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  1. I see this is already implemented in Emby Server. It would be amaze-balls if this could be implemented in Emby Theater as well.. (any song with ID3 tagged lyrics embedded).
  2. Bonjour, Je rencontre un problème avec les contenu en 4K dont la lecture est très saccadée avec Emby Theater seulement. La lecture avec VLC ou Kodi est parfaitement fluide. Testé avec emby theater 3.0.15 sur Ubuntu 20.04 et sur Windows 10 et avec plusieurs contenus en 4K. Je précise que la lecture est en lecture direct, donc sans transcodage. Je joins les logs du serveur. Merci pour votre aide. Cordialement, Mick PS : Version du serveur : embyserver.txt
  3. I see a lot of differing statements, and can’t tell if I am chasing something that just hasn’t been done. I have a Raspberry Pi 4, 4MB and a 8MB. I have using the “bundled” Raspberry PI so & Emby image and the play back and navigation of very poor (stutters, frame skips). This is on H264 video encoded at 480p. I have tried doing the Raspian desktop (32bit) and the followed the instructions to install ET. Same results. Poor Playback and navigation I have installed Ubuntu 21.04 Desktop then ET. Better results. I have even installed LibreElect with the Emby add-in —- Great Results it works. I am looking for a recommendation and hopefully someone will come out and say “Hey yeah it works for me” to help me get this working. I rather not use Ubuntu because I am carrying the weight of a desktop OS and packages. I rather not use LibreElect and I really only want ET. I would love to use the combined Raspberrypi Image and ET but no one seems able to say what needs to be done to get smooth playback and navigation on it, or if it is a known issue and being worked on. Help?
  4. На многих файлах после нажатия во время воспроизведения кнопки pause, потом play, через несколько секунд останавливается воспроизведение видео (картинка замирает), а звук продолжает воспроизводится. Порядок такой: 1. Нажимаю pause. 2. Нажимаю play. 3. Проходит 5-10 секунд. 4. Картинка останавливается, звук идёт. Пробовал на разных компьютерах, такая же проблема. Помогает выйти из просмотра, а потом "продолжить просмотр" (если видео не близко к концу, тогда система считает, я закончил смотреть). При этом на этих же файлах нет проблемы в приложении для Android и через веб-браузер. Emby for Windows 1.1.352.0 (на более ранних версиях была такая же проблема) Сервер (на 4.5 была та же проблема) Лог для сервера прикрепил. Лог для Emby Theater не нашёл. Видео Название 1080p H264 Кодек H264 AVC Да Профиль High Уровень 41 Разрешение 1920x1080 Соотношение сторон 16:9 Чересстрочность Нет Частота кадров 23,976 Битрейт 7 569 kbps Битность 8 bit Пикс. формат yuv420p Опорные кадры 1 Аудио Название AC3 stereo (Default) Кодек AC3 Компоновка stereo Каналы 2 ch Битрейт 384 kbps Частота 48 000 Hz По умолчанию Да embyserver.txt
  5. I want to pay for the Emby Theater app in the Microsoft Store (like Android TV/Google Play) but they only offer Emby Premiere Is it possible to enable the aforementioned option? I'm sorry for my English
  6. I spent the whole day yesterday using Emby theatre on windows but out of nowhere, it started malfunctioning. When I open it, it shows on the taskbar [it's not pinned] and on task manager as a process but it doesn't open on the screen. I've gone throught some threads on this and tried all the solutions proposed but none has worked. My set up is: Emby theatre runs on the same machine as the server, but I use it on a secondary display via HDMI.
  7. hey everyone I just installed Emby Theater Proton on elementaryOS. seems to work just fine so far but I can't play anything since it tries to access the network paths I set for my libraries. However, on this setup I do not have (or rather do not want to) setup the network folders. Is there anyway to configure Emby Theater to not use network paths and just get it over Emby Server? BTW: over browser access it works perfectly fine. Thanks for your help and best regards
  8. Hi, I have just install the Microsoft Store app, and can not sign in using emby.media/pin. I get the error Invalid username or password even though both are correct, and can sign in to Apple TV app and web app, as well as from my organizr dashboard.
  9. Hi When playing a movie in Emby Theater the app crashes. I've added the server log files as well as the Report.wer file. Let me know if you need more information. Regards, G Event Viewer Information: Fehlerbucket , Typ 0 Ereignisname: WWAJSE Antwort: Nicht verfügbar CAB-Datei-ID: 0 Problemsignatur: P1: EmbyMedia.EmbyTheater_1.1.310.0_neutral__svmepx4c03f7m P2: App P3: 5ee4 P4: 5 P5: ms-appx://embymedia.embytheater/web/modules/htmlvideoplayer/plugin.js P6: 1_17995 P7: P8: P9: P10: ffmpeg-remux-28db80c7-88e7-4f80-bd34-a88a5b169f1e_1.txt embyserver.txt Report.txt
  10. cjb

    Shows do not play

    1) I would love to use the Samsung app but it is not available in the Canada Samsung list of apps.. Is there a way to manually install it? Plex and many others are listed but Emby is not listed. 2) Currently on Emby in the Samsung TV browser and when you select an item (TV Show, music, Movie, Video) to play the loading icon appears and just turns and the show never starts playing. See attached log for error. embylog.txt
  11. Hi! I run Emby Premiere v. on a Synology DS918+. A beloved video freezes under certain circumstances. At 6 min 11 sec mark it freezes never to be recovered again. The only way is to start from scratch but it still freezes at the same time mark. I can skip forward for up to two minutes without a problem. Any more and the video freezes beyond saving (except starting over from scratch). This happens no matter if I have Hardware Acceleration on or off but it does so only in Windows 10 1909 with Emby Theater v. and Google Chrome v. 78.0.3904.108. When using the Android app (Emby for Android Mobile 3.0.87) it works near flawless and I can skip forward in the video without a hiccup. Any idea what might be the reason for this? Would you be helped with some logs (if so, please specify which one/ones) or anything else? Any help on this issue is much welcome. Thanks! //Sebastian PS. Some technical details regarding the video file: The video file is: Title720p H264 CodecH264 AVCYes ProfileHigh Level41 Resolution1280x720 Aspect ratio16:9 AnamorphicNo InterlacedNo Framerate23.976 Bitrate23,478 kbps Color primariesbt709 Color spacebt709 Color transferbt709 Bit depth8 bit Pixel formatyuv420p Ref frames1 NAL4 Audio TitleEnglish DTS 5.1 (Default) LanguageEnglish CodecDTS ProfileDTS-HD MA Layout5.1 Channels6 ch Sample rate48,000 Hz Bit depth16 bit DefaultYes DS.
  12. Hope someone knows what's going on with this. It's not an issue but it's driving me crazy. Some of the tv shows I have comes up with the show name and episode name on the home screen. It looks off cause it's only 1 or 2 shows that does that. How do I fix it that's my question.......
  13. I have a split folder structure that looks like: Multimedia -> Movies (1080p) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> Movies (UHD) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> TV -> etc -> Music -> etc and I absolutely need the separation between 1080p and UHD movies at the physical data level. But to stop duplication on Emby Theater, and to not keep the headache of separating 1080p and UHD into different libraries (just imagine having to remember which movies you do have in UHD, and playing it from the UHD library of movies when watching that specific movie), I group the versions together on Emby web app so that the clients can optimally choose which version to play. But this triggers a bug in Emby Theater where grouped version show up as duplicates in Continue Watching as shown below: As you can see the in the picture below, the versions are, in fact, grouped: Interestingly, when I click on either of the two duplicates on Continue Watching, Emby Theater does take me to the single grouped version of the movie like the screenshot above, and selects the default video track to play, in this case, the UHD HDR one. P.S.: Don't worry about the weird color scheme in the screenshots, Windows Snipping Tools still can't screenshot in HDR mode properly.
  14. Hi all, Having an issue when playing live tv in Emby Theater 3.0.9 on Windows 10. I get the theme color overlaying on my live tv video. It doesn't do it with the emby theater web app and don't know about the windows store app since I don't use it. Noticed live video was very dark and changed the display theme to Blue Radiance and that was now overlayed on top of my live tv video. Does not happen with regular videos - just live tv Saw some discussion of overlays in other topics and wondered if this happened due to a change for those issues. Has anyone else seen this? Tried a reinstall of theater with no change. emby server emby theater 3.0.9 Thanks, Mike
  15. I have had Emby Theater on my main PC for several months and only use this client rarely since I generally use Roku/FireTV clients. However, it has never previously caused a problem with Bitdefender although I don't believe I've opened it in about a month. Today, I opened the Emby Theater for Windows x64 client app and initially I could watch a couple channels. But, while scrolling through the live program guide, all my fans started to roar on the computer, everything froze for about 20 seconds while the fans were all fully engaged, and then Bitdefender announced it had detected malware and suspicious activity and had taken action. I built this PC myself with all retail packaged brand new top-shelf components in January and have not had any kind of threats detected by Bitdefender before today. Here is what Bitdefender said happened: Threat name Atc Blocked app name C:\Users\Computer\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Theater\system\x64\mpv\RefreshRate.exe It then listed all the files it said had become infected by RefreshRate.exe and quarantined them. These are listed as: electron.exe mpv.com mpv.exe Emby.Theater.exe Mediabrowser.Updater.exe f71d6f4242de272ae733970412eaa2b0_fce8395c8fd8a999_5ae85d3cb828f8fb_0_0__1.bin f71d6f4242de272ae733970412eaa2b0_fce8395c8fd8a999_5ae85d3cb828f8fb_0_0__0.bin Since Bitdefender has not previously choked when I've opened Emby Theater, but I haven't opened it in at least a month, I'm not sure if Bitdefender has suddenly started throwing out false positives when it never previously did, or, has the refreshrate.exe program become dodgy?
  16. Hello, I always search to see if someone else posted but I never find a similar post so apologizes if this is a duplicate. This seems a bit weird to me and the first couple times it happened I just chalked it up to a fluke. I listen to music on Emby Theater via remote desktop while I'm at work because all the other ports are blocked. If I restart Emby theater everything appears fine, but inevitably the play, fast forward, and other buttons become distorted. I figured it was just because I was using it on remote desktop and my display settings are different. But today when I got home I checked on my machine and it does appear to still be distorted. You can see from the screen shots that it only looks normal when the window is really long. So the taller the window is the less of the buttons you can see. It seems like something is a bit off with the scaling. But can't pin down exactly how to replicate it even though it happens to me very frequently (daily).
  17. IronBeardKnight

    Emby Theater Cemu Issues

    Hello Community, This is my first post here. I have been using Emby as a lifetime premium member now for about 3 months and I'm loving Emby and your app suite and the way it/they work. The Emby in general is a diamond in the rough, a little unrefined and raw in some area's and cold use polish but a large diamond none the less. Now to the POINT. Emby Theater and the GameBrowser addon for emby. I think some work may need to be done in respect to this when it comes to the cemu emulator as it seems no one is having any luck getting it to work from what I have found hunting the spider-web. My main issue is with the error: "Error launching process: TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined". (attached) I get this when running the theater on my pc where the emby server is running also. I have tried Dev mode to see if I could find out what the issue was in chrome dev tools but it seems a little deeper than I can manage looking from outside the code. Now for some reason when running trying to launch a game from another pc on Emby Theater I don't get this error although I do have some issues with cemu itself not finding the key file but that is a cemu issue I think.(Will crack that chestnut another time) Any help in getting this one put to rest would be awesome. OH! and on a side note can we get some more type support for roms like for one example wii u .rpx added in officially to the gamebrowser addon as well I don't think that is too much work from what I have read online using visual studio but would be nice to not have to mod it after every update.
  18. I'm having a frustrating problem with Emby Theater that I believe is related to the latest Windows 10 update. I'm running Windows 10 Home version 1809 build 17763.475 and ET 3.0.8 Emby server The issue is ET will not start and is stuck on a black screen indefinitely. I've attached the server and ET logs. I've reviewed past posts on this issue and tried the various methods to resolve to no avail including the DCOM permissions fix for error 10016 which appears in the windows event logs at the every time I start ET - The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {2593F8B9-4EAF-457C-B68A-50F6B8EA6B54} and APPID {15C20B67-12E7-4BB6-92BB-7AFF07997402} to the user xxx\zzz SID (S-1-5-21-3761604400-2987783148-3215610820-1002) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool The web interface is working perfectly. Any clues as to what could be causing this ? theater-63693809593.txt embyserver.txt
  19. Greetings, A couple months back I started having a problem on all of my machines running EMBY Theater when attemping to play MP4 content. The problem is the MP4 content, no matter the application that created it frequently pauses or freezes making the content unwatchable. The same content plays back just fine on the same PC's using the Edge browser and also plays back just fine on other devices such as our iOS, Android, and Fire Cube devices. The EMBY Theater machines are all Windows 10 Pro with nothing else installed on them. Some are completely fresh installs, others have been running for years. Hardware ranges from hex core Xeon to various i7 and i5 configurations. GPU's are either nVidia or Intel. The sever is dedicated and is more than ample for the task at hand. I tend not to think this is hardware related since the same machines playback the same content flawlessly when playing thru a browser. EMBY Theater plays back other content types just fine, such as MKV. I've ensured both the server and the EMBY Theater clients are always running the latest EMBY software. So far none of the updates that have come have helped the problem. I also keep up with Microsoft updates on all of the machines. I have not yet tried converting the MP4's to other content types as there simply too many MP4 videos to make it practical. Thank you for your help and consideration.
  20. BrettM

    Movie stopping or freezing

    I am now coming across playback issues when watching movies through Emby theater, when ever we watch a movie it gets around to around 10 - 15 mins and the movie freezes and won't play any further,. I thought it could have been the video codecs so I updated the codecs I have also tried to change players but nothing worked. However if I play the movie directly out of the folder in windows the movie plays without issue. It's only when I play it through Emby I have this problem, Any Advice Please
  21. Hello all. I updated Emby Server today (or installed on top of it since i had the most current version but i was troubleshooting something i had asked in a previous post). My library is devided into 4 sections: Movies HD, Movies SD, Series, Trailers Web app shows the library correctly. However, Emby Theater shows 3 "Movies HD", 1 "Movies SD" and 1 "Series". Meaning 3 times the HD movies one. How do i troubleshoot that? Thank you in advance. Dimitris
  22. Hello all. For some reason Emby Theater does not start anymore. No recent windows updates downloaded or installed (system is completely updated as of less than a week ago). No helpful error messages so no feedback to report to the community. Using most recent Emby Server version. Windows 10 Prof. machine. Tried reinstalling Emby Theater, downloaded from https://emby.media/emby-theater.html and when i run the installer executable, again nothing happens. I need Emby Theater because i use it with MadVR and browser playback simply wont cut it. I would appreciate your advice and technical support. Thank you in advance. Dimitris
  23. [Happens in Emby Theater] When I change the artist image or movie/tv show poster from the browsing screen (image below), it automatically takes me to the first item starting with that letter. Now when I press on an alphabet to go above this page... like on A,B,C, or D... it won't work. It gets stuck on E for some reason.
  24. The Emby Theater app from the Windows Store has the overlay come up when you use the media keys, which is supposed to show the name of the song and then the album artist. The theater app is making it show the artist(s), and then the album artist. This happens with all of my songs, all of which have proper names/titles. Spotify's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/Ws3Jqrj.png Emby's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/YD90HRo.png Otherwise, it works normally. I do notice that the windows store app is quite a bit slower at starting songs, compared to the web UI or Emby Theater from the website. It's particularly slow when starting a song after playing nothing, such as first starting the app or after clicking the stop button on previous media.. If you shuffle your library, an artist, or an album, it usually starts way faster and will skip songs much quicker. Hope this is in the right section. If not, please move it for me. Thanks!
  25. When viewing Music through the Emby Theater app for Windows 10 or through my Roku tv, I do not have the option of listing Songs - the option is not there. However, if i go to Emby via my website or use the ip addresses of my server, I DO see the option to list music by songs. How do I get the app to show Songs no matter how I am connected? Thanks. Gene Emby version Emby running as a service on Windows Server 2016 Essentials
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