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  1. mbfan

    Movies stop playing when casting

    I am running MB server 3.0.5424.1 on a Gateway DX4840 and am running media browser 1.1.3 on my IPAD 2. The app connects to the server just fine. The problem is when I cast the movie to my TV utilizing Chromecast. It started fine, but within 20 minutes or so, the movie just stopped and returned to the start screen. I returned to the point where it left off and started playing again, but shortly thereafter, it happened (and continued to happen) again. It didn't seem to correspond to the IPAD sleeping, but if I kept toggling the "clients" menu on and off, it seems to keep it from stopping. Any ideas?
  2. Hello Guys, I didn't know where to place this so I placed it here. If it needs to be moved, please feel free to do so. Alright, Let me get to it. I just decided to get an XBOX as an extender to use with Windows Media Center and Media Browser Classic. As we all know XBOX does not play MKV files. All my files are MKVs. I would like to write a script or use an existing one with minor modification to mass convert all my movies and tv series from MKV to MP4. I am not sure what I do know about MKV to MP$ to be true so I am asking for some help. I have read several threads and everyone has their own take on this. This is what I know so far. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. MP4 must only contain AAC or AC3 tracks to be compatible with all devices. Converting MKV to MP4 is a resource hog and it is super slow. To speed the process MKV can just change the container to MP4 which is super fast. A lot of MKVs are encoded in H.264 which means the video part does not need to be re-encoded. It can just be copied to the new container. Also there will be no quality lost. Now if you have an MKV file with a DTS track, you may want to change the video container but remux the audio to AC3 or AAC. But AC3 requires the user to have a receiver. Otherwise, it will be force to be transcoded. AAC is the most common track. It will playback in all devices. Someone suggest to add an AAC track as well as AC3 to all MP4s to ensure that the file does not require transcoding ever. Also if someone has already done that, by all means, share the info. Edit: I would not have a chance to proof read so please ignore all grammar. I have to run to a meeting. Thanks,
  3. darwindeeds

    mbios.uservoice.com - feedback portal

    Guys, I have updated halfword.uservoice.com => mbios.uservoice.com to make it more relevant to the mb community. Going forward use the https://mbios.uservoice.com to voice feedback. There are some great feedback suggested already and we are excited to see the user interest.
  4. tired dad

    No users showing in app

    Hello, I've installed the app on an ipad after purchasing it in the store. I can configure the server, but after that, nothing happens. I cannot select a user from hte menu as none appear, and pressing refresh does not work. Has anyone else experienced this? I am runing server version 3.0.5309.26857
  5. This is just a quick update with mostly bug and stability fixes. We have a lot more features planned for both the near and long term, so stay tuned! - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents the local player from seeking correctly - Fixed the forward / rewind buttons - Fixed sort crash bug on movie/tv show list - Fixed the hostname/port fields on the add server screen - Now with less memory leaks! Don't forget to leave us a review!
  6. darwindeeds

    Media Browser Client for iPad is live!

    We are happy to announce that Media Browser for iPad has been approved in the Apple App Store. Appstore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/media-browser-client/id879475585?ls=1&mt=8 We know this has been a long time coming and we are glad the community has been so patient with us while we worked on it. There is still a lot of work to come. We plan to make this a universal app so that you can also use it on the iPhone. We also have a slew of features that we plan to implement in the coming months. If you have any suggestions for features please add them to our user voice site: https://mbios.uservoice.com/. Existing iPhone app Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/media-browser-for-ios/id705058087?ls=1&mt=8 Don't forget to leave a review!
  7. steelman1991

    iPad Teaser

    That looks the dogs danglies - at last I might have some reason to actually use our ipad. Love the clean lines and overall use of the screen space.
  8. Danee

    Translate iOS app

    Hello, first off all thank you for the iPad app, it's great! I'd like to know how we can help translate it to our native languages, it's not available (yet) on onesky.
  9. Hey guys, I'm just getting MB3 setup. I've been using the classic client version for the past 3 years or so. I've gotten all networking setup and can access my server from remote devices, such as an off-network PC. However, I still cannot get the iPhone app to connect to my server either by direct IP or DDNS. Are there iOS app specific settings on the server I missed? Again, both ports are properly open and forwarding to the server. I CAN connect and access my media remotely use a windows PC and the public DDNS/IP, but the iOS app will not connect. I currently use: https://PublicIP:8096/mediabrowser URL to connect. ******UPDATE Never mind. Realized that the app simply wants the IP alone. Took off the HTTP and other crap and it works
  10. darwindeeds

    iPad app - discussion

    Here is a link to our blog http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-58-media-browser-ipad-app-update/ Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have Update: .05/10/2014 Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update on how things are progressing. We are pretty close to done with the work for our app store submission, there are 2 outstanding issues related to Airplay and remote that we want to address before launch. We are targeting the app-store submission in the next few days. Stay tuned for more updates.
  11. darwindeeds

    Media Browser iPad app update

    We are very excited to introduce you to the new iPad app that we have been working on for the last few months. We wanted to create an app that goes beyond just basic functionality and also has a great user experience. The central theme that we focused on for this application was speed, speed, speed. Media Caching All media information is cached using a combination of both disk and memory caches. On startup we prime our memory caches with our disk cached media list information for a given server. This allows lightening fast loading of our media lists across tabs. Scrolling This makes or breaks the app; we have users with 1000s of movies and scrolling through them should be lighting fast. Jaggedness or choppiness will kill the user experience. Besides caching the media list we also aggressively cache all images into memory mapped files for the fastest retrieval was can possibly achieve. This results in a silky smooth scrolling experience. Navigation This is a subtle thing that can make for awful experience: opening a page and being stuck at a spinner. When you navigate between pages in our app we try avoid blocking the user. If data is required for a given view we try really hard to show what data we have available and then load the additional data in the background. Search and Sort The client has all the metadata that are required to sort or filter you list so we eliminate the need to make server calls and perform them locally. This results in almost instantaneous searching and sorting. Usability (UI/UX): Raw performance isn't the only way to create a faster experience. We worked with our designer, developers and testers to find ways we can make typical actions with the app fast. Here are some examples: Shallow Navigation: We want you to get to you media with minimum number of taps. To do this we designed a new "detail" screen for TV Shows. The user used to have to tap on tv shows > series > seasons > episodes > episodes detail before he can play his media. This can become tedious if you have to do it often. So we created a solution where you go from TV Shows > Detail page and everything that you need to access your TV Shows is designed into a single page. Perspective Design: We also wanted the main pages to be in focus all the time -- we have found excessive navigation can become tiring for a user. Example: You are checking out the movie Star Trek into the Darkness and you wanted to read about Chris Pine and check out what other movies he is in. We don't want to show a detail page, a cast page, related movie page. We wanted to keep you in the movie detail page while you access all the information that you are looking for. Trailers: Chapters: Same design applies to remote as well, the idea is to keep the key item in perspective. Home page is both stylish and functional. Just take a look. (Oh man, simulator and gif don't do just to home design) Solid Core Features: We know that Media Browser is a very feature rich server. We had to make a decision to either launch sooner or delay launching so we could continue to build out this long tail of features. We have decided to focus on a core set of features we think will be most used and do them as well as we can. We will re-evaluate this set of features after the app has been released for awhile and we collect feedback from our users. Some of the features that won't make it into our release: music playback, ebooks, internationalization, etc. We are very excited about this app and I hope you feel the same way when you get to try this app. We are targeting end of next week (before 5/10/2014) for the App Store submission and it will be available in all countries once we get through the approval process. Our Team: Simucal - Developer Darwindeeds - Developer ErgoProxy - Design Ninja I also wanted to give a special shout out to our beta testers sfnetwork, cheesegeezer, spaceboy and im85288. They have really helped us iron out a lot of bugs and design issues in our beta.
  12. dchaosblade

    App Purchase Cost

    So, I notice that when looking at the iOS and Android mobile apps the Android app costs $4.53 to purchase and the iOS app is free. I'm curious about a couple of things regarding these prices: Where did the $4.53 price for the Android app come from? This seems like an odd number to choose, is there a reason behind it? Why is the iOS app free but the Android app not? Any reason why they either are both free or both have a cost? I still intend to buy the Android app (my iPad doesn't support iOS 7 and I don't intend to pay the $700 for a new one any time soon), and I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for the app regardless platform, but the price discrepancy bothers me a little...
  13. darwindeeds

    Looking for beta testers - 2 spots available

    We are looking for 2 beta testers. We would like them to be very active for the next couple of weeks, there will be daily builds and we track all the bugs in trello. Looking for testers with iOS 7.1 iPad (non retina/retina), iPad mini (non retina/retina). It would help if you have large library sizes and multiple media devices (htpc - mbc, mbt, xbox 360, xbox one, roku, chromecast and/or android devices). Please PM me with details of your setup. It helps if you have decent rep in the community. If I don't PM you back, please wait for the next round of testing or public release. Thanks for your interest and help guys.
  14. Scallica

    iOS App - Version Requirement

    Please make the app compatible with previous version of iOS !
  15. fraenhawk

    iOS app showing non-existent shows

    Anyone else ever seen completely bogus data showing up in the client? When I look through the collections and folders manually, everything looks okay. But the recently added section is showing some shows and episodes I don't even have on my server. No problems in the web or android clients, just ios. I click on the bogus ones and I'm even getting metadata for the shows but they all show as 0 minutes. What may have triggered it was switching the server from my internal IP to external. I even deleted the App and reinstalled hoping that would clear any cache that may be used. I also tried switching back to the internal IP and still see the bogus shows.
  16. MSL_DK

    app like RDP

    Hello ... I am looking for an app (iPhone iOS 7.1) that can access my music collection on my PC and play it on my PC, so ... it lists my entire library with the possibility to start playing on my PC. The closest I can come to such an app is Microsoft Remote Desktop (iOS) Well, I do not need to stream anything. Like free app;)
  17. I have server Version 3.0.5192.19560 and iOS 7.1 on both my iPhone 4s and iPad mini. I can successfully navigate the web client and dashboard on my iPhone, but not on my iPad mini. When I attempt to load the dashboard, the page begins to load and then jumps to the sign in page. When I click my user icon, a spinning circle pops up and goes on indefinitely. On my iPhone, sign in is successful and I can then move through dashboard and web client without any problems. When using chrome on my iPad, I can successfully sign in, but run into similar issues already reported of not being able to access any media due to a grey screen/spinning circle issue. Thus why I am trying to use safari. Any ideas as to why my iPhone would work and the iPad is getting hung up? Thanks. I have included the log file for the last few mins when I was able to sign in via iPhone, but then got stuck trying to do the same on iPad. server-63531772441.log
  18. I have server Version 3.0.5192.19560 and iOS 7.1 on both my iPhone 4s and iPad mini. I can successfully navigate the web client and dashboard on my iPhone, but not on my iPad mini. When I attempt to load the dashboard, the page begins to load and then jumps to the sign in page. When I click my user icon, a spinning circle pops up and goes on indefinitely. On my iPhone, sign in is successful and I can then move through dashboard and web client without any problems. When using chrome on my iPad, I can successfully sign in, but run into similar issues already reported of not being able to access any media due to a grey screen/spinning circle issue. Thus why I am trying to use safari. Any ideas as to why my iPhone would work and the iPad is getting hung up? Thanks. I have included the log file for the last few mins when I was able to sign in via iPhone, but then got stuck trying to do the same on iPad.
  19. If you guys haven't heard of the news yet, Chromecast SDK is public now. This means we are READY TO CAST! The devs have been working hard to bring Chromecast support to MB! We are currently in beta testing with the different platforms including Android, iOS and web. We worked very closely with the Google devs over the last few weeks to add Chromecast support to our existing client apps. Chromecast as a receiver device will seamlessly integrate with the other MB apps like MB Classic, MB-Web and MB-Roku and can support up to 1080p video playback. If you haven't gotten a Chromecast yet you can order it from Google or Amazon. Oh and this feature will be available to all our users Android: IOS: Casting:
  20. ScottIsAFool

    App Store Reviews

    Hey guys, So as you all know, we have Media Browser in both the Windows Phone and the Apple stores and so far, I think both have been doing very well. We do have Android coming soon, which will give us quite a lot (if not almost all) mobile coverage on the three main platforms. What will help us (both the developers and the community) is to get the apps featured in the respective stores. The more [positive] reviews an app will have means there's more chance of being featured in said store. So what I'm asking is, if you've downloaded either of the iOS or Windows Phone apps and haven't reviewed/rated the app, please can you do so. I would also ask for the same when Red's Android app appears in the Play store. For Windows Phone, to rate the app, either go back to the app in the store and rate from there, or if you're in the app, go to the about page (from the app bar in the main page), and you then just tap the Review the app button, this will take you to the store where you can then review it. For iOS, I assume you can do this from the app store too, if there's a shortcut to it from the app, I'm sure Shiv can point it out. If you have rated our apps already, you guys rock Scott
  21. fraenhawk

    iOS app - landscape not scrolling menu

    If I turn my iPhone (4s) sideways to watch a video, then bring up the menu on the right, if you have all 6 options enabled only #s 2-5 (Remote, Movies, TV Shows, Music) fit. The first (Home) and the last (Collections) are off the edge. That in itself isn't a problem, you can swipe up or down and see them but the menu snaps back before you can click them. The left (settings) menu has a similar issue. It starts with Change User and Server Config, but lets you swipe up to get to General Settings. You just can't get to Customize without it snapping back.
  22. NobodyAtAll

    iOS & Roku - Remote Play

    Hello, I have MB3 server running on a dedicated server in the attic which I access from a Macbook Air using the Web Client to get to the dashboard. I also have MB3 clients running on my iPhone 5 and on a Roku 3 that is connected to my TV in the lounge. I can see both my Roku and iPhone connection under Active Connections on the MB3 server dashboard via the Web Client. When I hit Remote Play on the iPhone client I can see and initiate media play on Safari on my Macbook air within the MB3 Server dashboard window. What I can't seem to see on the iPhone is the Roku connection (even though it shows up under Active Connections on the server) and hence I cannot initiate a remote play from the Iphone to the Roku for media held on the server. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it? If it's not possible, any chance of having it in a future update to the iOS and/or Roku app? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help. NobodyAtAll
  23. TJ73

    iOS Audio Issues

    Hi, I searched for this topic and didn't find any results so hopefully this is user error and an easy fix. I was able to successfully get video streaming on my iOS devices tonight, but the audio won't play through the speakers. Audio DOES work through headphones, and also through a bluetooth device (Jambox). Audio works fine from other apps through the iPhone speakers (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc), so I feel pretty comfortable that it's not a phone issue. The issue appears when streaming via wifi or over LTE. Is this expected behavior? I really appreciate any insight anyone can provide. App v1.0 Server v3.0.5061.25570
  24. lja

    IOS App - Forced Subtitle

    Does the IOS app recognize forced subtitles?
  25. Popeye2468

    In need of a tutorial

    Ok so I have had the IOS app for a while now and have been asking for some sort of tutorial here is my issue I want to be able to access my media on the 3g network or any other network i.e if I am out and about I want to be able to access my content from the phone no matter where I am can someone please help me with this Many thanks
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