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  1. Been working on a plugin that bring the big screen experience and is user driven. Introducing Vantage Point Plugin for Emby. It can be downloaded in the Emby Server Plugin Catalogue. the order is pretty much set at the minute, But so far I’m happy with how it works. At the minute these are the following sections Personal Bumper Trivia Section intros, funnies and adds, select upto a max of 50 intros from your selected folder - good to use while your movie guests get drinks, popcorn, hotdogs etc, Personal Bumper Coming Soon Bumper coming attractions, select number of trailers to play from various sources. Courtesy intro - be quiet or mobile phones off. Only 1 is selected Personal Bumper audio codec intro matched to feature presentation audio track, only 1 is selected Feature Presentation Bumper countdown to feature presentation, only one is selected MPAA, BBFC, etc - certification screen which is matched to the MPAA rating tag in the nfo file. Feature Presentation Starts. For Bugs and Issues, please post them in the below thread Vantage Point - Big Screen Experience Intros - Plugins - Emby Community
  2. Cheesegeezer

    Vantage Point Issues & Bugs Thread

    Please post any bugs or issues experienced in here. NOT TO BE USED FOR FEATURE REQUESTS: For anything else please post here : Vantage Point - Big Screen Experience Intros - Plugins - Emby Community
  3. Hello. Would be great to have a philips hue ambilight plugin (Sync Philips Hue lights to your screen) to use with cinema mode something like ScreenBloom http://www.screenbloom.com/
  4. Not sure where to put this, but seems to be where everyone puts Cinema Mode questions. I love the idea of trailers before my movies/tv shows and love this feature. I am even considering putting shorts/newsreels/cartoons in front. Thank you for creating and supporting. However, the last two times I have enabled this, I get the same trailers over and over. Even if I watch the entire trailer, I get it again with the next movie. They do not all repeat but they repeat enough that I shut off the feature instead of skipping the trailer. So I have some questions. 1. Have I set it up incorrectly? I looked at the explanations of all the options and cannot see where to change a setting that would change this. 2. Where does it get the trailers from? Is there a way to change the source? 3. How does it decide that trailers to play next? Random? Based on viewing habits? 4. Am I insane? I know this last one is subjective, but perhaps.... Thanks to anyone who helps. Don
  5. So I am having trouble with my pre-movie trailers in cinema mode on everything but the web browser. The playback will play the trailer and then either hang there or just stop. Have had a look in the dashboard while it happens and it doesn't seem even to try to start transcoding/playing the movie. I am using a set of custom 2-5 second trailers that appear before movies only resolution i have found is to turn it off for now but would realy like to keep using it logs atached and even willing to read other articles to try fix but its been 2 days of searching with no luck sofar embyserver.txt
  6. Just some Emby prerolls for cinema mode i made from favorite moments in film. much thanks and credit to chef and morales for the flashy elements. Hope somebody likes them and they are free to use on your own servers. Link to Zip file for all: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vielaiphbc1txv2/prerolls.zip?dl=0
  7. So, I just watched "The Hunger Games" with cinema mode enabled and Emby decided to show me the following (local) Trailers: Hunger Games Pt 4, Ant Man, Hunger Games Pt 2, Hunger Games Pt 3, Captain America; The First Avenger - first of all that made for a very boring selection, but it would also have spoiled me parts of the movie if I hadn't seen it before. So maybe it would be an good option to ignore trailers for movies in the same collection as the film I'm going to watch? As a second step you could also limit the number of trailers Emby chooses from any collection. This would make for a greater variety, and prevent emby from showing multiple trailers for the same movie series.
  8. Headfritz

    Cinema Mode not working

    HI, It seem that I can not get Cinema Mode to work, I have tried everything that I can think of, and it just will not work. I have un-installed it, I have check all my sentings, I have re-installed it, Shut the Emby server down and restarted it. I have taken my prime membership code out, restarted then put it back. Yet it just will not work, I'm at a lose. I'm running Emby Server on my Synology DSM 6.2.2-24922. I use ATV with all the latest versions.
  9. First off, props for the great work on Emby and the Kodi for Emby add-on! I have been using them for years to great effect! Great job! Disclaimers: (a) I do not know when this first appeared, I have been away from my systems for almost 2 years now (version info below), ( I scoured the NVIDIA Shield TV appliance for the logs, but so far they have eluded me (I don't think this is a crash error, more of a meta-data parsing error I suspect), otherwise you would have logs. Best I can do at the moment is a screenshot (see below). System Info: Emby Server: (, Windows 2012 R2 host) Kodi Companion ( Cinema Mode (, set for 2 trailers (see screenshot of config screen below) Trailers ( Kodi Info: Host OS: NVIDIA Shield TV (Andriod Kodi for Andriod TV (18.2 Leia, 2019-04-22) Emby for Kodi (4.0.5) Embuary Skin (18.7.4) <-- very nice work! Embuary Helper Script (1.1.7) The EmbyCon add-on for Kodi has never been installed on this instance. The Problem: Whenever I play a movie, I am presented with a dialog (2X, once for each trailer) prior to the first trailer being played and then the main feature. The number of choices in the dialog is random (2 to 10 options) plus the Cancel button. Selecting the Cancel button stops the job (movie does not play), and selecting any of the UUID looking options plays a trailer (almost all of the time, sometimes it poops the bed, but I think that is because the trailer itself pooped the bed). I can reproduce this on Kodi 18.2 clients with the Kodi for Emby plug-in running on Windows 10, XBox One X and Android TV (all are hitting the same server as above) on the LAN. This behavior is not seen on the native Emby web client, nor the Emby Theater app, both of which play two trailers without interruption then the main feature. Any 411 on what to do, or if you need more info, please just shout! Cinema Mode and Trailer plugin configuration on Emby server attached. This post is also likely related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/54901-cinema-mode-trailers-dont-play/page-4&do=findComment&comment=735678 As always, thank you for all you do for us!
  10. Hi, Noticed a couple of weeks ago that trailers do not play when I use cinema mode. Initially I thought it was a Emby for Kodi plugin issue as there were so many udates going on at the time. However, I see now that even when i use the web player, the trailers do not play. My custom and codec intros both play fine. Trailers play fine when accessing the Trailer Channel from the webapp home page. Running V4.0.1.0 on the offical Emby Docker on Unraid. Monthly Subscriber to Emby Premier. Settings shown below. Thanks
  11. strandveien

    A lot of bugs for MacOS

    I bug tested this for many days. Found out plugins where causing hiccups. Trailers, Cinema-mode, Tunein and TV Mosaic (same with DVB Logic). Caused infinite loading and library not showing in home screen. I also reverted to older versions of server until I had the same problems when testing with plugins. Deleting the plugins above made server fast as ever especially on latest version and also bug free. Encounter the library not showing up again after installing TV Mosaic. Livet works as it should but library with movies and tv series is somehow gone and not working. (Uninstall TV Mosaic and library is back)I have had a lot of problems with Emby server for macOS lately. First of I managed to find out that the Trailers plugin which is installed as default makes the library disappear and causes infinite loading times when trying to access the server. Cinema-mode I have never gotten to work stable before and can also point out this plugin as a unstable interference for the server. I also found out that the Tune-in plugin causes the same problem although I do not have a user so this might work with premium subscription. But I don't think it should cause these problems without giving any info that the lack of login might cause these issues. As the latest hiccup I have set up TV Mosaic as a backend for Live TV that I finally got working perfectly with IPTV as source. But when I install and set up in Emby server. Movie and TV Library disappears (like the earlier problems described above) and an infinite loading symbol circles the screen. In the menu there is no Movie or tv marking anymore. So the only difference from before is that live-tv works and shows up when accessing Emby. Uninstalling TV Mosaic reverts the problem and server is normal again. I have also tried with the DVBLink plugin to no avail (I assume the code is identical even so). I also tried to install an earlier version of TV Mosaic to no avail. IPTV and EPG source works, but it is just too messy and too slow to try to sort and configure the live-tv and channel setup in Emby. I will probably research exporting m3u streams from tv mosaic for now but if anyone has some solutions or feedback I would very much appreciate the help. Thought it would be good to share my experience and research no matter what.
  12. I have already mentioned this in a previous topic but I figured I would put out a formal request. Basically, in cinema mode, I would like custom intros to be played before every episode on a playlist. I would use this for commercials and would create a PseudoTV like experience. I would guess its already configured to ONLY play one intro per playlist on purpose, so I would like a toggle to make it play intros every episode. I have another playlist idea I will be posting later with mockups that I think would help a lot of people, but this request is obviously much more specific to what I wanna do with Emby lol. Thanks!
  13. matt_ttam

    Emby Theater and Cinema Mode

    Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way to have Emby Theater not display the playback UI when launching the custom intro/codec into/trailers/movies, Cinema Experience is great but having the playback UI popup every other second as its switches between videos can get quite distracting not to mention take away from the experience.
  14. Hello, Is there a way to run a custom script when using emby theater / cinema mode? In short, I would like the script to dim my lights (run an Insteon scene) when using emby theater and when the main feature beings. Ideally the script would allow the "previews" to first play, then the "custom intro", then the script executes as the main feature starts. 1) Cinema Mode Trailers (x2) <-- do nothing; wait 2) Custom Intro trailer (x1) <-- do nothing; wait 3) Main Feature <-- execute script Ideally emby would also be able to pass some environmental information (i.e. connected client and device) to the script when it is called. For example, I would only want this script to run iff user == x && client == y. (I don't need the lights to dim [or turn on] if I am watching from my laptop remotely or in a different room.) Writing the python or perl script would be quite trivial as I already know how to interface that with my home lighting system. I just want theater mode / cinema mode to trigger that script and pass the proper variables at the correct time (after trailers and custom intro, but before main feature.) A current workaround may be to use prowl (or some other message server) and watch for events. If the events are detailed enough, I can pattern to find the client and device, and match do detect when the the main feature starts and then execute the python script, but this is not as elegant as it may take a different machine to watch the events. Any pointers or thoughts anyone may be able to give would be most appreciated. Cheers, Jose
  15. Hi, I recently subscribed to Emby Premiere mainly for the benefit of being able to use Cinema mode so that trailers will play before my movies. This works well in the web interface however when I attempt to play a movie in the WMC app it does nothing (i.e. when I click the 'Play' button nothing happens, I have to go turn off Cinema mode in the app settings for the movie to play at all). The trailers play fine if I play them from the 'Trailers' folder within the WMC app, its only when playing a movie does it not work. My app and server versions are below I believe are the latest. Please advise, thanks. Emby for WMC: 3.0.307.0 Emby Server:
  16. pmartel51175

    Cinema Mode Question

    I have a question, and pardon me if this has been discussed before, when in Cinema Mode and after intros/trailers play, there is an image of the movie that is about to play before the movie actually plays. Is there a way to disable this? Or is there an image that I can just make as 100% black? I would rather have it play just like the theater and have a black screen before the movie starts. Thanks.
  17. imatroublemaker

    Cinema Mode for Episode Playlists

    Hey! I am new to the Emby family but I am loving what I am seeing so far! Anyway, I was messing around with Cinema mode and saw that it had custom intro functionality which I thought was really cool. However, it will only play that intro in front of the first episode on a playlist, when actually I want it before EVERY episode on the playlist. You may be asking, why I'd want that, and the main reason is I am using the custom intro functionality to insert classic commercial blocks in front of my content. If I were able to do this with playlists, I could make PsuedoTV Live style of playlists that have commercial blocks in between the episodes. This would mainly be for use with the Web app and would be on a profile separate from my other one, as I would not want commercials in front of all my on demand content. Thanks!
  18. I recently purchased the membership and was trying to get Cinema Mode enabled... I can't seem to tell that it is doing anything. I have added the Trailers plugin and tested that it is pulling trailers, but it won't add them to the beginning of movies. I've tried changing the selections between movies in theaters and coming on bluray, and also tried clicking and unclicking many of the other options but still get these issues... I have read through several posts and followed the github directions but its still not working. Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if logs would help...
  19. I have a large collection of cartoons (mainly warner bros and early '40s Superman) is there a way to have these start up before a movie instead of or with trailers?
  20. CarlosLima

    Cinema Mode

    Hello, maybe (not sure) a problem exists in Cinema Mode. I added a single video in the folder, to serve as an intro and set the Cinema Mode area. Everything worked fine. When adding in the same folder, the second video for the second intro, before the movie or episode starts, the intros are played three times in the sequence; 1, 2, 1. My intro files are ac3.mp4 and h264.mp4 but I would like to use generic names like intro1.mp4 and intro2.mp4, is this possible and so will the intro be played before all the movies and episodes? I would like the intro1 and intro2 to alternate with each play in the collections.
  21. ShoutingMan

    What's the codec tag for 3D?

    Is there a built-in tag for 3D, and if so how do I name an intro codec video to play automatically? Or do I manually tag 3D videos with (say) "3D" and put a file such as "3d - 3D.mvc.mkv" in my Codec folder? https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Cinema-Mode Thanks
  22. Amonkey

    Roku beta and Cinema Mode

    Hi I just downloaded the new Roku beta and saw that Cinema Mode marked as Emby Premiere only in the settings . I know that local trailers in Cinema mode got moved behind the paywall but Custom intros has not. I enjoy the program and you have the right to move whatever you want behind the paywall but it would be nice if you announced those things in the Latest News. This way I will not spend a lot of time in settings trying to fix the fix the unfixable. Thank you for your time
  23. No trailers play when I start a movie. Settings are as here: To summarize: Cinema Mode is enabled in playback for 'movies' and 'episodes'. I disabled all the internet based trailers since I have local versions. I enabled 'include trailers from movies in my library'. I set 'number of trailers' to '3' I enabled 'only play trailers from unwatched content'. emby is Version this happens for me both in the web interface, the kodi app (I've got premium) from kodi on the same machine as the emby-server, from kodi on another machine. My trailers are stored beside the movies in the same directory, like so: ./movies/moviename.mkv ./movies/moviename-trailer.mkv
  24. As you can see from my screenshot, I'm wanting 2 trailers to play before my movie, I want smart parental controls as I have immaculate mpaa metadata, I also only want trailers from unwatched movies in my collection, and all trailers are only to be sourced from local trailers only. The problem is I can play a watched movie, say like Man of Steel is watched, well my first trailer is Man of Steel. The same bug appears for a movie that I'm watching that is unwatched currently, I'll get the trailer for the movie I'm about to start first thing. Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this or could test with my settings. Version beta
  25. I've used the cinema mode's automatic pre-show trailer settings before. And I've seen the settings for theme songs, but have never wanted to try that. Similar but different, and growing in popularity are after-the-show special talk shows. Like Talking Dead and After the Thrones. If there was a setting near cinema mode to auto queue these specials, we could specify which show we want to follow up The Walking Dead by typing the IMDb/tvdb code or otherwise link the after-show. Then the queueing features would work identically to existing ones, like showing the "next up" info 30 seconds or whatever before your show is over. Then proceed into the after party. Auto queue would parse the specified supplementary show for an episode with the same premiere date (+ one day for flexibility on 11pm TV shows and 12am after shows). If enabled it should warn users if their desired after show is missing before starting the main program.
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