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  1. Hi all, Just a request for the tvOS app to respect the logged in user on the Apple TV. The ideal behaviour would be to have an option to ‘remember me’ per TV user, so when changing user in control centre, the emby user would change also to reflect that. Cheers!
  2. Currently, the only certified Android TV device with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio passtrough support is the Nvidia Shield. However, the original Xiaomi Mi Box was the only affordable device with the same support as far as I know, but it was removed altogether when the Android 9 update arrived recently, it appears it was removed due to licencing restrictions. When we play any video in Emby on any Android TV device without passtrough of the aforementioned codecs, the server transcode the audio stream into Dolby Digital. Why not transcoding those lossless audio codecs into
  3. Now that I've got Open Subtitles working, my server is filled with subtitles downloaded for my stubs. It's a stub, so of course it doesn't have subtitles, but the file that replaces it may or may not. It's pointless to download subs that might just end up getting deleted when a real video file replaces the .disc file.
  4. Can you set the video length format to hours and minutes on all platforms? Android mobile has hours and minutes, but Android TV has just minutes. I'd rather not have to calculate hours every time I view the video length.
  5. waynepaulward

    Apple TV live tv spin and crash

    Just reinstalled all my Emby server and Emby clients on phone and Apple TV got a fresh start On iOS Emby client I get the full TV guide and can make recordings and can beam these to the televisions On the AppleTv app when I select iptv and channels it used to spin a while and show the channels. Now it spins and the client just crashes so can’t just go direct to channels any more have to beam from my phone which is a real pain. Is there a way I’m Emby server to tell it not to look at the tv seasons and movies in the iptv list without using a proxy or m3u editor Wayne Sen
  6. In Movies libraries, on the top bar I have options for "Movies", "Suggestions", "Trailers", "Collections", "Favorites", "Genres" and "Folders". In TV libraries, this becomes "Shows", "Suggestions", "Upcoming", "Favorites", "Genres", "Networks", "Episodes" and "Folders". I'd like a Collections option for TV libraries as well. Otherwise I have to go to the Collections library which also contains all my other collections, making it harder to find the collection I want.
  7. Probably not the best title nor do I know if this is an Embuary issue or just an issue. I've been having this issue for a while now and I'm just getting around to posting it. We watch a lot of TV and when we're done with the episode we'll delete it. The deletion seems to work fine. The problem arises when I delete the last episode of a show. The episode will delete but the show image stays in the list of shows even though there are no episodes in there. Once I click in and back out of the show it disappears. It's like something is just getting stuck and when you click on it then it realizes it
  8. OmniiOMEGA

    Question about my server

    What’s happened to the playlists in Emby? They’ve disappeared??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hello I had already talked about it, but it would be nice to be able to disable the "download to" function while keeping the "download" function. Because any user can send downloads to other users' devices. Or, users would only see their own devices, not those connected to other accounts.
  10. Hi there, Here’s a photo of the wrong aspect ratio of YouTube videos that play inside the Emby app for iOS, it’s been like this since version god knows?? Please fix?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Was watching Billy Madison in MKV and noticed the playback controls are missing even though it’s an MKV file? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. lightsout

    Green static with HDR

    I have a 4 series TCL TV. Sometimes when I play an HDR movie the screen goes all green and blocky. Sometimes skipping forward will fix it. Was happening last night watching a remux of Toy Story 4. Is this a know thing? I've had Emby do this on a small Android box as well.
  13. Please make collections independent of it’s path so relocating or renaming media in folder structures doesn’t affect collections and its items. I often update media files, it’s folder name or/and folder structure for various reasons and every time I do that those items affected disappears from collections I put them in.
  14. Now that Google and Amazon are playing nice again and they've added the YouTube app back to Fire devices, can we get the trailer option added back to the FireTV emby app? Would make my life so much better as my wife constantly nags me that she can't watch a trailer to see what the movie is about lol.
  15. Bussiebaer

    Kodi doesn't sync anymore

    System: Windows Emby Server Kodi 17.6 Emby for Kodi 4.1.14 I don't know for how long, just today I realiced the sync between Kodi and Emby isn't working anymore (worked over a year without problem before, didn't changed anything except automatet updates). New Shows and Films appear in Emby, but not in Kodi. After starting Kodi, I get the welcome to Emby-Message, but no Update-Message after that. Don't get the reason for it. Hope you can help me. I attached the Log from Kodi. kodi.log
  16. I'm setting up a new box with Kodi and Emby and found out that, when using Emby Connect, the plugin seems to "forget" the login details every time it starts. It asks to log in every time then. 2019-09-10 20:26:04.176 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> --->>>[ EMBY ] 2019-09-10 20:26:04.177 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> Version: 4.1.14 2019-09-10 20:26:04.177 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> KODI Version: 18.4 Git:48c0b53aae7b0647d1f5a0a9cdb6ad5b1ebb9407 2019-09-10 20:26:04.187 T:3850568576 NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -&g
  17. I setup emby for Kodi. I only want three libraries synced. Movies, TV shows and 4k. They show up fine. But on the front page of Kodi under movies I see all my kids stuff which is a section I didn't add. How do I prevent this from showing up?
  18. I have an Amazon Fire Stick 4k HDR version. Apps like Netflix and HBO Go have their own "Recommends" row on the home screen. They allow you to launch specific content directly without going into the app then selecting the content. It would be great if emby could do this as well.
  19. This is been bothering me for a while.. almost every time I open emby guide for the first time the bottom two guide rows are missing until I scroll them out of view and then come back. They magically load then. I can re-create. I’ll attach a video in a few minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with my Kodi/Emby set up. Just noticed several tv show show up on my son's Kodi profile, even though the folder these shows are in is unchecked in the Library access for that user and also don't appear if I browse his library directly in Emby. Seems to be quite a few shows, but not all. I've checked and Emby For Kodi user is correct in the settings. There are two Emby users linked to two separate Kodi profiles. Anything obvious likely to cause this before I throw up log files? I'm a little concerned about what else may appear in his profi
  21. I think i was going to try this feature when it first rolled out in emby. Sounds cool as heck to take a picture and have it show up on the server! But realized it would upload all photos in my gallery to the server. I've got nothing to hide, but having labels that i need to take pictures of in order to blow them up to read and other trivial crap aren't worthy of server space, but phone worthy. So i backed off doing it then. Tonight i figured i would try this out again (years later?) only to remember why i didnt do it in the first place... There is just stuff on my phone that i dont
  22. Kodi Version: Leia RC5 Emby Version: (Running on 32-bit QNAP NAS. Highest Version currently available in QNAP CLUB) Emby for Kodi Version: 4.0.1 Upgraded Kodi to Leia RC5 inorder to address a video rendering issue with my Ubuntu machine. Following the upgrade Emby for Kodi failed, so I upgraded to the beta branch; I believe it was 3.1.44a. Performed a database reset as requested by the addon. Added my libraries and began syncing. Sync worked fine until it encountered a series with a very large number of episodes (over 1500). Sync appears to get stuck on this series and then event
  23. Hi, I recently upgraded to EmbyServer 4.02 (on QNAP x64 NAS) and my client (an nVidia Shield) to Kodi Leia RC5. I updated the Emby add-on to the beta channel 3.1.44a I did a full reset of the Kodi database After doing that, none of my BDMV rips (loose files in the Blu-ray folder structure) would play. I noticed that the path to the item was different in 3.1.xx vs 3.0.34 In 3.1.xx - DOES NOT PLAY \\QNAP\Movies\First Man In 3.0.34 - WORKS FINE \\QNAP\Movies\First Man\BDMV\index.bdmv NOTE: I can play MKV files just fine, so I know it is not a server acces
  24. I'll be honest and say I struggle figuring some of this stuff out. So this may be something simple and stupid I am missing. But what I am finding is my library appears almost perfectly in Emby but doesn't show up correctly in Kodi. For example, I have a six season TV series that shows up perfectly when I view it from the Emby web interface. All the seasons and episodes are there and show in the correct order. But when I open the same series in Kodi, I only see two seasons and even they do not show all the correct episodes. When I look at the files stored on disk, I am seeing all the episod
  25. quetzalcoatl666

    Movie set issue

    Hi, I have an issue with movie sets not being syncronized from the Emby server to Kodi. I am using Emby server with Kodi companion and Auto Box Sets On Kodi side I have 3 clients: 2x Kodi 17.6 with Emby for Kodi 3.0.34 and Kodi 18.0-RC2 with Emby for Kodi 3.1.35a. On each of the clients I am missing the majority of my movie sets, means that some sets are there but most of the ones that are shown directly on the Emby server are not. I had the feeling, that sets appear after I clicked on them on the server (via browser) but that is also not always the case. On the tw
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