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  1. First and foremost EMBY is a great product... I love it. I'm using my iPad as a remote to control EMBY on my fireTV to play music. This saves me having to turn on my projector and pulling down my screen. What I do is: Cast to "fireTV" Select - Remote control Select - music album and play but I can't Stop or Pause it or select another song in the album, am I missing something? Any help would be most appreciated
  2. XcOM9876

    Qwerty Onscren Keyboard

    I wondered how much effort it would be to implement an option to enable the on screen keyboard on the FireTV app (And likely others) to be in QWERTY layout rather than ABCDE?
  3. Steverido


    Hey Guys, I have my Amazon Fire TV which has Emby on it. The server for Emby is installed on a Windows 10 PC via an ethernet network in my home. Is it possible for someone to hack into the Fire TV and acces my PC? Fire TV only has access to the pC through Emby.
  4. Hallo zusammen, ich habe auf meinem FireTV 4k die Emby App. Da ich Kinder habe möchte ich nicht das die meinem Account nutzen können. Daher gehe ich in der APP immer auf "ausloggen"! Scheinbar bringt das aber nichts, starte ich die App meldet er sich automatisch mit meinem Profil an ohne das man auch nur ein PW eingeben müsste. Woran kann das liegen? gruß
  5. Hi guy’s Ok so iv set my partner up an account so she don’t mess up my watch stats etc, i set it so she can’t delete media ie no box’s are ticked. When I go onto her account I am able to delete media, I have checked and all box’s are Not ticked. I only have family and immediate family but I DO Not want people being able to delete any media from my server from there device. Any advise or tips would be much appreciated TIA l33
  6. lordlance

    Multiple Emby questions

    I am running my Emby Media Server on my PC and streaming it onto my Sony Bravia 42'' TV via Fire Stick. I am new to running media servers so I had questions about the service: 1) Why doesn't the application support certain subtitles format like ASS? 2) My movies library is very poorly organized by Emby despite being properly named. Plex organizes it neatly however. Same issue with my stand up files. What can be the reason for this? 3) How do I disable transcoding altogether? 4) I can run Emby without paying for it on my Fire Stick, right? 5) How do I disable Emby creating chapters automatically? It creates a chapter after every 30 seconds. I would also like to disable seeing chapters altogether when I am watching media on Emby. 6) Why does Emby need to transcode the video file just because the subtitles are not supported? 7) How do I allow the app to have a temporary memory of files that I've played? Ideally I want it to have a minute-long memory of whatever file I am playing so that it doesn't have to buffer every time I rewind a file. A minute-long cache. 8. My performance on Emby is significantly better than with Plex (free). For example I was running a x265 file of Impractical Jokers and Plex would handle it highly erratically. Going forward when I rewind, buffer for a few seconds every time I wanted to rewind. Emby can handle much more smoothly and buffering is probably only a second or two.
  7. Hi There, Currently test driving emby before I hopefully switch from Plex. Run into a few bugs, this being one of them. When using Live TV (via m3u) if a stream/channel is down - the channel fails, you are returned to the previous screen and given the message "Unable to tune channel at this time" (as expected). However, the app then freezes, before restarting it's self and sending you to the home screen. This does not occur when using an external video player such as VLC. The same behaviour appears if you back out of the stream while it is still buffering. On a related note it takes a long time (approximately 30 seconds) for the stream to fail/cancel. TIA
  8. Moin, ich habe vor kurzem meine Kodi-Datenbank von Maria-DB auf Emby umgestellt.. soweit so gut und sehr zufrieden. Auf einem Client (FireTV Stick 2ndGen, Kodi 18.7.2, Emby-Addon native mode) habe ich das Problem, dass sobald das Emby-Addon aktiv ist, Kodi nach ca. 10min während einer aktiven Wiedergabe crashed.. hierbei ist es egal, ob ich es über die Datenbank abspiele oder manuell über die eingefügte NFS-Share-Source.. deaktiviere ich das Addon, läuft die Wiedergabe durch.. Bevovor Kodi crashed gibt es Bildruckler und Aussetzer.. Anbei das Kodi- und Emby-Log mit aktivierten Debug sowie der Inhalt der advancedsettings.xml.. Könnte eventuell der Dienst "hooks.monitor" von Emby die Probleme verursachen? PS: auf einem zweiten Client (vero4k+, Kodi 18.7) gibt es diese Probleme nicht. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <advancedsettings> <cache> <buffermode>1</buffermode> <memorysize>209715200</memorysize> <readfactor>4</readfactor> </cache> </advancedsettings> kodi_18072020_Debug.log embyserver_18072020_Debug.txt
  9. When using the audio player is there a way to choose what gets displayed for pictures/album art? Also, this screen is rather dark, is there a way to control the brightness?
  10. I have 3 Fire TV's in the house and I've tried to connect to my local media server on all three. Here is the rundown: I'm connecting to it locally I'm not using HTTPS to no certificates are involved. I have tried through the browser on the standard port 8096 and it works fine. I tried the android app. It works fine. I tried the LGOS app and yes it works fine too I've tried restarting the router. Server. etc. I've tried to connect through the "connect" feature. No go. I did the same thing on the LGOs app and after I logged in and submitted the pin it automatically forwarded to the next screen. This was NOT the case on the FireTV app. It just stayed on the screen with the pin. There is a next button and I tried it but it does not forward me through the setup. I've tried to enter the address manually. It sometimes adds but when I try to select it it says its unavailable.The prompt indicates I can try to wake it or remove it. It fails at waking but I can remove it. I have sent in reports from each of the FireTVs Just for good measure I've configured port forwarding and can access the server outside the network as well. (using a browser) No I don't have any firewalls in the way. I don't use windows. IPTables is not active. Emby is running in docker on an ubuntu server. I've exhausted my options and come to the conclusion by the process of elimination that the FireTV application is broken. The application version is 1.7.92a it seems. It was working previously. Yesterday I believe? Any help or guidance for next steps would be appreciated. I'm at the end of my rope. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, Ive been using the Emby App for Fire TV for a while now & i really like it. Is it possible to setup the homescreen within the Emby Fire TV app to display my "active recordings"? I am able to set this ion my Windows PC & also my Huawei smart phone / tablet. It would be a really nice feature to have on the Fire TV app. Thanks. Neil.
  12. I have been having a recurring problem for the last week or so with my 2019 second generation FireTV Cube: most times if I watch an episode to the end and click the green Stop button then backup to the Home Screen, the Home Screen doesn't update "Next Up" and keeps showing that episode in position 2, 3, 4 or whatever instead of hiding the watched episode and showing the next epsiode of that particular series in position 1 of "Next Up" similarly, most times if I pause an episode then backup to the Home Screen where I can see the episode in "Continue Watching" and then resume watching the episode it does the same as above but also shows the now fully watched episode as still only part watched in "Continue Watching" If I use the Windows client to view the Home Screen it correctly shows the next episode and doesn't show fully watched episodes in "Continue Watching." However the only way I can get the FireTV cube to refresh the Home Screen is to restart the FireTV; typically it then works correctly for a few episodes before eventually again failing to refresh/update the Home Screen. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix?
  13. Hi all brand new to Emby (and EmbyCon) today and really getting stuck in and its brilliant! I have an issue that I have come accross that I can't seem to solve, that I wonder could it be a bug? When I scroll down the Movies listing (in All Movies under EmbyCon) Kodi crashes. I have two installs and both act slightly differently but are triggered in the exact same way. Result when the above is done: FireStick 4k - Kodi crashes and drops back to the FireTV menu Ubuntu 18.04 Server - Kodi service remains running and even shows under "top" but the TV switches to no source found (its like the HDMI has been pulled out but Kodi is still running) My Setup: Emby running under Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 server with Kodi Leia 18.5 frontend and EmbyCon installed from the Emby repo. Fire TV 4k with Kodi Leia 18.5 running and again EmbyCon from the repo. Log from the Ubuntu Server Kodi setup take imedietly after the screen goes to "no source found": http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DyVHMHT7wn/ Thanks,
  14. ramonrue

    4K HDR Playback / Streaming

    Hi everyone, So the last couple of hours I was trying to get some 4K HDR files (HEVC encoded) to play back on my TV, an LG something-something 4K HDR capable TV. Following clients with their respective results: Apple TV (some 4K capable version): Direct Playing, no issues with .mkv container, HEVC video and TrueHD audio. Not working properly because of the native client not being integrated (or something like that :-) ) as of now: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/70719-thoughts-on-the-best-emby-app-and-best-streaming-device-please/page-4&do=findComment&comment=780940 What's the status on this? LG TV App: Direct streaming. Server says that it is "streaming" / transcoding because of an incompatible container format. Technically working, but stutters while playing back. At some times these stutters just feel like the movie was filmed with 15FPS, sometimes it stops completely for ~1s, then plays another 2-ish seconds. Annoying, cannot watch a movie with that. FireTV (3rd Gen): Direct playing. As my 3rd and last device, finally working without any issues. So good results with the FireTV, the other two are unusable. Regarding the AppleTV: An update and / or an ETA would be greatly appreciated :-) Regarding the LG TV: Network is GBit, so it shouldn't be that. I don't know what to search for though, so if anyone has tips on how to debug it, I'd be happy to try some more things out :-)
  15. I'm coming away from Windows media centre and am finally sellting on Emby as a replacment over plex. One thing I was holding onto was an ageing xbox 360 in the bedroom, I was hoping to still use it with a client app. Plex have one, though it is well out of date and emby only exists as a plugin for media centre, which I am replacing. So I have decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the 360 and replace it with a streaming stick, but which one is best out of Fire TV or Chromecast? Which will be more 'future proof'? Has someone used the apps from Plex and Emby on both, how do they compare? Cheers for any input!
  16. Matthew Caley

    Playback Continuously Looping

    Happens with live TV or playback of movies/shows. It'll play for about 15 seconds and then skip back 15 seconds and repeat that. ffmpeg-directstream-8fe9f110-beb7-4d7c-af02-164bd2952ba1_1.txt embyserver.txt
  17. Now that Google and Amazon are playing nice again and they've added the YouTube app back to Fire devices, can we get the trailer option added back to the FireTV emby app? Would make my life so much better as my wife constantly nags me that she can't watch a trailer to see what the movie is about lol.
  18. DarkKniyt (John)

    4K Video Reboots FireTV

    When I try to play a 4K video it causes my FireTV to reboot every time. Any thoughts? Logs attached. embyserver-63702585958.txt ffmpeg-remux-d6da7028-6eda-4962-8e6f-aa4dc4d81041_1.txt
  19. Okay, so before I used to use a Roku Ultimate TV box, which the Emby App and the windows Emby Server worked flawlessly, and emby server connects easily with both the iOS and Android smartphone apps, but recently we purchased an Amazon 4K FireTV Stick because they were on sale, and despite it having obvious advantages over Roku, the first time I tried connecting emby server to emby for firetv it drove me mad. I don't have enough know how to install root and ca certificates onto the FireTV, so after what seemed like 50 times of trying to use Emby Connect and manually typing the IP and port in, somehow it connected, and it stayed connected up until the last time I used it 3 nights ago. Then today I tried to start the emby app and once again "Error connecting to server", I've saved the most recent emby log of the connection event, so if anyone could help me figure this out I'd be forever in your debt! FireTV would be perfect if not for the issues connecting to emby server, because I use emby very often! Thanks in advance everybody! P.S. I attached the log as a txt below
  20. On any major or minor server update, ie (3.x to 4x. or 4.0.x to 4.1.x) our remote users have to remove their configuration (reset cache and data) and re-enter the server information on fire sticks and fire tvs. Otherwise they are unable to login. This has been the case for the last couple years on emby. I've validated this on several of our emby systems (we have several servers). Any ideas? I've filed a bug here
  21. So -- I hate to be the kid who reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign homework, but ... I have been trialing Emby (as referenced in my earlier posts) in a comparison vs Plex. The main TV uses a FireTV Stick. We do only in-home streaming with no 'users' (only my wife and I using a client on living room TV and a Roku client on the bedroom TV). It was my understanding after looking at the feature matrix that when the FireTV client trial had expired, I would have to either pay for Premier or pay for unlocking the app (or go back to Plex). My trial is definitely expired on the FireTV client -- but I can't see any change in functionality. The app knows it's expired -- but I can play programs on it just fine. The feature-matrix led me to believe that there would be 'limited playback' (whatever that means). Is the feature-matrix correct? Or because I'm only serving up local files during the test, is that covered in basic functionality? I'm prepared to receive the ire of other users if this has been that way a while and everybody else had the good sense not to point it out. :-)
  22. Al reproducir las peliculas tengo continuos cortes y no se que hacer, he probado varias configuraciones del menu y nada se entrecortan las pelis, al reproducir desde cualquier otro dispositivo sin problema gracias
  23. I have a FireTV with the Emby app as well as Kodi. When using the Emby app, files that have lossless audio streams such as Dolby HD or DTS-MA get converted to Dolby AC3. The FireTV supports multi-channel lossless streams, and it works with Kodi just fine. It's annoying that Emby transcodes to lossy, putting unnecessary strain on the server and losing quality. Is there a fix for this on the app or server?
  24. Just noticed something that I hadn't paid attention to before. On other devices, the "more" option on a movie gives a bunch of options that are missing on the FireTV, "Edit subtitles" being one of them. It's pretty handy to be able to download subtitles from the app. As it stands now, I need to open the app on my phone and download the subtitles from there. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way, is it just me, or is it a bug? Thanks!
  25. Hi All, New to Emby after switching from Plex and liking it so far. I am having an issue with playing live HD channels. When selected the player loads, I get the popup asking if there is an issue and this will repeat until it gives up. I can get the channel to play by switching to a lower quality and then switching back however. Setup: Fire TV (Pendant) connected to LAN with Ethernet adapter Emby App v1.6.15a Emby Server v3.5.2.0 Running on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro 1250DF7C v20180817 Settings: Client playback set to auto. (Auto sets quality to 30 Mb/s) Direct TV checked. Steps: - Select HD channel (BBC One HD) - Spinning circle - Select lower quality (1 Mb/s) - Channel plays at low quality - Select original / higher quality (30 Mb/s) - Channel plays at this quality. Log sent by this Emby connect account on 03/09/2018 17:15 UTC+1 Is there anything I can do to have the channel play at the higher quality without going through these steps? Thanks ffmpeg log 2018-03-09 1715(2).txt ffmpeg log 2018-03-09 1715.txt ffmpeg log 2018-03-09 1714(2).txt ffmpeg log 2018-03-09 1714.txt Emby server log.txt
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