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  1. I have ripped We're the Millers Blu-Ray to MKV, with extras and an Extended Cut. The extras and extended cut are not being detected as an alternate version or extras, they are being identified as individual movies. I have followed the instructions in the wiki, to no avail. The file structure is as follows: \SERVER\Movies\We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p\ We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv We're the Millers (2013) - Extended Cut.H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv extras\ deleted-scenes.mkv don't-suck-the-venom.mkv extreme-aniston.mkv gags&more-outtakes.mkv getting-out-of-a-sticky-situation.mkv i-am-pablo-chacon.mkv intro.mkv livin'-it-up-with-brad.mkv outtakes.mkv road-trippin'-with-the-millers.mkv rollin'-in-the-rv.mkv the-miller-makeovers.mkv when-paranoia-sets-in.mkv
  2. Hi, DVD extras are supposed to be stored in the 'extras' (or maybe 'specials') directory. I am wondering whether there is any deeper meaning behind this (the only explanation I've found was to be more compatible with other applications using this naming schema). I personally think this is more a limitation than a feature - imagine a DVD with some interviews, trailers, deleted scenes and background information. With emby one ends up with this structure: Some Movie (2016).mkv extras/Interview Actor A.mvk extras/Interview Actor B.mkv extras/Deleted Scenes Scene Title A.mkv extras/Deleted Scenes Scene Title B.mkv extras/Trailer Theatrical Trailer.mkv extras/Behind The Scenes Title A.mkv extras/Behind The Scenes Title B.mkv Everything is in one big bucket, one never knows what the extra is about, unless one writes the extra type into the filename. Wouldn't it be better to allow multiple extra directories (maybe the names being predefined), for certain extra types, like this: Some Movie (2016).mkv Interviews/Actor A.mkv Interviews/Actor B.mkv Deleted Scenes/Scene Title A.mkv Deleted Scenes/Scene Title B.mkv Trailers/Theatrical Trailer.mkv Behind The Scenes/Title A.mkv Behind The Scenes/Title B.mkv For those who need the compatibility with other apps there could still be an 'extras' directory, where one could symlink the extras in the other directories, or simply use this directory only. Is this a bad idea? -- sv
  3. Hi guys, I have quite a Bluray Collection, both movies and TV shows. When I rip my blurays, I like to keep every little extras present to have them accessible in emby. (btw, my english may be a little weird, sorry, it's not my first language) For movies, everything is quite simple, you put them in the "extra" folder and voilà everything is at the right place. TV shows have little more complexe extras (or specials). You have episode extras, like deleted scenes, reminders, promos, episode specific making of, etc. You have season extras, like special episodes, making of, gag reel, comic-con events, etc. You have serie extras, a bit more rare, but some additionnal extras present on complete show boxes. When a TV show as specials episode present in TVDB or other DB, you can use the episode code S00EXX to make it fetch and synch infos about that extras. However, alot of (I'd even say most of) the bluray extras are not included in TVDB so you have to edit the metadata by hand to make them appear at the right place in the different client interfaces. You must edit the "airs before season", "airs after season" and "airs before episode" fields and save each metadata one by one. I was wondering if people have beter/faster/more automated way to do this? Is there something like a REST interface to modify metadata? Can you modify .nfo localy on your file system and propagate to emby these changes?
  4. So, in the recent past when I tried to upgrade my hardware I encountered a bad backplane that destroyed 4 of my HDDs and wiped the primary raid. I had backups, and I've gotten around to repairing Emby. Since the backup wasn't fully up to date ( about a month behind ) and I didn't like my original structure, I decided to rebuild my Emby library. I do not recall this behaviour in the past, but maybe it's always been there. So my library is all ripped from my DVDs / BRs with MakeMKV. This includes Extra features. I named the Extra feature's file names after their specifics, so "Making Of " would be a file name, or "Deleted Scenes", etc. Sometimes though, MakeMKV adds extra information to the file in the form of some title, generally speaking it's the DVD name. So for example "DVD_DISC_01_A" or the like. For these special features that include this title that MakeMKV put into them, Emby is now displaying it instead of the file's namer. So instead of my filenames of "Deleted Scenes" "Character Interviews" "The Making Of" that make nice neat sense I instead have "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A". I have attached an image of this in action, where I have one extra feature showing the "File name" and all the other ones showing the MakeMKV title ( because I didn't change them yet ). In order to change the display name back to the file name I have to click on each Extra feature individually, stop the automatic playing of said feature, and then edit the metadata. I can't use the metadata entry because for movies there are no subfields ( TV shows for example have entries for each season but no such luck on movie's extras ). In the future I think it'll be easiest to just make sure I sanitise MakeMKV's title field, but for my current library where I have several dozen ( at least ) of these extras with a generic title displayed instead of the file name, is there any way to get the filename back or in the future to have metadata be editable from the admin screen like with all the other files?
  5. Hi, I placed some of movie extras in a sub-directory (called extras) and they duly show up when I view the movie in the web browser, however they do not show when I look at the Android app. Is there some setting I've missed? or is this a new feature that may [or may not] get added later?
  6. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Cinema-Intros
  7. Netbug

    Metadata for Extras

    (I was sure I saw this asked before... possibly by me... but can't seem to find the thread). I know how the folder structure for extras in movies works, but what is the naming convention and is there a way to retrieve meta data for extras? What's the source? Thanks.
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