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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am new to Emby. Having had poor experiences with iTunes, MediaMonkey, and MusicBee, and as my music files are stored on my Synology Diskstation anyway, I've just started using Emby. Is there a full list of which music ID3 tags reads, and the syntax (e.g. delimiters for multiples)? Specifically, I'd like to know which ID3 tag corresponds with the Emby "Tags" metadata. My music files already have tagging info in the 'Grouping' ID3 tag (Chart position, Nationality, "Christmas", "Halloween", etc., e.g. "Top 10, British, Christmas"), and it doesn't read that. I was wondering whether I can 'fix' that by moving these into another ID3 tag? My music files have multiple genres separated by ";" and Emby seems to be reading that correctly. Thanks in advance.
  2. Matman18895

    Version Grouping and Collections

    Hi All, I have tried searching for a solution but have not had success. If there has already been a thread for this please let me know. Context: I have both 4K and HD versions of both Movies and Shows, and these are kept in different folders, but in the same library. In other words, 4K movies and HD Movies are in the same library, and another library for 4K and HD TV Shows. I've kept the 4K and HD content in different folders because I have two instances each of Radarr and Sonarr configured. For example one instance of Radarr for 4K content, and another for HD content. Another reason they are in separate folders is because of space, as 4K content are on its own drive. Also I have put the 4K and HD content in the same library to allow version grouping. TV Shows are set up to do automatic version grouping. Movies I am still doing manually as I have not managed to get the plugin working yet. Problem: I have noticed that whether its a Movie or TV show when there are two versions grouped together and you add it to a collection, it only seems to add one of the versions to the collection. Therefore sometimes when you search for a movie and open it, it may show the version not added to the collection. I know its the different version as the covers are different on both. Changing the version in the drop down does not change this. I have taken a video to best show what I mean. I can manually resolve this by splitting the versions and adding both to collections, then merging again. This is easy to do for Movies but is time consuming and easy to miss one. For TV shows you need to disable Automatic Show Merging, add to collections, then enable it again. This is also very time consuming. Does anyone have any advice on a better way to do this? Is the problem the way I've set it up, or is this perhaps something that could be addressed in a future version? Emby Versions and Collections.mp4
  3. Ghendi

    epg groups

    I read through some posts on grouping, but not sure if it referred to exactly what I'm wondering: Is there a way to have more epg categories in the epg settings? Right now there are only Movies, Kids, Sports, and News. Is there a way to add Entertainment, PPV, and any other custom groups in order to navigate channels more easily? I'm new to all this, but if I use xteve, will I be able to make the changes in there? Thanks!
  4. Hello: Emby Setup: >> I am using Emby Server with Kodi Leia 18.3. Issue/experience: >> When I add TV Shows to Emby Server (and tag them as TV Shows) all of my files are renamed with a "SxxExx" prefix convention. Emby Server also attempts to regroup my files by adding season folders/containers on the server. The naming convention and grouping structure then passes on to Kodi as is expected. >>What I would like is for my TV Show folder structure and file naming convention to remain the same as it is on my hard drive (unmodified), is there a way to do this? If not is there a work around that can be used with "Mixed Content" tag? If a work around exists how do I enable it as, or under, a Kodi main menu item selection? Background: >> I am converting from a HTServer that ran MediaBrowser2. All of the files are DVD type VIDEO_TS files with movie.xml files and .nfo files that store all of the metadata correctly and every episode was set to display an image similar to a movie poster. These TV Shows are stored with the following naming and structure <G:\Television Series\SeriesName\Episode xxx - EpisodeTitle\VIDEO_TS>. Thank you.
  5. In addtion to things like Unwatched, Collections, Genres, Years, etc. I would find it nifty if there was a grouping for Length/Duration (Length might make the most sense, but I'm open to other words), perhaps by 15 minute increments? And adding in this sort of thing other places (eg, search filters, etc., whenever those types of things get implemented) would be useful. The use case for this is that I often only have a certain amount of time to watch something, and so I'll search (in my old, custom media setup) via time groupings for what I could watch within the time I have available. So I'm interested in any ways to achieve that easily within Emby Theater. Thanks for considering my request! PS-If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  6. Hi I have a bug to report either that or I am not finding the option ever since one of the more recent updates. Videos are no longer being grouped into collections on Roku or on the web client. Is there an option I am missing or has this feature been removed or is it a bug?
  7. RedStripe

    Grouping collections

    Server Version 3.0.5871.0 After update collections is broken or has changed again! Movie collections are not being displayed as one grouped item in Movies list. Rescanning library did not resolve.
  8. I have tvo game folders, which used to be grouped together before so only one entry, "Games", was shown on the home screen. Now they both show. I don't see the option to group games in home screen settings -> my views anymore either.
  9. ravinsinnasami

    Media Grouping

    Hi, Accidentally posted in the wrong forum earlier. I would like to know if there is a way to group my medias as shown in the first picture to that of the fourth picture [i obtained that using a setting in emby which is in picture 2]? However, when i click the "TV" folder, it shows every media labelled as TV as a whole [picture 5]. Is there a way to make it appear as below: When i click "TV" Make it appear as "English Series" "Japanese Series" "Anime" Like making those three appear as a subfolder. The first picture does this though but i would like to have it more organised. Thanks.
  10. ravinsinnasami

    Media Grouping

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to group my medias as shown in the first picture to that of the fourth picture [i obtained that using a setting in emby which is in picture 2]? However, when i click the "TV" folder, it shows every media labelled as TV as a whole [picture 5]. Is there a way to make it appear as below: When i click "TV" Make it appear as "English Series" "Japanese Series" "Anime" Like making those three appear as a subfolder. The first picture does this though but i would like to have it more organised. Thanks.
  11. Hi there - Have issue with titles linked via a collection no longer grouping in the movies display - its now showing each movie individually. originally made all collections manually via meta data manager and it worked fine for two weeks or so. logged on today and now they are all showing individually. installed plug in autoboxset, nothing changed manually removed all titles from each collection one by one and then adding them back in (then locked the meta data to stop any auto changes) - this worked until next time server was started then it defaulted back to showing titles individually. tried unlocking and refreshing - no fix. screen shots attached - pls help!. PS sorry for the shoddy spelling!
  12. I was checking some of the features while logged in as my son and I noticed when I clicked the checkmark menu option that anyone without editing privileges could make collections or group versions. I was hoping to see this removed and only show the playlist options for non editing user types.
  13. Server Version 3.0.5366.22005 The option "Group movies into collections" on the Preferences page is no longer working. Movies are grouped in the collections view but not in the movies view. (The option is checked in preferences) I posted about problems with grouping music videos a few days ago. see http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/10459-grouping-music-videos-not-working/ Perhaps they are related if that helps.
  14. I recently started building a music video collection, and for the artists that would not automatically identify, I manually put in the audiodb id in the appropriate field. However, now in the recent beta build the external id fields no longer display, and all of the artist metadata seems to be gone. Also, in the web client, when I click on Music, and then on the music video tab, none of my videos display. I have to click on the folders view, then music videos, to get them to display. This worked in the official(I recently updated to beta) I browsed the KB on file structure and it isn't very specific for music videos. My file structure is as: /Music Videos /Hollywood Undead /Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell.mp4 /Hollywood Undead - Comin' In Hot.mp4 If changing the file structure will help, I'll be more than glad to do it as I don't have TOO many music videos as of yet. NOTE: I have no "regular" music collection, only music videos.
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