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  1. bmcclure937

    Deleting Media from Kodi

    All - I currently have my FreeNAS running Emby Media Server. I have the permissions set so Kodi only has read access to my media shares. Does anyone use the functionality within Kodi so you can delete media from your server via the context menu? I am considering changing my permissions to the media share to Emby is able to delete media items. I was just curious to hear how others used this functionality. The only way I can currently delete media is either mapping the SMB share to my PC with an authenticated user or logging in via SSH and removing files. Thanks
  2. I installed the Kodi addon and let it scan my library in. Due to performance issues I decided to remove the addon from addon section in Kodi settings and after removing it, I rebooted and now I am getting "Emby error: check the log for more information". I am also getting a continual pop-up saying "To use this feature you must download an add-on: Emby Would you like to download this add-on?" I am not able to find any information on your site for removing this add-on once you install it and right now I am kind of stuck since I cannot get off this pop-up screen. When I hit no, it just comes back and asks me again to install the add-on. I really don't want to have to wipe my media center to remove this product. If someone could be of assistance of removing this product, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. lloydcodrington

    Subtitle location and how to delete

    Hi All, I'm using Windows Media Centre and it automatically plays films with subtitles that have been downloaded. I've changed the settings to stop the download of subtitles as all my collection is in English so I don't need them, but can anyone tell me where the subtitle files are stored so that I can delete them for the films they've been downloaded for already.
  4. Sure its a quick fix, using emby inside windows media center 7. New to this but got most of it working, woundering once I have watched one of my recorded tv episodes how do I delete it ? Searched round, found something about the xml file, so edited that but still cant find a delete option within emby / windows media center. Any ideas ?
  5. RedStripe

    Cannot delete Collections

    Version 3.0.5309.26857 running as a service. Please note there are 2 interrelated issues here: Issue #1) How does one delete a Movie Collection? There does not seem to be an option to delete one (a Move Collection) all at once. (This capability would be nice). ***I deleted all of the movies in a collection (rescanned the library)...yet the empty collection remains***. Issue #2) I have some collections that appear in the "Collection" view but do not group into a collection when the "Group movies into collections" option is selected on the Preferences->Display Settings page. I did not remember if I had created the collections using the webclient or manually so, I attempted to delete each Movie, with the aim to recreate them with the webclient. ***However, I receive the error "No collection title exists with the supplied Id. What do I do now to try and fix my collections?*** Thanks
  6. thefirstofthe300

    Channel Downloading

    A quick question about channel downloading. I have recently added some RSS feeds to the podcast plugin. I enabled channel downloading (due to slow connection speeds for the server) and fired off the scheduled task to download the latest several episodes of my favorite podcasts. I configured the downloaded content that is older than 14 days to be automatically deleted. I now have a HUGE number of files in the downloads directory (I think because the podcasts I subscribed to have RSS dating all the way back to 2012) and I the task has been running for close to a week now without stopping. Here is the question: does the server track how old the podcast content is based on the day it was downloaded (I assume the creation time of the file) or by the publication date of the specified episode? Or is the above behavior a bug?
  7. spiffman192

    Delete in MBC....again

    So I've been using the delete option in Media Browser/Classic for around 3 years. It received the "wife approval" awhile ago. So, needless to say, when the feature seemed to disappear when I updated to MBC 129. So, digging back through everything on the KB and forum, I checked the XML's only to find the two fields set to true. But I took particular note of ebr saying it was being removed due to the danger. So, first question is, did delete finally go away, or is it just me? Second, so what does everyone else do about deleting tv shows after watching? Thanks all!
  8. I would like to see a DELETE option available to ADMIN users only in the Android client. I use this in the MBC client and would find it useful in the Android client as well.
  9. Hi, I just upgraded from MB2, so seems to be working much the same for me, I only use the MBServer and MBC. I had MB2 working great - the issue below and random crashes when i scroll lists fast are my 2 issues with MB3 In MB2 when deleting a file (like a show that is no longer needed), the file would delete from server drive, and the page I was on in MB2 would update immediately to reflect the file list minus the deleted file. In MPC, when I go to perform the same action, the details page disappears, MBC states the MBS is updating and the change will be reflected momentarily. A short time later another message states the file has been deleted - which it has been from the server drive. Then it just sits there with a backdrop page, no updated file list - it does not return to the file list. If I exit MBC and return, the file is still listed, but does not play. If I use the web client to check, the file is listed as still there (not deleted), other times it is listed as offline. I assume this is not normal and it should behave the same as in MB2? I have attached new logs for both MBC and MBS at the time I tested it. Any help is appreciated! MB-Classic: B10-29.1 MB-Server: 3.0.5050.37565
  10. Continuing this issue at the new forum cause it is not solved yet. When I have watched an episode of any serie (mostly mkv files) I delete the episode once I have watched it. This has always worked well in MB2 and also in the beginning of MB3 and MBC. Since the last few updates and that is for a few weeks now I’m having issues with deleting those episodes. Most of the time it takes way to long before MBC says the item has been deleted from the server etc. The spinning icon stays in the screen for over 30 seconds mostley before I can continue watching something else. But sometimes it just deletes an episode immediately like it did before. ebr mentioned that this could be theme related but after testing with several themes like NEO, default theme and since the last week or two ROC theme there is no differents between these themes. With all of them the delete behaviour is the same. Because it does delete normally sometimes there must be something causing this. It’s also not pc related because I have tested on multiple pc’s and my wife has complained about this to and asked me when this will be solved? I just watched a few episodes of Under the dome and after watching episode 6 the delete went fast like it should but after watching episode 7 it was really slow again. Maybe the log explains more about why this is. Earlier ebr mentioned that my log shows different times about how long the delete takes but I can assure you that the time the spining icon stays in my screen till MBC tells me the item has been deleted from the server is at least 30 seconds if not more. Also I told ebr about the delete sound that sometimes is hearable twice in row and mosly when that happens the delete will be fast. I hope this can be solved once and for all even if it seems that I’m the only one having this issue. Windows 7 x64 (Dutch) the delete sound is called recycle.wav and is in the folder C:\Windows\Media Todays log right after watching the latest episodes from Under the dome. MBC Log
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