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  1. hedgehogg

    My new Folder Icons

    Had a play (All parts Google Gleaned)
  2. Starkadius

    Anime Genre Icons

    These are long overdue but they are finally here. I have created 89 109 genre/tag icons for anime to share with the community to use in tandem with the anime server plugin created by @@Aphid Design I used a "japanese brush" font and placed sakura petals flowing over the icon to give it an overall Japan feel. I know it might be cliche but when browsing from Movie -> TV -> Anime views I wanted the user to immediately recognize what view they were on. Anime sets itself apart from other media types (Movies, TV) as it has a genre/tag for practically everything. I meticulously attempted to give each genre an accurate representation whether it is an emotion or scenario by selecting the proper images that might fit such as the example above "Angst". Samples and many more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTMeb9IBN4I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFgrQcLwZo Download 109 genres included (background, folder and thumb) Genre List (Updated Nov 02 2014) Anime-Genre-Pack-1 Anime-Genre-Pack-2 Anime-Genre-Pack-3 Anime-Genre-Pack-4 Anime-Genre-Pack-5 NEW! (20 Genres Added - Nov 02 2014) Instructions You will find that the server makes both the Movies and TV shows use the same genre icons. In order to get around that you will need to add a prefix for TV and Anime series genres. Detailed instructions found here and here Additional Info There are still more genres/tags that I did not create. It will depend on the demand and/or requests of this set. Asian Drama (Dorama) Genre Icons TV Genre Icons
  3. The Baron

    Monochromatic Genre Icons

    I created a set of monochromatic TV & Film genre icons, I thought I would share them for (hopefully) your viewing pleasure. They are 640x360 in size, there are multiple TV and Film Genres including: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Foreign, Horror, SciFi, Thrilller, War & Western. Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53787006/genre-icons.zip I have included the Gimp2 template I used to create the icons. I've also created poster versions of the genre icons.
  4. shaefurr

    Shaefurr's Disparity Icons

    Download Disparity Get it from my site here: http://shaefurr.wix.com/fanart
  5. buddyweiser

    Collection Icons where?

    I found these awesome collection icons in the fan art forum, but I cannot find where to put them on my server...The ones I'm referring to are the favorites icon/background, and the movie genre icon/background.
  6. yardameus

    Flat EHS "Collection" Icons

    Made a few "flat" or metro type neutral EHS collection or folder icons. Figured I'd share... Update: Here's a quick overview of the available images. And here's an up to date zip, also including a simple psd if you want to make your own. https://www.dropbox.com/s/59y782tyauwofth/Flat%20EHS.zip?dl=0
  7. What are Asian Dramas? According to the DramaWiki: "Asian television entertainment that use the following Eastern Asian languages: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and Korean. TV dramas, artists, singers, directors and screenwriters related to Eastern Asian language TV drama series are included." What is a Dorama? Japanese television drama also called dorama, are a staple of Japanese television and are broadcast daily. All major TV networks in Japan produce a variety of drama series including romance, comedy, detective stories, horror, and many others. Client Sample - Windows Phone MB App Download Asian Drama Genre Pack 1 Asian Drama Genre Pack 2 NEW! (13 Genres Added - Dec 03 2014) Includes (32 Genres) folder.jpg (cover) background.jpg (720p resolution) thumb.jpg Anime Genre Icons TV Genre Icons
  8. A few more icons here that people may be interested in: http://quaffleeye.deviantart.com/gallery/
  9. Starkadius

    TVGenre Icons

    I have created these genre icons for the community to use for TV shows. Currently MediaBrowser does not support genre icons for TV shows but instead uses the movie genre artwork so basically I made these with the hopes that maybe one day when the server does support TV genres we can at least have these available to start off with. I created the icons using the psd that is provided on the github (designed by Tikuf) so it can match the genre icons of the other media types (Movies/Music). All dimensions are the same as the movie genre thumb/folder images. Hope you guys approve. Update: 2/28/2014 - Added "Supernatural Drama" Update: 3/2/2014 - Added "Cooking" Update: 3/3/2014 - Added "Anime" Update: 4/26/2014 - Added "Film Noir", "Home Videos", "TV Shows" Update: 4/28/2014 - Added Multiple Language Genres Client Sample - Windows Phone MB App Download Includes (24 Genres) folder.jpg (cover) background.jpg (720p resolution) thumb.jpg Download Includes (19 Language - Genres) folder.jpg (cover) background.jpg (720p resolution) thumb.jpg Anime Genre Icons Asian Drama (Dorama) Genre Icons
  10. Cheesegeezer

    Genre Icons question

    I'm trying to track down the forum topic for the Genre Icons that were created for the Server Builds and are preloaded, but I can't find it anywhere - I've used search, gone thru various sub forums and I just can't set my eyes on it. Anyway.... The ones below are the one's i'm refering to. Basically I have a request for the Genre "Chick Flicks" - Would some one kindly create this genre with a poster and thumb for this category please. Thanks in advance
  11. blumamba

    Icons not displaying

    I have placed some user created icons for themes in the mediainfo folder in a separate folder named all. This is in the server too btw, which I assume is where they go? I have created a skydrive link and placed the folder there for others and so the naming can be verified. I believe they are all named correctly so they should be used, however only a few will display properly. The Dolby TrueHD will but the DTS-Ma will not? The year Icons will also not display. Can some one point me in the right direction? If you have better ones, please let me know where I can get them. Thanks Link:http://sdrv.ms/1d2iaKj
  12. I'm just playing with the Windows 8/RT app and so far it's beautiful. I do have one problem though. My TV series' are broken up into two collections; one for narrative series, and one for documentary series. For the icons in the narrative section, I am using Demonseed's TV collection icons, which are (roughly) a 16:9 ratio. For the icons in the documentary series section, I use a poster icon with a different ratio. This is causing some inconsistency as the tablet application consolidates the collections into a single section. So, two questions: 1. Is it possible to separate the complete collections into smaller collections (Documentary Series, Narrative series, Animated series, etc.)? 2. If that is not possible, is there any way to maintain the aspect ratio of the folder.jpg icons? Thanks for a great app.
  13. Starkadius

    GameBrowser GameGenre Icon support

    Does MBC currently look at the ImagesByName\GameGenre directory for the gamebrowser genre icons? It seems to be fetching the icons from ImagesByName\Genre.
  14. Is there a location under "ImagesByName" where icons/backgrounds can be set for the Favorite Books, Favorite Movies etc sections located under Favorites view?
  15. I am starting a poll to get an idea of how many MediaBrowser users actually populate their genres with icons for their collections. I have noticed that some MB clients (MBC, MBT excluded) don't pull the genre icons from the server and instead just use the label. So really what I want to know is there a demand for genre icons to be pulled to other clients as well or do most of you simply not use genre icons and could care less. Thanks.
  16. Luke

    Starkadius TV Fanart

    Well done.
  17. Xzener

    Xzener's Fan Art

    Xzener's Emby Icons Download Xzener's Emby Reflection Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS (Non-3D) Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS Icons​ Download Reposted links in post 105
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