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  1. dotcom

    ios media controls while casting

    There is an issue when casting and wanting to fine-control media. When you first cast an item you have a lot of controls available and can skip ahead or jump back 30/10 or whatever your setting is. Once you view the queue or leave the app and re-open you don't have this option anymore and cannot get it back without stopping the item playing on your device and beginning cast again. Two screenshots show one set of controls then the more useless set of controls when in casting. The horizontal one are the controls you get to keep right when you cast. The vertical are the less useful controls. Ideally you'd get the same set of controls you have when you are locally playing in cast mode whether leaving or rejoining the app. Also a fun bug when you swipe out of the app once you are casting at first it can accidentally turn up the tv volume to 100.
  2. slyfox

    Music - UI Improvements

    Would like to see these improvements: Choose genre - search within genre. Current option allows you to browse all of the genres. This is problematic with lots of different genres. Too much scrolling. Bigger Album Artwork when browsing albums. Anyway to remove the "disc" box surrounding album art? Album art is not displayed in background or at all when a specific album is open. Just shows the title and a play button on a black background. Album is shows only when playing a track. It would be nice to see a dislike button to quickly tag songs for later deletion. Smart playlists (filters) are a must for iOS and web.
  3. Jones1008

    Can't find Chromecast with iOS-app

    Hello emby community, a few weeks ago, I was trying to connect to my chromecast 2 wired to my router via the "official micro usb to LAN adapter" from google, but I couldn't find my chromecast within the emby iOS App. Strangely I was able to find my chromecast within the YouTube iOS App. Then I set up some port forwards in my router to my chromecast, which I found online... (ports: 1900, 5353, 8008, 8009). This didn't help either... Then I tried to connect via WiFi, which immediatly worked. I also reseted my chromecast to default and even tried all this with my older (also reseted) chromecast 1, where it didn't work either, so the issue must be with the Emby iOS app. Connecting my iOS device to my chromecast with LAN worked a few weeks ago (but with problems too...) but now it doesn't work anymore. Did anyone notice this issue too or what can I do to connect my iPhone to my Chromecast via LAN again? Could this issue maybe come with an Emby iOS App Update? Regards Jones
  4. Hi, I think there is an across-the-board change that needs to be with all Emby player apps. 1) Remove codec and channel layout info from Audio Language drop downs, only display the Language 2) Display Video and Audio codec info (including definition, channel layout and resolution) in a similar fashion to parental rating/closed captions mark. 3) Offer a setting (probably in Display settings) to display Media Info as icons (like CoverArt does) instead.
  5. chrispykreme

    Syncing progress when watching offline

    So the scenario is as follows. I login to my server, find a movie and sync it to my iPad, so far so good. I then watch 30 minutes on my iPad and pause it (Emby has access to both wifi and 4G) When I open Emby on my PC, it doesn't show me 'watching' the movie and if I find it in the library it doesn't show progress. Shouldn't the progress be updated e.g. when I watch on my Nvidia Shield it shows up I am watching and the progress. Is there a setting I have missed?
  6. Hi, I am running Roku Emby version 3.0.134. I am running Emby Server version I am running the Emby app on iOS version 1.7.4. I am a premiere member. When I try to watch a video via Roku or iOS, I either get a blank screen with sound or I get the video replaying a 1 second portion over and over again. This was happening before I upgraded the server and clients. And it continues after upgrading all to latest versions. Interestingly, when I play the video via web browser on a laptop it works perfectly. I have attached the ffmpegtranscode and EmbyServer log files for reference. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ffmpegtranscode.log EmbyServer.txt
  7. Netbug

    Unable to Connect

    Good morning, folks. I'm having trouble with emby on my iOS devices. Yesterday, due to problems with my internet connection, I was forced to do a factory reset on my internet gateway. Upon completing that, I reconfigured the port-forwarding (for external access), and everything seemed to be working. My wife was streaming to the iPad and around 5PM (several hours after the reset/reconfiguration), she was unable to watch the next episode of the show she was watching. The screen was black with only the control bar at the bottom showing. We attempted to access it using her iPhone and encountered the same issue. I attempted to reboot the iPad, then the Emby system. We began getting an error stating it was unable to connect (forgive me, I didn't note down the exact error message). The error message would display instantly after selecting a user (so clearly it was able to reach the server since we got to the user selection screen, but it didn't seem to be attempting anything after that). I attempted to reinstall the application and was successful, however, now, when launching the Emby application, I get simply a black screen with the spinning wheel of changing colours. When I attempt to access the site through Safari on the iPad, I get an error of "Connection Failure - We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." The same issue is happening on both the iPhone and the iPad. It is working properly on multiple computers via browser in the home as well as my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. And I am able to stream to my Chromecast if I control it from Chrome on my PC. Any suggestions? Please help.
  8. RoyMiles

    IOS app Music Track Number Messed Up

    Hi! Sorry to bother you again. When i use the Emby App on my Iphone today. All my Album that i already arrange the songs from 1 to last # songs in Track Number settings and also Lock every album was messed up. Their not in particular order now. But, on the Emby.Media website everything is fine. I tried to reinstall the app, sign back in, restart my server but still the same their not in particular numbering from 1 to highest track number which is not like before. Also, the repeat album and repeat single song is not working with the IOS app, but im not sure if its working on Android phone which i dont have. Hoping for your help again on this matter. Thanks & Happy Holidays!
  9. Hey folks, Sorry if this topic is already covered in another thread. I've just downloaded and installed Emby yesterday evening, a server on my windows computer and apps on my samsung device (android) and my wife's apple device (iphone). We recently "cut the cord" on our internet and will be using Emby to stream from our computer to our phones at home through a router. Everything was virtually seamless with installing, lots of really clear instructions, and really well designed server dashboard. The experience on my android device was equally seamless, connecting straight-forward, and I'm stoked at how usable and responsive the app is. On the iphone, I'm having trouble connecting via the app, but I can connect by putting the server ip into a web browser. But the web version is slow to load pages and not a great user experience. After wifi hotspotting with the phone I was able to secure a connection to the server in the app, and I can see the list of movies and shows in the library. But when I click on a movie I see the movie description and options to play, etc., but no images load and clicking on the play button does nothing. Any insight? Thanks, DC
  10. r0b1998

    Sync on iPad functionality missing

    Hi, Yesterday I got my mom's old iPad (4th gen), since she got a new one. It's on iOS 10 and Emby v1.6.7. I don't see an option anywhere to download content for offline viewing. I'm a premiere user and really like this feature on my other devices (non-Apple), I would like my to view my content offline while I'm travelling by train since internet is spotty then. Is this a known problem, if so why?
  11. Silva2208

    iOS sync issue

    Hi, I've just purchased pro version of Emby in trial to see if I could replace Plex with Emby. But my first test was not really a success. I've tried to sync some content on my iPad in original but the transfer never begin (stay at 0%). The same happened on my iPhone. Also I've tried to do it with transcoding and my first impression is that's quite long and after that nothing happen neither. Bot of my devices are in latest version of iOS. Is there something to do in order to make it works ? Thanks.
  12. schn0052

    iOS Device Access Bug/Not working

    Hello, I have noticed a bug in the iOS Emby App and the AppleTV Emby App. I use the device access feature to ensure that only certain users can be viewed on the Emby App. For Example: User 1 - Device access to AppleTV1 / iPAD1 Allowed User 2 - Device access to Roku1 Allowed Behavior: AppleTV1 - Can see all users including User2 who does not have access to AppleTV1, Note: When attempting to login to User2 I do get "Access Denied" iPad1- Can see all users including User2 who does not have access to iPad1, Note: When attempting to login to User2 I do get "Access Denied" Roku1 - Can only see User2 Question: Is this expected behavior? we would like to only be able to see the user that has access on that device and not all the others.
  13. Tim.Springer

    iOS app and older server

    So I'm a newbie and wondering if there is a way to use the Emby server on an older mac (Yosemite) but still use my smart phone to stream from my media? The iOS app says I need to update my server but the latest version of the server won't run in my hardware. BTW - this is the exact same issue that led me from a competitor to Emby. But if the answer is "well just buy a newer computer" I'm outta here. Thanks
  14. While the suggestions I am about to make are more for the web app than the iOS app, both platforms could be improved in these areas: - When searching for live TV programs, they show up as both programs and videos. Essentially, they should only show as programs to keep it clear, and also to clean up the search. (Might be caused by the beta) - When looking at a channel, you can see all the upcoming shows, however you don't know if they are new or premieres unless you click on a show. Those indicators should show up there, as well. - Just like in the programs tab under the live TV section, I would like to see the currently playing program's progress on a channel's page. Perhaps, a bar could be added under the name to indicate progress? - When adding a recording from a channel's page, the page seems to update and it recognizes a recording has been added (the context menu now shows "Manage Recording" instead of "Record"), however the red circle does not appear until after you back out and re-select the channel. These are just a few things that would improve the experience. Some of these are minor inconvenience, but I will say that Emby's current offering is already very good. EDIT: Forgot to say I’m on Emby Server
  15. NickAx1

    Downloaded Media Crashing

    I'm having an issue where any video file I have downloaded onto my phone crashes the whole app after playing for a couple of seconds. I can direct play the same files from my server with no issues but if it is locally downloaded it will crash. I can pause the video and skip forward to another point so I can see the whole file is downloaded but it will still immediately crash. Iphone XS running IOS 12 and latest version of emby 1.6.2 Server running as a docker on unraid version Thanks.
  16. Hi, I have both iphones and iPads and Emby seems to not really like any of them. If I play any media, it stutters if I put the quality above 1Mbps. Setting to auto does the same thing. I have other android phones, tablets, Nvidia Shield and no problems elsewhere, just the iOS app. I've tried both the internal server IP and my external domain name and that doesn't make any difference either. Doesn't matter if content is SD MP4 or HD, or even 4K, all does the same thing. Anyone have anything else I can try, or a setting somewhere I need to change? Thanks.
  17. JulsPlus

    Emby Premier - iOS - iPad - Download

    Hello, I am a new Emby Premier subscriber and am excited to download media to my iPad. However, I was unable to find the download option on my iPad. I did find this option on an Android device and web browser. Is the option currently unavailable for iOS or perhaps I'm just missing it somewhere. Thank you in advance, Juls
  18. Cyberslug

    Does slideshow work under iOS?

    Hi folks sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I have been unable to discover if slideshow should work in iOS. I have just installed an Emby server on my ubuntu server with the main aim of providing a way to view photos. I would like to view a slideshow on my iPad but the functionality just doesn't seem to be there and I have not been able to find anything which tells me if it should be there or not.(actually I haven't been able to get it to work on android either. It does work from a desktop web interface (if I force chrome on the iPad to request desktop and an actual desktop machine) Can someone please enlighten me? Is slideshow on iOS an Emby feature? Thanks.
  19. On a fresh install of Emby Server on Windows 10 I'm unable to access my test media library via DLNA. WIth an iPhone (iOS 11.4.1) none of the apps I've tried that claim to support DLNA detect an Emby DLNA stream (Glider, Nplayer, 8player). Invoking refresh a billion times on the apps hasn't helped. Likewise on an Android tablet running BubbleUpnP. These apps/devices do see and access files on another DLNA server on the network. In Emby Server I have checked "Enable Dlna server" and "Blast alive messages," and I've tried knocking the Alive message interval way down to make sure blasting happens during my refresh attempts. I've restarted the server. Port 1900 is open. Emby otherwise works (I think). I can access the test library from the iPhone via Chrome at the server URL* The Emby app looks ok but I'd like the flexibility to use alternative apps via DLNA and I hope to use a receiver I have that has decent DLNA support as well. I can't find any basic guide to using DLNA with Emby--has anyone written one? The wiki shows "coming soon" in the DLNA section, but is there a 1-2-3 somewhere else that I'm missing? Log file attached. -Steve *Off topic, but just in case there's a quick fix: AAC files won't play via iPhone browsers (Chrome or Safari). I get a "Playback Error -- No compatible streams..." message on the phone. The Emby iPhone app seems to play the AAC streams but I haven't paid for it yet. Vorbis and mp3 files do play. Any suggestions for browser playback of AAC? Emby server log sc 2018-08-11.txt
  20. when transcode video to lower bitrate ,found that the audio is still as original. like set video to 1.5Mbps, but audio may still mix to stream as original. like 384k, or higher for some files. that is not so good for slow speed client. pls consider add option to set audio bitrate in "video" playback. (to adapt the lower video bitrate) BR ffmpeg-transcode-05523934-9e8d-4cfa-8878-a2f805fcfc9c.txt.7z
  21. Hello together, I use the emby app on an iPhone 7 and I am missing the possibility to open the app and see through my movie database when there is no connection possible. In my case I have limited the access to the server to LAN only and when I am at a friend, in the metro, at the airport or anywhere else where I don't have any direct connection, I would still like to have the opportunity to look through my current database (may with the state from the last working connection). Would be nice if you could manage to add this feature to the iOS app. Thanks Stefan
  22. levander

    Some thoughts and opinions

    Hi, After few weeks of introducing myself to emby environment and after I successfully but incompletely migrated from Plex (looking for ways to migrate plex 1000+ collections to nfo tags or whatever) I collected some opinions and thoughts on all that... so here it's part of it concerning emby app for Apple TV. Miss... Refresh I miss some way to refresh active page/app so changes made on server could be seen on Apple TV without having to restart the AppleTV app. Also missing in iOS app. Searching persons I am aware that searching is ongoing feature you're working on to improve so at this point I just want to point out I miss searching for actors in addition to only title searching on Apple TV. Since this is available on other clients and server. Year & Director in movie info pull down while playing movie Though sometimes there is year shown but wrong and it doesn't correspond to date added o release date from metadata, I can't figure out what is it. Show all titles by/with person selected Clicking on person (actor or director) shows is limited titles (around 20) although in some cases there is a lot more and there is no other way to get to them Number of items listed in a library I miss number of items in active library. Filtered or not filtered, favourites or collections. Thumbs View I miss at least an option to view library items as thumbs (fanart/backdrop/backround, whatever it is called). It is somehow supported (unintentionally it seems to me) in mixed libraries but only when primary image is thumb image. So I guess that implicates that it is possible to show movie/tv show images as thumbs and since it is supported in emby server (and it looks great there). The two main reasons I always like to see thumbs rather than posters are: When you browse your libraries "to be inspired" and then to choose a movie to watch thumbs always look more inviting and "describable" than posters. There is just too many cases when there is no posters available or posters look bad or you have to use same DVD collection poster for bunch of Charlie Chaplin short movies for example because individual posters differ so much in quality, design, size and type and that looks strange. And at the same time you can always find or easily make movie background/fanart/thumb which is unlikely with posters if you want it looks decent. Fix... Favorite on/off button does not respond until exit and re-enter Wouldn't it be good....? Collections view When showing different types of collection items inside a collection there is no more info preview feature available because other types are shown as other items below first, main, row. I stumbled upon some discussions about that and it seems that someone had idea to show all mixed up in main row. I don't know about that. It's not bad idea to overcome this problem but I would always rather give up on info preview for usual item list as in emby server and not all in one "endless" row... Titles centered I love centered items list in emby server. When you have 2-3 items listed it looks way better. Especially in mixed content libraries, subfolders etc. Showing collections movie belongs to I think it is already mentioned somewhere as feature request or something. That would be definitely useful: in movie details page, beneath similar/recommended movies, a list of movies from collections a given movie is also part of. Thanks for reading.
  23. First let me start off by saying the new theme music integration for the Android TV app is amazing... Thanks for this, it works flawless! I was holding off on doing theme music until this happened. So, started applying themes today and testing on different devices.... IOS, Android Phone, PC, Android TV. And I noticed a few things. 1. On IOS, Android and the Web interface, once you go into a TV series and the music starts playing it will not stop if you go back out. So if I hit the back button at the top to go back to my series list its still playing, unless I hit the home button, go into another series or start a video. Granted, I can always hit the pause button at the bottom to stop it if I need to, but I feel like going out of the series should stop it like it does on the other devices. 2. It works perfect on the android TV app and Emby theater. Is the way it works on IOS, Android, and the web interface expected for now? Thanks,
  24. Pelon

    Mini player

    First let me say that I love the new offline mode. That is going to be a game changer for me. Now, did we loose the capability to minimize the video to a corner with the new player? Does that mean that now we can’t do anything else while emby is running?
  25. LouisMylle

    iPhone X support

    Hello, I’ve tested the emby app on the iPhone X but it is apparently not optimized for this device. Is there any iPhone X support planned in the feature? Regards, Louis Mylle
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