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  1. jasonwilliams

    External Player Triggers

    Hello, It would be great if we could trigger the External Player based on the 3D meta-data. If a 3D option is set, it would call the External Player. Thanks, Jason
  2. Hello guys, I've been using Emby for a while and its pretty good. However yesterday I was connected to my server through my DDNS which I setup with NO-IP and last night I randomly disconnected, and couldn't get back on the server? I originally had my computer DMZed, I know its not the best however I dont have to available for everyone just me. I can connect via LAN with localhost however when I try connecting via my external IP it doesn't connect at at all? I tried without the ddns address as well and still I cant connect? The strange thing is is that it just stopped, initially I didn't do any changes in settings other than update the server 2 days before but still it was working until last night? If anyone could shed some knowledge to help this poor fool, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you again.
  3. So, in the recent past when I tried to upgrade my hardware I encountered a bad backplane that destroyed 4 of my HDDs and wiped the primary raid. I had backups, and I've gotten around to repairing Emby. Since the backup wasn't fully up to date ( about a month behind ) and I didn't like my original structure, I decided to rebuild my Emby library. I do not recall this behaviour in the past, but maybe it's always been there. So my library is all ripped from my DVDs / BRs with MakeMKV. This includes Extra features. I named the Extra feature's file names after their specifics, so "Making Of " would be a file name, or "Deleted Scenes", etc. Sometimes though, MakeMKV adds extra information to the file in the form of some title, generally speaking it's the DVD name. So for example "DVD_DISC_01_A" or the like. For these special features that include this title that MakeMKV put into them, Emby is now displaying it instead of the file's namer. So instead of my filenames of "Deleted Scenes" "Character Interviews" "The Making Of" that make nice neat sense I instead have "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A" "DVD_DISC_01_A". I have attached an image of this in action, where I have one extra feature showing the "File name" and all the other ones showing the MakeMKV title ( because I didn't change them yet ). In order to change the display name back to the file name I have to click on each Extra feature individually, stop the automatic playing of said feature, and then edit the metadata. I can't use the metadata entry because for movies there are no subfields ( TV shows for example have entries for each season but no such luck on movie's extras ). In the future I think it'll be easiest to just make sure I sanitise MakeMKV's title field, but for my current library where I have several dozen ( at least ) of these extras with a generic title displayed instead of the file name, is there any way to get the filename back or in the future to have metadata be editable from the admin screen like with all the other files?
  4. Atarian

    Crashing on Apple TV 4

    Love the plugin! I use it on my two openelec boxes with no issues. However, I just sideloaded Kodi on my Apple TV 4, and when the plugin starts up, it immediately gives me this error: I searched around for other topics regarding this message, and saw a recent thread where a dev posted an alpha build to try, I tried that one and got the same result. I was just wondering if the addon is incompatible with the Apple TV build of kodi or not. Hopefully my error log will provide some clues: http://xbmclogs.com/pqvqbvvps Thanks for taking a look!
  5. KillermanGabe

    Emby and CloudFlare

    A couple of days ago I posted a thread about how my website was failing to load when using SSL. I've finally figured out what the problem was. Since I use CloudFlare as my DNS for domain I use their SSL, Caching, etc. However, when I disable SSL and set the domain to not go through CloudFlare servers (by making the cloud on the DNS page turn grey) so it bypasses everything except basic DNS. Now Emby works flawlessly without any issues. I am a bit bummed that I cannot use CloudFlare for SSL but now everything is working. Does Emby support CloudFlare or is my hosting provider not liking CloudFlare? Thanks, Gabriel Gulla emby-server-2-1-16.pdf
  6. Peter Nent

    Cannot start Emby after update

    As a longterm Premium Emby/MediaBrowser user, I'm facing a problem starting Emby since yesterday: Emby starts as a service, but after approx. 30-60 seconds, it ends with error message: 'Unhandled exception: Configuration with key autoorganize not found'.After reading/searching this forum for a few hours (....), I suspect that there is a database inconsistency, but I don't know if this is true and how to solve this....HELP ! Configuration: Windows Server 2012R2 DC Xeon CPU, 16GB RAM, Asus motherboard Emby version: the problem started with Emby 3.0.5882, also updating to 3.0.5903 didn't solve it.... Emby db size: approx. 400MB (....), data is stored on 5 HDD, Emby caching/transcoding/etc. in a seperate SSD. Emby program+database+etc. in: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Live-TV through DVB-Logic plug-in (which was updated recently....) Clients: MCE-classic within MCE-win7, Kodi and Emby in Samsung smart-TV Thanks in advance for your help! Grtz, Peter server-63593697843.txt server-63593699892.txt server-63593712633.txt unhandled_2d4cbdd8-8baa-4195-9ea3-553ace2eebac.txt unhandled_4ff9df31-b15f-45ea-ba4b-2b4b26526a8d.txt unhandled_fd5557a7-aa05-40f5-bee6-d333d27e48b5.txt
  7. So today when I went to use Emby, It would not open the server settings or main interface. When clicking 'Browse Library' or 'Configure Emby' in the windows mini icon, I get a chrome page that says "This site can't be reached" and "localhost refused to connect". I have also been noticing Emby Server just all together closing (as in Emby is completely turned off on the system). I don't really want to uninstall and reinstall again as I will probably have to re-download all covers again. I cannot get Emby logs as I am unsure on where to find them and cannot get into configuration to get them. Please help
  8. Hello, trying to see if anyone else has attempted something similar or if there is another better method. Since emby supports path substitution, is it possible to setup a cron/task to create the show names using something like mythlink.pl that are zero-byte in size to a directory Emby can use and then use path substitution to point to the real file. The problem I see is that emby will still look for the name of the zero-byte file created when doing path substitution. If it is possible to trim off part of it (the real show name) and leave the remainder the numeric name mythtv creates the file as then it should work. This part however would need a bit of emby support to do. e.g.: Mythtv records a show (call it Survivor): 1091_2015032302010.mpg (located in /var/mythtv/recordings) cron job runs creating the following in /storage/RecordedTV/Survivor_1091_2015032302010.mpg zero-byte file (i.e. empty file with .mpg extension) (Hopefully emby can organize by the name now) Using emby's path substitution, selecting /storage/RecordedTV/Survivor_1091_2015032302010.mpg would play /var/mythtv/recordings/1091_2015032302010.mpg after removing the name part (Survivor_) Is there anyway something can be done to do this? Thank you.

    Emby for Android Remote

    So while watching a tv show I like to use the Emby for Android app remote. When each episode ends it moves to the next episode...which is great. But when it does so, Emby exits fullscreen mode. When trying to use the remote control on the app, the full screen function is greyed out and does not work. I am unsure on how to get a log for this as it is on the phone app.
  10. Ok if your Kodi (Openelec) is crashing during an initial sync I have found a workaround. -Load OpenElec x86 on a laptop or desktop. -Then setup emby addon the way you want it. -Once sync is complete and everything is working run an openelec backup and restore the backup on your pi. The incremental syncs work fine after that. It seems to be just that first sync it does not like. I have done this numerous times and works great. ENJOY
  11. i am trying to install the emby server....but everytime i failed... using centos 6.5 remote server.... [root@[member="emby-server"] yum.repos.d]# wget http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repo--2016-02-17 02:17:31-- http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repoResolving download.opensuse.org..., 2001:67c:2178:8::13Connecting to download.opensuse.org||:80... connected.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved PermanentlyLocation: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repo [following]--2016-02-17 02:17:32-- http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repoReusing existing connection to download.opensuse.org:80.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OKLength: 246 [text/plain]Saving to: âhome:emby.repoâ100%[======================================>] 246 --.-K/s in 0s2016-02-17 02:17:32 (11.7 MB/s) - âhome:emby.repoâ[root@[member="emby-server"] yum.repos.d]# yum install emby-serverLoaded plugins: fastestmirrorSetting up Install ProcessRepository home_emby is listed more than once in the configurationLoading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: mirror.vodien.com * epel: kartolo.sby.datautama.net.id * extras: mirror.vodien.com * remi-safe: mirrors.thzhost.com * updates: mirror.vodien.comNo package emby-server available.Error: Nothing to do please help if you can... It looks like you possibly have multiple emby repos in /etc/yum.repos.d? Thanks for your reply but [root@[member="emby-server"] yum.repos.d]# lsCentOS-Base.repoCentOS-Debuginfo.repoCentOS-fasttrack.repoCentOS-Media.repoCentOS-Vault.repodownload.mono-project.com_repo_centos_.repoepel.repoepel-testing.repohome:emby.reporemi-php70.reporemi.reporemi-safe.reporpmfusion-free-updates.reporpmfusion-free-updates-testing.repotpokorra-mono-opt-epel-6.repo[root@[member="emby-server"] yum.repos.d]# yum install emby-serverLoaded plugins: fastestmirrorSetting up Install ProcessLoading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: mirror.vodien.com * epel: kartolo.sby.datautama.net.id * extras: mirror.vodien.com * remi-safe: mirrors.thzhost.com * rpmfusion-free-updates: mirror.smartmedia.net.id * updates: mirror.vodien.comNo package emby-server available.Error: Nothing to do check this
  12. tired dad

    Further Master Lock Findings

    My saga with the master lock and disappearing movies in Emby continues, and I've found some items of note that others may have run into, so here you go. The findings are based on my system, your mileage may vary. They are presented for Kodi 15.2 and Emby 1.1.62, so take that into consideration. If you're interested in this thread on my initial battle with the master lock, read here: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23065-how-i-solved-the-emby-and-kodi-master-lock-issue/ The rationale for multiple profiles with locks for some of them is simple: I'm not a single guy in my twenties running Kodi/Emby on one machine. I'm a dad with a teen and preteen who each have their own collection of movies and we, the parents, have some movies that are not appropriate for their age group. Not "adult" movies, just movies they don't need to see. I have movies on two servers, and several clients (PC, Apple, and Surfaces), so it's a bit of a complex ecosystem. Having the lock on Emby sources only won't work as they'd still be able to see the other movies (via the posters) they don't have access to, even if they cannot play them. OK, onward. My initial thread indicated that the one infallible fact was that Kodi needed a source file that pointed to a dummy source, otherwise enabling the master lock just didn't work. The other finding I had was that you had to set up your profiles first, and then allow Emby to do a full scan for each user, and then enable the master lock. Well, that was then, this is now... since then Emby and Kodi have both upgraded their software and so I gave it another shot. Things I have found out: You can indeed create profiles, then the master lock, and then additional profiles later, and still have everything workPreviously creating any new profile after the "dummy" source file was created kiboshed my whole system It does not matter if, when creating new profiles, you choose to copy the default skin settings or not Sharing the same source does not seem to matter anymore, unlike the first try I had at doing this; this may be because the later Emby builds now add the dummy source files once a scan is complete No matter what I do, if I choose "local paths" as a playback option in Emby, and enable the master lock, I see no movies. Don't ask me why. Copying the thumbnail folder from the master profile and dropping it as a junction to the other profiles in Windows saves disk space Once the master lock is enabled, it doesn't matter if you create new profiles and exit the system, or load them right away (unlike my previous experience) I found that the default in Emby's settings to enable the Cinema mode to be problematic, sometimes resulting streams that will not play... turn it off and the system is just fine. Other profiles can have their own lock codes I've tried this on three skins: Confluence, Arctic Zephyr and Titan, and all have minor issues, but work well for the most part. Once you create a profile and use local paths in Emby, you are hooped for that profile. I tried turning them off and resetting the local Kodi database via the Emby settings, and it had no effect for me. Finally... if you don't see any movies in the profile, go to the power menu (at least in the confluence skin) and enable the master lock and your movies will reappear right away. Very odd. You will have to do this each time you load that profile though. The key to everything so far for me is to leave local paths off when creating new profiles. It seems that Emby and the master lock do not get along well, and changing this one setting has solved my problems. So far. If anyone has been able to get local paths to work with multiple profiles and the master lock, I'd be interested in hearing how you did it. I suppose the other question is ... does the local path playback really matter?
  13. KillermanGabe

    Website won't load if using SSL

    Hello, I currently have an Emby Server setup that streams over the internet to multiple users. I will put machine / network specs below. I use CloudFlare for DNS so I can route my domain to the server IP address. I also use CloudFlare for the free SSL they provide. I have tried using their Flexible and Full options, both of which give me the same problem. When using SSL the server will only load sometimes, if I continuously refresh the page then it may load after 10+ tries. Once it loads it seems like it works for a while until it isn't used anymore. If I connect with the direct IP via http then it works fine. The problem only occurs when SSL is on and I connect via https. Server Specs: Virtual Machine 4 vCPU's 8GB RAM 200GB SSD Windows Server 2012 R2 800Mbps Down / 800Mbps Up CloudFlare Settings: Main Domain pointed towards server IP with CloudFlare on SSL: Full Security Level: Low Cache: Standard Page Rules: 1. *<mydomain>.com/* always uses https. All other settings are untouched. Emby Settings: http port number: 80 https port number: 443 Report https as external address: yes Auto port mapping: yes Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Also, I'm willing to give domain to trusted people on the forums via PM. Thanks, Gabriel Gulla EDIT: Sorry, forgot log files, http://pastebin.com/zBbs3bd4
  14. Hi guys, first post here. I have a new install of Emby on a server using an ASRock N3700-ITX motherboard. The CPU is small, but supports up to 4K hardware accelerated transcoding via Quick Sync. If I set Emby with Quick Sync disabled, I am able to watch on any of my clients, but only up to 480p. If I turn Quick Sync on, I get nothing on any client. The stream opens like normal, but nothing ever shows up. The system does not register any kind of an error, and unless I back out of the stream myself, it will sit indefinitely on a blank screen because the DLNA client is not aware that an error has occurred. If I watch from the Emby UI on a PC web browser, its the same story. Everything is current (Emby version, OMV updates, Debian updates, and BIOS). I installed Plex and get the exact same result. All clients hang with no stream and no error, so this is probably a compatibility issue more than it is a problem inherent in Emby. Any ideas here, though? I'm sure I'm not the first person to use these intel chips for this purpose. They've been out six months now and everyone online has been raving about them for HTPCs. Questions: (1) Even doing transcoding without acceleration, I think I should be able to do one 1080 stream without issue. Why am I locked at 480? (2) What can I do to troubleshoot Quick Sync under these circumstances?
  15. hello, first of all I'd like to apologize for my broken english. I'm having issues with my WDTV live. all my media files are stored in a Netgear Nas. No problems with the PC. No problems with the PS3. I see the emby server an able to play the files. Problems with the WDTV. I see the emby server, I'm able to listen to the music (mp3), I'm able to play TV Series (mp4 - h264 1000kbps - aac stereo 128kbps - level 4.1) but when I try to play the movies I have an error. Unable to play the file. file not supported. All my movies are mp4 files, h264 10000kbps - aac audio - 1920x1080). If I search the movie files using the shared folders (no emby server) I've no problem. What do you suggest to do?
  16. Hi, I'm good with a PC but not a coder...so patience please : ) I have succesfully installed the Emby server, Kodi (15.2) and the "Emby for Kodi" Add-On (repository) in Kodi. However, the Kodi content is not appearing in the Kodi window of the Emby server (see screenshot). I watched the ''Emby for Kodi" tutorial by xnappo and the Kodi content seemed to magically appear in Emby...am i missing something??? Do i need to use the "path substitution" to direct Emby to Kodi? If so, what are the path settings? I tried to set-up a movie folder using "network" to select the entire server (Joan-Dell) but after i exit the ''Add Media" window, no folder is created. I can create a folder containing my local (PC) videos by selecting server/Users/my name. Thanks for your help and for developing this open source media server...i look forward to watching movies from Kodi via Emby & Roku on a big screen : )
  17. iamjen023

    i need info on embytv and serverwmc

    hi i need some info on the live tv. i love the built in life tv support, but i lick to watch/record the stars and encore channels. i know embytv doesnot do drm, but windows media center does. now what i need to know is a few things. 1. can i turn off embytv and just use a 3rd party plugin like serverwmc 2. could i have it so emby does non drm channels and wmc does the drm stuff 3. does emby prioritizes serverwmc over its own tv service also is there going to be a way to use the dvr part of the hdhomerun software
  18. I think I solved the Emby and Kodi Master Lock issue. At least, it has worked for me since June 28, 2015 with no apparent negative impacts. CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: This worked for me on a networked dual server source/multiple client setting. I cannot guarantee it will work for your specific set up. Here is a step-by-step of what I did, and some tips and pointers I learned; I am doing it from memory a week after the fact, so I hope I didn't forget anything. Please feel free to shoot anything down if you wish. My whole reason for doing this was to have multiple profiles that were protected by passwords (one for the master user, one for parents) and multiple profiles without protection, but restricted in Emby, for the kids Set up your first profile in Kodi, including your skin settings. This will be the master user profile. Install the Emby plug-in and restart Kodi, and then scan your library Exit the program once the scan is done. Do NOT enable Masterlock yet! Create the other profiles you want, but for each one, choose the media info to be separate and the sources to be the same. When I kept the media info the same, the child profile I created for my son could see the poster for each movie, but not play them. I wanted the posters to be out of the way altogether. You may want to set all of your settings before cloning your profiles. I did not and it was painful later on because I was adding and removing the same sources over and over to create the menus the way I wanted. Let Emby scan the library for each user Exit the program. Install a dummy sources.xml file in the master user folder. Here's the file I used: <sources> <programs> <default pathversion="1"></default> </programs> <video> <default pathversion="1"></default> <source> <name>dummy one</name> <path pathversion="1">smb://kore/dummy new/</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> <source> <name>dummy two</name> <path pathversion="1">smb://kore/dummy viewed/</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> </video> <music> <default pathversion="1"></default> </music> <pictures> <default pathversion="1"></default> </pictures> <files> <default pathversion="1"></default> </files> </sources> Here is the most important part of the sources file that worked for me: I needed two dummy sources. Each time I used only one, it never worked. Don't ask me why, I do not know. You do not need to have any real paths in the file. If you do, Kodi will actually scan those paths and if your skin shows library totals, it will be off because of double-counted movies. Create symbolic links to the file for the other profile folders, or create copies. Either way works. Start Kodi and log in as the Master User Enable the Master Lock Exit the program Log in as another user and you should be able to see your movies. All Emby movies will be under the "Movies" section of your skin, and not under Videos. You can set lock codes for other users as well, or leave them blank. Hints and tips: If I had to do it all over again, I would set all settings first and then clone the profiles. Before cloning, I would remove “videos” from the shortcuts, and the ability to add sources: I also removed the parent folder visibility because clicking on that in the skin would kick me right out of my customized menu and into the "Video" part of Kodi. It's also a good idea to add sources to various movie collections (if needed) for all your movies at once, and then clone. The reason for this is that it is easier to add everything and remove them from the custom skin shortcuts for your cloned profiles (one action, "delete") than to add a new shortcut ("add a button", "choose a shortcut", "browse to source", "add source"). Here's what mine looks like: I hope that helps some other users out there. As a Dad, it's important for me to keep the parent movies away from my kids, and I like to have two separate locked accounts so one can act like the admin. If you have any questions, let me know. I can't promise a quick response, but I'll try.
  19. I was having issues getting emby installed on my odroid. No matter what I tried the actual emby plugin would not even show up in repo lists. I tried the official odroid lubuntu images as well as several openelec versions. My solution was to check for updates before and after installing the repository. If I did not do it first I think it cached a dependency error and ignored emby. Then since nothing actually changed it would never fully check the emby plugin for compatability again. It looks like kodi checks md5 sums to see if there are any changes. I think it has something to do with the fact these images we write to the device were pulled from a working device. Kodi is not treating it like a first run and therefor is not trying to cache or update anything. If you have already installed the repo, uninstall the REPO and delete your addons DB file. (.kodi/userdata/Database/addons*.db.), restart the device and from the settings>addons menu press the left arrow and select Check For Updates, Now install the repo and check for updates again. You should now be able to go to settings>addons>Install From Repo>Emby for Kodi Repo>Video Addons>Emby>INSTALL! You might be able to skip deleting the database file, I have not tried yet. There may be delays too. I had to update after installing the repo twice before anything showed. On my second Odroid I updated before installing the repo and after and emby was right there and installed with no issues. This only seems to happen if you try to install before doing anything else with kodi. If I had browsed or added an addon before it would have likely worked fine. Maybe even just having the device running long enough to get an updated time and date.
  20. shorty1483

    Samsung TV sees Emby DLNA, but no content

    I never really used to try DLNA, but remember it worked weeks ago. Now I tried to connect to EMBY over DLNA, but Samsung TV reports no video, music or image content. When I try the same over BubbleUPNP, it works. Hope someone can help me out. server-63587359454.txt
  21. When I try to play a .m2ts MVC Remux (FSBS) in WebClient or Android App, I get an error and ffmpeg exits with an error code. The behaviour I expected is that the Clients above just play the 2D stream part, like e.g. Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player do. I cannot say if it's the same behaviour in iOS, since I do not own such a device. Attached are Server and Transcoding Logs + the File MediaInfo Cheers guys and Happy Holidays m2ts.zip
  22. shorty1483

    Playing MVC content

    First of all, Merry Christmas to all! I'm struggling with mkv or m2ts containing AVC/MVC content since a few months. I tried most of the tutorials around the web (makemkv, tsmuxer etc.), but til now, I cannot get this to work with Emby (or Plex). MKV does not work here at all since just Stereoscopic Player plays it). But Playing a MVC m2ts created with tsMuxer over USB connected HDD works. When starting the video (marked FSBS in Metadata) in the Emby app, the half of the 1st 1080p stream is on the one side, and the half of the 2nd 1080p stream on the other. But the video itself plays. When stream starts it looks kinda this (cannot see it absolutely, perhaps thew Streams overlap in the middle): Now to the weird behaviour: When I go into Tools Menu during Playback to change Position (the time doesn't matter), the Movie loads again to the requested time and the screen looks like this, which is an absolute correct working 3D MVC stream recognized by TV:
  23. manu1997

    I can´t install Emby

    Hello guys, i have downloaded Emby for my movie collection but i have this problem during the install.I have tried with the BETA and the Stable releases but nothing works. I appreciate the help.
  24. App Description: Server Don't know the situation in other countries, but most videos in my collection have all their subs inside the e.g. mkv. Thanks to the help from @@Luke and @@ebr I finally got a clue that in Emby external subs are much more handy than the internal because they don't need to be extracted before playback starting. I'm referring to this two threads: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/21988-default-to-external-subtitle/ http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23769-problem-with-videos-with-subtitle/ The problem: Most internal forced subs are also flagged as default. So even when the user exports internal subs, Emby still prefers the internal one flagged default and forced and the Auto subtitle settings in preferences become obsolete. This leads again to the long period until the movie starts because of the sub extracting process. Only but very long and uncomfortable solution would be remuxing all movies with forced subs (for me around 400, pretty sure a lot people have also a big amount of movies like that). Request: Is a setting possible to prefer external over internal subs or a switch to ignore internal subs if external is present? The Goal: Using files with exported subs without remux them all or manually choose when the stream already runs, because other tools handle internal subs well and like this we have a maximum compability for different usages of the files.
  25. I just started to use emby and I most say that its looking good so far. I'm having some issues though, one in particularly. First some background. I use docker to run emby and have mounted my media to the container, emby is run as a user that have full access to the directory. 1. I can't get the trakt plugin to work. especially watch-state sync from trakt. (most-have) logs: http://pastie.org/private/uhf6mwewxtmxzwpydbm5oq It's alot of "Failed to match" for movies there but i can't see anything about shows. However it seams like it syncing something with all the 2015-11-26 22:34:20.2293 Info - App: Emby.Kodi.SyncQueue: Updating ItemId: 'f5229f5bfbd48c4880ba39121394a4ae' for UserId: 'xxx' in table: 'UserInfoChangedQueue' But there is no change in playstate on the server 2. Live monitor of content change (nice-to-have) Don't know if this is a feature or not, but i would like something like watchdog for kodi that senses when new content is added and adds that to my library instead of having to have the task run every 15 minute. 3. Task triggered by another task. (nice-to-have) If i can get trakt to work i would like to trigger the "import playstate" task when new content is added to library (if i could get #2 to work) or after "scan media library" task. From what I have read this is not possible out of the box. But i was thinking if there was something I could write using emby API. I have not looked in to the API yet, but I'm hoping someone has done something similar or know if it works
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