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  1. erixschueler

    Emby Location / Logo

    Hi, I'm new in this forum and have a little question. Yesterday I installed emby on my Ubuntu Server 16.04. Now I want to know where the files are located on my Ubuntu Server. I did not change any locations or something. I was looking for the emby logo and read something about "/emby-server/system\dashboard-ui\css\images" but I could not find this file (emby-server) on my Linux. So maybe you could help me Regards erixschueler
  2. Hey all, Hope the holidays are treating you well I thought I might suggest something to encourage users to customize their Emby even further: Right now, we have the ability to add some custom css into the "Branding" field for our servers - this is great and has allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my Emby install to make things "just right", but so far it seems a little obtuse for users who aren't interested in or accustomed to editing CSS. Currently, if we want to include any custom images, we must either overwrite our system images or overwrite them in CSS. In some cases the images are added via Javascript so it's difficult to get the customizations to apply in the correct context. Additionally, I can only assume that the branding field is limited to CSS only, so any sort of additional JS embellishments one wishes to add aren't normally possible short of adding another script into the system folder. I think it would be excellent if we allowed users to package their customizations into themes. Instead of requiring users to place all of their customizations into a small textbox, you could allow them to create new "themes" which can be added to the current "themes" folder within the Emby install and be selectable from a dropdown box. Not only would this give would-be customizers more breathing room, but it would give everyone a more standardized method of applying customization. Also, it would solve the problem of having multiple customizations - right now I usually have a text file for my customizations which I have to copy/paste any time I want to switch them. Additionally, I have a few different issues I need to solve whenever I update: first, I need to manually remove any additions I might have made because Windows has permissions issues allowing the updater to automatically move them; then, I need to re-add any changes I made after the update since Emby isn't aware of my additions so it doesn't know to bring them over into my new install. Having a dropdown menu with our available themes would also give users a predictable/expected location to find any special themes the Emby team adds as well. Plus, I am never really a fan of editing system files to begin with; it's possible somewhere down the road it might clash with any changes that the developers make in the future, and in that case, it can be difficult to pinpoint what went wrong since customizations might not be consolidated into one easily toggled package. Who knows, time permitting it would be wonderful to have a user-driven Themes upload area, visually similar to Wordpress or other theme-ing systems - require screenshot images of the theme, and a .zip file containing any relevant .css, image, or .js files. Then users of all technical levels can download them and enjoy a custom Emby install!
  3. tmb4016

    Question about my custom CSS

    Since update to the custom css to resize the My Media buttons does not change anything and they have reverted to their ridiculously small size. I was using /* Increase Size of buttons */ div.homePageSection.section0 .smallBackdropCard-scalable { /* width: 20%; } Not a css expert but how can I find what this may have changed to ? Cheers
  4. EDIT: I finally made my own version inspired from emby theater, it's still on progress.. You can try it by using this css: @import url('https://opiu.ms/css/netflix_login_page.css'); @import url('https://opiu.ms/css/home_theater.css'); It is also compatible with Emby Dark Themes
  5. Does anyone have any idea how to increase the size of the playback bar, and/or increase the number of increments (to allow skipping to more portions of the video)? I assume this is done via CSS, but if there's another way that'd be preferable (as I usually import my CSS). Thanks!
  6. I work on a 27" Thunderbolt display often... and it'd be nice if we could get another breakpoint for .scalableCard.portraitCard posters... something around the 2000px mark for 10% width is what I'm thinking, but it might need to be specific to non-retina displays. So the media query should include -webkit pixel ratios and min-resolution. kinda like this. https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/ Currently on this screen, poster images are coming out at 311x511px, real life 2.75x4.125" ... they're just monsters. Smaller subset of people, but that group of people will grow as technology gives us larger screens for less $$
  7. Is there a simple way to customize the colors of the status bar in android with CSS? Emby use green and I would like to change it if it's possible.
  8. I want to change the base width of the div.card.squareCard.bottomPaddedCard on the login page that is used to display avatars that are not hidden during login. This width changes based on @@Media min-width variables, so I also want to change all those so the profile images are smaller across the board, but I can't seem to get the CSS code to take effect. Trying to affect this code (user-id and domain code replaced with question marks) <div class="card squareCard bottomPaddedCard"> <div class="cardBox visualCardBox"> <div class="cardScalable"> <div class="cardPadder"></div> <a class="cardContent" href="#" data-ajax="false" data-haspw="true" data-username="admin" data-userid="?????"> <div class="cardImage" style="background-image:url('?????/emby/Users/?????/Images/Primary?width=600&tag=?????&quality=90');"></div> </a> </div> <div class="cardFooter"> <div class="cardText">admin</div> <div class="cardText">Last seen a minute ago</div> </div> </div> </div> Looks like the base code for the width of the outer HTML element copied above is only controlled by this, line 307 of card.css .squareCard { width: 50%; } I should be able to override this code by declaring the element in addition to its class, but to be safe I'm declaring two of its parents. #loginPage #divUsers div.squareCard { width: 33.333%; } And it doesn't work. I've already added some small level of anonymity to the login page by hiding the username and last seen time from display. I use the same method and avoid using any !important shortcuts in the css. (Edit: I apply this code in Settings > Branding > Custom css) I also tried to !important this and it has no effect. Any ideas? -------------------------------------- Screenshots... current live display: desired display:
  9. dimmiemedia

    Changing home tabs

    Hi there. Is there anyone who knows how you can edit, change or hide the menu tekst of the home tabs? Maybe in CSS? That will be great! I hope that somebodey can tell me more about it, because i can't find a good answer for it in the forums. Sorry if i am spamming the forum, but i can only find half answers about this, so i tought it's a good option maybe to make a new topic about it. Greetz Dimmie
  10. Hi, I am modifying the custom CSS in a server and i can see these changes in the web browser. But, the emby app for android doesn't respect the custom CSS which I had modified in a server. There any way to modify the custom css for the android app? Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Accidentally used for the previous theme upload an older css template. So here are the new ones. Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5782.0 Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh. Have fun PS. Let me know if I missed some css. emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.css emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.txt emby.theme.marine.305782.0.css emby.theme.marine.305782.0.txt
  12. Hi, I attempt insert a background imagen in the web client via custom css and I do not get it. .backdropContainer{ background-image: url("css/images/image.png"); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-size: cover; } This is correct ? Thanks.
  13. Hi All, Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5781.5 Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh. Have fun Let me know if I missed some css. theme-darkness-Version-3.0.5781.5.csstheme-darkness-version-3.0.5781.5.txt theme-marine-Version-3.0.5781.5.csstheme-marine-version-3.0.5781.5.txt
  14. Hi, I am really new to CSS but I managed to get something I like (see dark & red theme attached image). Can you actually change the green default color I see everywhere like those circles or check marks (see green circles attached image)? I don't know how to do it... I would like to get it in red. I checked the dashboard-ui folder but it seems that my solution isn't there. Any help please?
  15. Hi All, Theme Darkness for EMBY. Just copy and paste the txt or css file in the css box (Server-Settings-Branding), save and refresh. Use the theme css for your own variations. Love to see it. I hope you will enjoy this. Enclosed the theme css and txt file and some screenshots: emby.theme.darkness.css emby.theme.darkness.txt PS Can anyone give me some big screencaps for an active overview of the autoorganize and livetv screens. I don't use these features and I am wondering how it looks like with this theme. Next theme will be coming soon!
  16. I'm really new to CSS personalisation. I did the following as modifications to css: /*Enable vertical scrolling on the custom css text box*/ #txtCustomCss{ overflow-y:scroll !important; height: 500px !important; } /*Remove 'Missing Trailer' icon in metadata editor, I don't use trailers*/ img[src='css/images/editor/missingtrailer.png'] { display:none; } /*Red border and glow for userview cards */ div[data-itemtype="CollectionFolder"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="UserView"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="PlaylistsFolder"] .cardContent{ border: 1px solid rgba(232,17,35,.5); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.075),0 0 8px rgba(232,17,35,.6); box-shadow: inset 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.075),0 0 8px rgba(232,17,35,.6); } /* Deeper red in links/bottom border to match Disparity*/ .libraryViewNav .ui-btn-active { border-bottom-color: #E81123; } .libraryViewNav a:not(.ui-btn-active):hover { color: #E81123 !important; } .ui-page-theme-b a:visited, html .ui-bar-b a:visited, html .ui-body-b a:visited, html body .ui-group-theme-b a:visited { color: #E81123; } .ui-page-theme-b a:hover, html .ui-bar-b a:hover, html .ui-body-b a:hover, html body .ui-group-theme-b a:hover { color: #E81123; } It seems that the changes only work when I go to my web server from 192.xxx.x.xxx:8096. When I try to connect from app.emby.media (any users), it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something? I attached some pics.
  17. Hi All, Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5724.3 Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh. Have fun. emby.theme.darkness.06092015.css emby.theme.darkness.06092015.txt emby.theme.marine.06092015.css emby.theme.marine.06092015.txt
  18. Theme Darkness for EMBY webclient (version 08152015) enhancements: changed class fieldDescription and warningFieldDescription to a more accented text color, added theme enhancements for paper-menu, paper-dialog and paper-material, set a general accented color for active buttons and hover effects throughout the theme changed background-color and text color for class activeSession:not(.playingSession) .sessionNowPlayingInnerContent according to theme Darkness fixed issues: fixed issue in post 11 from Happy2PlayIf you use theme Darkness I advise you to update to this version. Have fun. emby.theme.darkness.08152015.txt emby.theme.darkness.08152015.css
  19. Just a small snippet of CSS to share- I'm sure (very sure... )there must be a better way to do this, a more precise way.. however... for a CSS noob like me this quick/dirty addition did the job. Basically, I wanted to disable (or just hide) the "Last Seen" for users on the login page. I was able to do that using this: .cardText:nth-of-type(2) { visibility: hidden; } BUT - the downside to this is that the usernames under "Users" in the server administration share this same field. So those will not be visible either. You can see them again if you remove the code under Branding. You can still see the user's name if you click on the picture and go to the administration section for them. I personally just assigned a unique picture to each user so I could recognize them without names, but it's something to keep in mind!
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