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  1. I just installed Emby yesterday after having stability issues with Plex liveTV. Setup is with a Hauppauge dual channel USB tuner connected to a Microsoft Surface. Everything was working great with liveTV so setup the DVR to record some shows. At 8pm both Chicago Med and Survivor started recording. When I checked the status of the recordings around 10:20pm I found that Chicago Med was only a partial recording of a minute 47 seconds. I looked at the log file and didn't see any errors, just that the recording stopped. Not sure what other logs to look at. From the server log the recording was started with the correct length, set it to record 1 minute additional after show end: 2019-11-20 20:00:07.507 Info LiveTV: Will record to E:\Emby\Chicago Med (2015)\Season 5\Chicago Med S05E09 I Can't Imagine the Future.ts for 60.874883375 minutes. Here is where is stops, but no errors that I can see. 2019-11-20 20:01:56.690 Info LiveTV: Recording completed to file E:\Emby\Chicago Med (2015)\Season 5\Chicago Med S05E09 I Can't Imagine the Future.ts 2019-11-20 20:01:56.690 Info LiveTV: Recording completed: E:\Emby\Chicago Med (2015)\Season 5\Chicago Med S05E09 I Can't Imagine the Future.ts 2019-11-20 20:01:56.690 Info MediaSourceManager: Live stream native_d8f0e8fc2bd98bf03584443fee3c1cc0_0f257e7cb95191e9932ee3294d0bfcdf consumer count is now 0 2019-11-20 20:01:56.690 Info MediaSourceManager: Closing live stream I checked the transcode file, attached, and didn't see any errors there either. Any help/guidance on what additional log files to look at?
  2. Trying to get Emby set up to work as cable provider replacement. The issue I am having is that I have a HDHR Quattro and an IPTV (M3U) source. Works extremely well; however, the behavior when tuners are in use has been frustrating me. At a minimum, I would like to limit the number of tuners that can be used for recording vs. live streaming. Alternatively, if attempting to tune when all tuners are is use, I could be given the choice to interrupt. Presently, I have 5 streams available from M3U and 4 tuners, so if there are items in a series, the server can theoretically record 9 programs and not let me tune another and the error is vague. As an example of previous experience, giving the user the option to cancel a recording would be nice.
  3. sundevil67

    DVR: List of Known Issues

    I'm still struggling to get the DVR to work reliably. The recordings are either of the wrong show, or the playback skips around and even seems to switch channels at times. While all of these recordings were all set up on channels/programs that appeared correctly in the guide at the time, there are quite a number of missing spots in my EPG, and I've tried Emby, Schedules Direct, and XMLTV.. from what I've read in some of these threads, mapping all of the channels through some other 3rd party service sounds like a ton of work & a production-ready integrated Emby live TV/DVR solution with IPTV support is still a ways off. Is there a thread or site where I might find known issues that might cause this type of behavior upon playback? When I playback a recording & run into this, is there any information recorded in the server log that might be useful to the Emby support staff? I also have a ton of empty channels in the EPG that say "No Programming Info", but there doesn't seem to be a way to filter them out, so I'm stuck endlessly scrolling through hundreds of these...short of pointing to a local file for my giude that I edit to remove these empty channels, is there any way to set up the guide so that it excludes these channels that are unavailable? Thanks.
  4. Currently when I'm playing back a live recording on the Roku, I seem to only be able to seek as far as Emby has transcoded in the background. This can be frustrating if I want to seek through the first half-hour or hour of a recording. Would it be possible to change the way Emby handles seeking in ongoing recordings such that it's possible to seek to the middle of the recording and then begin transcoding from there? Thanks!
  5. I am STRICTLY interested in LiveTV/DVR feature/functionality so all my comments/questions are restricted to that context. I'm ready to test EMBY with the intent to migrate from PLEX. I understand I need a Premiere membership for this feature. Is there a FREE trial pass????? If not and I purchase a monthly and decide to move forward purchasing an EMBY Lifetime, does the monthly cost at all get prorated in the Lifetime cost? Can I set up EMBY on the same server as my current PLEX setup? I currently have 2 Hauppauge Quad PCI cards on an i7-4770 with 8Gb memory and plenty of disk space. Is 8Gb memory sufficient for EMBY LiveTV/DVR? Can I share the tuners between EMBY and PLEX or do I need to allocate them independently? I presume I can't share the tuners so .... In PLEX the tuners show up as 4 two tuner devices (just like device manager, duh, see attached) and that's how they get assigned in the PLEX LiveTV/DVR setup. Can I allocate only 2 tuners to EMBY or must I allocate an entire 4 tuner card? I currently use ROKU devices (Ultras, Stick_, Stick - all most current) and an ATV4K (also most current) for clients. Does EMBY support native MPEG2 on the above listed clients (i.e. No transcoding required for LiveTV) Any thing else I should consider???? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. speedingcheetah

    Separate user recodrings

    How do I make it so that each user has their own DVR TV Recordings folder/library. I have a separate user setup for my mother to use via Roku in tv in living room, want to give her ability to record shows...however, in my testing, it appears that their is only one global Recording path/folder. So any thing ever user set to record, shows up in that single folder/library, for all to see. I need to have her recordings separate from my own....I don't to see all her soaps...nor do I want her(or any other user) to see my recordings.
  7. I'm not sure when this started as most of the shows I record only started coming back for first-runs in the past week or so, but I am getting the following errors in Scheduled Tasks for recording shows by schedule: Task Scheduler failed to start "\Emby Recording Family Guy Sun, 06 Oct 2019 21 29 00 GMT" task for user "DomainName\ServerName$". Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943645. Task Category: Task Start Failed Last Run Result: "The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not logged on to the network. The specified service does not exist. (0x800704DD)" I am recording with an HD Homerun using OTA Digital antenna. The server is 2012R2 with Emby set to run as a service. It looks like Emby is building the scheduled tasks with "Run only when user is logged on" instead of what should be "Run whether user is logged on or not" in the task settings. It has to have been an update sometime since March-ish of this year as that is the last time I know that I had shows scheduled to record.
  8. aspdend

    DVR Choosing SD over HD content

    Hi, I have an issue with recording OTA television where the DVR selects the SD channel rather than the HD channel This is happening with the Rugby World Cup currently on in Japan. It is shown here in the UK on ITV Channel (SD) and also the HD version of that Channel ITVHD, although some of the other content and lesser games are also on the sister ITV4 channel. If I trigger the series recording for all games then I either get a choice of the current channel I am scheduling on, or all channels. If I go with the current channel ITVHD then it misses out the content on ITV4 and if I go all channels, it picks everything up, but it records the SD channel in preference to the HD channel - I have to manually select the HD channel for every recording, which is tedious. I am on the laest stable versions of Emby Server and Emby Theatre, using the Emby Guide Data with my Hauppauge dual tuner. Thanks
  9. Shenniko


    Hi, When setting up the DVR, there are x2 optional recording paths, one for TV and one for Movies.. When im on my Live TV, and select something to record.. How can i specify if its a movie or a TV show? I cant see anything to select when i click record. Thanks Shenn
  10. Hey guys. I've read posts in the past about you guys working on your own channel management solution and totally understand that will take some time as that would be a large undertaking. However in the meantime can you guys please order the channels via their default order in the m3u playlist? I feel like that would easy to implement and would suffice for 90% of users. It's literally the only thing holding me back from using Emby as my main Live TV Viewing app. Every other app I've used to to play Live TV orders the channels in the same order that they appear in the M3U playlist. VLC, Perfect Player, Kodi, GSE, you name it! Emby blows them all out of the water but is held back by its strange channel ordering. Most providers have already gone through the trouble of ordering their playlists in an organized fashion. However most (if not all) providers do not actually specify any sort of channel number tags in the m3u playlist. They expect the channels to be displayed in the order listed. The "55576.ts" numbers that Emby defaults to are usually random and result in a very garbled and unintuitive EPG. tl;dr Add an option "Assign channel numbers by M3U playlist position" for Live TV tuners. If needed I would beta test the heck out of it. Cheers!
  11. Steps to repeat the issue: 1. Start recording a show (I was recording an NFL game that lasts quite a while) 2. Start watching the show while the recording is still in progress 3. Close the browser while watching the show with the recording still in progress 4. Go back into Embry and you should now see the show in Continue Watching under the Live TV Section This shows where you left off as a green status bar, indicating that you are not at the beginning of the recording5. Click on Continue Watching and you will be sent back to the beginning of the recording 6. Closing the stream and going back to the TV menu will no longer show the Continue Watching option The Continue Watching process appears to be working correctly once the recording is completed, it only appears to be an issue while the recording is in process Expected Results If the recording knows the timestamp that I stopped the video, it should start back up at that timestamp not back at the beginning of the recording
  12. Good morning everybody, I have a very odd problem with my Emby installation. LiveTV works, DVR does not, Yes, I DO have Lifetime Premiere membership! Setup: AVM Fritzbox 6490 from Vodafone Germany with DVB-C officially enabled. Emby is running as an application (not service) in an account with admin rights on a Windows 10 (November 2017 Version) Pro machine. M3U Playlists created and verified - work perfect with VLC. I have all the channels in the guide. I have subscribed to guide data. Live TV works as it should. (Playback in Emby is sometimes pixelated as if sometimes dropouts happen, but that is secondary right now.) Scheduling (!) recordings also works well. But Emby never records anything. Looking into the gigantic log files it seems to be something regarding a Windows system (!) message that only http or https connections would be allowed. No files for the recordings seem to get opened or written, the directory stays empty. I tried different directories and directory formats. I tried directories in and outside of libraries. I searched the forums for the exact error message but got no hits. I read ALL messages that refer to the Fritzbox (not many) and got no clue. I saw some remarks regarding FFMPEG builds that do not support protocols and checked - no I am only running the build installed by the Emby installer itself. I checked rights, the user space Emby runs in does have read/write access to the location I want to store DVR files into. I don't get it. This either is something really obvious or really obscure. Emby does not post any error messages at all. It simply does not record anything and, as mentioned, I get only weird errors in the log. Everything else works fine. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thanks and Grüße aus Deutschland, Boris
  13. Hey, I'm trying to load my M3U & EPG in Emby Premiere. When I go to Live TV, I can't see anything. W/EPG, the loading display never completes. The playlist works in VLC/Kodi.embyserver.txt
  14. I just set up a new Nvidia Shield TV and installed Emby Server last night. I paid for and enabled Emby Premiere. I have an HD Homerun Quatro tuner, and I set the DVR to record a show to test it out. When playing it back on the Shield through the Emby app, it looks and sounds great, but will only play for a few minutes and then abruptly takes me back to the previous screen, like I had pressed Stop. If I resume playing, I can get another minute or two further into the program and then I get kicked back to the previous screen again. When trying to watch it back from a web browser on my Windows 10 laptop, it will play for maybe 10 seconds or so and then completely freeze. I have not installed/setup Kodi, Plex or any other media management servers/apps on this Shield yet.
  15. Hey, I'm trying to convert to Emby Live TV (away from my rip off cable provider) but I'm having an issue with recording. When I record a program and come back hours later to watch it, sometimes it has only recorded 2,3,10,15, etc, minutes of the show. I have made sure to try it without recording or watching anything else as I think my IPTV provider only supplies one connection. Also, sometimes I am watching a channel and Emby randomly drops out and returns back to the TV guide. I don't know if this is an error on the provider's end, a bug with the app on my Android TV, or a transcoding/server error. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  16. In Emby I have multiple local users set up. I've already set up tv and movie libraries per user. I came over from Plex and like that Emby allows each user the ability to record. However I am not seeing any options for choosing the recording folder for each user. How can I do this? My server is on Windows 10 Pro but the clients in use are Rokus, Fire TV, iOS and android mobile devices.
  17. dhunterjacobs

    Resume Playback

    When watching a recorded show on my Android phone and stopping in the middle of the show Emby doesn't save the spot where I stopped. So when I go to resume the show, either on Android or on Roku/Fire TV, I have to start over from the beginning. This only happens when attempting to resume playback after originally viewing on an Android device. If the playback originates on a Roku/Fire TV instead, the resume playback spot is saved successfully. Anyone ever seen this before? It may be by design. If so, it would be cool if it could be added to the Android client in a future release.
  18. ThePaladinTech

    Download & Sync

    Just me with some more (dumb) ?s I've been moving more and more to using Emby for recording my TV. in the past there was the option to convert to MKV ... That was removed, but the ability to convert the recordings to a MP4 was added. I just discovered this a couple days ago (and can't for the life of me find LUKEs post (post? blog? wiki?) on it. In any event I have some questions ... I am currently converting 49 recordings. When I go to server dashboard ... downloads & Sync and click on the 'recordings' item .. this is where I get confused. Scrolling down I see the 49 items. These items can have the following status: Queued, Converting, Downloaded, and I think one like "ready for transfer". Each item has a grey or green line under it. What is the significance of this? Converting it makes sense as the bar goes across while it's converting. but I also have Queued Grey line, Queued Green line, Downloaded Grey line, and Downloaded Green line. Finally what does the circled minus do? Thanks in advance
  19. Darkstyrm

    Live TV going black after pausing

    There is nothing more annoying than pausing a Live TV show for a few minutes (live, but a few minutes behind - so not recorded), coming back and hitting play, getting to watch a couple minutes, then just getting a black screen on Chromecast. This has happened on multiple occasions on multiple channels. Any idea why this keeps happening? This time I happen to be FWD a minute or two to get past commercials, but im pretty sure this happens even beyond that. This instance was with the HDHomeRun premium channels. Scenario: Find a show your excited about, using the Android app, cast to Chromecast Watch for a few minutes, then have a kid that needs your attention, pause the show for a while Sit back down, click play, watch for a minute. Commercials come on - not to worry, I can FWD them! Hit the Skip 30 second button a few times. One more time, and this time when it "loads" you just get a black screen Can't rewind, fwd more, drag the slider past or before, nothing. You just miss the ending to a great show. Any ideas why this keeps happening. I am pretty sure this has happened without FWD before, but in this instance I did. Attached are my logs. Log.txt
  20. Hi, considering Emby over Plex (long time subscriber) mainly because of the Plex UI changes. I will start a subscription shortly, but am using the free version right now. I have the Roku thumbnails generating right now which was question #1 My other major question: ---DVR functionality on Roku, can I set recordings from the Roku, and is it done from a grid type guide or something else? I've been looking for screenshots, can't find any. If anyone has any links to videos/screenshots, etc of the DVR functionality running and being setup on a Roku, it is much appreciated. Thanks.
  21. So while adding a series I happened to catch the "Upcoming On TV" heading which somehow I never noticed before. I was thinking maybe there could be a list of episodes or the like provided by one of the supported metadata providers and you could tick an episode as "wanted" and going forward in the future Emby would periodically check to see if said episode is going to air and set it to record.
  22. I'm running Emby server Ubuntu X64 - BETA I've tried watching my recording of yesterday's Patriots-Bears game with identically atrocious results across multiple devices (Roku TV, Samsung SmartTV, Android Phone, Android TV, iPhone): The picture is horribly pixelated and randomly freezes up with the "Loading" screen ad infinitum, and I need to restart the recording from the beginning to get back to the point where it froze up. Are there known issues here? I'm running with default server settings, my storage for transcoding has 10's of GB available and I'm not sure which knobs to tweak here, if any to fix this issue. The HD antenna I am using is solid and I have no issue while watching Live TV. I deleted the recording and might still have the server logs lying around if that's any help. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. hofstra

    qnap 453be increase Emby performance

    hello forum, im running emby premiere version on qnap 453be 8gb ram 2 3tb hdd in raid 1, hardware transcoding enabled ( va api). internet speed 175 down 15 up emby runs great for local clients, remote cilients can take up to 10 seconds before the stream starts then works great. iptv and dvr don't load as smootly , 10 seconds minimum before stream starts sometimes longer but then streams perfectly. what would be the best performance upgrade, i currently can only afford to do one of the following: -buy another hdd and change from raid 1 to raid 5 - buy 250-500gb ssd and add as a cache -buy 250-500gb sdd and install emby on the ssd
  24. Nodecam

    DVR Scheduling Sports

    I'd like to set up a schedule to record my favorite team, but I don't want to record every episode of "NHL Hockey" that shows up in my listing. Is there some way to manage this without having to go in and manually set up specific episodes to record? Back in my old MythTV days, I had a power schedule set up that recorded all NHL Hockey with subtitle including "Montreal" which worked pretty well for me, and I'd like to do something similar with my Emby DVR setup. How are other people managing this?
  25. jfgilliam

    Is Metadata from guide used?

    I'm finding there's a lot of things from live TV that will never be in theTVDB or IMDB databases. Or, they are behind or not accurate. When a recording is saved in the library, does it initially use the information from the guide to start the metadata? Seems like the Title, the poster image, rating, genre, tagged with channel recorded from, etc could be used. And, I would see that this data would not get trumped by the other metadata refreshes. The guide data should be gospel. Then only if it's wrong, we can manually correct it.
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