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  1. jamvids

    Collection Specials

    Hi, Is there any way to add special features to a collection? I have converted my Pink Panther collection and the special features are on the series rather than one film. I have the films in a general movies folder. Would it be easier to put them into a collection folder with a specials folder in that?
  2. I recently upgraded to latest emby server version for linux 64bit. when using the emby for roku app to view my Collections, my photos are not displayed, only video content is shown. However, when using my web browser to access emby Collections i do not have this problem. is there an issue with Collections section in emby for roku app?
  3. When organizing my library I often have to move albums to another place in my directory structure. Sometimes there are only small spelling mistakes in the path, which have to be corrected. Is there a way to scan all collections [boxsets] for items with wrong/changed paths? Currently, items with wrong paths are simply not displayed (even they are still in the .xml). That's not nice and very confusing. One totally loses the overview, especially with a very dynamic library (lots of new and deleted paths). It would be totally sufficient if there would be tiny log file somewhere, so I can corrected the wrong items manually. Or a small tool/plugin, which just scans the collections for wrong entries. That would save a lot of time. I think this applies to the playlists equally.
  4. johnsonb

    Move to Collection

    Hello. Using Emby ( under Mint is it possible to move files to a collection, so they only appear in the collection? I have a large collection that would be dizzying trying to find any other newly added movies. thanks
  5. Emby Server Version: Adding an artist to a collection, creates an entry in the collection.xml (that's ok), but within emby (at the frontend), only the other items are shown. (see attachment) Artists never seem to be shown in the collection. <CollectionItems> <CollectionItem> <Path>/share/Multimedia/Music/U/_Elektronik/_aab $ 5.1 Testfiles_#</Path> </CollectionItem> <CollectionItem> <Path>/share/Multimedia/x_config/_Emby Metadata/metadata/artists/Pearl Jam</Path> </CollectionItem> <CollectionItem> <ItemId>eca45125962e4582929d237ba5df03fb</ItemId> </CollectionItem> <CollectionItem> <Path>/share/Multimedia/Music/E/Crossover/_Max Richter ~GBR DEU~_#/2008 - Waltz With Bashir [OST]_#</Path> </CollectionItem> </CollectionItems> And: if there is only one artist-item in the colllection and no others, the whole collection is not shown. Artist entries are completely ignored. But the primary preview image automatically generated by emby shows the correct entries with the artist. This should be a bug. I somehow remeber this from previous versions. is the bug showing up again now? Please check.
  6. Has something changed with this? Seems like I can't add collections to collections anymore. I like making larger collections of franchises, Middle Earth Collection for instance (https://i.imgur.com/y17Jztl.png), Marvel Cinematic Universe (https://i.imgur.com/uJgeP2c.png), etc. But it seems like the add function is gone? Was this an intentional change, or am I missing something?
  7. Hopefully a quick question. I have a few custom collections that are no longer being displayed. I can still see the collection folders in the server data folder, and the collection.xml looks the same as other automatically generated collections. Without creating all the collections again is there a way to get them to display?
  8. bnwbass


    Quick, ?, I read the collection wiki, but which attribute or metadata in the the folder triggers emby to identify the contents as a '"collection" when initially scanned. Thx Bw
  9. I was adding movies to existing Collections that were incomplete and everything was working as expected. I tried to add "Major League: Back to the Minors". When I was directed to my Collections, it would only display Collections up to the letter "J" (see attached example), so I couldn't add it. I tried adding "Thor: Ragnarok" to my existing "Thor" Collection, however, I received the same results. If I go to my Collections without trying to add anything, all of my Collections are displayed. Any ideas on what went wrong or how I can resolve this? Thanks. Running HTPC: Windows 10 Client: Emby Theatre for Windows (latest version)
  10. Rafa-RHCP

    Annoying issues

    Hello Folks, I searched this whole forum looking for further information about the annoying issues below but I didn´t find anything 1) WTF happens that my collections always seem to get corrupt? I mean, sometimes I take some time joining a huge amount of movies into a collection and make sure the option "Group into collections" is checked but in many libraries they keep being displayed as single itens. I deleted the whole content of /var/lib/emby/data/collections/ and even reinstall Emby on my server but nothing seems to resolve this. Is there a fix or even a workaround to it? 2) Many times, when I try to edit metadata of a movie, the window just closes as I start to type in any field 3) Is there (and if it´s the case, what is) a correct way to add Animes? I´m using the following structure: Anime.Name.S01E01.Episode.Name.mkv but in most cases it seems not to be so efficient. Even using Anime plugin I couldn´t get my lists correctly populated. 4) How can I do to avoid my movies lose their information and metadata? Is not rare to see a movie losing the cover I previously set for it. I really appreciate any help in these questions, especially from the Emby Team. Stay safe at home and thank you in advance
  11. Server version: Logs: Available upon request I have some items that will not add to any collections. I locate the item (movie or TV show) in the library or by searching, click the checkbox in the web interface, Choose "Add to collection", then either choose an existing collection or type a new collection name, then click Ok. For affected media items, it is not added to the collection. If a new collection was being created, it is created without any new media items in it. For unaffected media items, the item is added without issue. I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to which items are affected. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they were all previously in a "To Watch" collection and then vanished from there some time ago (maybe 6-12 months). I saw that some collection fixes were being planned for the latest release, so I waited until now to report it. After upgrading this morning, I'm still seeing this problem. As far as I know, none of the affected items are "multiple version" media items. Thanks!
  12. EduardoSantos

    Music Collections

    So I started trying to use Emby's Collections feature. Emby's WebApp interface allows building collections containing movies, entire tv series, a season of a tv series, episodes, artists and music albums, tracks... It seems any media item can be included on a collection if you press the "more" menu. Resulting collections can, thus, contain various kinds of media items. When navigating throughout the interface, though, only movie libraries will present "Collections" as submenu. Should I stick to movies on a collection? Is it ok to create music album collections? Is there a reason why there is no "Collections" item on music library submenus?
  13. Emby Theater in Windows 10 no longer able to remove a movie that inadvertently added itself to a collection. The "Remove from collection" no longer displays. I will completely delete the Collection and recreate it to see if the movie adds itself once again. It would be easier if I could remove it from the menu. Thank you.
  14. Plug in idea: Have the option to create a collection when looking at an actor’s credits from a movie. For example, when checking out the cast of The Big Lebowski and looking at Jeff Bridges’ information one finds that they have 8 movies in which he appears. When they would click on the “…More” button one of the options would be to create a collection of the movies that he is in. By clicking on the collections option, the user (admin) would create a custom collection titled “Jeff Bridges Collection”. So this: Becomes this
  15. Hi, As show in the picture attached to this post, I have a collection that appear multiples times. Each time that I reboot the server, a « new entry » appears. I have check in the roaming directory and I have just one folder with one xml and the xml is normal, I don’t have multiples entries... I have try to make a « sql » cleanup, but without success... It’s make it just with Spider-Man one. I have deleted all and create a new entry, but same result at the end... Some have a idea? Thank you!
  16. Joramilea

    collections and main Movie file

    @@Happy2Play I run my emby server on a Linux server, which is why I am posting here. Last year I had my movies in collections and those collections were in my movie folder. So when I opened my main movie folder i wouldn't see 4 Indiana Jones movies I saw the one folder with all the movies in it and I also had them show up in collections top menu select. I had to move some files around in August 2019 and now when I add movies to a collection they only show up in the top collections menu option and then not 100%. I even went in and changed the file structure on some collections to see if that would fix it and it didn't. Is it me? Was this changed in an update and I missed the note? I really liked the collections showing up in my main movie folder. My file structure was and still is simple. If there is a place for this log, I have no clue where to find it. When I first started using Emby my file structure was: Movies ----->movie_1 ----->movie_2 ----->movie_3 Then I changed a few to see if that would fix it to: Movies ----->movie_collection ---------->movie_1 ---------->movie_2 ---------->movie_3 I have attached two files of images that show the difference between the two screens from July 2019 to when I moved files around in August 2019 Old_layout is the first file structure pre-August 2019 and new_layout is what I have now. I like the way the old_layout is set up. It kept my movies cleaner and collections together in an easy place to find them since some of my movies are in one collection but have different names. (IE Star Wars Saga - Rogue One, Solo, Star Wars 1-8) Thanks in advance for you help. I hope it I can get it back to the old way. I really liked that.
  17. Hi All - I just re-installed my Windows 10 OS on my media server, and after restoring my emby backup via the addon, I've noticed that in the web interface, the collections item is now called 'Collections1'. Everything seems to be working fine, with the exception of the folder name. I'm not sure what's driving that name, but here is a screenshot of my collections folder, which is just named 'collections'

    Some collections doesn't show as saga

    Hello everyone. I use last stable emby server and Kodi 18. Some of my emby collections doesn't appear in the "saga" Kodi folder. I don't know why. Any advice ?
  19. Johnny Sideburnz

    Collection Years

    I would like to be able to display the year range of a collection! Example: Harry Potter Collection 2001-2011
  20. Arly (Sprinkles)

    Pro Wrestling Collection Images 2.0

    Hey guys, decided to revamp my own personal content, so I figured I'd share it with you as well. I know a few of the users on here are interested, so here it is. Let me know what you think.
  21. Hello, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Collections features in Emby. I’ve read through the documentation and understand that I can either manually setup collections or I can use the AutoBoxSet plugin. What I cannot tell is if I can choose to show items on their own and in a collection. For instance, I want to make a James Bond film collection. And want all the Bond films to be in it. But I also want those Bond films to show up in the main movie library when I’m browsing everything looking for something to watch. Is this possible? Or when I add something to a collection, will it be removed from the library view? Secondly, I’m curious as to what other options there are for creating collections. For instance, I also want to make a Christmas/Holiday movie collection. What’s the best way of doing this? If I add tags or genres, can I use either of these to make a collection? Is there a better way of doing this? Lastly, is it possible to “import” (for lack of a better term) data from either Plex or Kodi? Meaning, if I have Genre data for Christmas, or Playlists in either of these, I don’t suppose there’s any way to get that into my Emby info? I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask. Thanks so much in advance!
  22. Poppabear

    More /Collections Endpoints

    I'm noticing that the Collections endpoints are fairly limited I would like to see: GET /Collections that obviously retrieves all collection resources. GET /Collections/{id} that retrieves a single collection resource. Those are the most important that are missing. Thanks in advance
  23. So, I just watched "The Hunger Games" with cinema mode enabled and Emby decided to show me the following (local) Trailers: Hunger Games Pt 4, Ant Man, Hunger Games Pt 2, Hunger Games Pt 3, Captain America; The First Avenger - first of all that made for a very boring selection, but it would also have spoiled me parts of the movie if I hadn't seen it before. So maybe it would be an good option to ignore trailers for movies in the same collection as the film I'm going to watch? As a second step you could also limit the number of trailers Emby chooses from any collection. This would make for a greater variety, and prevent emby from showing multiple trailers for the same movie series.
  24. Trying to create a Movie Collection for the following: 300 (1080p version) 300 Rise of the Empire (1080p version) 300 Rise of the Empire (3D version) The two versions for the 300 Rise movie are in the same folder so I can use the "Version" drop-down to select which one to watch. This is working correctly. The problem is when adding the movies to a Collection, only the 300 movie gets added. I've looked at xml for the collection created. The 300 movie is there as well as the 300 Rise 3D version movie. The 1080p version of 300 Rise is not. I've tried manually adding the 1080p version to the xml - No Luck though. 300: Rise of an Empire 300: Rise of an Empire
  25. Joe704

    Sort Order

    Either I can't find what I need or don't understand what I'm looking at. (probably the second) I have several movies that I have put into a manual collection. The movies are also included in smaller automatically generated collections where the sort order is unimportant. The release date of the movies is not the correct chronological viewing order. I entered a "sort name" in the metadata so the collection would be properly listed (Display order: Sort name) when viewing the collection. Unfortunately, the addition of the "Sort name" changed the sequence in the main "Movies" folder so they are now not alphabetical by filename. This makes it a little difficult to locate movies that are assigned to the collection without actually going to the colleciton. Unless you know that a specific movie is part of the collection you won't find it with the alphabetical filename sort. You have to know how the "sort name" was structured. Is there someway that the movies can be sorted by "sort name" in the collection folder and file name in the "Movies" folder? ie.. separate display orders depending on where the movie is being used Thanks
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