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  1. StLDreiling

    library scan never completes

    For the past week or so, manually triggered scans of my media library fail to complete. I do not have a scheduled task for full scans, only folder watching. Logs attached. There are no other discernable errors or limited/unavailable functionality, but until the server is restarted, folder watching is not reactivated. The scans consistently get to the completion percentage indicated in the clip below. I am running the current stable ( build of Emby Server as Windows service via NSSM on a headless Windows Server 2016 server powered by an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU with16Gb of DDR4 memory. Prior to posting, both the service and server have been restarted several times as I attempted to troubleshoot. I have also attempted the library scan after terminating the service and running Emby in a normal desktop session with the same results. embyserver.txt
  2. We have a couple of Samsung TVs in the house, which are not very "smart" out of the box. To solve that problem we have installed nVidia Shield devices for each of these TVs. This solved the problems with the built in functionality. Streaming apps are working perfectly now ... with the exception of Emby. The problem is that the Emby client for Android TV cannot manage a server that is in the Sleep State. I'm respectfully requesting for a feature that can manage the sleep/wake state of the Emby Server (in my case the host is Windows 10). This can be done by: - Sending a WOL magic packet to the server when a client requests a video to be streamed (and the server is in the sleep state). - Keeping the server awake during streaming. Really love the Emby server, as it provides many benefits over its competitors, like Plex, but the absence of this feature really limits its usability in the Android TV space.
  3. The Mult-Select in the Server web app is super-useful (I'm so grateful to those that introduced me to it!). But given that the Server web app has some excellent filtering functions (eg, in my case I make use of filtering by Tags) it would be very handy to have a "Select All" functionality, so that I can filter down to the results I'm looking for and then easily add them to a Collection (or, when eventually we have Bulk Editing abilities, open a Bulk Edit view on all the Selected items). Thanks! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  4. i have been having a problem with the remote connection for emby for about two weeks now. with no warning the server will no longer be up to log into. as in the server at my house is up and running and i can watch stuff when im at my house. but many of the people that use my server have been telling my that the server is offline and not working. so i try to log in and the app tells me the server is offline. well I'm at work and i have TeamViewer installed on the server. so i log in and emby says that it is running fine. i have found that after i reset the emby server that the problem goes away for about a hour or 2 then it drops once more. i have no idea what is going on as it was working fine a few weeks ago with no problems. i have added all the emby server logs from today, embyserver.txt embyserver-63787898535.txt embyserver-63787862424.txt embyserver-63787863423.txt embyserver-63787870271.txt embyserver-63787876017.txt embyserver-63787883820.txt
  5. I'm looking for a way to select songs from my Emby Server using voice commands on a Google Home device such as the Google Home Mini or the Google Nest. I want to play the music directly on the Google Home device that issues the voice command, rather than routing it to my phone or a DLNA-compatible "player." However, there doesn't seem to be an option to simply play the selected music directly on the Google Home device's speaker. Am I overlooking something? I have successfully installed and configured the Emby for Android app and linked it to my Emby Server using Emby Connect. I can start a session by saying "Hey Google, talk to Emby Home." I can then say "Play <a song title> by <artist name>. Google finds the song on my Emby Server and asks which player I want to use. (Right now there are only two choices—my android phone or a DLNA device that I never use.) To test the feature, I selected my phone and it does play the song as expected, but not on the speaker I would like to use. (If the Emby team wants to pursue improving Emby for Google Home, you might take a look at a product called MyMedia, which is an Amazon Echo "skill." Their approach is elegant and it works flawlessly. The software "watches" and indexes local music folders on a PC to create a lightweight music server that is compatible with Alexa. I wish something similar existed for use with Google Home products.)
  6. Dan64

    How to speed up Emby on Linux

    Assuming that there is memory to spare, placing Emby's data and/or cache to RAM offers significant advantages. Even though opting for the partial route is an improvement by itself, the latter can make Emby even more responsive compared to its stock configuration. Benefits include, among others: - reduced drive read/writes; - heightened responsive feel; - many operations within Emby, such as quick search are nearly instantaneous. To do so we can make use of a tmpfs. Because data placed therein cannot survive a shutdown, a script responsible for syncing back to drive prior to system shutdown is necessary if persistence is desired. On the other hand, only relocating the cache is a quick, less inclusive solution that will slightly speed up user experience with Emby. In this post is provided an example of script to move and sync the "data" folder (where is stored the emby db) to RAM. Be sure that rsync is installed and save the "executable" script to /opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh, for example: #!/bin/sh # The script will first move emby's data to a new static location, # make a sub-directory in /dev/shm, softlink to it and later populate it with the contents of data. # The second time the script runs, it will then preserve the RAM profile by copying (sync) it back to disk. PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin static=data-static link=data volatile=/dev/shm/emby-data IFS= set -efu cd /var/lib/emby if [ ! -r $volatile ]; then mkdir -m0700 $volatile fi if [ "$(readlink $link)" != "$volatile" ]; then echo "--> Emby: Init RAM Disk" mv $link $static ln -s $volatile $link fi if [ -e $link/.unpacked ]; then echo "--> Emby: Sync Disk" rsync -av --delete --exclude .unpacked ./$link/ ./$static/ else echo "--> Emby: Sync RAM" rsync -av ./$static/ ./$link/ touch $link/.unpacked fi It is best to add a cron job to guarantee the sync between RAM and disk, for example the following entry will run the sync process every 30min. */30 * * * * /opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh Then it is necessary to change the service: /lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service to guarantee the initial and final sync, as follow: [Unit] Description=Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. After=network.target [Service] TimeoutSec=5min EnvironmentFile=/etc/emby-server.conf WorkingDirectory=/opt/emby-server ExecStartPre=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh ExecStart=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-server ExecStopPost=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh RestartForceExitStatus=3 User=emby [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target After this change it is necessary reload the service with the command: systemctl daemon-reload Finally it is possible to activate the shared-memory for Emby with the command systemctl restart emby-server It is possible to verify the execution of the script with the command: systemctl status emby-server ● emby-server.service - Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2019-01-01 09:46:44 CET; 7min ago Process: 8310 ExecStopPost=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 8315 ExecStartPre=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 8320 (EmbyServer) Tasks: 23 (limit: 4915) Memory: 676.5M CGroup: /system.slice/emby-server.service └─8320 /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg More details can be found with the command: journalctl | grep emby-data_sync.sh emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: sending incremental file list emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: activitylog.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: authentication.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: library.db emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: library.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: users.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/6330ee8f-b4a9-57f3-3981-f89aa78b030f.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/81267bb8-bb49-51de-4b1b-446262cc7365.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/d459f39d-7abb-81f5-fcce-03048a7ecf4d.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: SyncData/Emby.Kodi.SyncQueue.I.1.40.json emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: sent 255,467,606 bytes received 227 bytes 30,055,039.18 bytes/sec emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: total size is 257,320,410 speedup is 1.01 emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: sending incremental file list emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: sent 4,561 bytes received 44 bytes 9,210.00 bytes/sec emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: total size is 257,320,410 speedup is 55,878.48 The paths used in this post are the default ones for a Debian installation, in the case the distribution used is different could be necessary to change some path. But the main concept remain the same. On my installation I was able to speed up the "quick searches" by 100 times. This improvement is mainly due to the increase of speed obtained by moving the SQLite databases to RAM. In this article: https://www.directionsmag.com/article/3794 is reported an interesting comparison on memory access vs disk access speed and is stated that: "If you have a problem with slow database access, placing the entire database in RAM can instantly provide a factor-of-100-thousand increase in access speed with no other programming or data structure changes required".
  7. mengoshmink

    Synology + Docker + Emby + Metadata

    Hi guys, for reasons not worth explaining here I am currently without my dedicated server hardware. So I decided to install Docker to my Synology NAS and install the Emby image. My reasons for using the Docker Emby image and not the native Synology Emby app are various. DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 Docker 20.10.3-0554 Emby latest ( When I entered my premier key I got an error. After a bit of digging I found that if I turned off my Synology firewall then the key worked fine. Not ideal but to turn off the firewall for a few seconds while my premier key is validated and verified is not a deal breaker. What I found next is that when scanning my video library it doesn't download any metadata unless the firewall is off. I've tried a few different firewall rules but to no avail. Does anyone here have any ideas or the answer? Many thanks in advance! Container Log emby-1.html Container Settings emby.json embyserver.txt
  8. Currently running Windows 10 Pro with all updates. Emby Server is working fine. Question is : how to clear the Alerts from the Server Dashboard screen (upper Right Quad of the layout). Old alerts do not appear to drop off from the list. How is it reset to clear the list and start a new Alert list?
  9. I am trying to use Emby through roku, which I haven't done in a few months, and it is telling me that I have to update it. I am notified of an update on the dashboard and I tried both restarts and shutdowns but it still doesn't update and I still can't get into the server on the roku app. I tried disabling automatic updates and I still can't login. I tired a download but it is wanting to set up a new instance and not update the current one. How do I update emby or bypass the update? I have version installed on Windows.
  10. nvm, i found the option =P
  11. Hallo, ich habe auf meiner NAS Terramaster F2-210 den Emby Server Version installiert (das ist die aktuellste Version, die mir dort zum Installieren angeboten wird). Nach dem Installieren habe ich den Emby Server aktiviert. Greife ich aber mit anderen Geräten (Smartphone, Tablet) auf den Emby Server zu, habe ich kurzzeitig Zugriff. Dann schließt sich aber der Server selbstständig. Im Desktop-TOS akitviere ich ihn wieder. Das Spiel kann ich stundenlang so machen. Kann ich das Problem lösen? Für meine NAS scheint es die aktualisierte Version nicht zu geben? Schöne Grüße
  12. schmitty

    [Possible Bug] Can not invite users

    Hello, I can no longer invite users, when I click add user Emby Server does not bring up the dialog to Add Local User or Invite with Emby Connect. Has Emby Connect or inviting been removed again?
  13. ohmadruga

    Emby Serializer / API

    About A serialization layer for your Emby server's database, allowing information about movies, tv series and episodes to be retrieved in JSON format via GET requests. Project URL https://github.com/samuel-antonini/emby-serializer Why? I wanted to build some custom Python scripts to feed my Superset dashboards with relevant information about my Emby library and I could not find all the information I needed using the native API, so I ended up building this "intermediate app" that sits between my scripts/dashboards and my Emby server's database. Due to to database access restrictions, it is a little bit slow, but that's something I'm going to tackle next. Ideas and feedback are welcome! Screenshots 1. Movie endpoint response 2. Genre & studios detail 3. Providers detail: 4. Media streams detail (audio tracks and subtitles included)
  14. I followed the instructions below. 1. run package center. 2. add https://synology.emby.media in package sources 3. select "Any Publisher" After completing the setup, I went to the Community tab and couldn't find the emby server package. Please tell me what to do. I use DS920+ and DSM version is DSM 6.2.3-25426 thank you.
  15. schmitty

    Live TV enhancements

    Hello, I have a few ideas for enhancements to the Live TV system. 1 Support for more headers in m3u files... eg.live (1/0) - disable/enable live stream flag, so play and seek controls can be enabled or disabled tvg-group - to set network/studio group of radio and tv streams for easier grouping tvg-url - so xmltv guide data can be bound directly to a channel or m3u file, bypassing the built-in gui method #bg-color and #bg-size - to alter the background color and size of the channel tile metadata display - eg. jQuery Stream, embedded m3u/8 comment, Icy-Metadata, Icecast CORS/ACAO headers. I have a ttached an m3u file which I tried to directly add as m3u tuner, but the server would not load it properly, possibly because it is one stream with multiple chunks ( also has metadata)... it can be called from another m3u tuner though. https://wz3web.scahw.com.au/live/3sea_32.stream/playlist.m3u8?listeningSessionID=5bdda753c87a2e78_303254_9A8QlPM3__00000001t29&downloadSessionID=0 #EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:3 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:6 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:40 #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone fRjAPQ6Q9DEp-308311271-5015.aac #EXTINF:4.969,Lukas Graham - Love Someone lR52ZCSwo0Yp-308311272-4969.aac #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone j6TateebXsLp-308311273-5015.aac tv (0/1) - enable/disable tv (must specify either radio or audio-only options if set to 0) radio (true) - enable radio-specific stream with rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with audio-only) audio-only (true) - enable audio only stream without rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with radio) 2 Add support for Icecast streams/tuners
  16. Hi There, I have been using EMBY for a few months and have come up with the subject issue. (Using the Emby Android app) I can stream and cast all content currently in the library. however, when I have watched a program it does not update my watched list nor does it download any meta content eg images. Further I cannot scan new media that I place into my folders. I have ruled the following out: - Firewall issues (I did not change this at all but have tested with the firewall off anyway and same issue) - AntiVirus issues (same as above) - Restarted Emby server and host machine - Checked naming convention and folder structure of the media files - Disabled automatic port mapping (to test) Below is an extract of the error I am experiencing from a debug log: 2021-07-07 16:58:30.408 Error PortMapper: Error creating port map *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10.0.19041 Framework: .NET Core 3.1.13 OS/Process: x64/x64 Runtime: C:/Users/George/AppData/Roaming/Emby-Server/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 4 Data path: C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata Application path: C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system MediaBrowser.Model.Net.HttpException: MediaBrowser.Model.Net.HttpException: <s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" s:encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"> <s:Body> <s:Fault> <faultcode>s:Client</faultcode> <faultstring>UPnPError</faultstring> <detail> <UPnPError xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:control-1-0"> <errorCode>-111</errorCode> <errorDescription>Invalid Action</errorDescription> </UPnPError> </detail> </s:Fault> </s:Body> </s:Envelope> at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsync(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) at Mono.Nat.Upnp.UpnpNatDevice.GetSpecificMappingAsync(Protocol protocol, Int32 publicPort, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Mono.Nat.Upnp.UpnpNatDevice.CreatePortMap(Mapping mapping, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Emby.PortMapper.ExternalPortForwarding.CreateRules(INatDevice device, CancellationToken cancellationToken) Source: Emby.Server.Implementations TargetSite: Void MoveNext() Any thoughts on further troubleshooting?
  17. Hello everyone I just migrated my Emby server to some new hardware (on the 02.10.2020) and the new installation seems to have an issue with the Chromecast, as I can connect to it but once I hit play it just stands there loading and nothing happens. I've tested everything I could think of.. local and remote Chromecast, different versions of Chromecast, different types of media, I even moved my Emby server between different OS's (tried Windows Server 2016, 2019 and Ubuntu) and it never works. Everything else is working correctly. The server does not have a custom certificate installed and is pretty much default. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? I saw a recent topic for the exact same issue but it went the certificate route. (which does not apply to me). Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am in the process of a full library scan, and I see the following errors appear in the server logs repeatedly. System.Exception: ffprobe failed for file... streams and format are both null and [matroska,webm @ 0xebdc00] Format matroska,webm detected only with low score of 1, misdetection possible! [matroska,webm @ 0xebdc00] EBML header parsing failed : Invalid data found when processing input embyserver.txt
  19. On my Windows 10 system, the Emby Server service is interfering with VLC and MPC-HC video playback, resulting in video pixelations and audio dropouts. It concerns playback of Blu-ray, WMC recordings and Live TV (maybe also other formats, which I have not tried). I detect the interference by looking at Windows Task Manager while playing movies, and it happens every 3-4 minutes, when the Emby Server service is running / updating and going high on CPU usage (from 0% to 1-2%). If I close the Emby Server, the problem is gone. I am not quite sure when the problem has started, as I have not played movies for a while. The problem is with VLC and MPC-HC (Madvr), but not with Hauppauge WinTV 10 and WMC (Windows Media Center). Windows 10, Emby Server, VLC and MPC-HC are all updated to latest versions. Hardware: Asus z-97 deluxe motherboard, Intel Core i7-4790K processor, Intel HD Graphics 4600, RME Fireface 800 soundcard. Emby Server logs are attached. embyserver-63743686306.txt embyserver-63743673601.txt

    Emby Settings keep resetting

    Hi, I have noticed lately that no matter how many times I change these settings, they keep reverting back. When I select backgrounds to 'Yes' for the main screen, it reverts back, same with the display of movie images. 'Posters' keep changing to 'Poster Card'. Any way of preventing these settings from reverting back? I have left a dropbox link for log/images as uploading on here is not working for me :/ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ycnbqkz4ur5s9b3/AACSs5HLNfF93p2N1sdMS0T0a?dl=0 Thanks
  21. Hi! I updated my Emby Server through the App Central in my NAS following your instructions (https://emby.media/asustor-server.html). Afterwards, I went to http://localhost:8096 and I indeed successfully updated from the version to the However, when I triy to access my emby server on my LG Smart TV it gives me the following error "Connection Failure: We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again". Whenever I access the http://localhost:8096 in Chrome it enters without a problem and it says emby web is (see image However when I access the http://app.emby.media/ it says my Chrome emby web version is and not the latest (see image Is this related with my problem? Please, does anyone knows how can I recover the access of Emby Server in my LG TV? Thank you, Mário
  22. So after the recent privacy controversy with Plex I've started looking elsewhere for media servers with remote access. It seems Emby is a decent alternative however I'm having issues using it with a VPN. I've had these issues with Plex so I'll explain further. The problem Plex had with the VPN is that it had the wrong IP address for me (it was displaying the VPN IP, as it should do) and because of that, when I was attempting to connect remotely via the VPN IP it could not find the Plex server. The way to get around this was to set up a static port with my VPN provider, which they did, then enter this port into the "Manually specify public port" setting on Plex. After this, the server was remotely accessible, as the VPN provider would listen for incoming connections on the specified port, forward it to my server and all was good. I'm not having any success running this with Emby. I can see that there are settings where I can manually set the public and local ports to access the server (it is listing my VPN IP rather than my real IP, just as Plex did) but I may not be entering my static VPN IP in the right box? I've tried remote access without the VPN running and it worked (though I did have to set up port forwarding in my router). I've tried entering my static VPN IP in the "Public HTTP port number" box in Advanced Settings but this hasn't worked. To be clear, as I seem to be different to most others, I am looking to run Emby behind the VPN and not bypass it. Can anybody assist? There must be some way to do this as it works fine with Plex.
  23. Bonjour, Voici un article de mon blog expliquant comment installer Emby sur un Synology, configurer un tunerTNT, installer des plugins ( Trakt ), gérer les sous titres via la substitution des chemins d'accès et configurer Kodi pour profiter de tout cela. J'espère que cela aidera la communauté. http://www.babash.fr/2015/11/26/emby-votre-bibliotheque-multimedia-opensource/ à bientôt
  24. Netfool

    Can't see Task Triggers

    This is Emby Server on Ubuntu X64 18.04 LTS. When I click on the setting gear and then select Scheduled tasks I get the Scheduled Tasks list, however when I click on a task I get the + button and a spinner that never stops (and least not in the first 15 minutes). I get the add trigger dialog and it appears to function normally except that after clicking the add button there is no indication that the trigger was added. Manually triggering a scheduled tasks appears to function normally. Log attached. (There's not a 15 wait in this one. Let me know if it would help). embyserver.txt
  25. I don't know how much demand there might be for this, but thought I'd throw it out there. In my old, custom-built system I had a way that I could indicate that an "extra" (or subitem) could also appear in the main listing as it's own stand-alone item (with all of it's own metadata) (though I would indicate when viewing the details of that item in a stand-alone context that it was connected to it's parent item). The simplicity of how Extras work in Emby has definitely grown on me (it's very handy to just be able to drop stuff in an "extras" folder and have them handled automatically). However, I periodically have Extras that I both would like to appear as Extras for a given Movie, but which also are substantial enough to be present in the main listing of movies (for example, certain documentaries paired with a given movie DVD). It would be great if there were a checkbox to designate a given Extra could also appear independently (such that it would show up with it's own item listing, in addition to appearing as an Extra for it's parent). This is actually partly possible currently by adding an Extra to a Collection -- the Extra will show up in the Collection as a stand-alone item, including being able to browse to it's detail page (though, until we get metadata downloading, etc. for Extras there's not much to see: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43845-emby-server-emby-theater-support-nfo-files-and-automatic-metadata-lookup-for-extras/ ). This method kinda gets at what I'm aiming for, but I think I'd ultimately prefer the full version of what I'm asking for (including the Extra's detail page have an indicator of, and link back to the parent). One question though: Is what I've described as currently being possible with adding an Extra to a Collection a fluke (ie, an accidental feature), or can I count on it continuing to function that way? If I decide to make use of that functionality (eg, there are some items where it might be sufficient for me just to be able to add them to a Collection) I don't want that to then later go away because it was not something that was intended to work that way. Thanks! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
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