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  1. Good Afternoon All. My installation of Emby has been solid for months but what is weird when a movie fails to be identified I simply choose 'Identify' enter the search and the correct information including picture is found and I then select replace and click ok and it usually updates and changes everything. But at the moment it goes through the motions but the image/data is still staying as the original information. I am failing to get it ti successfully update with the correct information it has found. Any ideas? Regards, Stuart
  2. as seen in the above picture, these thumbnails for libraries which are auto generated are not perfect. How to trigger them to auto generate the thumbnail again.
  3. Hello, I would have a small request, for management reasons, I disabled automatic library scans and I wondered if it would be possible to add a contextual entry to the Emby icon located in the notification area to " scan all libraries now ". It would be really great to be able to do a right click to perform this operation than having to do the long way of the web page ... Thank you for your consideration of our suggestions.
  4. The oddest thing happens. I see multiple entries of the same library multiple times and have no idea on how to get rid of that. Anyone with an idea?
  5. DutchEllie

    Path could not be found

    Hi all, I just installed emby server on my linux vps. I want to have my emby libraries on a different server however, specifically a onedrive server. Don't worry, I have that all sorted out, using rclone and a cache. It works like a charm. However, the folder currently is in the root directory, under the name of /onedrive owned by a user and group called qbtuser (from qbittorrent) so it can write nicely to it. Now I need to assign the emby libraries to somewhere like /onedrive/movies and /onedrive/series. However when I try to add a library in emby server and specify the folder, /onedrive is not found. /onedrive is owned by user and group qbtuser, and the directories and files inside are given the permissions of 775. The folder /onedrive itself also has permissions 775. Now, not only does that mean that everyone should be able to read and see what is in every folder, but the first problem arose when the root user tried to read from the /onedrive folder, and they are not allowed to.. Now also emby is not allowed to read or anything. There is a group qbtuser as mentioned before and I have added emby to that, and even rebooted the server, but it still does not work. I am out of ideas. Anyone else got any ideas?
  6. ChancellorSuda

    Library Screen - spinning circle

    Have never had issue with Emby in the past, since it was mediabrowser - all of a sudden have weird issue with not having access to the Library Screen. The only thing there is spinning circle for minutes on end. Thank you in advance for anyone whom can assist. Have posted screenshot and log files - have reinstalled server, multiple restarts, etc. embyserver-63716415624.txt embyserver.txt
  7. LexEmby

    Music Library problem

    Hi, I am experimenting with emby. Photos, movies work ok. But with the music library i have some issues. The emby server is on the envidea shield tv. Th mysic database is on my synology NAS. I started to import 3 artists. Emby onlys sees 1 artist ( or album artist) but it sees 4 albums. My id tags are ok. srescanning the library or renewing the metadata does not change anything. When i go to task, scan medialibrary i get a failure. ( not when i empty de music database). I cannot figure out what i am doing wrong... Who has an idea? Alex
  8. Hi all, I have Emby running at a Terramaster F2-220. Created multiple libraries (fotos, videos, etc.) - all worked fine. However - by mistake I created the library "Fotos" twice and now this library is showing up twice at the Emby App. When I check the library tab at the Emby settings this library is showing up once only. How can I get rid of the duplicate library at the Emby App (same for desktop app and IOS app)? Removing it at the Emby settings it will delete all "Fotos"-libraries... Please advise! Thanks and regards Markus
  9. Howdy For some time, I got a strange issue. Only the library TV-Series is not updating new episodes. I have to update manually in order to get new episodes. All other movie libraries get automatic updates. I am on latest windows server. My library are set as follows: path: s=movies, path k=tv-series Even if I delete the tv-series path and build it up from scratch, the issue remains. Anyone got an idea how to get the automatic episode update back on track? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Lati
  10. I am running Version My TV series are set up in two libraries and three folders as follows. "TV Shows Kids" Library has folders "Emby/TV Kids" and "Emby/TV Shared" "TV Shows Adults" Library has folders "Emby/TV Adults" and "Emby/TV Shared" This has been working perfectly when adding new shows. Anything that I add to Emby/TV Shared appears in both libraries. Now that the kids are a little older I moved a TV series from Emby/TV Adults to EmbyTV Shared. The Adults library continues to see the show as expected (including watched status), but the Kids library does not list the show. I have deleted all the nfo files from the show and they have been rebuilt. I have run several library scans, but still the show does not list in the Kids library. Is there a way of clearing all the metadata for the show so that Emby picks up show as new content. New content works with my setup no issue.
  11. leeknight1981

    Emby Server UnRaid library folders

    Hi Guy's You guessed it Me Again! So added kid's tv shows and i have a rouge folder in there from Tv Shows and i don' know why it is there nor how to remove it..... I don't believe it to be cos my paths are /movies/Kids Tv as all my libraries are /movies/ Any advice please TIA L33
  12. ltworf13

    Duplicate Libraries show up

    Hi Folks. I'm new to Emby and I was impatient when I was adding my folders. It wasn't doing the sync fast enough so I removed the folder and re-added it. Now some of my folders are duplicated. How do I resolve please and thank you in advance
  13. rwyarbrough

    My Library Setup

    I'm rather proud of my Library. Lots of work has gone into it. Couldn't resist sharing. Maybe others can share their Library setups for us to get ideas to make our libraries better. The "WIP" libraries are those I'm still working on getting them sorted, cleaned up, and accurate. Once the content is accurate and complete, I move it to the "non-WIP" library. Each have their own directories to keep things clean. One of these days there will be less in the Work In Progress libraries than there are in the finished ones. I love the audio book support and the way I can listen to my OTR library. My only negative about Emby is the lack of book reading support. Wish there was a way to tie it into Calibre and vice versa. Thanks for a great product.
  14. riothamus

    How often are .nfo files created?

    How often does Emby write data to .nfo files? More specifically, after a file is uploaded, provided that it is a valid TV episode or Movie file, when does an .nfo metadata file for the item get created? Nevermind, I found that my nfs share mounted read-only, so the data is not getting saved. The server is trying to create the .nfo file at scan time, but can't save it. Please disregard.
  15. cmart2112

    Add Directory To Library From Afar

    Hello! I manage a linux media server for my sister. She lives in a remote location and only has broadband internet. I built a linux server with emby on it with the intention of giving her an external USB drive from time to time with new content. I can only access this machine via SSH, but within the local network, Emby is working like a champ. My question is, how can I add the external USB to the Emby library via ssh? I tried to symlink the content into the existing library directory, but it doesn't appear to be working. The local hard drive is about 1TB and already full of content and the external hard drive is about 5 TB. I have it mounted in the same root directory as the current content. Any tips would be great! Thanks!
  16. Hi, I am a complete noob! Recently switched from Windows to Linux. I'm having trouble setting up my library with the files from NTFS drives created using windows. Can anyone tell me how to add files from other drives to my emby library? I'm using deepin x64bit (debian 9 based).
  17. cochize1

    Library posters

    Let’s assume I have a movie library called BOX OFFICE. Every week I add some new interesting content and I want my users to know that right away. The best way show that is to ‘update” the library poster with new contents’ posters (4 new posters with the water-like reflections in random order for every new library created). My server is running on Synology NAS so I can access my files with WinSCP. In /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/root/default I have access to all generated poster.png files (4 posters from library). By copying these files I COULD change the library posters BUT for newly created libraries (I put 4 new movies in that library showing posters for new content) it takes AGES to generate the poster.png file for newly created library. I have tried: refreshing the library restarting the server restarting and clearing my cache from the computer I access the server How long does it take for that file to repopulate on the server and show in WinSCP?
  18. Pretty sure there’s no place to do this...I want to change the number of columns displayed on web app, Apple TV and Roku. It displays 6 columns of thumbnails but I’m getting old and my eyes are getting old so i want to change to 5 columns, this increasing the thumbnail size. One of the few things I like about Plex these days is that I can make such an adjustment with a slider that increases/decreases number of thumbs. Maybe put it on the wishlist?
  19. Hi All, What does the following indicate? 2019-08-15 17:29:22.135 Error App: Error resolving path \\dondersteendc\Media_DSdcTiered\TV Series\TV Series - Ended\Avatar The Last Airbender\Season 02 *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Shares\Emby190814\system\EmbyServer.dll -service Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///C:/Shares/Emby190814/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 8 Program data path: C:\Shares\Emby190814\programdata Application directory: C:\Shares\Emby190814\system System.IO.IOException: System.IO.IOException: An unexpected network error occurred : '\\dondersteendc\Media_DSdcTiered\TV Series\TV Series - Ended\Avatar The Last Airbender\Season 02' at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1.GetData() at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1.FindNextEntry() at System.IO.Enumeration.FileSystemEnumerator`1.MoveNext() at System.Linq.Enumerable.SelectEnumerableIterator`2.ToArray() at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToArray[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source) at MediaBrowser.Controller.Providers.DirectoryService.GetFileSystemEntries(String path) at MediaBrowser.Controller.IO.FileData.GetFilteredFileSystemEntries(IDirectoryService directoryService, String path, IFileSystem fileSystem, IServerApplicationHost appHost, ILogger logger, ItemResolveArgs args, Int32 flattenFolderDepth, Boolean resolveShortcuts) at Emby.Server.Implementations.Library.LibraryManager.ResolvePath(FileSystemMetadata fileInfo, IDirectoryService directoryService, IItemResolver[] resolvers, Folder parent, LibraryOptions libraryOptions) at Emby.Server.Implementations.Library.LibraryManager.ResolveFileList(List`1 fileList, IDirectoryService directoryService, Folder parent, IItemResolver[] resolvers, LibraryOptions libraryOptions) Source: System.IO.FileSystem TargetSite: Boolean GetData() I’m working on a VM with Emby and I'm currently in the testing phase. Most of it working well except that Emby seems to get stuck scanning a certain directory. As far as I can understand it must be folder permission related. Running the latest version What do you think? More info on request and thank for any help or suggestions, Peran embyserver.txt
  20. Guest

    Custom library images

    I've created some images to customize your libraries in an "Emby style", I've just combined the Emby logo with the default library image. It's not an amazing job but I like it, it gives your server more Emby flavour I think .
  21. The current libraries view in the server settings display large icons with the library names. This is useful when there are a few libraries. However, when there are more than 20 libraries, scrolling and finding the right libraries becomes cumbersome. Can you please add a more compact view. A division of libraries would be even better. For example Personal, Kids, Other section with libraries in them. Edit: I am referring to Admin - Manage Server - Library
  22. Hello, I have noticed that I am missing a movie in my library. I can see the film in Metadata Editor and if I go into folder view I can find it's folder and the movie in it. However If I am in the library view the movie is missing. Any Ideas?
  23. BP_Tec

    Network Path Problems

    Hi all, So I'm having problems setting up my library on only one of my drives. I know this is probably a permissions issue, but I just cant figure out what the problem is. These are my media locations, the first two work fine, but the USER_DATA drive does not, and i get the error. All locations are accessible from my Linux machine. /home/alex/Videos /mnt/BACKUP_DRIVE/media /mnt/USER_DATA/media1 /home/user/Videos drwxr-xr-x 6 alex alex 4096 Jun 22 15:43 Videos /mnt/BACKUP_DRIVE/media drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media /mnt/USER_DATA/media1 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media1 If i change the owner and group on media1 to alex, i still get the same issue chown alex:alex media1 drwxr-xr-x 2 alex alex 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media1 If I change it to emby:emby still exactly the same error. I also restated the emby service after each attempt. So any help at all in understanding what is happening here would be awesome. Kind regards
  24. I renamed one of my libraries (from Animated - Movies to Movies - Animated), but it seems that it now cannot detect my collections. The collections are still showing in the user folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\collections) and if I look at any of the XML files they still show all the proper paths to the media. When viewing my library through the My Media section on the web app, if I go over the Collections tab there is nothing there. I'm on the latest version of the server (
  25. If I load a library as content type "TV-Shows" I get the following picture. The naming convention for TV-Shows is explicated here. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming But how it's possible to name the TV-Shows so that emby knows on which station the programm was broadcasted? On the menu point Networks it should than be possible to see the stations. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming
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