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  1. Hi, I have noticed that the various sections created under Library are grouped together, so that they all end up being either "TV" or "Movies", regardless of which Library section (and server directory) they happen to be located under as defined in the dashboard/settings. I assume I have missed something somewhere, as I have read elsewhere that this would be possible, but all the searches I have done came up empty on this. For instance, I have the following sections that I would very much like to have separate: TV Shows (content type: TV) Movies (content type: Movies) Documentaries (content type: TV) Childrens Movies (content type: Movies) Childrens TV (content type: TV) However, under Media Browser, they all show up as either TV or Movies. I know I *COULD* define this under collections, but that would be extremely cumbersome and not user friendly. For instance I would not ever want Childrens Movies and Movies to mix. Having to go through all existing movies and put them in a specific movies-section, and correspondingly adding all kids movies to its section, is not very useful and highly time consuming. It is also my impression that collections are more meant to group for instance all the James Bond movies, or all the Barbie movies for instance, in collections within their respective library sections. Is this optional as I hope / believe, and if so, could you kindly point me towards where it is? I've noticed this problem across all platforms I have tested (web, android, Kodi). Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully pointing me in the right direction. -Florux
  2. Can it be possible to store all extra features into another folder. Some of the plugins store backdrops and theme.mp3 in the same folder as the media. Can this be moved somewhere else and the reason why I ask is that I use kodi and plex for other things and they pick up those extras as movies in kodi or plex.
  3. Baswazz

    Music library scanning no results

    I added a folder to the music library where my music is located. The scan completes in a couple of seconds, with the result that the music section stays empty. I followed the instructions from the wiki Log: http://pastebin.com/DXc1aPsP
  4. I just picked up four boxed sets covering the first five seasons of a TV show over 15 DVDs. While the first four discs were simple enough to set up stubs for (being S01E01-04, S01E05-09, S02E01-04, S02E05-09) the remaining discs contain episodes out of order based on TheTVDB.com, some of which span two or more seasons. The episode orders for the remaining discs are: S02E11 S02E10 S02E12 S02E13 S02E15 (S02E10-13, S02E15) S02E14 S02E16 S02E17 S02E19 S02E18 (S02E14, S02E16-19) S02E20 S03E02 S03E01 S03E03 (S02E20, S03E01-03) S03E05 S03E04 S04E02 S03E10 S03E09 S03E06 (S03E04-06, S03E09-10, S04E02) S03E07 S03E08 S03E11 S03E06 S03E12 S05E03 (S03E06-08, S03E11-12, S05E03) S03E13 S03E14 S03E15 S04E10 S04E07 (S03E13-15, S04E07, S04E10) S04E03 S04E01 S04E08 S04E09 S04E11 (S04E01, S04E03, S04E08-09, S04E11) S05E05 S04E05 S04E04 S05E06 S05E04 (S04E04-05, S05E04-06) S05E15 S05E02 S05E01 S05E07 S05E08 (S05E01-02, S05E07-08, S05E15) S04E12 S05E09 S05E13 S05E14 (S04E12, S05E09, S05E13-14) S05E10 S05E11 S05E12 S05E16 (S05E10-12, S05E16) Unfortunately, despite how the TV naming rules may appear, there's no support for videos or stubs that cross seasons or skip episodes, meaning that I can't get Media Browser to accurately keep metadata for these discs in my library. Therefore, I need suggestions on how to best include the episodes on these discs in my library. If anyone's faced this issue themselves, guidance on what you did would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to dump all my library metadata into Media Browser XML files before I upgrade to 3.0.5490.2 or newer? With the removal of the mixed movies & TV folder type, I don't want to lose all my data for my anime collection and be forced to rebuild from scratch as I did when testing that "feature" the last time. I know there's nothing inside MB itself for that, but if someone's put together scripts or a small program that will pull everything out of the DB files and create/update the appropriate XML files in my folders, that'd be great to have.
  6. Apologies if this has been covered before, a search did not reveal anything. Is there a way to set the Order in which Libraries are listed? The default order appears to be Alphabetical. To show what I am after, I have 3 movie Libraries - Kids, Family; and for lack of a better term Mature - this is also the order I would like them shown. Currently they are shown in this order - Family, Kids, Mature - and yes I could rename Kids to Children but the full title then become too long to display on a single line in WMC...Childrens Movies [GA]...and the kids say thats confusing. Any help wold be appreciated.
  7. Hi y'all. I've tried some searching / reading / googling (didn't think that was a word until now). I just haven't really be able to find what I was looking for. I've added movies to the Movie Library and they show up just fine. Now I've been adding some work out videos for my wife and they are junking up the Movie Library. I'm trying to keep the workout videos in their own little part of our media server. Is there something that I am over looking to make this happen?
  8. Hi everyone, Hopefully this will be a quick question someone can answer. A similar issue was raised on this thread, but it does not seem to have been resolved: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/8375-wav-music-invisible/ I have a number of dts encoded audio files (unlike the linked thread, with dts extension). As most of you know, there is no official way of adding an ID3 tag to a dts audio file. Nevertheless, I decided to trying adding an album to the library to see what happens. Partial success! The dts audio files can be accessed and played, but only via the Suggested and Songs menus in the Music view. It does not appear in any of the other menus: Albums, Album Artists, Artists, Genres, Music Videos (kind of obvious I know). Considering that I store the dts audio files in a folder structure as recommended by the wiki, is it possible to use the folder structure as a backup when an ID3 tag doesn't exist? In this case, perhaps Artist and Album Artist can be treated as the same tag? I hope this can be a quick and easy patch. I am using Windows 8.1 x86, Media Browser v3.0.5464.40000, and have tested with IE 11 and Palemoon 24.7.2.
  9. The reason for this request is because i have many users that connect to my mediabrowser from outside. When you create a new account for a user you can set there library access before they access the request. Now what i have noticed is that this is a hit and miss. I invited a guess, gave them only TV and movie access but once the account was created, they had access to all the content of the library. I only figured this out because the user let me know. Now maybe this is a bug or maybe i did something wrong but now i need to go through each user to make sure they dont have access to content they shouldnt. There is also the fact that when you add a new library item (like i added photo to my MB) every user gets access to it and then you have to go and remove it for each user. I have almost 15 account and having to modify each one, one by one is time consuming. So i propose that under Library there is a new tab that shows who access to what and allow you to modify access by means of checkbox next to there name. This would give a quick and clear view of who access which resource. This could also apply to the Channels, LiveTv ...Basically every section in the user property. It could even be a redesign of the user section For example: Tv Shows: User 1 X User 2 X User 3 ... Music: User 1 X User 2 User 3 X
  10. What would be the easiest way to make sure that all the metadata for my media libraries are all exported to appropriate XML files before the "unset" library type replaces mixed in stable? Given the experience I had when "unset" was introduced and blew away most of the metadata for my anime library, I'd like to make sure that the XML files are there and properly filled out before moving off of my current server version.
  11. I would like to have the option to see and play the Music Library on Android as it is stored on the server: by Folders. Could this be enabled?
  12. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming
  13. Luke

    TV Naming Guide

  14. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Music%20naming
  15. Hi All, Since the update on 30th November, we are having major issues with the library, for example, in a folder called history, we have several folders, some of the folders had audio pods in and now they dont show up, but the files are there when manually viewing in windows explorer, also some videos when placed into folders makes the folder think its a file, the previous version before this update never did this and worked perfectly, is there a fix or is there a way to revert back to the previous version of Media Browser as this is causing issues and many hours of headaches, being this is a school. Many thanks Nathaniel
  16. Sp3kt3r

    Exclude movie or tv show ?

    I'm not sure if this is possible yet but if yes I can't figured out the easiest way to do it. I have a lot of tv show in my library for the whole family. I also share the library with some friends I get request sometime from sister/brother or friends to add a show they would like to watch but I don't really want to see it in my library. I have no interest in those show and I'm trying to avoid having to create a new folder (library) for just those shows and remove access to myself to this library. The way my setup is done is that all my download from SONARR (nzbdrone) is automatically extracted to my TV folder which after MB take care of the METADATA etc.. I'm trying to find if there's a way to remove the show from MY list without having to click WATCHED/PLAYED icon. If I do that, trakTV will add the show to my traktv.tv list. A neat feature would be to have an icon for "NOT INTERESTED" on the TV show poster. I have the same problem for movie request that I have no interest watching and I like using the filter NOT WATCHED and I have all those movies listed. Thank you for any suggestion and if the only choice is to create another library and movie those tv show and movie in this folder well.. at least I asked
  17. Hi all. I’ve moved Movies & TV Shows over to Media Browser and we are loving the experiance. I’m currently testing a couple of Albums / Artists as well. I’d like to move the rest of my media over but I’m stuck as to how to organise them. I’ve got Stand-up Comedy, Cooking TV Shows, Documentaries, Exercise Videos, so I can’t just put them under the Home Videos folder type. Basically how would I / how do you organise Stand-up Comedy? My layout on my hard drive is \Videos\Stand-up Comedy\Billy Connolly\(2005) - Billy Connolly - Live In New York\(2005) - Billy Connolly - Live In New York.avi I’ve no problem renaming them the same as IMDB or whichever. Also What would the folder type be? I don’t want them mixed in with my Movies or TV Shows... Is there any way to add a “Custom Folder Type” and then call it Stand-up Comedy and them select the scrapers or manually get images / data for them? Are there plans to add more Folder Types in the future? Regards, Lee
  18. I have followed the suggestions given here, also started with adding one folder only but somehow it seems to be stuck at 56% in the logs I do see some errors but not sure if they relate to the error, put the log here http://paste.ubuntu.com/9147494/ anyone any clues? mb3 Version 3.0.5395.0 installed on ubuntu precise my first post pertaining this topic can be found here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/13410-xbmc-mysql-library-and-mb3xbmb3c-library-sharing/
  19. I'm enjoying Media Browser on my Roku 3, but am experiencing one considerable annoyance. When browsing through my media library, all I can see to identify media is a picture. It would be much easier if there were textual information (artist or album in the music folder, for example) were displayed. I'm hoping there's just a simple fix, but if there is I am missing it. As it is if I don't recognize the picture I have to click on it just to figure out what it is.
  20. i have 2 drives with tv shows (mom, dad). there are some shows that both of us watch. is there any way to add individual series to a library? thanks.
  21. Hello. I am trying to access my library on my Kindle Fire. I want to access the http://localhost:......web/index.html page with all the visual elements. I attempted to access the URL on my Kindle & I received an error message stating: I wasn't sure if I was missing something. All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Hello, I just downloaded MediaBrowser to give it a try. I had been using Universal Media Server for a while, and switched over to XMBX and Plex Server. From what I've seen and read I think I would like MediaBrowser as I have multiple PS3 systems and Samsung Smart TVs around my house. I am trying to run this on a Windows 8.1 system, which the two main collections of media are on two separate HDDs and drives (D and E). Every movie and TV show is in its own folder, D: for Movies, E: for TV Shows. D:\Super Troopers\Super Troopers.mkv D:\Tron Legacy\Tron Legacy.mp4 etc. E:\Entourage\Entourage - Season 1\Entourage (S01E01) Pilot.mkv E:\True Blood\True Blood - Season 3\True Blood (S03E02) Death.mkv etc. After installing MediaBrowser, the first thing that happened is it popped up a dialog box that stated: "There was an issue launching your web browser. Please check your default browser settings." My default browser is Chrome. If I open the link 'MB Dashboard' manually it brings up the dashboard no problem. Once I'm in the dashboard, I start going through the setup wizard. Once I get to "Setup your media library", I run into an issue where it says: "Access to the path 'D:\System Volume Information' is denied." "Access to the path 'E:\System Volume Information' is denied." It will not let me progress any further. These are obviously system folders. They are restricted, and hidden folders that I do not want to mess with. I am unsure as to why this program is attempting to access them as well. Please let me know what I may need to do to resolve this. bawsly_log.zip
  23. MB3 currently doesn't support the following folder structure... [\org{0, n}] [\artist\{0,1}] [\org {0,n}] \album where org=organisational subfolder {0,n}= zero to many instances []=optional Could such support be added, or alternatively could an xml tag/file be recognised by mb3 to treat organisational folders as organisational and NOT as artists/albumartists. eg M:\Music\Soundtracks\Blade Runner\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Top Gun\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Jungle Book\Tracks.mp3 Soundtracks is detected (shown in dashboard) as an albumartist and artist.xml is placed on filesystem thanks for considering.
  24. I have just discovered Media Browser (currently using XBMC) and I’m in the process of playing around with it with the thought of using it perminantly. Very impressed so far.... I have a question though... I have created a set of media folders on my HDD for testing and used the following structure: Films Kids Films Kids TV Series Music Music Videos TV Series In Media Browser I have added the following media folders Films - Type = Movies Kids Films - Type = Movies Kids TV Series - Type = TV Shows Music - Type = Music Music Videos - Type = Music Videos TV Series - Type = TV Shows I have setup three User Profiles, Lee (With pin code) Stephanie (With pin code) Kids (No pin required) I have given the kids the Library Access to Collections (Made with the plugin Auto Box Sets) Films Kids Films Kids TV Series I have also restricted the User Kids to a parental rating of GB-12 on “Movies” & “TV Shows” Apart from the odd film which would bore them (Adult film with GB-12 rating), this works great. I could even edit the rating of those films for the perfect experiance for the Kids. For the users Lee & Stephanie I have removed the Library Access to Kids Films Kids TV Series However when loged onto either user Lee or Stephanie under the Movies selection there are Kids Films. Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I understand I have selected the Media Type as Movies, but there was no Kids Movies option, and thought this was for scraping. Is the Library Access feature still work in progress? I assumed this would disable the Kids Films from my Library view.
  25. EduardoSantos

    Scan media library stops at 78.2%

    Hi, Great program, really beautiful job. Best HTPC platform on the market. I have a movie and show library for which the scan was running fine. Configured a new music folder and now the scan is stuck at 78.2%. Already tryed to stop the scan but it keeps showing "Stopping". Restarted the server three times and scan restarts but freezes at the same percentage. Running server Version 3.0.5211.41935 Attached is the the log file. Can anybody help? Many many thanks server-63532676439.txt
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