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    Add new TV show to upcoming

    Hi, Is there any way to add a new TV show (Legends of Tomorrow - to premiere in Jan) to the 'Upcoming' list? Is it a feature I am unaware of so far or is it something that could be added. This way I could see when all my shows I am waiting to see that haven't aired yet in the Upcoming section. Thanks and keep up the great work. Kianiji
  2. Drew333

    TV Guide not showing.

    Hello everyone, I have Emby (3.0.5781.3) on Ubuntu Server (14.04) with TVHeadend Server (4.0.7), and the TVHeadend plugin for Emby (TVHclient 1.0.5628.29938). I have Schedules Direct setup for my guide provider, and I have an active membership. I have subscribed to my local antenna channels in Schedules Direct, and I setup Scheduled Direct as a guide provider in Emby using my login, my ZIP code, and using the antenna lineup. Live TV is working, but my guide is not working within Emby. I have tried refreshing the guide data, and even restarting the host machine. What do I need to do to get my guide working?
  3. Drew333

    Trouble with live TV.

    Hello all, I am having trouble getting live TV to work with Emby. I have Emby (3.0.5781.3) on Ubuntu Server (14.04) with TVHeadend Server (4.0.7), and the TVHeadend plugin for Emby (TVHclient 1.0.5628.29938). I have TVHeadend server setup with my channels, and the network streams work in VLC using the channel URL. I created a user in the access entry named "emby" with a password, and it works because I tested with VLC. When I put the settings into the TVHclient plugin on Emby, it shows the status as "OK". Emby doesn't show any channels on the live TV tab. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better server for LiveTV setup on linux?
  4. Peter Nent

    Change live-TV lineup (using DVBlogic)

    How can I change the lineup of Live-TV?, I'm using DVBLogic with Digital Device OctopusNet 4x DVB-C tuner and 2x Ziggo card in CAM. Thanks, Peter
  5. mosher82

    Emby on Insignia Roku TV

    Hi, I just got an insignia Roku TV and am trying to figure out how to run Emby. I've never used Emby before today so as I am trying to set it up on my TV I am stuck on the add server step. Where Do I get a server? Ultimately I am trying to set it up so I can add live TV channels to the Roku app and use Emby as a interface for my local media. I have used Kodi on my HTPC up until now.
  6. Has anyone else experienced a problem in Windows 10 where the Windows File Explorer displays a "Working On It" message and then just hangs forever? In my case, this appears to occur whenever an Emby recorded file (.ts extension) doesn't complete successfully and stays in the Active Recordings section. Sometimes these "active" files also get stored in the same area as successful recordings, but they are always corrupt and will not play to completion. I have turned off Windows indexing on local drives where Emby content is stored, but most of my content is on a network drive attached to my router. There is apparently no way to disable Windows indexing when the File Explorer attempts to access this drive. The result is that File Explorer hangs and will not display ANYTHING until the corrupt file is located and deleted. This can become so bad that double-clicking on This PC or Network will produce the dreaded Working On It message. If this is a known problem, it would be nice to have a simple tool on Emby Server that would locate and clean up failed recordings.
  7. kuebs

    MediaBrowserWS error

    I am having an error pop up each time I start Emby from Windows Media Center in Windows 8.1 I get the error that MediaBrowserWS is not working and it asks me if I want to disable it? I believe that this is or was the Web Service service. My question is twofold. Is this the web service? And do I need it? Or has the service been updated to reflect Emby? And this is extraneous? If I do need it, and I may because the web client is not working consistently. Sometimes I can get to it and see Emby, and sometimes I get a web client timeout, how do I fix it? Do I just download and install a new version of Emby over top of the existing? Or if it needs to be removed? Do I have to dig to remove the MediaBrowserWS call, so that I don't have a duplicate?
  8. ravinsinnasami

    Adding Emby media to submenu

    Hi, I am currently using Kodi 14.2 on Raspberry Pi 2. I have sorted all my files into categories onto Emby and used Emby for Kodi add-on. I would like to know if there is a way to add specific videos from Emby to the Kodi submenu [on any custom skins]? For example, I would like to put my English Series, Korean Series and Japanese Series under TV Shows in Kodi. Thus, when i click TV Shows, the drop down menu or selection menu should be those three. However, I am not sure on how to do this. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
  9. TheRealPapa

    Launching VLC in Windows

    Hi all, I have been using Media browser for a long time now, and just came across EMBY 2 days ago so I installed it. I am running FreeNAS with emby plugin for my media library, and have installed emby client for Media Center for my theater PC. It is running Win 7 up-to-date in terms of updates. Just like the old Media Browser, I access and configure emby via the separate application that comes the emby download. I add external player, set it up as GENERAL (I have the latest version of VLC) and then I find VLC in my Program Files (x86) directory. Path, I left as default {0} at first, then when trying to get it to work, changed it to {Path} as indicated in one of the forums. The server has each media share available via CIFS as a Windows share which my Win 7 Media Center PC has set up as permanent connections. All this worked fine with the previous Media Browser (plugin in FreeNAS and MB in Win 7 Media Center). Now, when i select and play a movie from the MB client it defaults to the Media Center player and not VLC. I get no errors, it just refuses to start. I can find very little on this problem so I assume I have screwed something basic up. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  10. kuebs

    Square Question - Folders

    I like the old way of presenting your media, where the folders where you had content sorted was the view you saw when you entered EMBY. So for example, I have Videos, TV, Movies, Music Videos and Children. That is what I want to see when I go into EMBY and when I go into my Movies view. However, I am seeing something different both when I start EMBY and when I go into Movies. the Movies one is more bothersome as I just want the list of my movies at that point, but it sorts them by putting folders with Genre, Collections, and two other folders. I can't seem to undo this.
  11. This may be the wrong thread for this question, but I am not sure where it goes. I recently had to rebuild my Media Server and my Emby installation. I used to have trailers which downloaded for new content. I thought it was part of a plugin which I used to have, but I no longer see movie trailers as part of the plugin catalog. Only upcoming movie trailers. This was a feature my wife really liked. It may have been that it was pulling the content from the trailers, but it was presenting it as an option under each movie listing. How can I get that back? I paid for tv theme songs and tv theme videos, and I would pay again for trailers.
  12. Just wanted to know, since Media Browser 3 server has changed its name to Emby, if the install location is still: %appdata% \ MediaBrowser-Server Or if the path has changed to reflect the new name (e.g. Emby-Server or something)? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, I have upgraded my surface to Windows 10. Right now I cannot get to the Windows 10 store. I have heard that the Windows 10 Emby app works much better than the edge browser, but since I cannot get to the store I cannot get the app. Is there any other way to get the app? I am frustrated with this problem with the store, but not surprised. I had a similar problem with windows 8 store on a different PC.
  14. cornbean

    Chapter Images in Kodi?

    So I just have a little question about chapter images in using emby for kodi. I know that kodi is SUPPOSED to create chapter images as the video loads, but it doesn't whenever I use emby for kodi. But when I play a video just using kodi and not emby for kodi, then it works perfectly. Its not the end of the world if for some reason it can't work, it was just something I noticed and would love to have. I'm running Kodi 15.2 release and the latest release for Emby for Kodi, which I forget the actual release number right now since I'm at work. So any help on this will be greatly appreciated! Also if you haven't noticed, this is also my first post on the forums, so hello!
  15. Hi I'm using Emby Server (latest), Kodi 15.1 and the latest Emby for Kodi plugin form https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Kodi , and in my Android Device I'm using Yatse (latest version). If I add my library in Kodi using the Emby plugin, all works fime in Kodi, but when I go to my device in Yatse, I can´t stream locally any media to my device. I can only use Yatse like a remote control to play my medias in my Kodi. But if I add my media to Kodi through the normal method (choosing folder, add to collection, etc), I can use Yatse to stream my media to my device. I wonder why this difference, because apparently in my Kodi, my media is shown in the same manner, using Emby for Kodi or not. Where was the problem? The problem would be in Yatse or the problem would be in Emby for Kodi? What can be done to use Emby for Kodi and use Yatse in my device to make stream locally to my Androide device ? Thank you for your attention
  16. I had installed Emby TV app on my Nvidia Shield but unfortunately it had a number of issues which I don't plan on discussing in this thread. So I moved over to Emby for Kodi and all the issues of Emby TV app were resolved, however there was one feature I really liked and I don't know if it's a Kodi or an Emby for Kodi thing. Emby TV app would link my current/previous and latest media on the Android TV home screen, linking into the app when clicked. Is this possible or is this a question to ask on Kodi boards? Thanks
  17. jwbyers

    Shortcut for TV Shows weird behavior

    Hi, I'm running Kodi 15.1 on Windows 7 with Emby 1.1.39 addon installed. I've been using this for a while now and have a basic setup for my homescreen shortcuts where one is pointed to my movies directory and one is pointed to the tv shows directly. I like the shortcuts to go directly to my list of shows/movies so I have it pointed to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows. This has worked great for months now, but a couple days ago I began experiencing behavior where clicking the tv shows shortcut would pull up the list of shows as usual, but when I hit enter on any of them, nothing happens. Normally this would bring up the seasons listing and I could select an episode to play, but now it just does nothing. I played around with the shortcuts and found that if I create a shortcut to the base level of TV shows (i.e. Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows) the shortcut works and if I select TV shows from that menu, the same list of shows appears but now I can select them and see seasons and episodes and play them. I created 2 shortcuts, one for Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows and one for Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows and ran a log (attached). The shortcut to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows is at 12:10:40 and you can see the log getting the directories for a couple of specific tv show titles and then me backing out of the menu at 12:10:54. The shortcut to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows is at 12:11:01 and you can see that each time I tried to select a show I got a NOTICE: Thread BackgroundLoader start, auto delete: false -> DEBUG: Thread BackgroundLoader 7120 terminating. Any ideas of what might have caused this change in behavior. I have not changed skins or Kodi versions since this behavior began so I'm at a loss. I can use the workaround by going to the base folder, but that isn't nearly as clean an experience as being able to jump right into the shows list. Thank you! (let me know if any more information is needed) Kodi Log.txt
  18. I need help with my Ubuntu Emby server. I installed it and it loads up the dashboard. I have set up the paths to my media but they don't show up when I want to view the media. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I am using Ubuntu 14.03 LTS. Optiplex 755 with 4 GB of RAM. 2.4 Ghz C2Quad CPU.
  19. Hello, Is it possible to use MPC as an external player using the web client ? Thank you
  20. We recently decided to unlock emby on our fire tv stick so we spent the $4.89 and it isnt letting us use it... does it take a while or did it not work?
  21. can someone please help me find where or how I stop my monthly supporter donation please? no longer want to donate as emby android now uses appjolt to monetize uninstalls and updates, I do not want to support via donation any apps that that do this. thanks
  22. shorty1483

    Alternative MediaInfo Icons

    I made some alternative MediaInfo Icons (also Loading Icon) for the lovely Emby Samsung app. If you like em, feel free to try them out. For now, this is just for people who are able to sideload the App via USB (e.g. H-Series 2014). Just replace the images in app folder /images with the ones from the zip. Emby_Changed_Pictures.zip
  23. Swynol

    New Now TV Box

    Anyone seen the new NowTV box's? they are re-branded Roku 3's for £14.99 - Ethernet port, 1080p, bargain. http://www.nowtv.com/box#ib-section-section-6
  24. hi all, using emby server and kodi plugin, most stuff works fine, but some shows are not being properly synced. They are listed in the overview but folders are empty when going into them, don't know why. kodi log: http://pastebin.com/RJWWi539 emby log: http://pastebin.com/JjVbpsaa anyone got any tips?
  25. tired dad

    No update for plugin?

    Hello, I was away for a few weeks and haven't had time to look at Kodi, but now that I have, I see my version is 1.1.13 while I see forum posts for at least up to 1.1.38. I have auto-update on, and I see Kodi checking, but nothing is downloaded, or installed, or changed. Has anyone else had this issue?
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