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  1. Hii I'm running the Server Configuration Backup Plugin ( and it's really awesome! But i've two things: First: It would be nice, if we could backup our collections too. I saw the entry in the MBBackup.xml but it does not backup anything. Is it possible to get this working? Second: A sheduled task for restore the default backup would be very nice, because i'm using this plugin to get all the same configurations on every server we are running (atm i'm using a autoit-script to get this done). Thanks for the advise.
  2. Hi - a long time user of xbmc/kodi but recently moved over to Emby, the quality of which is just amazing so well done for all those who contributed!! I'm going through my library and manually grouping content together where I have multiple resolution copies, however I'm getting stuck when I come across content that is already in a collection/box set, I find there is no easy way to group those items. I'm basically applying a genre filter which displays my content outside of the collections so they can be selected. It would be useful if there was 'duplicate' filter/sort option. Or am I missing something here? My server is running on a Synology NAS and I'm using the Web Client. Jas
  3. DancingMan

    Disappearing Collections

    Help... my collections have vanished! I had stable release 3.0.5588.1 running on a Windows 7 box. In my user preferences, "Display a collections view to show movie collections" and "Group movies into collections" are checked. I started making collections manually. I made 3, and everything was fine. After I made the 4th one, all of the collections disappeared from my Collections page (it says 0 of 0). If I tried to remake them, I got an error like "A child with the Id ............. already exists." Also, it wouldn't let me make new ones. I tried upgrading to beta release 3.0.5597.0. Now, I can add new collections on the collection page, but the old ones still don't show up and if I try to recreate them it still says they already exist. On the Movies page, if I select a movie to try and add it to one of the invisible collections, the Select collection pull-down only shows "New"; the collections I made before don't show up.
  4. Hi Emby Team, Would it be possible to add the ability for the various actors, producers, directors etc to be downloaded when collections are being compiled. The metadata screen actually has spaces for all the various metadata downloaded and collected for individual films and TV shows like genre, plot, studio etc. And The Movie Database actually has this information but it's not downloaded. If that was possible then when we look through collections we could click on an actor and see what other films and TV series they also appear in. I think this would be a bring a welcome dimention to the collections feature. Thanks for the great work thus far though guys, been using this for years and it still continues to amaze with it's developments. Thanks in anticipation, Lloyd.
  5. Hi there so I am currently experiencing some bugs with the collections feature. Firstly if I make a collection and go to remove under the metadata manager > collections > titles > remove button it says 'No collection exists with the supplied ID". Secondly, in order to actually view the list of collections I have I need to click on a collection and click Titles then click back onto the main collections metadata option and then it will show the Titles option. Otherwise if I just click on Collections without clicking on Titles first it only shows Metadata and Images as the 2 tabs. Media Browser Server Version 3.0.5607.2 --- On a side note any idea where I might find the auto-generated thumb image used in collections on my computer so I can also use it for my backdrop image? server-63567134479.txt
  6. DarkKniyt (John)

    Movie Collections & 3D

    I have Capt. America 1 & 2 in both HD & 3D formats. Folder structure are: \\HOMESERVER-PC\3DMovies\Captain America 1 - The First Avenger 3D (2011) HSBS\Captain America 1 - The First Avenger 3D (2011) HSBS.mkv \\HOMESERVER-PC\Movies1\Captain America I - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America I - The First Avenger (2011) .mp4 And separate folders for Capt. America 2 & Cat. America 2 3D The issue I have is that I like to keep a view of non-3D Movies and a separate view of 3D Movies. This in itself is not a problem, the problem is Boxsets\Collections. I used the Auto Box Sets plugin and it places all 4 movies in 1 boxset. When I look at 3D Movies view I see Capt. Amer. Boxset with 4 movies in it. Same for when I look at the Movies view. Is there anyway to create separate boxsets for the 3D movies and only have them show up in 3D movies view? Same for the non-3D movies but showing up in the Movies view?
  7. mata7

    Collections thumb view

    hey guys is there a way of display Collections Tab view thumb as default, every time i close my browser or clean cookies, the view of Collections go back as poster view thanks in advanced
  8. skynet600

    Collection woes

    I know there has been significant discussion on this topic. I am writing this seperate topic as I am simply struggling to make sense of it and hopefully it will help others in the same boat. I like the clean look of the no legacy type view as it gives you a simply list of your collections. However I am struggling with the lower level views like Genre, collections etc. Let my explain with images. Here in the left image you can see I have sub-views enabled which from the description makes me think I get Genre, collections etc within the Movies view from the EHS. This does not appear to be the case and all I get is my full movies list. For the right image I do get the required views with these checked. First question really is why the two sets of options? What is the significance of each? Now that I have those views I want they look awful with the mix of no icon at all in the case of Genre to the new imagemagic type ones for collections and resume. How can I achieve a uniform look here? By the way as you can see I have played with IBN images with favourites. This is the only item with a custom image and backdrop. My IBN stems from years of past MB tweaks so I assume I can just add a folder for each of these to the "General" folder in IBN and provide a folder and backdrop image? I guess the likes of collections and resume in this case is made up for my due to the lack of IBN config? If this is the case why no backdrops either? Also why no treatment of Genre? And then if I go into Genre I can see further oddities with icons even though I have full IBN for each genre in view below. Again why are some icons affected and some not? Why if IBN is in play are any of the icons being treated differently? Current server is 3.0.5581.26746 MBC is
  9. I have a bunch of 2-disc "special editions" ripped to video_ts format, using the "Disc 1, Disc 2" standard. I would like for there to be two things related to this 1) On the website at least, browsing through movies shows each disc as its own movie, rather than grouping them together as a collection. This would be fine (or at least acceptable), except that it also does not have any visual indicator of which disc is which. I see how collections are useful as their own nav, but there should definitely be a way to have them grouped together in the main "movies" section. There appears to be a "Group movies into collections" preference in the user prefs, but maybe it's not working? 2) When viewing a collection comprised of titles with the Disc # format, show a disc number indicator, so it is possible to determine which is the movie and which is the bonus features, or whatever. This is also true for "Studios" view.
  10. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an entry point or category in the metadata editor for "Movie Set" or "Set" or something like that for the purpose of organizing movie collections into movie sets for Kodi. It would be useless for MB clients, and I don't want it if it caused any sort of issues with MB, but it's handy for telling Kodi to group movies into sets. I know Metabrowser had an entry point like this. That way, say for instance with the Bourne Collection, you could just type in Bourne Collection in the Set entry point in each of the Bourne movies, and Kodi would group them together. Ideally Kodi would recognize MB collections (and artwork selected etc..) but this would still help. edit: Thanks for moving this to feature request, EBR.
  11. Did a quick search and didn't find anything. So I recently installed 3.0.5518.0 Beta of windows mediabrowser server and I'm finding a weird bug in the "Metadata Manager". When I go in to change the primary image of a collection for an auto boxsets plugin created collection, the primary image always reverts back to the primary image of the first asset in the collection. This doesn't matter if I go to the image flag, browse for the image using the "browse image" button and download from an online source, or click on the cloud button under the primary image. After I restart the server, the primary image always reverts. Art, banner and logo images don't seem to be affected. I always hit save after in the metadata tab of the collection. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug in the beta? Anyone else seeing this? To reproduce the issue: - Goto Metadata manager - Click on a collection under collections - Click the images tab - Click the cloud button under the primary image poster - Click download on a poster from an external source such as theMovieDb - Click the metadata button and hit save - Goto settings and restart the mediabrowser server or just use mediabrowser for awhile / re-log in - Click on the collection again and watch the primary poster art revert to the primary image of the first asset in the collection Also does mediabrowser use an external bug tracker like JIRA or something that we can do a search in? Just a noob question that I haven't really found an answer for atm. I'll post some logs shortly when I get home. I don't have the cover art plugin installed but I do have auto box-sets plugin installed. TIA
  12. Hi there - Have issue with titles linked via a collection no longer grouping in the movies display - its now showing each movie individually. originally made all collections manually via meta data manager and it worked fine for two weeks or so. logged on today and now they are all showing individually. installed plug in autoboxset, nothing changed manually removed all titles from each collection one by one and then adding them back in (then locked the meta data to stop any auto changes) - this worked until next time server was started then it defaulted back to showing titles individually. tried unlocking and refreshing - no fix. screen shots attached - pls help!. PS sorry for the shoddy spelling!
  13. I have been using MB2 successfully for a few years, but a few days ago I tried out MB3 to see if it was better. I set up my collections in the dashboard just as I have it in MB2: Only one collection of TV shows, but several "Movie"-like collections: Movies, Documentaries, Shorts, and Cartoons. I then fired up MB Theater, expecting to see my collections. I didn't. All I saw was "Movies TV Apps". Poking around "Movies", I saw that it was a complete mix of all my Movies, Documentaries, Shorts, and Cartoons. I really would like direct access to my collections like in MB2. Is there any way to do this in MB3? Thanks
  14. It's been asked a lot; can you hide specific media from a users library access? Also, at time of writing this, if you remove a portion of your library from a users access list, 18/Restricted movies for instance, the user may still be able to access that media via Collections (if a movie is part of a collection, and a user doesn't have access to that movie, that can still get to it via the Collection). This guide will show you how to manually hide a collection (or other media) from a specific user via metadata tags and the parental control system built into MediaBrowser 3. 1) Find the collection (or other media) that you want to hide in the web interface. In the picture above, I'm going to hide the Karas collection. Hovering over the collection image, choose to edit the collection. This will take you to the Metadata Manager page. 2) Scrolling down, you can add a tag that you want to use. I've simply used "Nobox" in the image, but it can be anything you want that isn't already being used; so don't use genres unless you want to hide all of a genre from a user. To add the tag, type in your chosen tag, hit the + symbol on the right, and then hit the save button at the bottom or top of the page. Using the same tag, repeat this process for any and all media you want to hide from the user. 3) Now go into your dashboard and hit the Users option from the menu on the left. Pick the user you want to hide the media for and go to the Parental Control tab. 4) Scroll down to the "Block items with tags" option and add the tag you chose earlier. Again, in the picture above that is Nobox. Again, don't forget to hit the save button. 5) Run a library scan from the library page.
  15. The external IDs were present for Back to the Future Part I except for the tmvb collection ID. I went into the "collections" MBS server view and attempted to refresh the entire collection, at which point it told me the action would be "queued." However, no changes have occurred. Here's my concern: these movies were always appearing in the "collections" before whatever change took place. I have not paid close attention to when exactly "collections" were brought back into MBS as a mainstay (I know they were jettisoned from the MBC EHS for awhile, at least), but there's no reason why they should have stopped appearing/for this data to be lost. More strangely, some of these "collections" were only showing one movie (e.g., The Dark Knight Trilogy was previously only showing The Dark Knight), however now a couple of them are showing more movies again (e.g., now Batman Begins is showing up...but not The Dark Knight Rises to round out the set). It's incredibly bizarre for at least one or two movies to suddenly start disappearing from basically each of my collections at the same time without my intervention. This behavior is weird and I really think something is going on with the server, not my metadata management.
  16. I was checking some of the features while logged in as my son and I noticed when I clicked the checkmark menu option that anyone without editing privileges could make collections or group versions. I was hoping to see this removed and only show the playlist options for non editing user types.
  17. pgriffith

    Collections Sort Order

    Hi all Is there anyway to sort collections in Classic by the same method by which they are sorted in the web client ? In the web client they are sorted by the order in which they were released as per the entry in collection file, as below. <DisplayOrder>PremiereDate</DisplayOrder> In Classic there is only the standard sort options. (that I'm aware of) For some collections it is obvious the order of the movies, eg Back to the Future 1,2 & 3 (and these are by far the minority) But for someone who isn't familiar with the movies, The Bourne Supremacy movies and the Austin Powers movies for example do not give any indication in their name of release order. I have quite a few users who aren't movies buffs like I am and have no idea which one to watch first. Any way to achieve this ?
  18. How do the collections work. Is it just for movies that have many version like Rocky or Start wars. Or is it for say Different types of Movies like Kids movies, Adult Movies, Regular Movies, Sleaze Movies, Sprots, Documentrys, etc... The reason i ask is, because i added my Regular Movies 1200 of them and they are added under Movies as type Movies. Then i add my Sleze Movies 900 of them, They are added under SlezeMovies as type Movies. Then when i go to the web client i see under Movies all are listed together (i though i would have both Movies and SleazeMovies shown on the menu bar), i have to view by folder to see them seperated in groups. I guess this is normal. So i made folder veiw the default on the home page. I was not able to put each type of Movie file into a collection when adding the folder to the library. When in folder view i can not select the movies to add them to a collection, you can only select movies from the main Movies listing and that makes it much harder to select large numbers of movies so i guess collection was not made for Movies types as i was thinking. Is there an easy way to tag movie file in bulk, like say tag all 900 Sleze movies at one time either in folder view or with the metadata manager.
  19. I have the collapse movies from collections option on in MBC. If I add 1 item that belongs to a collection to my playlist that item gets listed as my collection instead with all the contents inside for MBC thus not respecting the playlist items. Confirmed in Chocolate and Square. Server with group movies into collections user preference on and the playlists with items from collection is displayed correctly.
  20. Tolotos

    Collections don't work

    Hello, I'm new to MediaBrowser and added my XBMC library (movies and *.nfo) into MediaBrowser. Unfortunately my collections which are working in XBMC are not shown. Must I configure MB to use the XBMC tags for collections? Yours Rüdiger
  21. I've setup three collections on the server containing a number of TV series each - none of these collections show an unwatched count - here's two of them (along with some movie boxets) - the ones with the animal pictures are TV collections: Shouldn't TV series collections have an unwatched count? One major side effect of this is that in MBC these collections show with a watched check-mark, which makes it look like there's no un-watched content inside: And a further unwanted side effect - if I enter into one of these collections and watch some episodes, the watched count is decremented - resulting in a negative number when I get back to the front collections screen: (Note: I've posted this before in the MBC section - and I think ebr believes that issue lies at the server end).
  22. Server Version 3.0.5366.22005 The option "Group movies into collections" on the Preferences page is no longer working. Movies are grouped in the collections view but not in the movies view. (The option is checked in preferences) I posted about problems with grouping music videos a few days ago. see http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/10459-grouping-music-videos-not-working/ Perhaps they are related if that helps.
  23. I am running MBS v13755 and MBC v207. When I enter the "Collections" folder, the box sets appear normally, but when I enter a particular set, there are no items shown. In the Web GUI, everything works and displays normally. I've attached a log. MBClassic-992014e5953c9e77c643bfa276af0c93e6c228.log

    Collections not showing up

    Lol my bad, I did indeed reread it before I posted and still didn't see it, I've got an ear infection at the moment and I'll blame it on that lol Not sure why it wouldn't show up. Let me give u the Microsoft solution, have u tried restarting MBClassic?
  25. I have three Collections to which I've added various TV series via the web UI. These appear when selecting "Collections" from the EHS. But, nothing displays on the EHS with any of the filters "Latest", "Unwatched" or "In-Progress", I would have expect some content to appear here. Here's the "Unwatched" collections on the EHS: When entering into "Collections" - the three collections are displayed, but all of them have a tick indicating no unwatched episodes even though there are many unwatched episodes in each collection: And if I then watch some episodes within one of these collections and then exit - the watched count is decremented and now displays a negative number. This is after watching three episodes:
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