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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to sync movies and TV shows to my Windows 10 laptop using the Download feature in the Emby Windows 10 App. I tried this before the Sept. 20 software release and it was working fine, but now no matter what I try, the downloads are stuck on Ready to Transfer. I've tried running the Cloud Folder Sync task, I've tried re-installing the Windows Store app, I've even tried restarting my Emby server from scratch(Uninstalling, re-installing and re-configuring). I've tried downloading original, as well as encoding the download(The encoding process completes, but then sticks again on Ready to Transfer). I am on my home wifi network, so a metered connection issue shouldn't be occurring. Is there any way to force the download to occur immediately? Is there any known issues that can cause this? My IOS device downloads items properly, this issue only seems to be with Windows Store app. I'm attaching my server log just in case, but I don't see anything in there that is helpful. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I just tried the Folder Sync plugin and it works as expected. Except, it only copied the media. I have my metadata save in files with the media. Can you also copy the metadata files as well. You could make it optional with a setting? My plan is to install Emby on the Laptop and take it with me to use offline at my vacation home where I have multiple TVs using Rokus. I will create a library to point at the sync folder. I'm assuming if the metadata files are already there, it will use them and not refresh them? I'm current using the BETA.
  3. I setup a show to sync to a shared drive. The drives is mapped and I've verified it is working. I limited the sync to 2 shows and only unwatched. The sync went fine and copied the earliest unwatched episodes to the drive. Then I watched the first one. It shows watched on the screen. I ran the Sync Scheduled task manually and it did not delete the watched episode and copy down a new one. Is this the expected behavior? Do I have to delete it manually from the target? The setup screen says is should do it automatically. "Only unwatched videos will be downloaded, and videos will be removed from the device as they are watched." I have looked at the server log, even turned on debug logging and I can see the task runs, but there's nothing in the log to indicate it is even doing anything on this second run.
  4. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me out - either from an understanding pov or how to set it up correct. What I am trying to achieve is the same movie in multiple resolutions & bitrate. From what I have read, it *sounds* like "Folder Sync" should do what I need. Note, I am a premiere customer so I have access / can use the plugin. Folder Sync on the wiki page states the following (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Sync): Folder sync allows you to copy content to folders and external hard drives, for backup as well as archiving in multiple resolutions. When content is archived in multiple resolutions, Emby apps will automatically choose the version that is most efficient for them. This will help relieve stress on your server's CPU. So, given the above, is my assumption correct, i can have multiple versions of the same file ? If so, that is excellent news, but leads me to my next question. I believe I have set it up correct. I have a show which i downloaded that is uhd (?) 3840x2160 h256. Unfortunately, most of my hardware can't direct stream it and transcoding it brings my server to its knees. I want to keep the high res file because at some point i will get new hardware but I may not be able to get the high res file. Again, from reading above, it sounds like i can keep the high res file in my main library and "sync" it to another folder on the server with lower specs and emby will play from that folder for my hardware.... unfortunately, that doesn't happen. I have sync'd the movie - 1920x1080, h264. The movie was sync'd to a folder on the sever. At this point, when i go to play the show, it never chooses the transcoded file and always transcodes the high res hevc file... this is not what I was expecting. The bit rate i chose for the transcoded file was 25 mbps. The client, I initially had set to auto but that always picked the uhd version. Ok, so I tried specifying 1080p 25 mps, but it picked the hevc vesion... Ok, so set the client to 1080p 30 mpbs, it still picked the hevc version and started transcoded real time. I tried adding the "sync" folder to the my media library, even though there is no mention that is required, but it still didn't make a difference. So am i doing something wrong or am i miss understanding how this should work ? Note, looking at the transcoding file, it is indeed transcoding the hevc version. Looking at the server file, I never see it try to play back the lower res file... excerpt from log 2018-03-31 14:31:18.480 Info App: User policy for User. EnablePlaybackRemuxing: True EnableVideoPlaybackTranscoding: True EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: True 2018-03-31 14:31:18.480 Info App: Bitrate exceeds DirectStream limit: media bitrate: 50576131, max bitrate: 30000000 2018-03-31 14:31:18.480 Info App: Profile: Unknown Profile, Path: \\server\Video_Storage_1\Movies\Star Wars - Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.mkv, isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: False 2018-03-31 14:31:18.480 Info App: Profile: Unknown Profile, No direct play profiles found for Path: \\server\Video_Storage_1\Movies\Star Wars - Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.mkv 2018-03-31 14:31:18.480 Info App: RemoteClientBitrateLimit: 11000000, RemoteIp:, IsInLocalNetwork: True thx in advance kp
  5. Hey All, I've got a ChromeCast that has jerky playback because my server (SynologyNAS) can't handle transcoding, but Direct Play works perfectly! I read some threads that say the Folder Sync plugin can transcode in the background and produce a version suitable for the ChromeCast and this will be selected automatically when I go to play it... but it doesn't am I missing a step? Folder Sync is setup, with a ChromeCast profile pointed to a general folder '\\Media-ChromeCast' I've selected the media in the WebApp, gone to sync, selected the new profile = General and quality = High The server transcodes the media and puts it into the target folder However, when I go to play it the server still attempts to transcode as it doesn't see the link to the new file. I feel like I'm missing a step in allowing emby to know that there is another version it could play. I assume if I copied it to the same directory as the original (with file naming suffix for lower version) it would work, but I was hoping to avoid manual steps. Let me know if I can provide further information. Cheers, Dewey
  6. GurtLushSalmon

    Folder Sync Question

    Hi there was wondering if anyone could help me. I wanted to know if i can manually put a TV show with a different resolution in the sync folder manually or will this not work? Thank you everyone and emby team.
  7. K22R8CT

    Folder Sync - Most Recent?

    From the Home Screen I clicked Latest Movies then Download to create a Sync Job with Item limit: 20. I expected this to maintain a sync'd/converted list of the 20 most recent movies but it doesn't work - new movies aren't added unless I delete the old ones. Have I done it wrong? Is it possible to create a sync job for most recent Movies? What about TV Shows?
  8. dragonsawareness

    Sync ic failing

    Hello, I recently subscribed to premiere, and have downloaded the folder sync plugin. I am running emby 3.1.30. When I try to sync Big Hero 6 (Blu-ray) and sync it to my customer folder (C:/Users/Public/Public Videos/Media). It says "sync created". I go to sync and it simply says failed, no explanation or reasoning. I am able to find a transcode log but it doesn't mention anything either. Any ideas? Im just trying to convert my 25.6gb .mkv to a smaller .m4v.
  9. Hi I'm new with emby and i'm not sure that emby can help me. I would like to synchronize video files (put on server) with a set off Kodi player (on remote client) For example, i would like an administrator to put Video files on server and then with sync rules those video files will be "replicate" on local folder Kodi Remote Client Does Folder Sync can do this ? i think yes but i'm not sure. If yes, i see thah Folder Sync option is available in emby premiere. Is it possible to try it without pourchase this option ? Thank you for your help
  10. I'm using folder sync with 3.0.5724.6. It doesn't matter what profile or quality setting I choose, I get the same size of file with the same apparent quality (which is poor). For example, when I start with large file (1.4 GB), and convert to low quality baseline, or high quality general, I get two files of identical size (307MB) down to the last byte. I've tried this with three different files and the results are the same. These are the ffmpeg commands from the logs: ffmpeg.exe -fflags +genpts -i file:"inputfile" -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map -0:s -codec:v:0 libx264 -vf "scale=min(iw\,1280):trunc(ow/dar/2)*2" -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset superfast -crf 28 -maxrate 1372000 -bufsize 2744000 -vsync vfr -profile:v high -level 40 -map_metadata -1 -threads 1 -codec:a:0 aac -strict experimental -ac 2 -ab 128000 -af "aresample=48000:async=1,volume=2" -y "outputfile" ffmpeg.exe -fflags +genpts -i file:"inputfile" -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map -0:s -codec:v:0 libx264 -vf "scale=min(iw\,1280):trunc(ow/dar/2)*2" -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset superfast -crf 28 -maxrate 1588423 -bufsize 3176846 -vsync vfr -profile:v high -level 40 -map_metadata -1 -threads 1 -codec:a:0 aac -strict experimental -ac 2 -ab 128000 -af "aresample=48000:async=1,volume=2" -y "outputfile" The only differences between the two is the -maxrate and -bufsize options. Again, one is baseline low quality, and the other is general high quality.
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