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  1. flexage

    PsuedoTV Live with Emby Server

    I was wondering if anybody had managed to successfully use the PsuedoTV Live Kodi addon, when using the Emby Kodi addon? PTVL on Kodi Forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=169032 I managed to get the PsuedoTV Live addon installed in Kodi, and configured some channels based around my local library content. All works well except for one small, albeit devastating problem: The duration of items in my guide is incorrect. For every 1 minute of runtime that a media item has, PsuedoTV Live is plotting 1 hour on the guide. For example: > A 21 min episode of 8 Simple Rules is showing as lasting 21 hours in the PTVL guide > A 45 min episode of Breaking Bad is showing as lasting 45 hours in the PTVL guide > A 120 min movie is showing as lasting 120 hours in the PTVL guide Now PsuedoTV Live has a fairly large userbase, it's thread on the Kodi forums has over 10,000 posts. And a lot of people say that it works properly for them, and the items in their guide, although none of them mention that they're using Emby Server as their library backend. Could the Emby for Kodi addon be doing something quirky when returning media files (and their header information: ie media duration) that PTVL doesn't expect? And has anyone else actually been able to get PTVL working with Emby?
  2. Hi I'm using Emby Server (latest), Kodi 15.1 and the latest Emby for Kodi plugin form https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Kodi , and in my Android Device I'm using Yatse (latest version). If I add my library in Kodi using the Emby plugin, all works fime in Kodi, but when I go to my device in Yatse, I can´t stream locally any media to my device. I can only use Yatse like a remote control to play my medias in my Kodi. But if I add my media to Kodi through the normal method (choosing folder, add to collection, etc), I can use Yatse to stream my media to my device. I wonder why this difference, because apparently in my Kodi, my media is shown in the same manner, using Emby for Kodi or not. Where was the problem? The problem would be in Yatse or the problem would be in Emby for Kodi? What can be done to use Emby for Kodi and use Yatse in my device to make stream locally to my Androide device ? Thank you for your attention
  3. Iorifly

    TV Tunes not working?

    Dear, The tunes tv not working again?
  4. Iorifly

    Seeketh not BD movies after cleaning.

    I did a reset on BD and is no longer seeking the movies. I tried again on hand to delete the bank, and the same thing. Generates the file but it does not search the movies in Emby. my log: http://pastebin.com/CgqrimHj
  5. After update 1.1.16 not get Emby updates, I added two movies and they do not migrate to any kodi.
  6. Hi. I'm a self-confessed noob here. I did a search for my problem in the forums, but couldn't find anything, so I apologise in advance if I overlooked something. My issue is this: I have Emby for Kodi on both my win 8.1 laptop (which is where my emby server is), and my amazon fire stick. they work great. however, i like to add all movies and shows in the genesis add-on to my library, which puts them into the same folder together on the homescreen. it's just easier for navigating and makes more sense to me. this creates no problem on my laptop. local content and streaming content play just fine side-by-side together. however, my fire stick immediately throws all its toys out the pram. after adding my genesis content to my library, anything that i'm streaming to the fire stick from the emby server on my laptop refuses to play. Anything, that is, except for my music, which still plays just fine, (which makes a weird kind of sense as genesis doesn't touch my music). sometimes when trying to play movies or music, i will get an error message along the lines of, "playback failed." sometimes it's like it thinks it's playing, only it isn't. streaming from genesis still works okay. to play movies and tv from emby on my fire stick again, i have to reset its database. i am sure that there is some kind of logical explanation for this, but for the life of me, i cannot figure it out. is there some reason why this is happening? obviously the apps are fighting each other somehow, but why does it only affects my fire stick, and not the laptop? is there something i can do to make it all work? (if there are some logs that should be added to get some help, please let me know which ones and how to get at them. i have no clue.) thanks in advance.
  7. Twisted

    Emby for Kodi [Album Support]

    I cannot get my albums to show up in Kodi. Everything is visible in Emby, but only artists and songs will transition over to Kodi. I have tried a fresh install of Kodi and upgraded to "Isengard", nothing seems to help. Is this a known issue?
  8. Iorifly

    Emby kodi is not working.

    Dear, Recently I formatted my server to install windows 8.1, so far so good. I installed my Emby set up my units, all ok. Now I'm trying to again use Emby addon, however I can not play back any content. I set at the time my Emby addon for direct player, however many changes occurred in the addon do not know if something is missing in the configuration. I see the details of the film that is not direct path. After installing the new server Emby, I went to the addon reseted the database and changed the name of User. Connected downloaded the information but not reprouz. I will post the log and print of how this addon. my log http://pastebin.com/8hFqZaaQ Mac mini Helix 14.2 Server emby windows 8.1
  9. Iorifly

    Doubts about new settings

    friends, Could someone explain to me in practice to serving these options? " >> Trigger images in the texture cache kodi >> Cache all images to kodi texture cache (Advanced) " I understand that serves to insert the texture cache images, however, and which benefit or have trouble activating these options? I use direct player. I looked for something in the log explaining why those options not found. Forgiveness for questions! And congratulations for the exceptional work!
  10. Iorifly

    Collection not appear ....

    Dear, After update I can no longer see the collections ... movies are separated. Another thing. I'm with the 1.0.03 version and can not see this option.
  11. friends, I know it will insert features after the beta. However it is expected or is already in motion a version that supports the tvtunner? I miss in my series and movies.
  12. I have never had the next up notification work for me. I've attached a log but I'm not sure if it's helpful enough. Let me know if I should enable debug logging. Thanks! 01_KODI.log
  13. Iorifly

    Problems playing any movie

    Movies with special characters do not work. always opens the message "open sign" reseted the database and same problem. Example: "OperaÇÃO Big Hero"
  14. For some time I have observed that it is not playing the songs themes of movies and TV shows I have. It is already configured on the skin and before playing. Skin: Arctic: Zephyr
  15. I do not know what's going on, sometimes when trying to play movie or show, I get the msg opening signal and stands .... Ja desmarquei the option: "Play from http instead of SMB" Still time work hours this msg appears and nothing happens.
  16. The covers of my collection is different from the cases that are in Emby. The covers of Emby are much better and beautiful. I would like to use them, this migrating another layer not them.
  17. Iorifly

    Do not show movie name correctly.

    I'm using the current version 0.0.24 This being shown the file name and not the name of the movie http://i.imgur.com/t85qj29.png
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