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  1. GloverEggs

    Showing Songs on LG App

    I'm running the Synology If I go into the Synology app (via Chrome) I can see a tab at the top of music groups for songs. Also if you click on an artist, it shows all of their songs. However, when on the LG app, no songs can be found except on play lists. My TV is set up into my entertainment system so it's easy to click on music and listen, but if I want to find something that a specific artist has done, it's impossible. The interface on the Emby Synology server is good. It would be great if the LG app had the same interface.
  2. Hi, I'm having issues with playing this one file from the Emby app on my LG C7 tv (app version 1.0.24) using the internal speakers. Around 2 minutes in the audio starts to be distorted; On my laptop the file plays with clear audio but to be sure the error wasn't in the file itself I've put it on an usb stick. When opening the file from the thumb drive directly on the tv (in the built in videos app) it played without issues (except for not being able to select the subtitle because the default player only allows selection of the first 8 subtitles). Media playback is set to only allow transc
  3. David Patt

    LG app playback issues

    Ok movies which play previously dont play at all now. LG App is mess. I know LG is to blame here but on android it is not a problem and LG has huge one with updates.
  4. adrianrus

    No movie controls on LG TV app

    Hi, I just switch from Plex and i have a lot of issues/questions about Emby. Was able to load a library but when i play the movies in the TV sometimes there is no way to go back or get the controls on the movie, no stop, play, pause, settings - nothing... This happens on some movie and tv shows... cant understand that is the difference and what i need to do. Can you help? Do i need to change something in the settings? i did some changes there but didn't help... The worflow is like this: Library (Emby is on iMac with Catalina - streaming wirelessly to LG Smart TV (4
  5. kovibalko

    HDR x265 mkv picture problem

    420/5000 Hi! The problem is the following: (I watch H264 1080p mkv movies mostly with 5.1 Hungarian sound) At the same time, in the case of HDR x265 mkv files, blurring and pixel blurring can be experienced in the lower 15-25cm band of the TV screen. (2017 49 '' LGUJ701V 4k HDR tv, ARC = Delock High Speed HDMI cable Ethernet 3D 4K 2 m Slim High Quality, Denon X1600 AVR, Lenovo Legion Y520 notebook,) Thanks for th
  6. I would like to have a feature than allow me to search on an library, only in that library and not in the others, or/and show's us in the general search bar on wish library the movies/tvshows/etc... is located (and turn it available on Android TV, Android, iOS, LG, Samsung, etc...) . "how it's search now" "Preview" after code in this e.g 1º %libraryname% is equal to French Library (Films - [FR] ) and in the 2º %libraryname% is equal to English Library (Movies - [EN] ) Kinds Regards
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there was in the future update a way to filter the audio (Like e.g by english,french,spanish etc..) and the same for subtitles i can do that for container and etc.... but it doesn't show me for audio, subtitles. So i would to request it, as i can see on plex i can do that but not in emby. Not sure if this is related but don't forget to add this filter in all library type.
  8. marky9074

    FLAC 7.1 to LG WebOS?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, however having re-ripped all my media using FLAC given the lack of license with Synology (and others) for DTS, I am wondering why Emby is not handling the native 7.1 streams on 'newer' blu-rays and 4K UHD and outputting them as 5.1 to clients. Maybe this is an LG specific thing, as a quick test playing on Android phone and through the browser on my desktop (2ch) seems OK? All I get through my LG 65" OLED (2018) is a blank screen and no sound, and on the LG 32" LCD a high pitched buzz/whistle. Going back to Plex (which I am trying to get away fr
  9. synology ds118 and lg tv both on the network (wired). Installed the emby app. Browsing is ok, but playing is terrible. The movie pauzes every 10-20 seconds for about 5-10 seconds and then starts playing again.
  10. Hi, I am having problem playing some content on the app for LG Smart TV. I am using the version 1.0.24 of Emby client and the TV model is TV UH650V. Some content plays with no issue and some of them enter the media player with black screen and no audio. The Emby Server ( shows that the TV is playing the show. If I force the transcending (lowering quality), the file is transcoded and it plays correctly. Moreover, the files that do not work on LG TV, plays nicely on other client (direct play/streaming). It seems that the container is not supported, but the LG app is not
  11. Hi So I have a remote server connected with gigabit connection, at home I'm using the Emby app on LG 65C9 TV running WebOS 4.5. Use the server with UHD movies mainly containing HD audio like DTH-HD MA, Dolby True HD or event Dolby True HD Atmos. The problem is that on this Emby player app, in the settings, the maximum quality we can set for audio (with internet stream) is 2Mbps and for certain audio tracks this is not enough hence the server is forced to transcode / downgrade the audio to AC3 format with such a low bitrate... Example yesterday I did several tests with various m
  12. Hi all! I have a Synology DS118 NAS and an LG B9 Oled TV. Emby works fine, but I can't play 4k contents with it. It always tries to transcode, but obviosly my NAS doesn't have enough power for this. I tried to set every network bandwith to the maximum in the client, but the result is the same: NAS killed by this overhelming task. Meanwhile the built in player plays this video fine. What is the problem? How can I avoid transcoding? Logs attached. Thank you for your help in advance. Fisha Video details: Video ID : 1 Format : HEVC Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding Forma
  13. ramonrue

    4K HDR Playback / Streaming

    Hi everyone, So the last couple of hours I was trying to get some 4K HDR files (HEVC encoded) to play back on my TV, an LG something-something 4K HDR capable TV. Following clients with their respective results: Apple TV (some 4K capable version): Direct Playing, no issues with .mkv container, HEVC video and TrueHD audio. Not working properly because of the native client not being integrated (or something like that :-) ) as of now: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/70719-thoughts-on-the-best-emby-app-and-best-streaming-device-please/page-4&do=findComment&comme
  14. qazwsx10

    OLED Screensaver

    I thought I saw a previous post about this earlier, but I couldn't find it when I searched for it again (it may have been on reddit). I had read that if you have a Nvidia Shield as the Emby Client/App, the screensaver wouldn't turn on automatically when you pause your media since it's play directly on the Nvidia Shield. I was curious if instead we use the LG Emby App directly on the TV, if the screensaver would turn on if we pause the media since it is an internal app? Thank you! Qazwsx10
  15. Good morning! So for the longest time, my set up has been the following: Emby Server: PC with external hard drives Emby Client: Nvidia Shield But I recently bought an LG OLED C8 that I was planning using as the Emby Client. So I was thinking of changing my set up to the following to reduce power usage: Emby Server: Nvidia Shield with external hard drives Emby Client: LG TV My previous TV was only 1080p, so I didn't have any issues with playing directly on their through my Nvidia Shield, but since my PC uses quite a bit of power, I did consider in the past making my Nvidia Shield both the
  16. Ahim13

    Ass direct play

    Hi, so today I updated the emby app on my LG tv and now it always wants to transcode the media, whereas before the update it was direct play even with ass subtitles. Thai feature was of the things I chose Emby. Please help resolve this issue, or does anyone know how to rollback to previous emby version on lg tv? Thanks
  17. Pandabuck

    Cannot change audio track

    Hello Guys, I cannot change default langage in a video with the app on my LG TV (model 55EF950V), apps version 1.0.15 last updated 15/03/2019. The langage is checked as used but the auditorack doesn't switch. It works well on chrome (PC) and on my phone (Huawei P20 pro) perfectly. I don't know what to do, I reinstall the app, modify default langage in the media server too, nothing works. If anyone has any idea on how to solve this. Thank you very much Panda.
  18. Hi All Hoping for some help with this issue. I've investigated playback errors in the past, but don't seem to get anything helpful from the log this time. FreeNAS 11.2-U3 with Emby server in a jail. Created a new jail and installed Emby following official instructions for here: https://emby.media/freebsd-server.html I can browse to the webUI and play fine in Chrome browser on laptop, but LG TV throws an error on any video: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. [LG] web
  19. Hi I installed the LG app on my LG TV and customized the home screen from horizontal to vertical (or the other way around, I do not recall the name itself). I just know that I changed it from default. Now in the new layout I do not see customize Home screen button anymore. How do I customize the home screen now? I just want it all back to default layout. Uninstall and reinstall did not help/ thanks
  20. Hi! Yesterday I was checking how the new server is holding up, I discovered following bugs; 1. Changing audiotrack language from default "x" to "y" is broken. 2. Menu scrolling under eBooks tab is broken/overlaps top bar. 3. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I switch to another internal 4. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I swith to another external sub (I get overlapping subs) Clearification: When I start a movie with internal subtitles (none burned) and change to external (.srt) I get overlapping subtitles, when I set it to "OFF" the internal sub wont appear
  21. dnanielsen

    TV guide overlay?

    I found a bug in the LG TV app with Live TV, but it got me thinking. I used the SIPTV app before, and they have a feature where you can watch TV guide/switch channels when playing the current channel, like it happened in this bug. Maybe it would be possible to map such an overlay feature to one of the color buttons (red, green etc.) on the remote? It will need some work to make the overlay text look better/clearer but it wasn't too hard to read already. Not sure If it's difficult to reproduce this bug, but it happened when viewing TV guide, I clicked on the current program in one channel the
  22. Since switching to an LG OLED a few months back, I'm no longer able to properly play back my VFR mkv files. This fails to work through both my Chromecast Ultra and directly through the LG app. The video and audio are immediately out of sync, which would seem to indicate the timestamp info for VFR are not being read properly. This worked very well with my Chromecast Ultra connected to a Panasonic plasma (from 2009). Seems unlikely that the plasma could handle this properly while the 2017 LG OLED fails, but stranger things have happened. Is there any chance there is something on the Emby
  23. Nic0wyN

    Halloween Theme

    Hi, how to remove the halloween theme, try to change config, in display preference on Emby server, no change on emby app. (have desactivate all option in relation seasonal theme, not working) And can't find the menu in Emby app (disappear when i have change the grid) (Didn't like the theme cause theme music continues playing even after the beginning of the video, must wait for the end of the music .... ) Can you help me ? (sorry for my english, french here )
  24. Hi guys, I can't turn off subtitles in the Emby App. It says "No subtitles" in the settings and I can select "Off" in the Subtitles while playing a movie but subtitles will not disappear. I tried to reinstall the app (1.09), didn't help. If I stream the same movie from the Web App to the same TV, then I can turn off subtitles in the TV settings (maybe I could say WebOS based settings) but I would like to use the app on the TV only. Do you have any idea? Thanks, Marci
  25. medolino2009

    LG UB850v-ZD with Emby 1.08 very slow

    Hi guys, i am Mickey, i have LG UB850V-ZD with webOS 1.4 and Emby is painfully slow... Browsing trough library takes 3 sec. for every click , so to move right click on remote right and need to wait about 3 sec. for selection to move... when press ok to play something it takes also around 5 - 10 sec. before it start playing .... Playback is ok... I used to use Plex, and have life time Plex Pass, but found Emby and fell in love with it... I really hope app for webos LG TV became usable so i can pay for life time license for Emby to... This is for me show stopper... so please if possible fi
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