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  1. I'm new to Emby and trying to get a optimal setup sorted. I have the following: Emby Server running on Windows Server 2012 running on a new Quad Core low end (new) Xeon Processor, 4GB Ram. Storage is traditional spinning rust. Media is all stored on another Server 2012 OS, running on the same hardware (they are two VMs in the same box) Clients include the web app, the Android app, Windows Theatre and the WMC Client (which I hope to replace with the Win 7 Theatre or even the Win 10 UWP App) I initially tried Emby on CentOS and although everything worked as expected I experienced occasional slowdowns where the server would just stop responding for a minute or two. On Windows it's a lot better however sometimes when loading the libraries from a client it will just hang and not display any media. Flicking between libraries usually resolves the issue if it doesn't load itself after 20 seconds or so. I have experienced this on all clients. My guess is that the storage is just not performing well enough and taking too long to load files, causing a slow down. What I'm going to try next is to do one of the following: Move the Emby server onto an SSD, this should speed up the server itself. Move the media into the Emby server and make it a combined Emby and Media server. This in itself shouldn't really make much difference except from moving the media a little closer to the server. My gut is to move the Emby server itself onto an SSD first and see what it does to the performance. Does anyone with more knowledge and experience of Emby have any suggestions for what I should check or anything else that I can try to improve performance? Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi every one, I really hope you'll be able to help me. I just installed an Emby Server on my RaspBerry 2 with RaspBian OS with ethernet connection. The server just works fine. I plugged an External HDD in NTFS format, I'm able to see it and its content on my RaspBerry with SSH, but when I want to add my movies, which are in my HDD, I choose "add libraries" on Emby, go to "/media/pi/HDD" and it shows me a blank space, like nothing were in it. I try to change permissions, try to "mount" my hdd, try to download some drivers for NTFS support, but nothing works yet. I'm starting to losing my head, is there anyone who could help me ? Thanks a lot
  3. so ever since the v3.0.7.x updates to the server wmc can no longer detect the server when it is clearly running. i can open it in chrome, check settings, search the library, but as soon as i try to enter mb from wmc start menu i just keep getting the error message telling me the server is not running. what changed and how can i fix it?
  4. As per title of topic the cast and scene menu information while movie is playing is badly broken. As seen below: The cast information cannot be scrolled through or backed of properly unless using "information Icon" However, if I press the information icon again it will not give me the artwork and synopisis it showed when I first pressed the information icon instead it will go to whatever busted "scene" or "cast" menu i was in. I must back out of the movie entirely to see movie artwork and synopsis correctly again and that part will work fine unless I go back into "Cast" or " Scene" menu. I tried this in Google Chrome and Opera and bug is exactly reproducible in both browsers.

    Future Dates show as Yesterday

    I have noticed that in the Upcoming Episodes tab, the date for the 13/09 is showing up as yesterday.. Any way to fix this myself or is this an update fix? I have attempted to upload the log file 'Server-63606816000' but for some reason it is 10.6MB which is too large to upload. remux-918a70d8-94ba-4e7d-9ae4-269425b419ee.txt
  6. I am looking (for a friend) at a NAS with one function to store and serve videos to a Sony Android TV. At first I thought it was best to do this using a basic Netgear ReadyNAS's DLNA server. Then I thought about Kodi before realising that QNAP NAS's support Emby Server and would prefer that (I have a MediaPC running Emby and Emby for Windows Media Centre). My friend would like to spend as little as possible so I was looking at the TS-212P but I was not sure if this would be powerful enough to run Emby Server. Video will be mostly SD and 720P stuff. Can anyone share their experience with this? Or any advice on likely performance on this unit?
  7. Maximus Naxsus

    Streaming, last minutes are cut off

    There seems to be an issue with ¿rendering the last couple of minutes of an episode while steaming to another location. Playback cuts off and I can't get the stream to continue on any time frame. Attached, server log Server log is 61 MB!? https://1drv.ms/t/s!Asn6NNog54FdjIVX35DTwZ8UFJE-Dw Also, see my previous post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/36884-server-3059850-high-cpu-usage-when-browsing-libraries/ Still not sure if this might be (partially) an new Windows function (probably one of the futures where all so excited about , for anybody remembering the Windows 8.x and 10 introduction mumbo-jumbo ) As a trail I'll start streaming using the latest Pale Moon browser. In my experience one of the most reliable and least resources intensive for the past 5 years.
  8. I update my Emby Server to version 3.0.5985.0 recently and my CPU usage while browsing with Edge has more than doubled. Windows 10 x64 10586.494 Phenom x6 @ 4,1 GHZ 16 GB RAM Furthermore, FYI, I use PhenomMsrTweaker. Under average conditions my PC doesn’t use more power then 170 W, now when browsing Emby it jumps to ~260 W. Also, I keep a close eye on Process Explorer. UPDATE: I seem to have the same issue on my ThinkPad T530 (i5 3230). However it occurred during streaming. Previously I used Emby Server with Emby Theather (old version) on my Server. The high CPU usages occurred while clicking trough serie episodes, about 1 episode every 3s. The high CPU usage on my laptop was gone when I closed Edge. After that Emby Server (the server webpage) streamed 720p/4 MBps without any hiccups or glitches. This might indicate that it has something to do with the Windows 10 x.420 update to x.494? Is anybody here on the Windows 10 'fast ring'? If so what is your experience with Edge while comparing the different builds? UPDATE 2: I had an recurring streaming issue. Attempted to uploud the server log however it's 61 MB. Here is an Onedrive link: https://1drv.ms/t/s!Asn6NNog54FdjIVX35DTwZ8UFJE-Dw.This log includes the time frame where I experienced the 'high CPU usage' issue.

    Emby server seek bar

    Is there any way to implement a better seek bar? When ever I try moving the seek bar to where I want it, it always ends up being a minute before or after where I wanted it. Is it possible to get it more accurate down to the second...or even 5 seconds. Also is there a possibility of implementing a thumbnail slider seek bar shown
  10. schmitty

    Streaming issues

    Hi, I am having issues streaming different files from the server to Edge on Xbox One. Some videos play fine, others will play to a certain point then pause. I have attached logs. transcode-39ea5576-9271-49ac-aff8-f241a8485022.txt directstream-1a1ff0a8-8cca-42d8-a754-96c04d5d314e.txt
  11. Hi Emby community, I'm having some sync issues with my multiple Kodi builds and Emby server. At boot of each of my devices, (Laptop with Windows 10, Pine64 running Android-based Remix OS & an OpenELEC Raspberry Pi 2 all running recent builds of Kodi Jarvis) I am getting a "Library sync thread has exited! You should restart Kodi now" error. Whatever is happening with this error is halting my sync process, and my media on each device is not being updated. I can see it attempt to begin sync at boot, but halts once the message pops up. This began about a month ago. The Emby server is running on a older networked PC I had kicking around running Windows 10, which also holds the majority of my media. I am able to start the Emby addon and perform a local database resync, which will bring up my most updated media, but that seems to be the only way to get it to add. With quite a large library, this is very time consuming, and definitely not a very favorable option. Before I go ahead and wipe my entire db to see if that works, and lose watched status among other things, I'd love to see if anyone around here had any other potential fixes for me. My log file is attached. Thanks in advance for any assistance! server-63601791865.txt

    Unable to search for media

    I have noticed at random times that I am unable to search or anything through Emby Server web client (mainly using Chrome Version 51.0.2704.84 m but also happens using FireFox). Sometimes it will work fine but others it just does nothing (as in the screenshot). Is there a fix for this or any plans to tweak the search function in the future? I looked into 'Search Broke / Won't Find titles of movies' forum but it didn't help. Thanks in advance. server-63601372800.txt
  13. dimmiemedia

    Changing home tabs

    Hi there. Is there anyone who knows how you can edit, change or hide the menu tekst of the home tabs? Maybe in CSS? That will be great! I hope that somebodey can tell me more about it, because i can't find a good answer for it in the forums. Sorry if i am spamming the forum, but i can only find half answers about this, so i tought it's a good option maybe to make a new topic about it. Greetz Dimmie
  14. At my wits end and on the point of giving up on Emby I'm running Emby Server on a Windows Server 2012 Essential box - until the last patch everything was working but now after several hours of inactivity Emby Server is going into a lock down state. I am unable to access it via web or Kodi access either remotely or on the server - I can't even kill the process and am forced to reboot my server just to get it active again. Not sure what is happening but I can't live with this.. Any help before I decide to terminate my Emby experiment? Log.txt
  15. Maximus Naxsus

    Feedback beta 3.0.5929.0, All OK

    Dear Developers and users, [a brief background] I follow a RSS feed and from there I decided to update regularly to the beta's that show up. This means that I'm seeing the site and the community a lot less.. There for, when a popup asked for a little feedback I decided that I should leave some. I have been an Emby user since Video Browser back in 2010? I loved it and a lot of my friends had to suffer for it ;-) I stopped updating around version 2_2_9. Now - I think - it's been a year with Emby.. Now I have my own streaming server AND a potential back up for when MS decides to ditch Windows Media Player entirely and push Groove throw our trout’s. But that’s for another post perhaps. I got lot of suggestion etc but I shouldn't lose track of what the initial point of this post should be. I love you guys and girls! Very happy how the developers communicate and the friendly attitude of the community here. I hope you (the developers) will remain able to keep Emby free. I’m about to donate but I got some reservations about that (including the lack of loose change at the moment J ). So, version 3.0.5929.0, all ok, no issues so far. This is my third beta and the only thing that frustrated me even a little was an unexpected database clean-up. A heads up would be nice next time. Take Care, Maximus ‘Max’ Naxsus
  16. Hi, Since last week when a new server update came through (beta version) when the below items were added to the update, sorry i cant remember exact version number, my server removed all the metadata for my music, ran a media library scan for a few hours and added the metadata back. everything seemed fine after this. But since that update my Emby server Home page is not updating, it will not update the home screen to show new items added to my library. Anyone else having the same issue? Any ideas to why this maybe happening? Im currently running Version 3.0.5925.0 Handle empty album artists list when probing music and Support music dynamic images
  17. Has anyone upgraded to Windows 10 with FlexRaid-F? Please note:header should read FlexRaid-F not "T"
  18. So today when I went to use Emby, It would not open the server settings or main interface. When clicking 'Browse Library' or 'Configure Emby' in the windows mini icon, I get a chrome page that says "This site can't be reached" and "localhost refused to connect". I have also been noticing Emby Server just all together closing (as in Emby is completely turned off on the system). I don't really want to uninstall and reinstall again as I will probably have to re-download all covers again. I cannot get Emby logs as I am unsure on where to find them and cannot get into configuration to get them. Please help
  19. Ever since I updated to 3.0.5781.3 and every subsequent release thereafter, I noticed that the search doesn't work. Only a black screen with no visible results. At first, I thought it was limited to the new iOS client. Now, I realize it's doing that in the web client, too. I've run the Clean Database task. Updated to 3.0.5781.8 this morning and no change. Attached is my most recent server log with the SearchTerm errors. Anybody else experiencing this or figure out a way to get my search results showing up again? BTW, LOVE the Holiday Themes!! Pleasant surprise this morning! ServerLog.txt
  20. Hi Folks, 1. Newbie here. Subject is self-explanatory...have tried the emby server install many times over last two nights EST. Here is what I get every time with either Stable or Beta.Unluckily don't know how to access logs. "An error occurred trying to download 'http://raw.githubusercontent.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/master/Server/windows/release/MediaBrowser.Server.Installer.application'. See the setup log file located at 'C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\1\VSD674.tmp\install.log' for more information." 2. What I am attempting: For some reason the HTTP server access from Kodi 15.2 (default or Arch) doesn't seem to work. Can access the site, but the buttons don't work, except the Remote sever shutdown button, which, ironically, is what I don't want ! So I want to install emby server and Kodi add-on, and aim to use the set-up to access PseudoTV LIve and other streams on Kodi via PC browser access externally, away from home, without any plug-in or app, e.g., via Chrome browser as http://(Emby Server IP):8096
  21. Maximus Naxsus

    Auto sort isn't responding anymore

    Dear Admin and Emby users, My Emby Server is refusing to auto sort my new items :-( I allready had some (more general) issues, I had to hand feed a lot of episode to it because the series title name wasn't an exact match, like 'Law and Order' vs 'Law & Order'.. It started after the latest update: Version 3.0.5871.0. I'm running Windows 10, x64. If I trigger a manual sort the pages will refresh and show no new items. There are at least 20 items to be sorted.. I'll be monitoring this topic in order to respond quickly. Thanks in advance for any reply, M. N. Log.txt
  22. Hello and thanks advance for any support; it's a bit of a read, but I'm hopeful a simple fix exists... A few weeks ago, I decided to batch process hundreds of VOB files into MKV equivalents using MakeMKV and an applet program called MKV Batch Converter. The process renamed each VOB file (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\VIDEO_TS) into an MKV file within the same parent folder (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\25th Hour.mkv") and I manually deleted the original "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS" files. None of the other metadata/artwork appeared to be modified during these conversions, however I recently discovered that Emby Server generated a second NFO file for many (but not all) of those batch processed movies. The duplication involves one NFO title which matches the MKV file name (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\25th Hour (2002).nfo) and another which seems to resurrect the ghost of the previously deleted VIDEO_TS file (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.nfo). This dynamic has now made the MKV movie files unplayable on the server ("Video Error - There was an error playing the video"). Interestingly, the trailer files all seem to play fine on Emby Server, regardless of folder structure (some in the their own "Trailer" folders, e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\Trailers\trailer.flv" and some within the parent folder itself, e.g., "21 Jump Street (2012)\21 Jump Street (2012)-trailer.mp4"). I originally discovered this issue in Emby for WMC when many of my local trailer icons disappeared and hitting "play movie" would instead play the trailer. I became curious whether a trailer had to actually be within a "Trailers" subfolder for EMC to recognize both file types. I tried to triage the issue for hours until I realized that the common denominator was not the form of the trailers folder structure, but instead that those media folders with two NFO files were causing different playback issues on both the server and client side. Notably, more recent library additions I have made--not conversions from VOBs, but straight rips to MKV--only have one NFO file within the parent folder and play/display perfectly fine in both Emby Server and Emby for WMC. For the problem movies, however, even when I try to manually delete the duplicate VIDEO_TS.nfo file, Emby Server immediately regenerates it. I could really use some advice on how to permanently remove these duplicate NFO files (and prevent regeneration) so that I can (1) watch trailers AND movies in Emby Server and (2) don't have to relocate every trailers file into its own "Trailers" subfolder for EMC playback. Screenshots of folder structures and Emby Server metadata settings attached.
  23. ermesindee

    Emby Server

    I want to Emby Server anybody send to me an invite to me to use the server? thanks
  24. Specs: Emby server version: 3.0.5782.0 on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (OSMC, Debian Jessie) Music is stored on a Synology NAS My Emby server runs the whole day at 100% CPU, even when it's idle. After rebooting the CPU runs after some minutes back at 100%. There are 2 plugins installed in Emby (Auto Box Sets & Trakt). When I look to the running processes then I see that mono-sgen takes all te CPU and a lot of memory (see attchement CPU.jpg). When I open Emby by the web client then my home screen doesn't load fully, the pointer keeps turning (See attachement Home.jpg). I can go to the server management and some other menuitems but everything is of course very slow due to the CPU utilization of mono. What could generate this problem? I have added my log. I have disabled the library scans some days ago so that shouldn't be to problem. Regards Bernd server-63587697200.txt
  25. Hi guys... I was wondering if there's any plans to make users on a server have the ability to set per library permissions. For example on my Music folder I might want some users to be able to stream/listen to the library, but not be able to download them. Others I might want the other way around. But at the same time. I may want them to not be able to encode/stream video to their devices but instead download the full file and play it locally. (Guests for example who are not in my network.) Where as another user I might prefer that they have the ability to stream or download video but have no download access to a single library. Basically I would like to see/have per library permissions for each user if possible. (Maybe adding group permissions might make more sense if you have to go down this road?) Hope that makes sense? If it needs further clarification or a flow chart or something let me know. Thanks! -Phantom
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