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  1. Not long ago my remote EPG began to take anywhere from two to five minutes to load. All other remote options work perfectly (i.e. live tv, recorded tv, movies, music) just the EPG takes several minutes to load. Does anyone know if this an option that might need to be set correctly, or has anyone else ever experience this before?
  2. I was just wondering if it will ever be possible to have live TV supported with full dvr control and an nice EPG supported from within the Emby Samsung TV application. Although I love the new look and feel of Emby Theatre for Windows 10, I just don't see the need to have individual HTPC boxes in the rooms when I can just run one very powerful server and just plug my TV's into the network. Currently running windows 10 enterprise, ported a version of WMC into it and have the Ceton Infinitv 6 for cable card use. What are your thoughts?
  3. I have the latest Emby client (1.1.05a) running on Fire TV stick. ServerWMC is the backend and Emby is the newest beta. If I filter all genres (all box checked), navigating the guide gives strange results. When I navigate, the highlight that shows the selected program isn't displayed, or the highlight jumps forward in time off the screen. Or you can correctly navigate in one direction, but the highlight disappears when you navigate in the other direction. I don't see any pattern to this. Eventually, the highlight seems to start working again. Also, when no genre's are filtered, I've always seen strange results when navigating up or down. Sometimes the highlight will move forward in time on it's own. That is, when you navigate down to the next channel, it might select the program airing in the immediate future, not the currently airing program. And then navigating down again, it might move to another program further in the future.
  4. fromthewoods

    EPG data gone since Live TV changes

    I was happily using NextPVR on a remote server with EPG info working without any 3rd party EPG provider (Schedules Direct etc) and now since the integration of EmbyTV into Live TV, I'm having issues. 1. I had to reconfigure my NextPVR tuners - got that working.. at least I can see them as "Available" tuners in LiveTV. 2. I have no guide data in Emby anymore! When I hit http://remotenextpvrserver:8866 I see the "beautiful" NextPVR web interface complete with EPG data. Any ideas why the EPG data isn't showing up in Emby under Live TV?
  5. Hi there, it would be nice to change the Upcoming Shows Tab to use the EPG from the LiveTV Feature of Emby (should work with LiveTV Plugins, too). This would elimnate the problem for users outside of the USA to see whats shows if their library are upcoming in local TV. Furthermore you can Record the episode(s) directly from this page. If this is implemented a further nice feature could be, emby to search in LiveTV EPG for missings or new episodes which are not in the library and add automaticly a schedule timer to record. For example I have got all episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and the new season will be aired in my local TV, I set this series to "Auto Record" and when new episodes are aired emby will record it, comskip, convert it and autosort it into my library. Greets
  6. MCW


    Hello all, Because Windows MediaCenter will not be available anymore in Windows 10 the best program as replacement will definitely be Emby ! All other programs cannot be seen as a “complete” replacement if you want not only Media but also Live-TV ability together with DVBLink. I “hear” people often say that Kodi (former XBMC) can do this. Yes that’s correct but Kodi is not that user friendly and for many users very tough to handle because of too much click actions you have to do……. But what I miss at this point in Theatre is the integration off EPG (from DVBLink integration) and a possibility to record directly from within Emby Theatre. I hope there can be given any answer about this matter and the possibility about this ? It would be great if Theatre will get the same looks as the (classic) Emby for MediaCenter has already.
  7. Hey guys - hoping to have the ability to get livetv from my hdhomerun working within emby. I prefer to use the direct streams from the Hdhomerun Prime rather than use a backend as I do not care to record (yet). I will care about recordings once their kickstarter is complete and they have delivered. I did see that there was a login option for Schedules Direct but would prefer to use an external source since I let my SD account expire this week. I use mc2xml for my epg data which creates a xmltv.xml file with all the info. has anyone succeeded in a similar setup? thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. I have been trying to figure this out for a while and it's driving me mad, and my wife. If this topic has already been answered, please point me to the post. I use EPG Collector to scrape for epg data and this gets inserted into the WMC guide each day on a windows schedule, and this has been working for years. Until recently I was using ServerWMC to get Live TV in Emby, but due to very erratic recording of live TV, I now have switched to NextPVR. So far NO recordings have failed but I am still having to manually run the guide update from the NextPVR ui. NextPVR/Settings/Channels/Update EPG Once this has been done, Emby updates the guide on schedule. I have set up a Windows Schedule to run EPGCollector and create an XMLTV file - TVGuide.xml This runs twice a day to keep the EPG updated. So my question is - how do I get NextPVR to update the Guide automatically from the TVGuide.xml file? I have spent some time on the NextPVR site reading the Wiki but still can't figure it out. I probably need to create a .bat file, but I'm a bit of a novice at this. Sorry for the long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. smalkiel

    external IPTV TV Guide

    Hello I want to develop a nice add-on that feed external live TV channels coming from XMLTV file ( EPG) I have amazing XMLTV file URL that I manage questions: 1. does it already developed ? 2. does the TV Guide UI ( in grid mode) already developed by the MB3 ? where can I see the code ? 3. how can I add external videos inside the MB ? ( I have XML file with YouTube urls and descriptions...) Best Sharon
  10. To try and make Live TV simpler for the wife we've always sorted the guide in Media Center by channel name. This enables us to place the 'main' channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.) at the top by placing a space at the start of each of these channel names. All other channels are alphabetical. This makes it easier for us to find our channels as we move often and the channel numbers are always changing. Here's an example of how it looks in Media Center: It would be great to be able to sort the Guide as well as Channels pages by channel name instead of by channel number as it simplifies finding what you're interested in as it's logically organized instead of semi-randomly via channel numbers.
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