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  1. JERRY1

    It says this version is up to date.Thing is i haven't use this particular pc in almost a year. Is for windows really is the latest ?
  2. schmitty

    Local and cloud libraries

    Hello, I would like some clarification please. I currently have three tv and two movie libraries setup. I have a local and cloud library for tv and movies, and I set up a third tv library which merges the local and cloud tv libraries, which I only access at the moment for testing. The idea was to, while I am in the process of moving media across to the cloud have one library which merges the two together... for some reason though, it doesn't seem to work that way. It is showing duplicate series... one from local and one from cloud, instead of merging the two.
  3. schmitty

    Local metadata

    Hi, I would like to know if Emby Server will still create metadata in media folders when a movie has different versions. And, if so... how do I get it to create the files, if they don't already exist? I have tried doing a library scan of the affected library.
  4. dgjr7llrivera

    Question about my hard drive

    Hello Everyone, I need some help. I am really new to all this media server, etc., but love new apps and technology. Long story short, I wanted to have a local media server, so the family can have access to pictures, videos, etc., this was all done via wifi and I user my pc and set it up as the emby server. Typically prior to today, when I would add contect to the folder I choose it would update the contact and the server would display the new content, I would even get notification on the right hand side on PC confirming new media has been added. This is where the issue is "It is no longer happening" no sure if there was an update recently or the feature was removed, I have tried everything from the little knowledge I have, I have asked the server to scan libraries, I have tried to remove items and add them back on, nothing works, if I log into it using my android phone add (emby), it will display old outdated content. Can someone please help me fix this or provide me some guidance how to get this fixed ? Also just an FYI I have the premiere version that comes with added features. Thank you in advance for your support.
  5. Hello, Ever since relocating the Emby data directory and rebuilding the library, I can no longer seem to retrieve internet metadata. Even via the Identify function. See the attached log file. embyserver.txt
  6. CarlosLima

    Message to user device

    Hi, Is it possible to use CSS code to change the background color and the length of time the text message sent to the user's device is logged in? I understand that the time is too short for longer messages and the background is confused with the caption. I would like to have a lighter background color, maybe in red or yellow color. Thanks for any tip.
  7. I'm looking for some under the hood info - from advanced users that have built a multi-client environment. My existing system is pretty basic, as I like to keep things simple, and in the event of a problem I don't have to muck through a maze of "how did I do this again?" I have a Synology NAS - that provides all the storage for my media files. Using all the built-in 'add video' sources within Kodi - linked to my NAS. I've also enabled a MariaDB10 app, on the NAS to support the MySql feature within Kodi - so all my clients (multiple FireTV & PCs (Windows,MAC)) sync to the same dB. This all works quite well, however a bit complex configuration on each client to maintain if I make the same change or add a source, etc. So here's where my questions begin... I've installed Emby Server on one of my Synology NAS boxes, actually, this particular one is an Xpenology device. I chose that one because it has much more HP than my official Synology boxes. I've also purchased a lifetime Emby account. I've built a Kodi (18.1) client on one of my Fire TV televisions - from scratch. Installed the basic Addons that I require for my use ... OpenSubtitles, Trakt, Lyrics & Backup. I've also just installed Emby/con - addons. After running and testing - to the Kodi local dB all seems to be working well. I'm not sure how the updates to the local client dB updates, and if there is by directional flow when it comes to Trakt data, and partially watched positions, etc... Would it be better to switch to using the Mysql as a common dB source for my clients as I did before? or just stick to the Kodi local dB file dB? I'm thinking using the Mysql dB would be a bit redundant and just complicate things. That I should just let Emby do all the dB work, and keep the local client dBs updated. any HELP, feedback and or comments would be welcome. So far I'm pretty impressed with Emby server.
  8. Hi, Please add a setting to library settings to use Screen Grabber for Extras images
  9. Hi, I have noticed that there seems to be a problem with Emby Server detecting extras for movies. My folder structure is as follows:- /media/movies/Movie Title /extras /intros /shorts /trailers It works fine with extras and trailers, as soon I add one of the others it detects everything as individual media items. The same when I add a 3D version of the same movie to the directory. I have to have 3D versions in separate directories. eg. Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3 (2017).h264.DTS-HD MA [7.1].Bluray-1080p.mkv Despicable Me 3 3D (2017).h264.3D-MVC.DTS-HD MA [7.1].Bluray-1080p.mkv Log.txt
  10. Sean89Butler

    Remote access no longer working.

    I tried accessing my server when I was on vacation and I was unable to connect. Remote access has been working fine for the past year, I'm not sure what has changed. I checked my firewall and everything looked good, just to be safe i removed the inbound rules and added them again, but still no luck, I even disabled my firewall completely but it still didn't work. I am able to remote into my computer with Chrome remote desktop connection, so it seems like my network is working as it should. And yes, I do have port forwarding set up. As I said earlier this was working perfectly for over a year, It just stopped recently. Anyone have any Ideas?
  11. Hi, I have a new problem now. When creating a new library (Animations), the contents are in three subfolders within the same folder, however, Emby Server created the same menu three times. Even though I clear the access in two of them, it does not solve, because it maintains the 3 menus. When you open the menus, the contents are correct, but tripled in all. Am I making a mistake? I have two other Movies folders, both with two subfolders each and this problem does not exist.
  12. Hi, Brand new Plex refugee here. Enter Emby. Same folders, same setup as Plex. Emby will not display my movies, period. Followed Emby naming protocol that worked like a charm in Plex. I've always pointed my iTunes Media folder to Plex. This way, all media is available to iDevices directly, and can stream via Plex Emby directly to our Roku TV. I have added/removed movie folder many times in media library. It sees the movies in the metadata manager, and it shows the miniature movies in the Library view of Emby Web Settings, but will display only TV shows in Home overview. Furthermore, emby app will not play from Roku TV. It sees the server (manually entered), shows the TV shows, but then 'retrieving' and.....nothing. A very frustrating experience so far. I'm only interested in local media streaming. I have no need for online retrieval of tags, titles, subtitles etcetera. I don't want .nfo files added to folders. All images, data and what not are already contained within each .mp4/.m4v file. I'm using Emby only because I have my iTunes purchases on my Mac and want to view them on my Roku TV. Setup is Mac with Emby Server install (latest/greatest), hardwired via MoCa adapter to Roku TV, Emby app. Server is recognized but nothing will play. Media is stored on external Hard Drive connected to Mac. Is this a DRM issue? I have installed and reinstalled Emby but previous settings remain in place on reinstall. This post is a last ditch effort to get this to work, before I cave and go the Apple TV route. I'd prefer to get this working. Thanks!
  13. Some shows (eg, Phineas and Ferb) can often be comprised of two episodes per "block" (or ~20 minute episode time frame), and in instances where one chooses to keep those as a single file it would be nice if the Multi-Episode support added a little visual divider/marker when outputting the Overview/Plot so that it was more apparent when the plot of one episode ends, and the plot of the subsequent episode (contained in the same file) begins. My proposal is that we just use the same green dot delimiter as is used to separate Genres: <span class="bulletSeparator">•</span> Above from: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/emby-web-defaultskin/blob/gh-pages/item/item.js#L383 It'll be consistent with the overall look/feel, and no knew styles have to be created. I would have done a Pull Request, but I couldn't see anything in the default skin that impacts this -- I suspect that the Plots are combined on the server and then outputted as a single plot. Oh, actually, it just occurred to me that the plot is being stored as a single plot (in the Overview field) because it is a single file (duh!). Looking at the details of an example it does appear that the Plots are separated by a CRLF, but lately Emby Theater has not been displaying those (I thought, though I could be wrong, that in some earlier testing maybe a few weeks ago I had success with those characters being recognized and outputting as space between lines of text). Regardless of how we get there, it would be nice to have a visual separator (whether CRLF, or something else) for these plots. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  14. CarlosLima

    Main Menu + Submenu

    Hi, Is it possible to create submenu on Emby Server? I explain I separate the collection of movies between Legendados, Dublados and Infantis, but this forces me to have three separate menus in the main menu of Emby Server. I wish I could have just one Movies menu and when the client clicked on that single menu, a submenu would pop up with the movie options; Voices, Legendados and Infantis. In order not to remain doubt, I leave an art, being the Main Menu what is seen in the Emby and the Submenu what would be displayed when being clicked. Thanks for any tip.
  15. Hello everybody! I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Right now, I'm running v3.6.0.81_beta (will upgrade soon to v4) on a headless Fedora 27 box with 4GB of RAM and a dual-core AMD A4-3300 APU on a WD HDD. It also leverages OpenLDAP running on another FreeBSD box on my network for authentication. Have used the setup for years; I try to keep the boxes physically clean and the setup is still running like a champ. Using a couple of external USB 3.0 drives for backup. It ain't pretty, but it works. Sometimes I have issues with the Android app spinning when trying to play music on my Pixel 2 phone or buffering over WiFi when playing a movie on my Fire TV Cube app (which results in some herky-jerkiness). Those instances are relatively rare, though although the latter issue is nonetheless more annoying. I am thinking that may be due to streaming higher-resolution movies over WiFi (ideal vs real world transfer speeds, essentially a bandwith issue and not a system resource issue?). Fast-forward to today, and I have just procured a bona-fide workstation (Dell Precision T3400, Core 2 Duo) that I am converting to (Free)NAS with 8GB ECC RAM, SSD for boot, and media on a RAID 1 two-HDD configuration for redunancy. Here is the question I'm wrestling with: Should I move from Fedora-server Emby to FreeNAS-plugin Emby? Let me say that I know there is no cut and dried answer to this due to different processors, operating systems (essentially Linux vs FreeBSD), chipsets, etc. But anecdotally I have heard of a more performant TCP/IP stack on BSD, and I want to reclaim my USB drives although that is not strictly speaking a dealbreaker. However, Emby would be running from an SSD which I am assuming would make a big difference. Of course, I also don't have any experience with the FreeNAS Emby plugin. Are there any relatively stable data points or pieces of information that I am missing that may suggest choosing one course over the other? Many thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, for some reason I have to stay with Emby for Kodi 2.3.63. Currently I'm using it with Emby Server 3.5.3 and Kodi Companion 2.0.3. I'd like upgrade to Emby Server 4.0, but I read that after the upgrade will be necessary to update also the Plugins. My question is: after the upgrade, the compatibility with Emby for Kodi 2.3.63, will be preserved ?
  17. SE56

    Can not find emby server

    I have been trying to find my Server via the Emby LG app, manually or select server. But can not be found. It's strange that Plex works fine without issue, I'm just here testing the waters for a possible migration. WebOS 1.4 on 2014 UHD LG TV MacOS 10.14.2 Emby Server version : 3.5.3 Download the app from LG store without issue, used the link process several times, logged into Emby. Look forward to any suggestions
  18. Hi, Could you please add missing codec MediaInfo icons to the server core? Dolby Digital Plus, MP3 and Xvid/MPEG4 do not appear on thumbs with other icons. Back to You Video Codec: MPEG4 - Codec Tag: Xvid - Audio Codec: MP3 Baby Daddy Audio Codec: EAC3 Also, could audio channels icons be implemented too, as they don't show up either.
  19. levander

    some observations and thoughts

    Hi, I would like to share some observations and thoughts on emby server. I am a new user so forgive me if some issues I am mentioning here have been already discussed on the forum. Feature request: - option to disable media deletion from within server (and consequently from within any client) for administrator In these few weeks of using emby I happen to accidentally delete some media couple of times. Fortunately, both times I was lucky. BUT I realised it could have been much worse scenario and that some users weren't so lucky. I searched for an option to disable delete but I couldn't. Please do something about it, this shouldn't be allowed to happen by accident just because there is no logical option to restrict meddling with media files. Option to disable delete or triple password to confirm or similar. Also, in the meantime or if you don't intend to change this please suggest a workaround (?) Bugs/Not working/Should work: - per library setting for metadata language not working I've been regularly having situations where I needed to identify movie within library and it would regularly update in some random language although I set it up in library settings. The solution is workaround: to set up metadata language for every movie per se. I already reported that but here it is again. Apart from that emby scraper (and Identify feature) works generally very very good. - collection items disappear after relocating media Which is so unfortunate because collections are one of the greatest features emby and I use it a lot. Unfortunately I found out that most of my manually created collections are just lost effort after I re-organized some media folders. I need to be able to re-organize folder structure of my media from time to time and I need those collections... - sort by release date not working Not even close. Not in separate libraries, not in grouped libraries. Fix/Should work better: - search is too often too slow or is not working at all I believe you are aware of this. And I believe you are working on improvements. Search by original title should be included. As well as collections and tags. I sometimes wait 30-45 seconds to get results. And sometimes it doesn't respond at all and then I have to try to search from another library or from dashboard. - browsing through pages doesn't remember position when "refreshed" and it is pretty frustrating when trying to fix something among 12000 titles and every time it throws me back on 1st page. I suppose it is more realistic that this "fix" will be part of new ui at one point but until then it would be VERY helpful to have some kind of index (1-100 | 101 - 200 | 201 - 300| ... | 9901- 10000) Small things that could make things more practical but also not essential: - Include media path in Identify window so you save user's steps before pre-identifing what to identify... It is logical (in most cases) that Identify is to be used when media is incorrectly scraped, so instead scrolling to the bottom of the page to check which title we want to identify there could be path visible in Identify window. At least. - Make media file path at the bottom of movie details page as link so it could be opened/showed in finder/windows explorer. I frequently use select text and then open in finder in safari but this could be more convenient maybe. Couple of questions: - Why nfos use 2 x imdb ids? - Why some of manually added genres are shown under genres in library and some are not? Thanks for reading.
  20. Hi, It would be good to add the ability for additional air dates and times. EG:- You could replace the current Release Date, End Date, Air Days, Air Time and Studio with Air groups... which would have options for First Run and Repeats. First Run options:- Release Date, End Date, Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Season(s) and Studio. Repeat options:- Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Studio This information could be displayed in Series-level information screens, and the Studio would be carried from the parent item to the child items (season and episode screens).
  21. Hello everyone. Having some issues with my Emby Server Version I have a Roku that I push all of my media to and just recently the emby app hasn't been working. I've figured out that every time i can not play something i have to come upstairs because my Emby Server app has stopped running and I have to manually start the process again. I've attached the error log file with this that i got from http://localhost:8096/web/log.html - If anyone needs a ny more logs to have a look at please let me know. Emby Log.txt
  22. Hi, I believe Emby Server is not reading #EXTINF data correctly in m3u playlists. I had to alter the following entries in my playlist #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7 Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7 Digital Melbourne to #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7Digital Melbourne Emby was not parsing these correctly, and was not mapping them to the correct channel number. I am guessing that if the channel name begins with a digit, it is read as a channel number.
  23. schmitty

    IceTV support

    Hi, Could IceTV support be added to Emby Server guide providers, so we are not forced to use XMLTV? They now have an API http://forum.icetv.com.au/iceforum/announcements/4/icetv-api-documentation/5065/.
  24. schmitty

    MK3D support

    Hi, Could the mk3d file extension be added to the 3d file naming conventions? eg. if the file extension is mk3d, then the server shouldn't have to rely on the other naming conventions.
  25. Following on @@Luke's response in a separate thread; https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/60539-live-tv-works-in-emby-in-chrome-but-not-emby-theater/?p=596345 I was watching a live TV channel last night for about 4 hours via the Android TV app when suddenly the stream stopped/crashed and the Emby app flipped back to the EPG. Can this happen if the stream just stopped from the provider, or could this be a server issue perhaps? I enabled Auto-loop per a suggestion from @@Luke and the viewing has been flawless since then, until this issue last night. Immediately I tried to reconnect back to the server, but it was not responding. Emby Server Stream Crash -2018-07-12-910pm.txt
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