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  1. I recently tried to use the books category on Emby but it seems it doesn't work. I tried using PDF and CBZ files. They do show up but when I click on it it's just blank!
  2. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  3. It would be a nice for Emby as a whole. So people could develop more for it making it more feature rich and more appealing to for people to get interstate from the competition
  4. Look I understand there are more important things to worry about for awhile and this sort of thing isn't super important. And It's not like I can't use the actual apps either but it sure would be nice to if you guys could work out a deal with apple and/or spotify to integrate. I 'll bet the Plex users who hate that dumb music service they added would love to see this as it has been requested multiple times. Of course Plex is probably being paid to add it. I personally will never use anything other than spotify or youtube to listen to my music, not some site I had never heard about previous to it landing on Plex.
  5. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! Greetings, Brandon
  6. aleoss112

    Smart TV App feature request: Filters

    Please add the Filter feature for the Smart TV app (Roku) to be able to show all movies in ascending/descending order of recently added, release date, etc. like how the website display has. If I add more than 20 movies at a time, the excess amount do not get displayed on the Smart TV app as it currently stands.
  7. monkeyslapper

    Missing Feature / Little Tweak

    Hi There guys. I am try you android tv version of emby. I am actually enjoying it. Thanks for this great product. I am not sure if this a feature or not. Favorites on the Home screen? Either on Android or Emby home screen? IS here a way to turn off the side bar on the left screen. It seems redundant. Search for emby tv works well, but it seems to show Actors first then / tv / movies. Can we have it show Movie / TV / Actors? One off question. Whats happening with 4K HDR Transcoding. Do we have resolution to this or this one of the situaton that its just not going to happen?? Once again guys. WELL DONE! thanks Monkeyslapper
  8. joehoppe

    Feature Request photo viewer

    Hey, i haven't found any similar topic here. I use the photo feature of Emby a lot because tones of photos they have not enough space on my Macbook. #1 On the iOS App i miss the pinch-zoom feature to show some details in a picture. #2 Would it be possible to preload the next 4 pictures for a better swipe feeling whitout seeing the circle spinner every time? That would be nice Cheers!
  9. I apologize if this has already been requested or rejected. I could not find reference to it prior to posting. In my setup I have two users, one is personal with access to all media libraries the other is a restricted account with access to only a few media libraries. Ultimately, an item watched/paused/partially-viewed I'd like to reflect the same state within both users. Emby for Kodi supports this by allowing me to add the other user as a permanent user to the session, meaning whenever Kodi for Emby launches, both users are logged in (what the user watches affects both users states). However my Main TV Setup (obviously LG) the app only allows me (afaik) to login as one of these users (in this case I used the more limited user 100% of the time). While not the worst problem to have, it is annoying to backfill my watched status on episodes/movies/music etc. that I happen to remember I already viewed via the LG. Is this a feature that can be added? Maybe users need a revamp at the server level instead? A big thank you to the devs who make Emby great and the Users who make it worth their while!
  10. I've been using Emby for years now, and I really love it! But there are something that I really struggle with every day since Atmos and DTS-X was released. Emby only detects TRUEHD and DTS-MA and not the object sound formats. I know this is not an easy task and that we all have been waiting for ffdshow to make it possible. What I want while we wait (forever?) for a fix is to make Emby Server automatically add a tag "atmos or DTS-X) to the movies with "ATMOS or DTS-X) in their file name. This would make it so much easier, and would make cinema mode play Atmos & DTS-X intros based on these tags! It would save me alot of work!
  11. KOBEY


    in a future update would it be possible not to show the server ip on the server select screen? i really dont like seeing my ip viable like that. TIA
  12. Luticus

    Download Only Accounts

    I have a request that I'd like to see implemented if possible. In Emby's settings in a user account, I've noticed that you have the ability to enable file download. It would be really nice if you could also set up a check box to to prevent streaming, so that downloading is the only option. This would be useful in the case where you have limited bandwidth or cpu power but still wanted to share collections of media with a remote family member. This way they could download it, but not stream it.
  13. Hello, I think a very important feature that is missing is the ability to set a limit for how many devices a user can have for their account. Being able to say this user can have 3 and this user can have 4 would be very beneficial.
  14. Would like a small chrome extension that will allow to setup recordings. type the show you want to watch and record button. option in series/ new episodes only/ tv guide listing/ show what shows you have and dont have. Monkeyslapper
  15. hugo.lapointe

    Next Episod play automaticaly

    Hi! I love the new feature : the player play the next episod of a serie automaticaly. But, I think it need some improvements. First, it's play the next episod to quickly. Often, I miss more than one minute of the current episod. Second, if I pause the current episod, the count down still continue. Thanks you!
  16. Hi! It will be nice if we could see the nomber of the episod (ex: S01E02) with or instead of the episod name in the device activities. What do you think!?
  17. As 3D playback still requires external programs: Would it be possible to use the App to display only one half of the HSBS/HTOB content so that we at least could watch it in 2D, and use external players only if we actually want to watch 3D? Regards
  18. I was thinking it would be a good feature to change the way Emby is naming movies when they are recorded. From: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (long alpha numeric character string).ts To: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941).ts The year information is available in the metadata. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading and considering!
  19. PlexRequest like functionality. So users can request TV Shows, Movies, etc. And integrate with Emby, so only users can log into and request stuff. And integration with Sonarr/sickbeard/CouchPotato/etc. Here is PlexRequest, in case anyone is curious: http://plexrequests.8bits.ca/ Either as a stand alone app, or as a plugin to integrate into Emby.
  20. Hi, i would like to request a new feature for emby premium. I would like to limit my users concurrent sessions. If the same user logs in in another device the last one should be disconnected Thanks
  21. computerprep

    Ebook metadata fetcher?

    So I wish I had the time or pre-existing skills to write a plugin here. I know several languages, but alas... nobody wants my life story. My hope is that someone already involved in plugin development or development in the main server will be inspired by this idea. If Ebooks can be "identified" through Emby with their ISBN, I can logically see a plugin/feature of Emby that would take the following information, generate the appropriate URL, parse the URL for a specific div, and copy the contents of that div into various metadata fields. For instance... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak... BOOK OVERVIEW (see attached screenshot) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/book-thief-markus-zusak?ean=9780375842207 URL format: "http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/" + full-title + author-first-last + "?ean=" + isbn13 Inside this page, copy contents of div.overview-desc, stripping out the h2 tags and their contents note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens BOOK COVER IMAGE http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9780375842207.jpg simple url format: "http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/" + isbn-13 + ".jpg" note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens ------------------------------------ Of course, this may need to be built into Emby Server in order to integrate the "identify" feature as seen in movies, television, etc. But the ISBN could always be manually input into the "website" part of the metadata, or the "comic vine volume id" since these ebooks aren't going to be in their database. This process can be duplicated for other information as well... Star ratings (see attached screenshot), reviews, and most other sites. As long as those sites are database driven, we can find that pattern. I'd love to help, but time is in short supply.
  22. hobojoker

    Chromecast Audio support?

    Would it be possible to add support for chromecast audio with local video? Where only the audio is streamed and the video continues to play locally. Currently, if you try to send the audio through, you can't view locally anymore.
  23. Could we please see an option to auto-organize television based on cross-referencing the episode's title if present in the filename instead of relying solely on the season/episode number? I can't tell you how many times I some of my toddler's television shows get mixed up in the season/episode information. Right now, I'm handling those manually, sorting them through a folder that's not being watched by Emby's auto-organize feature. I've seen another feature request for the option to add multiple watch folders to the auto-organize tool... this would be a perfect merger with that feature. A secondary watch folder could be designated as the "watch by episode title" folder instead of season/episode. If not functioning that way, a check box to enable/disable the capability would let Emby organize based on episode title if present. If filename does not have title present, then season/episode # information will be the fall back for organization.
  24. Full symbolic link support would be a great addition to the emby project. At the moment they are not followed. Why would you want symbolic links? 1. This allows users to optimize their library by renaming the symbolic link to a more suitable file name where the original file needs to remain the same. 2. Allows users to have a single destination specified within a library, reduces clutter and makes file browsing easier.
  25. When searching for subtitles in with the media manager web interface (edititemsubtitles.html) it would be nice if the media file name was shown. This would make it easier to select he correct subtitle according to the information given in the file name. The extracted media information available for the movie (itemdetails.html) could also be available in the subtitle search page (edititemsubtitles.html), to help if the information given in the filename is insufficient. Suggest the media information is normally hidden to keep the subtitle search page uncluttered.
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