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Found 35 results

  1. lja

    Cinema Mode

    5781.8 Cinema Mode is enabled for movies. However when I play a movie, the intro plays and then goes on to play the movie but there is no video, the Latest Movies screen shows with sound from the movie. Disabling Cinema Mode, plays the movie with video and sound. All plays well in Emby for WMC. Any help please. Thanks. @ Luke Returned: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/26705-cinema-mode-intro-plays-but-not-movie/
  2. I have Emby for Kodi installed and the server configured with Cinema Mode enabled to play 2 trailers then my intro video. I use MPC-HC as an external player and configured in playcorefactory.xml as follows: <rules action="prepend"> <rule filetypes="mkv|mp4|m4v|mov|m2v|avi|divx|ts|mpeg|mpg|ogm|iso|wmv|flv" player="MPC-HC"> <rule name="streams" protocols="daap|m2ts|rtv|rtsp|rtmp|rtmpe|http|https|rtsp|mms|rtp|pvr" player="DVDPlayer"/> </rule> </rules> (Intro video is in .m2ts format) In previous versions of the add-on, it would play the 2 trailers and intro video in DVDPlayer then switch to MPC-HC to play the movie (mkv file). Now when I select a movie, it plays the 2 trailers and intro video in DVDPlayer, then plays the movie in DVDPlayer as well. It never switches to MPC-HC. I did notice that previously, when it was playing the trailers and intro video, the Kodi status bar (that shows when you move the mouse) would show the name of the trailer (or intro video) and would allow me to skip the trailer/video and go right to the movie with the ->| button. Now, it only shows the name of the movie, (even though the trailer/intro is currently playing) and doesn't allow me to skip them, e.g. nothing happens when I click that button. I remember reading somewhere that Cinema Mode creates a playlist for Kodi, (which would explain how I could skip the trailers/intro), but now it seems like it doesn't do that anymore. Now it appears to concatenate them all together into one. I'm using direct play (SMB path is reachable from Kodi machine), but not direct stream, (play from HTTP isn't enabled) or local paths for the movie. I'd like to get back to the way it was, as I'd like to continue to use MPC-HC. I've attached the log file. Thanks, Dave kodi.log
  3. I installed MB today and in many hours trying to configuring I have not managed to get cinema mode/trailers before a movie to work. I configured the Cinema Mode on the server so it gets "Internet Trailers", no local trailers are configured. The description is confusing since it says this feature requires a membership (I installed the channel trailer plugin), but then the plugin says it's in trial mode. So does this mean cinema mode is supposed to work, at least for the 14 days or does it mean cinema mode with internet trailers would not work AT ALL without a supporter membership? I am using MBT as player, configured with madVR from my Win8.1 machine. Also..the cinema mode/trailers are not working if I were to use XBMC as client with the XBMB3 plugin. It also doesn't work from the web interface, short it doesn't work at all for me. Also: I am using UNC network paths as media paths on the server since I don't have a need to transcode, all media is directly accessed on my LAN. (I
  4. I have just configured Cinema Mode and it appears to work fine - I haven't actually watched a movie since configuring it. I say it works fine because when I go to my Trailers Folder (I have another tool that downloads/updates my trailers and I use MB to monitor it). It plays the trailer and the Intro Movie and then the trailer I selected. Is there anyway to configure MB so Cinema Mode doesn't kick in on a Trailers folder. The folder is configured as Mixed Movie and Episodes. There doesn't appear to be a option for Trailers. If I configure the folder as anything else. Will the Meta stuff still work?
  5. Luke

    Cinema Mode Guide

  6. Issue: until recently, everything was fine - MB was set up to play trailers before a movie, and I could browse channels like TwiT, Vimeo, and the Trailers channel. Then about a week ago, my Supporter license vanished from the server, and Channels and Trailers all vanished. I managed to resolve this by re-pasting my Supporter key to the server (similar to these issues), but ever since then, I've had issues of stuttering or non-loading trailers (usually the first frame loads and then it freezes, a bit similar to this issue). At first I wondered if the deactivation of the license had affected the plugin, so I removed and reinstalled the Trailers plugin, but to no avail. I also noticed that other channels (TwiT, Vimeo etc) have also stopped being accessible or only partially load. YouTube videos play just fine in Chrome, so it's not a network or internet issue at my end. The problem affects local users on WMC as well as web users of the server. Additional observation: possibly related, I did notice that even after disabling the Trailers plugin and restarting the server, it was still attempting to play trailers before movies. I could not find a correlation between Trailers and the trailer behaviour. I wondered if there might be a conflict with the Advanced Intros plugin, but after uninstalling that the behaviour was the same as before. Environment: Windows 7 MB Server: 3.0.5424.1 Plugin: Advanced Intros Plugin: Trailers 1.0.5400.40708 (Release) Cinema Mode settings: Playback -> Cinema Mode Internet trailers (all three checked) Number of trailers to play (1) Enable smart parental control (checked) Only use trailers from unwatched content (checked) Log files: here are the last few logs for yesterday and today https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0i9qdw80n49jb4/AABqK-ymTeiWG4tNeqjOLXoMa?dl=0
  7. It would be nice to be able to set the number of trailers that play in the new cinema mode. It defaults to two currently but there is no way to adjust that. I don't think it would need to be a per user setting, a global server setting would be fine. It's just that I'd like to only have it play one trailer. And some people may want it to play three. If not, then can the text at least be updated in the cinema mode settings to say that it will play two trailers?
  8. BrettM

    New Cinema Mode

    Hi all. I received the email about the new cinema mode for the server, I have gone into the server but cannot find this feature anywhere I have Server Version 3.0.5390.25829 and have tried to update the server but it tells me the server is up to date ? Is this only available in certain countries or as a blanket update. Can someone please tell me where we need to go to set this up as I have been right the server and can't find it anywhere. I have included a screen shot of the server page. updates are set at beta Regards Brett
  9. jhs39

    Cinema Mode not working

    When I enable Cinema Mode and try to watch a movie on my Roku it's unable to load any trailers and after 5-10 seconds goes back to the play screen. I can't watch any movies without disabling Cinema Mode since the trailers never load.
  10. iam4uk

    Cinema Mode and MB Intros

    Recently installed the MB Intros plugin, and like it in principle (am not currently using it because it effectively disables the new player interface in MB Classic, which I have grown to prefer). With the new Server beta 3.0.5387, I configured Cinema Mode. I cannot get it to operate in MB Classic, although MB Intros is not active (that is, no Intro content is set to play in the configuration of MB Intros that applies to this User). Must MB Intros be uninstalled for Cinema Mode to function, or should it be enough for MB Intros to not be set to play anything?
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