3.1.32a in Kodi 18 Beta 4. Thank you,
  7. TheArchivist

    Relocate Media Library Metadata

    I recently had a scenario where I had my Media and the Emby Server (portable) on the same drive. I relocated the Emby Server (portable) to a new drive. It correctly targeted the new location for ProgramData (../ProgramData) without configuration. However, the existing libraries (Movies, TV Shows) still had their metadata configured for the old location. The only solution to fix this was to remove the libraries and recreate them. This takes a considerable amount of time and bandwidth. Please add the ability to relocate a library's metadata location, or detect that the ProgramData location has changed. I imagine this feature would be good for both the Portable and Standard server implementations. P.S. - Emby is a great product and I am a proud monthly supporter!
  8. Hello, On both a Mac OS and a Linux server I have observed the following behavior a couple of times. Both are running v of the Server. In Server Settings, chose Library, Rename. Renamed from "TV" to "1. TV" and from "Movies" to "2. Movies". Only renamed the library and did not change or rename the underlying folders. Did not change any other settings. In each case this triggered a full rescan of the library, and discarded all shows/episodes/movies that had previously existed (the client displays no contents). Seems an unnecessary waste of resources when only changing the label for the library display. Cannot tell if it is doing a full metadata rebuild - the shows reappear pretty slowly, but they seem to be fully populated with metadata when they do reappear (summaries, images, actors, etc. all present). Just FYI, in case this is a bug.
  9. There used to be a tab in Libraries to setup path substitution, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Where did it go to? I can't find it anywhere and can't use external players without it. Previous: Now:
  10. el_pedriyo

    Not updating library

    Hello, I just wanted to know how can I get my library updated automatically when added a film to it, I have the real time monitoring enabled, but when I tried copying a file inside the library, the movie is not appearing without doing a manual refresh of it. Any idea? Kind regards, Pedro
  11. accarshop

    Scan media library failed

    Hi, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for an error "Scan medial library failed" that has shown up on on my dashboard and recurring "Debug App: Running FFProbeProvider" errors I'm seeing in my log file. My setup is fresh. Emby v3.5.2.0 (portable) installed on a newly minted Windows Server 2016 server and launched using task scheduler at Windows Startup (like being able to restart Emby from dashboard). The install went smoothly. Prior to importing my movies and tv shows I stripped them to just the containing folder (movie name (20??) and tv show name\season ?) and the base video file. No images, nfo, etc. Then they were added to Emby and Emby built everything. I did chose to have Emby store everything with the video file and had it pre-fetch everything during the initial build out. When all was finished library update appeared to run cleanly and I don't recall seeing any alerts. Yesterday when I came in the alerts panel said the library scan failed. Every scan now reports the same thing. Odd thing is the scans appear to be successful. My library is large but I'm not seeing any gaps. As a diagnostic I've attempted a number of things including; * Pulling source folder from the library, scan, and re-add the source folder. Did that 1 by 1 for each library. * Pulling the source folder from the library, delete the library, scan, re-create the library (same name). Did that 1 by 1 for each library. * Moving all movies out of the movie folder, scan the library, move the movies back and scan again. * Moving all tv shows out of the tv shows folder, scan the library, move the tv shows back and scan again. Ran a few other scenarios that I won't bore with here. I was hesitant to clear clear caches or dbs as I'm not versed with the app yet. That and spent a LOT of time creating the collections and marking what was/wasn't watched (gotta keep my wife happy). Anyway, below is a screenshot of my dashboard and I've attached a copy of my logs (debug on). Hoping someone can point me to where I need to go to clear this up. Also, in looking at the logs I see a recurring scan (Debug App: Running FFProbeProvider/MovieDbTrailerProvider/OmdbItemProvider) for a series of movies (primarily). There are 15 of them at the moment. Look at them in the meta data browser they look correct with provider information populated. Rescanning them with replace doesn't help nor does pulling the videos, scanning, and re-introducing them. I realize it likely isn't hurting anything but the OCD in me would like to correct this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. embyserver - scanning issue.txt
  12. As i just lost my entire typescript -- Emby server is quite often sluggish and unresponsive. May show libraries on the home page of the web app, but nothing else. If it shows the libraries, it will show nothing inside them more often than not. Lots of time with the spinner. Similar issues with the Roku, iOS, and Android apps. I've very occasionally been able to watch or listen to things, but even when I can get into a library and get it to display items, the library is usually incomplete. Artist sorts in music return either endless spinner, or very partial results. As I recently added two libraries, I'm loathe to execute a restart (it's grindingly slowly towards 100% on those two.) If I can get a response on the web app or the iOS or Android app, I can sometimes cast to the Roku app on the TV. embyserver.txt embyserver-63671356800.txt
  13. Please add a Save button to the Manage Library settings. Settings are not being applied when changing an clicking the back arrow in the top left.
  14. Tentacles

    Scan media library failed

    I just installed Emby server for the first time, and added my folders of media to for each section, and went to the dashboard and found that the media library scan had failed, so tried it again and it happened again after 2 minutes. Not sure what folders it is stopping at, and can't understand the log. No idea what's happening. embyserver.txt
  15. I've just discovered this issue whereby when a user searches my Emby server for a movie that is not in the library, the movie still gets returned as a search result. It shows a play button just like a movie in the library would do, and clicking on the cover shows full metadata. When the play button is clicked, the player starts, but hangs (obviously due to the item not being in the library to play in the first place). I have verified that the movies are not in the metadata. I've attached screenshots and log. I've tested this with multiple movies that aren't in the library and the result is the same. Log.txt
  16. Using library -> select library -> change name, when someone change name all users who are subscribed to this library are unsubscribed. Expected behavior is leaving subscription unchanged becase this is only name change.
  17. So, I have 2 folders on my PC, an Albums folder, where I store my albums (Albums/Artist/Album format), and an OSTs folder, where I store soundtracks (OSTs/Media title/OST format). What I want Emby to do is, create a music library with a folders view, so that when I click on the library, it shows me two folders: Albums and OSTs. Then, if I click on one, I want it to be presented in a list format, following the folder structure, without any metadata or covers or anything. How do I do this?
  18. Hello together, I use the emby app on an iPhone 7 and I am missing the possibility to open the app and see through my movie database when there is no connection possible. In my case I have limited the access to the server to LAN only and when I am at a friend, in the metro, at the airport or anywhere else where I don't have any direct connection, I would still like to have the opportunity to look through my current database (may with the state from the last working connection). Would be nice if you could manage to add this feature to the iOS app. Thanks Stefan
  19. Hi all, Last week I opened Emby and found that all the library contents were missing. Attempts to rescan the library failed. Restarting the server was successful but the library contents were still missing. Emby server was also consuming a lot of CPU on the host server while attempting to scan. I have had a similar issue before, which was fixed by renaming the library.db file in the appdata directory and restarting the server. I tried this also, but the result was the same. I tried stopping the hung library scan process in the Manage Server web utility, but it hangs in the Stopping status. The Refresh Guide task also never completes (stuck at 65%), but will stop successfully when I manually stop it. I am attaching the latest logs from the server. Please let me know what to try next. Thanks in advance!
  20. levander

    Bug (?) creating libraries

    Hi, It happened to me several times while creating a new library in emby server : if I click OK button (confirming creation of library) more then once there will be duplicate libraries created with exactly the same name with numbers 1,2,3... (depends how many times I clicked OK) at the end. I just delete the duplicates and there doesn't seem to be any further problems but it is a little bit confusing/annoying. (OK doesn't respond promptly when clicked the first time, that is why I was clicking it more than once)
  21. AllesMeins

    Add episodes that "thetvdb" doesn't know

    I feel pretty stupid right now, but I can't figure out how to fix this problem. I've the BluRay version of the show Ascension (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/ascension/episodes/5017375) which consists of six episodes. When it originaly aired they always added two episodes together and therefore only aired it as a three-part series. Therefore thetvdb only lists episodes 1 to 3. So I've six files, but emby only accepts and adds the first three to the database. What can I do now? How do I fix this?
  22. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Slow loading library

    I had to uninstall and reinstall my Emby server and since I did that, it has been VERY slow to load my library of TV shows. It never took anywhere near this long before. I have a lot of shows and episodes so I expect it to take a few hours to load from scratch, but it has been loading all day and still only has a small fraction of the shows loaded and most of the shows it has loaded are still only partially complete. I'm on beta version now, but it was just as slow on when it was in beta. It will get to 79.3% complete (which can't be right based on how little of my content is showing up) and stop there for a long time before making incremental progress even though when I go to my library, very little has changed. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.
  23. fonzie

    Auto Remove Deleted Files

    I've been using Emby for Kodi for a long time and just love how it keeps all my devices synced. One problem I've been having for a bit now that I haven't been able to resolve is with removed library files. Here's what I mean: Previously, my Kodi devices running the emby addon would immediately detect when new media was added and update my library accordingly. At the same time, if I deleted a movie, it would also delete it from my library database within Kodi (excellent!). I would rarely, if ever, have to run the Clean Library command within the Kodi settings. New behavior, adding new movies still automatically adds them to my library in Kodi. However, if those items are deleted it is not noted by Kodi and the item remains in the library. I have to manually remove it by selecting the context menu over the movie, selecting manage, and then delete this item. If I use the Clean Library function within the Kodi settings, the entire database is wiped and I have to force refresh everything. I will post a log file if needed, but I wanted to get some suggestions before doing so because clearing/force refreshing my library will take about 20 minutes so I can produce the logfile and I'd like to avoid going through that if possible. *note: this behavior is occuring on both of my Kodi devices running the Emby for Kodi 3.0.20a thanks
  24. hgozilla

    Library disappearing Emby for Kodi

    Hi there, SInce a few weeks I have an issue in Kodi using Emby for Kodi. Indeed, my librairies in Kodi, which are exclusively built from Emby for Kodi, sometimes simply disappear and it shows empty librairies in Kodi. This issue is totally random, as it might work perfectly for a few days, and then one day my librairies will be empty. A few things to be noticed : - It seems to me that when turning on my TV and Kodi, my librairies are always showing as expected. The librairies disappearance always seems to occur when using Kodi for at least a few minutes (either by playing a video file or navigating in Kodi menus). - Librairies are still there and well on my Emby server, and I can access them perfectly fine in a web browser from another machine. - The only way for the librairies to appear again in Kodi is to hard turn off my TV (by pressing the turn off button, then unplug the TV, replug it and turning it back on). My TV is 2015 Sony Bravia with Android TV. - When Emby updates the librairies in Kodi, I have noticed that updating now takes about 2 minutes instead of about 20 seconds a few weeks ago. - Evrything else which is network/internet related works just fine in my TV. Last thing : I do not fully understand the difference between Emby for Kodi and EmbyCon. Could someone explain it to me, as EmbyCon could be an alternative solution if I cannot resolve my issue with Emby for Kodi (I would prefer to resolve my issue though) ? Thank you a lot in advance,
  25. I just installed Emby on a Windows system and added several libraries. Somehow one of the libraries received an auto-generated a poster (or primary) image with a tile of several movie posters. It was very nice, but I have no idea why this happened only to one library. Is there a way to do it for all libraries (I can re-create them if needed). Also, is there a way to generate poster images for videos that are not movies, TV series, etc? Like, say, home videos or custom tutorials? It generates a poster for each file (I assume from some random video file snapshot), but how do I get them for the series or seasons? Thanks.
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