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  1. CarlosLima

    IPTV m3u list

    Does m3u lists really work on Emby Server? I would like to test but I did not even understand which plugin I should use. My pretense is that web clients can access the tv channels from my m3u list. If there is already a topic that discusses this subject, I would like to know, because I did not find it here in the forum.
  2. CarlosLima

    Emby Server - New Version

    With the update of Emby Server for the new version, the "My Media" icons have been reduced, even though I use CSS to leave the size I want, it seems that the new version despises the applied CSS code. Is it possible to have the icons in the size I prefer, or will the new version no longer allow this customization?
  3. CarlosLima

    Cinema Mode

    Hello, maybe (not sure) a problem exists in Cinema Mode. I added a single video in the folder, to serve as an intro and set the Cinema Mode area. Everything worked fine. When adding in the same folder, the second video for the second intro, before the movie or episode starts, the intros are played three times in the sequence; 1, 2, 1. My intro files are ac3.mp4 and h264.mp4 but I would like to use generic names like intro1.mp4 and intro2.mp4, is this possible and so will the intro be played before all the movies and episodes? I would like the intro1 and intro2 to alternate wit
  4. CarlosLima

    Media ordering

    I realized these problems only in my Concerts collection. For some reason, Emby does not obey the alphabetical ordering of all Concerts. He orders a particular group and then, orders the other group in the sequence. Any tips, so that everyone is in alphabetical order? Thank you from now on.
  5. CarlosLima

    User control

    I did a test, changing the user login permission schedules and found that if the user tries to access outside the given times, in fact he will not succeed, however: 1. The displayed screen does not disappear when clicking the button "Done" and for this, just clicking outside the image. 2. Is it possible to use CSS code to edit the text on this screen?
  6. breezytm

    Emby Cloud

    Are we? A Special for Emby Premiere users only?
  7. I recently bought a pretty nice Android TV mini-computer. I did so with the intention of running Emby Server on it. I want to build the server here, then I plan on relocating it to a different location once it is completed and functional, along with the USB hard drives that will contain the movie files.. I am struggling to figure out how to do that... I searched the Google Playstore for "Emby Server for Android TV". It showed an app called "Emby for Android TV". I assumed it was exactly what I wanted, so I downloaded and installed the app on my new box. It installed fine, but doesn't appe
  8. When one has Emby configured to store data in NFO files adjacent to their associated videos, and you then designate certain metadata fields to be "Locked" a XML field of <lockedfields> is added to the NFO file, containing a "|" delimited list of the metadata fields to be locked from editing. In my prior experiments I found that if I added this field to an existing NFO file (ie, one that Emby has already added data to) then Emby would read the NFO and lock the corresponding fields. I mistakenly thought then that I could add this XML field to my externally generated NFO files as part o
  9. Somewhat related to the Bulk Edit of Metadata feature request ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42975-bulk-edit-metadata/ ), I'd love to be able to specify a different Metadata Provider on a per-metadata basis. My desire for this comes from learning of the tradeoffs between the two main providers, OMDB and TMDB, as talked about in this thread ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43818-three-genre-limit/&do=findComment&comment=409723 ), which indicates that OMDB tends to have user-preferred Ratings data, while TMDB tends to provide more Genres (OMDB apparently j
  10. Sony TV has automatically updated to KODI 17. For some reason TV shows are not merging together in my kodi library on this tv although series are appearing merged in emby server and on my other android tv running kodi 16.1. In my TV library on the emby server I have a path directed to files on a mycloud and a local file path on the computer. I have reinstalled emby add on in KODI 17 but no luck. Although I can still access everything, it is annoying that a TV show is showing up twice with different episodes. Any ideas for what to do next? I'm a bit stumped.
  11. Been having trouble lately getting my library scan to complete in a timely fashion. Noticed massive amounts of errors related to the ombd api. Tried going to their website and found they are getting hammered with a DDOS attack and they are aware of the errors (503). Just an FYI if you have been having trouble with library scans related to this.
  12. What happend? I updated Emby to 3.1.5 (skipped .4). I don't think this has anything to do with the problem I'm having right now. Fiddled around with my PC Restarted my PC (did not yet restart Emby) I noticed Emby did not auto start. Browsed to the AppData folder. A manual start resulted in a popup, screenshot attached. Tried to be smart and download the latest Emby release from the website, assuming it would fix the issue. I did not and Emby started fresh without my configuration. I removed %/System and replaced it with %/System(.old -removed) Same popup. Please help. I'll monitor this pos
  13. Hi, Im installing emby server from scratch on windows server 2016 and im up to the point to enter the path for ffmpeg. I have downloaded the 64bit bunble from Zeranoe as suggested, extracted to a folder, but when i hit next in the setup i get an error saying cannot locate ffmpeg using the path provided. I know its in there as i can see the ffmpeg application file in the bin directory of that bundle. how do i move past this point? need help please Cheers and thanks in advance
  14. ryzilla

    Emby Sever metadata

    Hi Guys, Few question i have about the Emby server setup i have searched the forums for and cant find a definitive answer and was wondering if you guys can lead me in the correct path. Does moving the metadata location to folders have a performance hit? the reason i am asking is i copy movies to my hard drive for the shack that has no internet so just need the metadata etc. If so, does it populate actor images as well into each folder, assuming yes you will end up with 200 of the rocks face. on the above two questions does Emby still use the central cache folder in the c:\users\app.
  15. So I now have all these new, multi-color boxes around my thumbnails on my home screen... How do I get rid of/hide these, as they are very unappealing to me. I have looked around for a bit now and have not been able to find an option to turn them off. Thanks!

    Blurry playback

    Hi, Trying to watch a movie on Emby Server and the playback is very blurry. The file is a HD file at almost 4GB. Selecting quality during playback is set at 1080p-60Mbps. Usually in quality setting it says 'Direct'. Any help on how to fix this? Emby Server V. Chrome V.55.0.2883.87 Thanks, Server-6361840000.txt
  17. Hi, I'm running Emby Server on a Raspberry Pi3 with OSCM. I was able to get it installed and running by following these instructions: https://github.com/d...mc_install_emby And by accessing the url I added my OSMC library (drive connected to Pi3) perfectly. The problem is when I hit play nothing happens, both on browser and on the iOS app. I get a "loading" circle on the screen that disappears after 4 seconds but no playback and no error message. Bellow are the logs. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Log_2.txt Log.txt
  18. I could swear I saw a post similar to this recently but now I can't find it.... I'm in the midst of transitioning my library of movies, etc. into Emby and so I'm doing a lot of testing with NFO files and how Emby reads them, etc. It would be really useful during this period if there were a way to tell Emby to Re-Read a given NFO file (and pull in any new or changed data). Currently I have to remove the folder, restart Emby and then re-add the folder to get Emby to re-read the file(s), which is a bit of a pain. However, I realize that what I'm desiring here is not something that one wou
  19. Hi, I'm running Emby Server on a Raspberry Pi3 with OSCM. I was able to get it installed and running by following these instructions: https://github.com/douglasorend/osmc_install_emby And by accessing the url I added my OSMC library (drive connected to Pi3) perfectly. The problem is when I hit play nothing happens, both on browser and on the iOS app. I get a "loading" circle on the screen that disappears after 4 seconds but no playback and no error message. Bellow are the logs. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Log_2.txt Log.txt
  20. Maximus Naxsus

    Login disclaimer popup

    I'm upgrading my network to fiber, my IP will change and there for user will have to receive a new Emby login IP, directing them to my Emby Server. I was wondering if it would be possible to make the Login disclaimer popup to notify my server user that a change is imminent. Other suggestion and experiences regarding this 'issue' are welcome. It's probably not a real issue, just users ignoring anything that doesn't popup in their face ;-)

    Missing Episodes not showing

    Hi, Hope everybody is having a fab XMAS this year....I have a slight issue. When I go to TV Shows>Episodes and change the filter to show 'Missing Episodes', it shows nothing. I know that I am missing episodes of a few series but it comes up blank. Any clues as to what I should do or if an update is needed. P.S. After updating to V. today, the XMAS snow theme disappeared. Thanks. Server-63618009284.txt
  22. I'm new to Emby and trying to get a optimal setup sorted. I have the following: Emby Server running on Windows Server 2012 running on a new Quad Core low end (new) Xeon Processor, 4GB Ram. Storage is traditional spinning rust. Media is all stored on another Server 2012 OS, running on the same hardware (they are two VMs in the same box) Clients include the web app, the Android app, Windows Theatre and the WMC Client (which I hope to replace with the Win 7 Theatre or even the Win 10 UWP App) I initially tried Emby on CentOS and although everything worked as expected I experience
  23. Hi every one, I really hope you'll be able to help me. I just installed an Emby Server on my RaspBerry 2 with RaspBian OS with ethernet connection. The server just works fine. I plugged an External HDD in NTFS format, I'm able to see it and its content on my RaspBerry with SSH, but when I want to add my movies, which are in my HDD, I choose "add libraries" on Emby, go to "/media/pi/HDD" and it shows me a blank space, like nothing were in it. I try to change permissions, try to "mount" my hdd, try to download some drivers for NTFS support, but nothing works yet. I'm starting to los
  24. so ever since the v3.0.7.x updates to the server wmc can no longer detect the server when it is clearly running. i can open it in chrome, check settings, search the library, but as soon as i try to enter mb from wmc start menu i just keep getting the error message telling me the server is not running. what changed and how can i fix it?
  25. As per title of topic the cast and scene menu information while movie is playing is badly broken. As seen below: The cast information cannot be scrolled through or backed of properly unless using "information Icon" However, if I press the information icon again it will not give me the artwork and synopisis it showed when I first pressed the information icon instead it will go to whatever busted "scene" or "cast" menu i was in. I must back out of the movie entirely to see movie artwork and synopsis correctly again and that part will work fine unless I go back into "Cast" or " Scene" me
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