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  1. hgozilla

    Library disappearing Emby for Kodi

    Hi there, SInce a few weeks I have an issue in Kodi using Emby for Kodi. Indeed, my librairies in Kodi, which are exclusively built from Emby for Kodi, sometimes simply disappear and it shows empty librairies in Kodi. This issue is totally random, as it might work perfectly for a few days, and then one day my librairies will be empty. A few things to be noticed : - It seems to me that when turning on my TV and Kodi, my librairies are always showing as expected. The librairies disappearance always seems to occur when using Kodi for at least a few minutes (either by playing a video file or navigating in Kodi menus). - Librairies are still there and well on my Emby server, and I can access them perfectly fine in a web browser from another machine. - The only way for the librairies to appear again in Kodi is to hard turn off my TV (by pressing the turn off button, then unplug the TV, replug it and turning it back on). My TV is 2015 Sony Bravia with Android TV. - When Emby updates the librairies in Kodi, I have noticed that updating now takes about 2 minutes instead of about 20 seconds a few weeks ago. - Evrything else which is network/internet related works just fine in my TV. Last thing : I do not fully understand the difference between Emby for Kodi and EmbyCon. Could someone explain it to me, as EmbyCon could be an alternative solution if I cannot resolve my issue with Emby for Kodi (I would prefer to resolve my issue though) ? Thank you a lot in advance,
  2. planetvision.emby

    serveur dédié + kodi+emby

    Salut, j'ai un serveur dedie chez ovh :Serveur FS-48T-L - Xeon E5-2620v3 - 64GB - SoftRaid 12x4To SAS2 1- J'aimerai savoir si avec plusieurs centaine de user connecter en même temps sa peut poser problème a la lecture des vidéos? 2- Y'a t' il une config précise pour éviter des ralentissements sur les lectures de vidéos? 3- J'ai configurer emby + kodi + skin titan mais quand je ne trouve pas d'option ''RECHERCHE'' pour chercher un films (pareil pour series tv etc...) j'ai vu qu'il y'a FILTRE mais je voulais savoir si c’était possible d'afficher l'option recherche car quand on a énormément de films c'est pas simple sans ''Recherche''. Merci .
  3. Err0r0815

    lokale Kodi db zu Emby "importieren"

    Hallo, ich sehe erst jetzt, dass es auch ne deutsche Sektion hier gibt :-). Ich habe mich für den Liftime Support entschieden und gestern auch aktiviert. Jetzt meine Frage, gibt es einen eleganten weg automatisiert die Kodi db in EMby einlesen zu lassen? Das alle gesehenen Filme/Serien usw. übernommen werden? Grüße
  4. thibaut129

    Kodi keep LAN address

    Hi, I have little problem with my Emby plugin for Kodi. The plugin works very well but when I start Kodi I must each time rewrite the address of my Emby server because Kodi put my LAN address server. I put my log on this thread. In the log you can see that the connection with LAN address not working and after I change this address for the real server address and it's working. Thanks ! Thibaut P.S : I change my real server address with http://MYSERVERADDRESS
  5. doedeldie

    Kodi <> Emby, 2 Raspberry

    moin nach langer zeit hab ich mich wieder mit Emby befast. diesmal der raspberry als server. Ich habe 2 RPi auf einen läuft der Emby server auf den anderen Kodi nach langer zeit hab ich alles so hinbekommen wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. meine 2 Fragen sind kann ich kodi und emby server auf einen RPi laufen lassen, wenn ja wie? die andere frage ist kann ich mit emby auch auf externe platten zugreifen, also die nicht diereckt mit dem RPi wo der emby drauf ist verbunden ist, aber im gleichen netzerk ist platte ist an der Fritzbox angeschlossen ich weiss das ich die platte auch an der RPi anschliessen kann, aber was ich nicht möchte und auch da wenn ja wie? danke in vorraus wenn mir jemand die fragen beatworten kann doedeldie 'Ps: da ja alles bei mir geht, sind es eigendlich nur wissens fragen
  6. If you use "Native (Direct Paths)" in the Emby for Kodi add-on and the library's "Shared network folder" on the Ember server side has erroneous slashes in it, the add-on silently doesn't add the "smb://" prefix leading to unhelpful errors that don't help lead the user to fixing their error. I wonder if it might be possible to either validate the "Shared network folder" setting warning for duplicate slashes or mixed forward and backward slashes on the Emby server side and/or make the logic for when to prepend "smb://" less picky on the Kodi add-on side, such as just doing it for every path that starts with "\\". In my case, I mistakenly entered a single forward slash later in the "Shared network folder" windows network path, e.g.: "\\server\share\foo/bar". Without anything pointing out the mix of slashes, it took me forever to finally notice them after many failed debugging sessions, especially since cutting and pasting the paths into Windows Explorer worked just fine. In another user's case, they mistakenly entered a trailing back slash in the "Shared network folder" resulting in a double back slash for the full path: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47453-invalid-smb-paths/&do=findComment&comment=448373 Emby Server Kodi 17.6 Emby for Kodi add-on 3.0.11a I apologize for the lack of a debug log file. All previous instances of the error messages have already been overwritten since I fixed the "Shared network folder" and done a "Repair local database (force update all content)" and my libraries are too large to do that twice as I'd have to do to reproduce the issue.
  7. I have been using Emby and kodi for quite a while, but i cannot understand what i have done so that only a small portion of my tv show appear into kodi (but they are all there in the emby web interface, and also i can send them to kodi via the web inteface.) here is the emby log https://www.dropbox.com/s/993y2qytq3ogx50/server-63652059363.txt?dl=0 What i dont understand is that all my movie are at both place (kodi and emby web client) but not the tv show Hope that give you all the information to help me ! edit: Emby Version
  8. livtyler

    Emby Crashing on Vero 4K

    Im using Vero 4k on the latest release, after some troubleshooting via the OSMC forums it was suggested it is not a Vero 4K problem but probably the Emby Add on for Kodi. When syncing my movies and tv shows it will crash multiple times which will cause the sad face crash. Eventually it does this a few times and it seems to import everything. However, all TV shows and movies crash on playback after a few seconds. Ive deselected force Artwork Caching and limited the download threads to 1, but still the error persists. logs are attached. Kodilog.txt
  9. Hi, I currently use the Emby for Kodi plugin to stream my media to a FireTV box remotely. I am thinking of purchasing an external hard drive to plug into the AFTV for local playback. Will adding media from the hard drive directly to Kodi library cause any issues with the imported library from my Emby server or can they co-exist without any issues? Thanks for any info anyone can provide before I invest in a hard drive.
  10. I've seen this bug twice now using two different Kodi instances on the same emby library. For some reason, some series will be missing from Kodi until a refresh is done on Emby for the missing series. Once that is done, and Kodi receives the update, the missing series is merged with another series, with the title being replaced with the missing series's title, but the episode titles staying the same. An example of it happening: https://imgur.com/a/bpAGY This mostly happens with series using metadata from the Anime plugin, where, for example, TVDb lists it as a single series with multiple seasons, whereas AniDB etc. list it as multiple series. From inspecting the DB, it would seem like the plugin is assigning the same kodi_id to multiple items: https://imgur.com/a/ZLGzW I can upload emby.db and MyVideos60.db if that would be also useful for debugging the issue. I have multiple series with the same problem. Again, normally where the items are in the same series in TVDb, but not in aniDB. This is the log file from kodi, split to show before and after the Emby metadata refresh: https://gist.github.com/Mitame/013c2caba7c4f19d1f595a1fa5b1dcb1 Thanks, - Mitame
  11. I am using an external player with Kodi. Once the user finishes watching and clicks on Kodi's dialog "Click 'Ok' when playback has ended", the particular video is marked as watched for a second. After which "Comparing Database" pop-up comes on the top-right corner and the video is again marked as unwatched. This happens even if the video is manually marked as watched after exiting the external player. However, this does not happen when using the built-in Kodi player.
  12. adam.niescierowicz

    Multiversion crash emby

    Hi, I have added couple of video version to test multiversion with diffrent bitrate. Emby recognize video files and added them in one position with diffrent bitrate - so far good. After I change connection speed to lower value in the kodi, video stop working. In the server logs I found the following error: https://pastebin.com/y4Y83wwN
  13. I'm having the hardest time trying to fix something here and I can't figure out why. I have several Nvidia ShieldTV units at home and I've installed them all the same: Install Kodi Add the Kodi Emby Beta Repo from http://kodi.emby.media Install Emby Install and Enable the Titan for Krypton skin For some reason the Titan for Krypton Skin just blanks out my home screen in Kodi. I don't even need Emby installed for this to happen. All of my other ShieldTV's work but for some reason on this new one I cannot enable it. Has anyone else had this problem, or gotten it to work, that has done an install lately? Thanks, Josh
  14. As the title implies, Emby is occasionally is showing episodes of TV shows in the Movies library section of Kodi. Specifically, the problem has occurred with various episodes of Rick and Morty as well as Family Guy. The Metatdata editor properly lists the episodes as TV, and they are located in the correct storage locations with their counterparts. What's weirder is that the problem isn't limited to specific episodes, the only constant unhappy child is "Family Guy 16x01 - The Emmy Winning Episode". You see, if I Scan the library, or even completely rebuild it, I get a nice shuffle of which episodes will randomly appear in the Movies Directory. I'm at a loss. PS: I know the FAQ says not to zip log files, but I was warned repeatedly about not being allowed to upload .docx files. Sorry! Thanks! 100817-128pm.zip
  15. Dear all, Let me introduce my context and then ask you what can be done with Emby: 1) My context: Kodi (17.4 Krypton with Misfit Mod AM Smooth Build) installed on: Windows10 Desktop, FireTV Stick, H96 Android tv dongle Synology NAS currently empty (no multimedia content). I have installed Emby. 2) What I would like to do: When updating the current Kodi Build I am using, when removing the current Build and uploading a new Build, when adding new addons on the Kodi installed on my desktop, then I would like to have all other devices updated at the same time. Let me know if I can do this with Emby. What would be the best tutorial/video that would guide me through the steps to have this setup? Many thanks for your feedback. OCdR.
  16. Everything used to work until today. I am using Emby .NET Core version. As i can see on Emby webpage (8096) there's all my music about 1200 tracks. Problems started occuring when I added folder with Audiobook then in my Kodi Music tab was only 15 songs (audiobook track). I removed audiobook and my library doesnt return even after Refresh Emby playlist/Video nodes Perform manual sync Repair local database (force update all content) Perform local database reset & all above Now theres only 53 song files... I have checked Kodi logs and theres huge file with syncing all files Some info on beggining Ending of file
  17. Hello experts, I'm a KODI user, with Emby for KODI addon installed (LibreELEC / KODI 17). I have an external usb disk, which isn't always plugged, plus it's on a remote computer (another room). If this usb disk is plugged on the remote computer, a script mounts it in LibreELEC as a network cifs share (if unplugged, it's unmounted). But, it seems Emby doesn't detect the changes : - it doesn't appear automatically in library sources if i try to add a new folder (seems normal). - if i try to restart Emby (i did a "systemctl restart service.emby.service"), I notice Emby restarts itself, then i see the mountpoint's path created, but without any subfolders from the share. Folders are accessible in LibreELEC after the mount. How can Emby detect changes in mount points ? Thanks for your assistance. Regards,
  18. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, Problem1: Ich brauche eure HILFE , es geht darum ich habe zwei Systeme wo Kodi 17.4 darauf läuft, einmal einen Fire tv2 und einen Fire tv stick und einen emby server auf dem RaspberryPi 3 . Ich habe das Problem das jedes mal wenn ich einen Film schaue und den zum Beispiel nach 30 min Stoppe wird er mir bei Kodi sowie auf dem emby Server als gesehen angezeigt und kann ihn nicht an der gestopten stelle weiter fortführen. Problem2: Wenn ich über meinen Computer schauen möchte dann kann ich die Filme anwählen aber er spielt sie nicht ab ffmpeg ist installiert . Desweitern meckert auch der Apple TV und gibt eine Fehler warnung heraus. Liegt das an dem RaspberryPi3 das er die mkv dateien nicht transcodieren kann oder ist er zu schwach auf der Brust ? ffmpeg-transcode-60cc35fa-ab79-43ea-97a1-ebbafc208778.txt
  19. nerachnaku

    Path Substitution Issues

    Howdy, I have been having issues with my setup after switch to streaming to Kodi using direct paths and path substitution on the server side. I have found a work around and am posting here in case someone else was having this issue. Issue: When setting path substitution for folders movies are handled differently than TV shows. EX: For movies the trailing \ is required to resolve a path properly (\\EXAMPLE\Movies\ will resolve correctly but \\EXAMPLE\Movies won't as it merges the file name and the folder name together). TV shows on the other hand behave differently and require the opposite when setting the Path Substitution per folder (\\EXAMPLE\TVShows will resolve correctly but \\EXAMPLE\TVShows\ will not as the Kodi plugin resolves it as SMB:\\EXAMPLE\TVShowsSMB:\\(TVSHOWNAME)). It seems that the movie handler won't add the trailing \ when resolving a network path and the TV handler interprets a trailing \ as SMB:\\ Work around: When setting the path substitution on the server be sure to include a trailing \ (\\EXAMPLE\Movies\) for Movies and when setting the path substitution for TV folders omit the trailing \ (\\EXAMPLE\TVShows) If anyone has any questions please reply and I will try to clear up anything I can.
  20. edd--

    kodi addon not updating / syncing

    Hi, since a few week I noticed my library is not syncing anymore: when new movies or episodes get added I have to perform a manual refresh to get the changes pushed through. I tried reinstalling after doing a library purge (erasing all emby addon settings) and also tried on a completely differnt system. Kodi is OSMC (latest build) Any help is appreciated !
  21. Hi there, I have an Emby Server that is capable of transcoding. When transcoding and watching the transcoded stream in a browser everything is perfectly fine. However I have a RPi3 with Kodi, that is connected via Wifi and one that is connected over the Internet. Both play videos, that are not transcoded perfectly fine. For some videos however, I need transcoding and these videos keep on stuttering. I tried to enable the Kodi cache in the advancedsettings.xml, cause it seems like a caching problem for me. Caching works fine for videos that are not transcoded. The cache is filled up to the desired value. When I start a transcoded video the cache is not filled and the videos stutters every now and then because the Wifi speed sometimes drops under the bitrate value (but is a lot over that in average). Is this a known behaviour? Might be connected to the fact that transcoding produces lots of small .ts-files. I couldn't find anything in the search. Are there workarounds so the transcoded files are cached as well and can be watched smoothly over Wifi? Thanks for your help!
  22. thejacer87

    SMB instead of HTTP

    so here's my setup: Media Server: shitty computer that runs sonarr, transmission etc. and the HDDs storing all the media are here. SMB server is here! My Main computer: running the emby server Rpi3 with Kodi: uses the emby for kodi add-on. obviously connects to the emby server at 192.168.1.X (emby server IP). No playback issues. But if i try to use smb. it tells me it can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file. Well that's obvious, my main computer doesn't have an SMB server. so in the network settings i add for the ip 192.168.1.Y (media server ip) and the network creds. but when i go to play a video, i get the same error saying "can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file". So i guess my question is: What is the correct way to smb to a different server than the emby server? Or, is that even possible? thanks
  23. FingerlessGlovs

    [BUG] backslash network credentials.

    Hi, I've found a bug in the network credentials add wizard. If the username contains a \ because its authenticating against a domain. It doesn't work, I believe it's doing something with the \ I tried, good number of times reentering it. Reopened Kodi, still no luck. I fixed it but going in to the file manager. Adding a new Source, then when it asked for my SMB credentials I said to remember these credentials for this path. Used my domain\user and then I was able to use Kodi. I hope this can be fixed as I took a while for me to think of another way for Kodi to remember my credentials. Jonny Using Kodi 17.2 I would upload logs but using an Android TV box(Nvidea Shield), so not so easy to grab the logs off it. I'm guessing its converting the character to something else
  24. mrbrahman

    Folder view for "Unset (mixed content)"

    I'm trying to setup Emby plugin for Kodi to view my home videos, and setup the folder in the library as "Unset (mixed content)". While the Emby UI (on the browser) shows the folders nicely, I'm not able to see the folders in Kodi (using Emby plugin). The Kodi plugin shows all the videos flattened out under the top folder. I used the instructions in kodi wiki to setup the Emby plugin, and use the default skin (Estuary for Kodi 17.3) Any pointers on how to view all the sub-folders in Kodi? Thank you!
  25. Syztemlord

    Add from shared server?

    Hi guys, A friend has shared his server with me and I'd like to link this content to my server so I don't have to keep switching between the 2. I'd ideally like to link his content so I can view it in EMBY-Kodi alongside my local content. Is this possible?
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