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  1. Hi folks, Let me know if posting a server log would help. I'm on the latest release Version 3.0.5972.0 I just put the movie "Colonia" (a 2015 production) onto my server. It was in a folder called "\Colonia\" which I thought would be specific enough. Instead, it was identified as a 2011 short movie called "Ars Colonia." No worries... or so I thought. I went into the server's Metadata Manager, picked the movie, and used the Identify option. A bunch of possible matches showed, including the 2015 Colonia that was the correct one. I clicked on it to select it, then hit the submit, making sure I had the box checked for Replace Existing Images. Upon clicking Submit it returns to the metadata manager folder view with "Ars Colonia" selected. Nothing changes or updates based on the corrected selection. I tried Saving... no change. Tried choosing the Refresh option. No change. I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong, but perhaps somehow it's user error. Please advise, but I think this is likely a bug. Thanks for your help. Marc
  2. computerprep

    Ebook metadata fetcher?

    So I wish I had the time or pre-existing skills to write a plugin here. I know several languages, but alas... nobody wants my life story. My hope is that someone already involved in plugin development or development in the main server will be inspired by this idea. If Ebooks can be "identified" through Emby with their ISBN, I can logically see a plugin/feature of Emby that would take the following information, generate the appropriate URL, parse the URL for a specific div, and copy the contents of that div into various metadata fields. For instance... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak... BOOK OVERVIEW (see attached screenshot) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/book-thief-markus-zusak?ean=9780375842207 URL format: "http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/" + full-title + author-first-last + "?ean=" + isbn13 Inside this page, copy contents of div.overview-desc, stripping out the h2 tags and their contents note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens BOOK COVER IMAGE http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9780375842207.jpg simple url format: "http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/" + isbn-13 + ".jpg" note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens ------------------------------------ Of course, this may need to be built into Emby Server in order to integrate the "identify" feature as seen in movies, television, etc. But the ISBN could always be manually input into the "website" part of the metadata, or the "comic vine volume id" since these ebooks aren't going to be in their database. This process can be duplicated for other information as well... Star ratings (see attached screenshot), reviews, and most other sites. As long as those sites are database driven, we can find that pattern. I'd love to help, but time is in short supply.
  3. In other topic, I guess @@Happy2Play was the one that told that in time of detecting media, info inside square [ ] brackets would be completely ignored by Emby. I went to do some tests and I guess it's not working as it should. Trying to manually identify 3 video concluded in this: - [1985] Back to the Future returned me correct. - [1989] Back to the Future II returned me correct. - [1990] Back to the Future III DIDN'T find anything at all. but after I removed the [1990] it found it normally. So... it's obvious that info inside square brackets aren't being ignored as predicted. Can you take a look at this? To make it really ignored? Additionally, can you "TRIM" the string before sending it to identify ? I've noticed different results when typing "Back to the future III" and " Back to the Future III" (space before name, or after) Thanks!
  4. I guess this picture pretty much explains the situation I'm having. Happened for a few albums, Emby correctly identifies them, but doesn't replace the artwork for all songs.
  5. I'm on server version 3.0.5781, and sometimes, Emby doesn't pick up musicbrainzID's for certain music files, although they are all properly tagged with the MBID. Can anybody confirm this behaviour?
  6. If i add a few new movies to my library, they appear in the Movie posters but are without it's poster image until the server does a scan later. So they're just grey. I'd like a quick 'n' easy way for it to go and grab and show the poster. For a movie that doesn't yet have any metadata, could it conditionally then have an 'Quick Identify' (Quick ID) button that appears on the mouse-over overlay, next to the 'three dot'menu button say, so that we can press that and it immediately searches the movie db and downloads the metadata and imagery, and then immediately updates the posters view to show the new imagery. This would NOT give the usual search options, etc, just a one click search with the defaults. So quick 'n' easy. If the filename wasn't formatted correctly, or it didn't come up with what's expected, then we can just go through the normal procedure to ID it manually. So this should work for 95-99% of new movies added.
  7. A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification... It seems that Identification of albums is only performed once on initial ingestion....maybe thats the same for all media types? It seems If no ID (MBZ?) is attributed to the album during initial ingestion, then no amount of scans or refreshes, advanced or otherwise would ever check the ID is correct, or try to fetch a missing ID. If a primary ID provider is down during initial ingestion, doesn't the user need a way to bulk identify objects? If the user has gone to the trouble of clicking refresh ... would it not be good for MB3 to retry to retrieve a primary identification for objects that do not currently have one..in case the provider was down during initial ingestion (or some other issue)? might it not be good for the user to be able to ask that content already with ids is reevaluated..(because the current identification is known to be false or the providor has changed their ids)? might it not be good for the user to be able to check that IDs are correct (eg for when matching logic has improved or the provider has changed their master info), so that mismatched IDs are included in reports for manual correction when required? It was not obvious imo in the current interface that refreshes do not attempt primary identification... Would there be a downside to identification being part of the default refresh for objects without primary id? Could the other options be added to the advanced refresh ui? Perhaps MB3 could beef up the remedial UIs (perhaps accessible from the quick overview pane in dashboard ui) Red Exclamation (as is current) for not identified - launch UI to choose correct match (or allow manual/null/give up) - (Identification Results could be presented more clearly and searches could be more targeted when possible e.g.. include artist in album searches) Amber Exclamation - A (potential) mismatch, worthy of further investigation..the providers name for ID does not match the library's name, or The ID no longer exists on providor. For casual users for something as critical as identification, and fuller more accessible remedial interface to identify/correct the outlying cases would make the ui more informative and immersive imo.
  8. Version 3.0.5509.223 This Film with this folder name is not identified.. A local .nfo has localtitle tag populated as St. Vincent (2014) Further use of identify function, without manual changes, does not detect. The Following Work as manual ammedments within the identify function... St. Vincent - without the year St Vincent (2014) - without the full stop St. Vincent 2014 - without the year in brackets %Movietitle% (%Year%) ...has always been a good way to get 100% detection...so is this a bug/an opportunity to improve? or am i out of step with naming convention and need to change...? I have OMDB First and TMDB second as metadate fetchers... edit noted server version
  9. I'm not quite sure what's going on here. For some of the series that I have, I am able to click the "Identify" button in the Metadata Manager, for others, such as Mad Men, it's not identifying, and I don't even have the "Identify" button available. The directory structure is correct (I have season folders underneath the top level directory) and media content is present. Yet, for some reason, as you can see in the screenshots there, on the one system, it's pulling VERY odd titles for the sub-folders (The Bachelor UK, The Biggest Winner Arab (season 3), Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy: Season 1: Vol. 2, For the Love of Ray J). It's very odd because I tried copying over the directory structure from another MB Server which is showing the metadata properly and I'm only getting this error on the new machine... and only on some series. :/ Any ideas why the "Identify" button wouldn't show up? Or why it's not populating the metadata properly for some series automatically in the first place?
  10. swhitmore

    Trouble adding series '24'

    Hey, I'm having trouble adding the series '24'. I think the issue could be related to the fact that I only have the specials (season 0) in the folder so far. I'll be adding the latest series when it airs tonight. As you can see in the first screenshot, there is no option to 'identify' the series, however there the option is there for the season 0. Server Log MBS Version 3.0.5236.40234
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