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  1. horizonbrave

    Emby Connect

    Hi all exciting times.. just installed emby and running it for the first time. As setup starts he ask to eventually create a "Emby Connect" account. I'd like to know/understand if or not I really need one. The linked page doesn't show any particular info, so I thought to suggest that it would be nice to add some, or perhaps just a faq? Cheers
  2. I'm experiencing a strange issue in which I can't access my Emby Server through Emby Connect, but I can directly using the local IP address. Specifically, when I attempt to use http://app.emby.media/connectlogin.html?mode=welcome, I get the following screen... wing screen... It started immediately after an automatic Emby Server upgrade (to 3.4.1, I think). I don't know if that was the cause or if that fact was purely coincidental. Has anyone out there seen this before? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! Marcus
  3. Sorry if this is a common thread, I tried to search and only came up with people unable to access anything remotely. I have UPnP & NAT-PMP disabled on my router for security reasons. I have forwarded 8096-8097 to different non standard ports in my router also for security reasons, thats just how I do most services and it works fine. To be clear I did not change the default ports in emby, I'm using my router to put them on a different port over WAN. I also have a dynamic dns assigned to my ip. Using myIP:mycustomport or myservername.asdf.com:mycustomport in a browser on a remote
  4. Hello, I have been trying to set-up Emby and allow remote access with docker containers. No matter what I do I cannot connect from any app including the web app. If I put in the URL it will connect just fine as long as force SSL is not enabled, if force SSL is enabled then I get an error that there has been too many redirects. I have looked at the posts about setting up remote access and setting up reverse proxy and nothing is working, I am not sure where to begin any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  5. I'm running an Emby server from home. I have a few friends that I have shared my server with. They signed up for Emby Connect accounts and I added their usernames via the Emby dashboard. I've noticed for some reason, no matter which user logs in, it takes them to a screen that shows every other Emby user that also has access to the server and you can simply click on one of the users and get access to their Emby account. Users that do not have admin access even appear to be able to select an account that does have admin access and can then access the dashboard. How did I achieve this state?
  6. Hi all, Having a bit of a strange issue here, only started happening recently ~last week or so. If I use Emby connect through the app.emby.media link, it allows me to sign in and shows my server. Once the server is connected, it loads 'infinitely' by which I mean no errors come up but it doesn't display any media. It's only doing this on external connections as it works internally absolutely fine. Strangely enough, the Emby mobile app connects fine and I can use the IP address within the server dashboard to direct connect off-network and that also connects fine - it's just Emby c
  7. I gave my account info to a acquaintance so they could access a server im not in control of. I no longer want them to use my profile. How Do I remvoe their specfic device from my emby connect account. Ive tried changing the password but they are still able to connect to it somehow.
  8. can be deleted, sorted problem myself
  9. schmitty

    Emby Connect linking issue

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not... but, I have tried to add email addresses to user accounts (including mine), but Emby Connect is not recognising them. Usernames work fine though. Any suggestions?
  10. Definitions: Local refers to HTTP/unsecure External refers to HTTPS/secure For local use, I really see no reason to use passwords but for external use, passwords are critical to prevent anonymous access (only want a handful of people to access it, not the ~7 billion people on the planet). What I expected going into this is that only Emby Connect enabled accounts would show up through HTTPS and they would require the Emby Connect credentials to log in. What I got was the same as HTTP: click a name and you're in. So, what does Emby support now in terms restricting access to th
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. I have been having a problem for a few weeks now where I cannot login to Emby Connect when I am on a mobile data network. When I am at home on my network or at a friend's house on their network I am able to login with no problems. But if I turn wireless off on my phone and connect to the phone's data network, I cannot login. The problem is the same if I try to login to Emby Connect via a web browser also.
  12. redaktorn

    Emby App in Winphone

    Hi, I am a Premiere member and I have set up Emby Server mainly in order to use it with my (several) Kodi installations. It works just fine with my over 4.000 Movies and 20.000 TV episodes. (Even though setup process took several days in order to get it perfectly working and understand all parts of the Emby Server system) Now I have tried to setup Emby in my Windows phones and must say that I am extremly disappointed with the "Emby App". It has several huge problems desribed below. Optional there is also Emby Theater but it is mainly intended for use on TV or Home monitors that are bi
  13. KRONZO

    manual login possible bug

    hey i´m using the latest beta and during a reset i tried to log in manually but was not able to i am on a shield and only have a remote, and the emby connect dialog that allows you to manually log in does nbot respond to remote, but the emby connect login dialog works fine
  14. bb_xspeed

    External Access

    Hi, I currently use emby on a windows server as an internal MediaCenter with Emby for WMC client. 2 users are created - 1 for my kids without any password allowing them to access easily to all the stuff they like through the remote command + TV - 1 for parents with a very simple numeric password that we can enter with the remote control. The idea is to disallow kids to watch films and series that are not for their age Today, I would like to active external access to let friends access my media library from the internet. So I activated Emby Connect which works great. But, as
  15. I am using Windows 10 on all my laptops. I have been trying since last night to get Emby on a new laptop. 1 laptop is simply for the main Emby server...it works just fine. Another is my personal laptop and it works just fine through an Emby Connect Account to the main Emby Server. However, this account that I am posting from now...I am trying to get it connected to the main server account and it is not working. It is the new laptop (Windows 10, Dell 3000series) I have taken off my Norton Security Suite and tried everything. No luck. I have enabled and disabled Windows Firewall.
  16. soprin

    Probleme de log in "Emby Connect"

    Je n'arrive pas à me connecter sur "Emby Connect" pourtant je suis connecté sur le forum, j ai fait une demande de changement de MDP que j'ai rece par courriel, j ai changer le MDP, essai de nouveau avec courriel / pass et/ou user / pass. Ne fonctionne toujours pas. J'ai vérifié sur mon serveur maison et j'ai bien l'icone qui indique que mon compte est bien lier a Emby Connect. Avec vous des idées ?
  17. Hey guys, I'm having trouble removing a server from Emby Connect that I've uninstalled already (I set it up for a test). I tried going to app.emby.media and deleting it, but it just sits there loading.
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