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  1. Hi All Just started using Emby. One think I see when I added photos to the library, when Click on the libray and see the fodlers, they all show up as 'Telvision' icons. How do I make is a Picture from the folder iself or assign one? Thanks for the suggestions in advance. ~Venkat
  2. Hello, not sure when it happened, but all movie folders are available to all users for my library after a recent upgrade. Looking at the users, they are all set to have access to all libraries (even though I had changed this several months ago). Why would a server upgrade override previous settings? Thanks.
  3. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I can't find a reference to my problem. Since the change to Emby I only have four folders, Home Movies, Movies, Music, TV, in my library on Android devices. On my server I have an extra folder for Recorded Radio and one for Videos but they don't appear on my portable device any more. All the recorded TV programmes are now combined with the videos under TV and the Radio programmes have gone all together. Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I have been having issues playing my multi-dics collections since an update for MediaBrowser/Emby in late November 2014. I believe developers have looked into this but I have not seen a recent version fix this problem. Accessing multi-discs was never an issue prior to November 2014 so I am truly confused as to how and why this function is broken. This issue has been referenced in a few threads on this forum: here, here, and here. In summary, I've had my media collection in Video_TS format for almost 5 years and I used versions of MB 2 and (early) MB 3 with one minor issue (which was resolved by the devs). Since I chose to use Video_TS as my format, I used the recommended naming scheme for both Movies and TV Series, adding multiple discs in as folders. Until last November 2014 this worked perfectly. After November 2014, multiple folder entries were limited to 12 parts. This a problem for larger TV Shows like "Friends" or "The Shield" which have upwards of 30+ discs. The 12 disc limit means I cannot access the entire show. Since I know encoding will come up as a suggested solution I will attempt to address that too. I don't plan on re-encoding my current DVD library. I had trouble with a large portion of my TV show DVD's and MakeMKV in the past due to the variety of ways companies lay out episodes/extras. Since Media Center has fairly decent DVD playback capability, the Video_TS approach was the most consistent way for me to watch my content when not playing from the disc. Again, I am looking for any help in getting this resolved. It's strange that this issue suddenly occurred in MB/Emby especially since it was never a problem. If there isn't a fix available, I would appreciate a way to "roll back" to a version thate previously works. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have two different TV folders, on two different drives, here is an example of my two folders: M:\TV\South Park P:\TV\South Park I have both P:\TV and M:\ in my "TV" "content type". As you may imagine this creates two different "South Park" options when I am scrolling through my shows. My question: Is there any way that I can make these appear as one in MB3? Unnecessary additional information: You may ask why I have two different folders for one show: one is NAS for archived WMC files and DVD Rips the other is for fresh WMC recordings. My WMC recordings do not play very well off of my NAS (especially if I create a lot of additional traffic by immediately moving files to the NAS after recording) so I do a nightly archive of older files to the NAS. Thanks!
  6. I would like to have the option to see and play the Music Library on Android as it is stored on the server: by Folders. Could this be enabled?
  7. I have been using MB2 successfully for a few years, but a few days ago I tried out MB3 to see if it was better. I set up my collections in the dashboard just as I have it in MB2: Only one collection of TV shows, but several "Movie"-like collections: Movies, Documentaries, Shorts, and Cartoons. I then fired up MB Theater, expecting to see my collections. I didn't. All I saw was "Movies TV Apps". Poking around "Movies", I saw that it was a complete mix of all my Movies, Documentaries, Shorts, and Cartoons. I really would like direct access to my collections like in MB2. Is there any way to do this in MB3? Thanks
  8. Glyde62

    .jpgs in folders

    Noticed today my tv show folders have a jpeg for each episode in the folder I am sure they never use to, Anyone know the cause? They are named like this Show Name 22 11 Episode 11-poster.jpg
  9. Sincere apologies if this has been asked before (did a search and couldn't believe nothing came up), but... Would it be possible to expand the already extensive and awesome (!) server service to also arrange and rename media files within each library? The meta fetching is very effective and accurate, but I still use both the YAMMM service (for movies, Blu-Rays and DVDs) and MediaScout (TV Series) tools to appropriately name, rearrange, catalogue and add the physical images and XML data to my collections (Movies, TV Series, Comedy, Documentories, etc.). MediaScout has been discontinued (as far as is visible), but it was an excellent tool - allowing custom naming (e.g. naming format by S0xE0x / SxE depending on choice) and rearrangement of files within each seriies. YAMMM ditto for movies. The built-in server tools already fetch all the necessary data (and, in many cases, more accurately), but (unless I've not spotted the option) it doesn't seem to rearrange and rename the physical files. (Please tell me if I'm being stupid and have missed the option!!) It'd be great if the physical files could be rearranged into series and season folders and renamed into a standard naming pattern - ideally chosen within the server config (and optional).
  10. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming
  11. Luke

    TV Naming Guide

  12. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Music%20naming
  13. My "TV Shows" and "Stand-Up Comedy" (custom folder) are both showing up as "offline" and the files are not playable through MBC. Notably, these files are located on a specific drive (different than my "Movies," "Music," etc.). The files are visible in Windows Explorer and playable through VLC (i.e., the drive does not appear corrupted). I have tried doing library scans, but frankly I'm not sure what step to take next in diagnosing the issue. *I am running the most current MBC (I updated/installed over an old version re: the server crashing issue many have already discussed in these forums recently) and MBS* Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  14. First off, I have tried to dutifully research this issue on the forums. That being said, this is my first post, so please be gentle... My understanding is that the built-in music interface is meant to utilize WMC's player, which makes perfect sense. I have read that when hovering over a folder (such as an album) in MBC and then pressing "play," you should then see some form of pop-up that asks whether you want to play the entire album, shuffle, queue, etc. When pressing "play" (whether on harmony remote or WMC keyboard) while positioned on an album folder or genre folder, my MBC freezes and will not let me reverse my path; I am forced to logout of MBC altogether. My music plays with no issues when selecting a song directly. This issue does not occur on MBS (and the expected play menu appears as desired) or with the Android client. Thus, it appears to exclusively be a MBC issue. 1) How do I fix this behavior? (log attached) 2) Am I correct in assuming that music genre folders can be played (as in WMC's base interface) with options such as "play all" or "shuffle" or something to that effect? Thanks in advance for your assistance. MBClassic-672014bde2cfca201542a0ba25909c5bb09660.log
  15. Occasionally an entire folder on different hard drives (ie. Action, Comedy, Drama) will be blank although there is stuff there. Restarting the MB server software or computer usually fixes the problem, but sometimes the Action folder populates but Drama will be blank. Restarting MB Server software: Drama is populated and Action is blank. Restarting MB Server software: All folders are populated. Tried adjusting the library for Path (G:\Action) or network (\\HTPC\ACTION) but it still happens. I also run XBMC with the same folders and it never had a problem detecting the files in the same paths. I know how to fix it, but for the family or guests who arent familiar with how to restart the server, it is a little annoying. Uninformed Opinion: Could be that the scan fails when the hard drive is asleep? If I spool it up, then restart the server it will usually detect the files in the folder. Still doesnt explain why it would detect all the files in one hard drive one time and then miss it the next time.. XBMC takes a few seconds to start playing videos if the hard drive asleep but it remembers the media in the folders... hopefully someone can offer a solution. Let me know what other info is needed: server info:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MB Server Version 3.0.5267.16902 (this is the beta, had same issues with the last release too) Notification (not sure if this is related or just a random error): Scan media library failed. The CancellationTokenSource associated with this CancellationToken has been disposed.
  16. In MBC it is possible to mark folders and Box Sets as a favourite - a heart icon displays in the corner and the folder or boxset image appears on the EHS when I have favourites selected. When I enter into Favourites these folders and boxsets do not show up. Favourites seems to be limited to TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books, etc - but no folders/boxsets. Can boxsets and folders be made visible in the favourites section please? Also, on the server client there doesn't seem to be a way to mark folders or boxsets as a favourite.
  17. I am new and having a problem viewing my content in my folders. I can see the folders I created but not the files inside. Is there a procedure or video tutorial for adding content to my folders? Thanks,
  18. Our KB is located at https://support.emby.media For articles related to media files & folder structure: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/folders/44000764515
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