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  1. The way collections work at the moment, is if I make movie collections and tv collections and any other sort of collection, they all appear under collections. What I would like to see is a way to separate or group them. One option is you go into collections, and are shown for example, TV Collections - Movie Collections - Music Collections and that would take you into the relevant collection. If it happens to have a mixture of Movie/TV files, it could appear under both movies and TV.
  2. ronvp

    collection image size

    In the webclient (IE), I just noticed the square image on the collection folders.. any setting that can stop that?
  3. Leucocepha

    Creation of Box Set folders

    Hi, I really don't like the creation of Box Set folders in my Movies Folder. I have MB set up to save data with the media, I like the creation of the Box Sets or collections, but I don't want these folders to exist in my Movies folder, for one thing it creates duplicates of the box sets which is frustrating. Is there any way to direct MB to create these folders elsewhere, like in the Metadata folder?? It's driving me nuts.
  4. as you can see coverart refuses to treat the toplevel image for the collections
  5. AdrianW

    "User" collections?

    When we set up collections we have the option of making it a combination of multiple folders from different locations. I'm wondering if it would be possible to do a similar thing when assigning collections to users. I think it would be very useful at the user level to be able to combine one or more collections into a single user collection giving it a name. e.g. If I have an animated movie collection, an Asian movie collection and a regular movie collection. I'd like to be able to assign just the animated movie collection to my daughter, a combination of the animated movies and regular movies to my son, and a combination of all three for me. And in each case I could name this user collection "Movies".
  6. Hi All, Had a bit of a play around with MBT for the first time last night and noticed that all my Documentaries were mixed in with my Movies and TV sections on the main screen (with no Documentaries section showing). MBC has them all separate as per the media folders I created in MBS. I assume this is because I have created the Docos with 'Mixed content' type in MBS? I see that I can navigate to it via the 'Collections' section but this doesnt really suit as I don't want to mix up my fact & fiction content. Also noticed the same config with the iPhone app that I tried last night. Is there a way to change it back to the way MBC and previous versions have worked so each of the Media Folder collections (Movies, TV, Docos) appear as a separate main menu in MBT and doesnt mix up the content? Thank you, Aussiedroid
  7. Hi I'm having a weird issue with getting images for my Collections created by the plugin Auto Box Sets (v. My metadata "Preferred language" and "Country" is set to Danish and Denmark. For all my Movies this works fine, it gets the Danish versions of images if there is any, if not it gets the English / No Language / top voted from themoviedb.org. But for my Collections / BoxSets it's not getting the "English" or "No Language" from themoviedb.org if there aren't any in danish. I can change my "Preferred language" to "English" and then "Browse Images" on a Collection folder, then "English" Images will show up but still not the "No Language" ones. I have tried with my Collection of RED -> http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/163902-red-collection And it sure has some Backdrops and Primary Images but i just wont fetch them if the language of the images is not the same as the "Preferred language". And since most Backdrops are "No Language" i cant get those other then getting them manual and uploading them to each Collection. System: Server Version: 3.0.5174.21980
  8. Hi, I am on the latest releases of beta for MB3 server and classic, and just realised yesterday, that my boxsets collection are no longer showing the movies within each folder. This used to be okay, and since I haven't checked for about a month am unsure when it changed. My structure is \\server\boxsets\alien\alien 3 (shortcut) \aliens (shortcut) etc all shortcuts point to the general location of my movies ie \server\movies\alien 3 when I first implemented the boxset structure I found the collection.xml generated by MCM interfered in the MB3 scan so that I could see the top tier folder with images but it showed as empty for actual movies (the shortcuts). I removed all the collection.xml's and the scans worked fine. Can anybody point me in the right direction to solving this? Is there a new structure I should be using etc? Thanks in advance Brad
  9. Probably a long shot, but I'll throw it out there anyway. I would like to be able to control metadata settings for each individual media collection. Right now, metadata settings apply to all collections (save metadata within media folders, enable automatic updates, etc.). I do want the metadata stored within my movie and tv collections, but don't want it stored within my music collection. I share the music collection with other users and use it with several devices/software packages, all the extra files created by metadata collection clutter things up tremendously. I am currently deleting thousands of album.xml files and fanart folders Whoops. Didn't even think about that when I added my music collection. Thanks for the consideration!
  10. How do you have you main movie collections organised? I have ~1000 films in my movie folder and trawling thru them is starting to be a pain.... Just wondering how others have there's organised....
  11. NobodyAtAll

    Roku - Display Collections (Not Views)

    Hi, I've just received a shiny new Roku 3 and installed MB3. It's my first Roku so I may well be missing something. It appears to show the 'Views' as automatically defined on the MB3 Server and not the user defined 'Collections'. Is it possible to have both 'Views" and 'Collections' show up on the Roku or even just 'Collections'? I'm hoping that someone will tell me its just a matter of configuring something on the Roku but suspect not. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above will be appreciated. NobodyAtAll
  12. NobodyAtAll

    Views Missing

    Hi, I've been through the excellent set up guides and I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. As I understand it, MB3 Server produces Views based on the collection type selected when adding a media collection under the Default Media Library menu. Hence Views for general or mixed content, adult videos, books, box sets, games, home videos, movies, music, music videos, photos, trailers and TV shows should become available as long as one or more media collection has been tagged as such. I have Views for 'Movies', 'TV' and 'Music' (even though none of my collections are tagged as Music) but am missing Views for 'General or Mixed Content' and 'Adult Videos' even though some of my media collections are tagged as such. Any idea how I get them to show up? Also the Roku client appears to list Views and not Collections. Is it possible to have it do both or just Collections? I'll post this question in the Roku section as well. Thanks for a great product and any help you can give with the above questions. NobodyAtAll
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